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Day 462 of #Europe's war, the last day of May.

Mercifully a quiet morning so far this Wednesday in #Ukraine

This is my 462nd daily thread.
All the info you need about #Russia's attack in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

You can support me with a coffee (see bio)🙏
If you happen to have missed all yesterday's news, put the kettle on and prepare for a long read!

Here's the link for yesterday's thread on what happened in #Ukraine and #Russia.

The biggest event overnight happened in #Russia's #Krasnodar region.

Drones hit the Afipsky Oil Refinery and a fire soon took hold, although it's since been extinguished; no-one was hurt.

About 150km from the front, that's less fuel helping Russia kill Ukrainians.
While the 10 hours of today so far have been fairly quiet in #Ukraine, there are still unseen horrors happening.

This is a very good thread about why everyone around the world, in #Russia and elsewhere, has to speak up.

The Mayor of #Russia's #Belgorod region announces they are moving children out of villages near the border with #Ukraine.

It comes after heavy shelling last night - the number injured has been revised up from 2 to 4, none seriously.

Cars and some buildings were damaged. ImageImageImageImage
#Russia says an attack on a substation in the #Kursk region failed.

For some reason they only just released details of the drone attack 22 hours after the incident. A drone dropping explosives onto the target in Gordeevka, but remarkably it remained undamaged😉

A shopping centre is on fire near #Moscow.

The blaze in the Phoenix mall in Orekhovo-Zuyevo is thought to have started on the second floor.
Everyone is believed to have evacuated the building safely.
#Russia's artillery weapons continue to be destroyed at a good rate according to the daily figures of enemy losses released by #Ukraine.

UAVs high after yesterday's attacks, while the total number of dead troops is almost 208,000

#RussiansGoHome Image
Britain's daily update talks about more problems for #Russia, which has "ceded the initiative" to #Ukraine in its illegal war.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine Image
Sleep Dima managed to stay awake long enough to get some minion to threaten all of the UK government.

Medvedev, desperately trying to look macho, is annoyed that British FM @JamesCleverly thinks #Ukraine should be able to defend itself.

#RussiaIsATerroristState Image
#Ukraine's new weightlifting champ refused to shake hands with #Iran's bronze medalist on the podium.

Ivan Chuprynko is world bench press champion. He acknowledged South Africa's silver medalist but snubbed Iranian Amir Reza Mesforoosh.

Sad to see #Georgia's government continue to spout #Russia's fake narratives.

As former British ambassador @alexhallhall points out, they betray the people.
Thank goodness only one more year of these RU puppets in Tblisi.

#Hungary asks the EU to extend restrictions on grain imports from #Ukraine.

Korban's lot asked the EU to continue restricting imports of grain and oil crops for five Eastern European countries at least until the end of 2023. Current curbs are set to end on 5 June.
Pro government media in #Turkiye report #Putin will visit the country soon, following Erdogan's re-election.

#Turkey says "the activities of the ICC are closely followed" so let's hope they obey the international arrest warrant for the suspected war criminal.

Occupiers in #Luhansk say five people were killed and 19 injured in a #Ukraine attack on a poultry farm.

I assume it relates to this video as a man outside #Alchevsk counts the number of explosions in the city. He reaches six.

#LuhanskIsUkraine #RussiansGoHome
#EATP for #Russia's 3-day plan to take #Kyiv.

So much so that they've just blown up a road at the intersection of #Russia #Belarus and #Ukraine

Just inside the Russian border, this measure was taken for safety reasons to stop an invasion!
Now the daily criticism of #Russia's defence forces courtesy of the man running an illegal army inside the country, "wannabe president" Progozhin

New dashcam footage has been published of the moment "fragments" of a rocket fell on a busy road in #Kyiv two days ago.

I've taken a few screenshots to show the missile and its impact.

#RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
An anti-Putin site in #Perm has discovered new wr graves in the city.

Among the fresh plots in #Berezniki they found the names of 8 soldiers who were not even acknowledged of having been killed in #Ukraine.

#RussiansGoHome (dead or alive, your choice)
Chrissy - thank you very much for your lovely message and of course for buying me a coffee💙💛

#Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant, occupied by #Russia, is now "worse than #Chornobyl" (RU #Chernobyl) according to workers Sky has spoken to.


This article by @JoeSommerlad may interest you - warning, there's quite a bit of my thoughts in here!


"Calendar Man" is back and you know what that means!
He's at the scene of the shelling in #Luhansk I wrote about earlier. It is the same attack, in #Karpati, just north of #Alchevsk.

Looks like #HIMARS have been hard at work on #Russia's troops.

#Russia claims it has destroyed "#Ukraine's last warship"

The Kremlin says "as a result of an attack on the parking lot of warships in #Odesa, the last warship of the Ukrainian Navy, Yuriy Olefirenko, was destroyed."
They say it happened on Monday.
Earlier #Russia's border forces in #Bryansk say they were fired at by #Ukraine.

