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Welcome to another week of daily threads on Europe's war. Updated throughout the day (and night) every single day.

It's Day 481 of #Russia's illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

To review Sunday's thread, click here.
I tempted fate by saying I was hoping for sleep. Soon enough alarms were sounding in the south of #Ukraine.

Suspected cruise missiles launched from #Russia's Black Sea Fleet, and #Odesa has reported explosions. Hopefully it's just air defence.

Good news is just coming in from #Odesa (RU: #Odessa) where it seems to be quiet now.

There were reported to be three targets - all three may have been shot down. I'm not hearing of damage yet.
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Day 466 of the daily thread covering the #UkraineRussianWar begins here.

All the news and analysis, throughout the day and night - looks like little sleep again tonight as it's believed #Russia has fired cruise missiles, currently an hour away from hitting #Ukraine.

The situation is still developing. We hope the missile launch was a fake, or dummy warheads to "draw out" #Ukraine's air defence.

For all yesterday's news, including the terrible attack on #Dnipro, click and scroll here:

Also hearing now that cruise-missile laden ships are in the launch zone in the Black Sea. This is not uncommon, but #Russia's current tactic of a mixed missile attack increases the likelihood of ships being involved.

Estimated time of arrival of rockets: 03:10 Kyiv time.
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Day 462 of #Europe's war, the last day of May.

Mercifully a quiet morning so far this Wednesday in #Ukraine

This is my 462nd daily thread.
All the info you need about #Russia's attack in one handy thread, updated throughout the day.

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If you happen to have missed all yesterday's news, put the kettle on and prepare for a long read!

Here's the link for yesterday's thread on what happened in #Ukraine and #Russia.

The biggest event overnight happened in #Russia's #Krasnodar region.

Drones hit the Afipsky Oil Refinery and a fire soon took hold, although it's since been extinguished; no-one was hurt.

About 150km from the front, that's less fuel helping Russia kill Ukrainians.
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Here is the seventh thread 🧵 about the strategy of the #RussoUkrainianWar for the early summer. Russia took the control of #Bakhmut while Ukraine is still planning its offensive efforts. #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar #Kreminna #Svatove #Wagner #UkraineWar #Leopard2 #Vuhledar Image
1) You can find all earlier Twitter threads on war in #Ukraine and #Russia's unlawful invasion and more in this interactive map. Please remember that this map is not for showing the exact lines of contacts but to understand strategies.
2) British MoD underlined that, as planned, #Wagner is now withdrawing from the center of #Bakhmut. The defence of the town will be transferred to so-called DNR forces combined with VDV units. This shows that Wagner will not be in defensive efforts.
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#Russia conducted another large-scale missile strike across #Ukraine on the night of May 17 to 18, targeting #Kyiv for the ninth time since the beginning of May.
2/ Ukrainian officials reported that Russian forces launched 22 Kh-101/555 air-launched cruise missiles, six Kalibr sea-launched cruise missiles from Black Sea vessels, and two Iskander-K ground-launched cruise missiles at #Kyiv, #Odesa, and #Mykolaiv cities.
3/ Ukrainian Commander in Chief General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi reported that Ukrainian forces destroyed 29 cruise missiles, two Shahed-136/131 drones, and two reconnaissance drones.
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Another small milestone in Europe's war.

Today is Day 450 of #Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion of its neighbour.

This is the start of Friday's daily thread. Already another day of missile attacks.

For Thursday's news, click and scroll here:
The night attack by #Russia started with drones and ended with more cruise missiles.

Only 3 of the 6 missiles fired from the Black Sea were intercepted according to #Ukraine and there were hits in #KryvyiRih

16 more drones were shot down. Image
In #KryvyiRih a 64-year-old woman was seriously injured.

A private business was hit. An administration building and workshops were severely damaged by the blast and subsequent fires.
Another man received slight injuries but did not go to hospital.

#RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
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Welcome to Wednesday. Day 448 of #Russia's 10 day war and still #Ukraine holds out and the full counter-offensive yet to come.

For all the news, all day, keep coming back here as the thread is updated constantly.
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Less than 15 months after choosing to start this war, #Russia has seen its total dead soldiers pass 200,000*

Daily losses are over 600 again and vehicles, special equipment and artillery systems again are well up on average.

* #Ukraine figures Image
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Day 447 of #Russia's