Tank shelling is said to have hit the Pogar automobile checkpoint. The Duty Free store and the screening box were the only signs of damage say the Russians. There were no casualties.
Another great report on #Russia's illegal kidnapping of the children of #Ukraine.

This sensitive piece by @sarahrainsford - read here watch on BBC News or iPlayer

Good spot. The blowing up of the road was just inside #Ukraine's borders, Chernihiv region.

#Russia alleges a British drone was fired at them.

This Malloy Aeronautics T150 was "shot down" in the #Kursk region.

Russia says the UK sent this model only to deliver goods to soldiers on the frontline. But this one was fixed with explosives according to the Terrorist State. ImageImageImage
#Russia is outraged that someone has stolen a painting from a church in #Moscow

But why weren't they outraged when invaders stole it from #Ukraine?

Mother of God was painted in 2011 in #Khartsyzsk in #Donetsk. It was undamaged but stolen from there 22 days ago + taken to Moscow
Reported in #Russia that the explosives in the drones which hit apartment buildings in #Moscow, did not detonate because they were not the real targets.
In its evening update, #Ukraine's Gen Staff report

Aviation made 9 strikes on #Russia' soldiers and equipment.
2 reconnaissance drones were destroyed.
Artillery and rockets hit a RU control post, an artillery unit, 2 ammo dumps and 2 electronic warfare stations.


Following the last mass missile attack, #Russia claimed they'd hit #Ukraine's Military Intel HQ in #Kyiv.

This video's appeared, showing a rocket landing in the water near the bridge leading to Rybalsky Island, where the Security Service is based...
However, I think this video's been tampered with. I watched frame by frame.

Pic 1 shows no missile
Pic 2 a faint version of the rocket (this was static for 2 frames actually)
Pic 3 the rocket in same position but now clear to see
Pic 4 the explosion
No other rocket movement ImageImageImageImage
Any thoughts on this from better video editors/sleuths than me, more than welcome.

Because if it is a fake I see either:
1) The HQ was hit, Ukr trying to prove it wasn't
2) The HQ was not hit, RU putting out a crappy video so we come to conclusion #1

More blatant lies from #Russia

Despite photgraphic evidence and witness testimony, the Kremlin says it has never deployed military equipment at the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

In a statement they also say #Ukraine "blocked all initiatives of the IAEA to strengthen security"
Here's @the_ins_ru video from August showing #Russia's military moving around the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar

We shouldn't be surprised at the lies. After all they had 5 different fake versions of what happened to passenger jet #MH17 when they murdered 300.
#Russia says there's been another kamikaze drone attack in a border village.

It exploded at a mill in the village of Tetkino in the #Kursk region. No one was hurt.
There are no photos and no details of potential damage.

Once again the village of #Shebekino has been struck this evening.

#Russia says Grads hit the "Premixes No. 1" plnt.
A fire broke out but has since been extinguished.

Two people were hurt and power lines were damaged.
#Kherson has come under heavy fire tonight.
The centre of the city and other parts of the region free from occupation have been hit by #Russia's forces on the left bank of the river Dnipro.

A British man helping in #Ukraine has been killed in a car crash.

Julian "Jay" Thorn's fiancee was told 10 days ago, the day she had just made a wedding ring for him ahead of their planned marriage.

Thanks Fabi!
I didn't receive the notification earlier, a pleasant surprise to see you donated coffees. 💙💛

I'll end this thread with a couple of contributions regarding whether #Ukraine's Intelligence HQ was hit and whether the video which emerged today was real or doctored.


However even if the video is 100% true it does not mean other missile(s)/drones did not hit the Intel Building in #Kyiv.

Thx @ATipplingPhilo for spotting this

5 drones shot down over #Mykolaiv earlier.
Some shelling in #Kherson and #Kramatorks in the last hour or two, and that counts as a quiet night for #Ukraine so far.

So I'll finish this thread and bid you all good night💙💛

• • •

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A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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The night attack by #Russia started with drones and ended with more cruise missiles.

Only 3 of the 6 missiles fired from the Black Sea were intercepted according to #Ukraine and there were hits in #KryvyiRih

16 more drones were shot down. Image
In #KryvyiRih a 64-year-old woman was seriously injured.

A private business was hit. An administration building and workshops were severely damaged by the blast and subsequent fires.
Another man received slight injuries but did not go to hospital.

#RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
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Another night, another attack on #Kyiv.

It's the 9th multi-missile assault on #Ukraine's capital this month but local officials reort all objects were shot down.

#Darnytskyi, #Dnipro and #Desnyan districts saw falling debris (such as these photos) but no injuries reported: Image

#Ukraine's air defence says #Russia probably used cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type for this morning's attack on '#Kyiv.

Reconaissance drones were spotted over the capital just before the missiles were launched.

Here's a clip of a reporter in Darnytskyi district
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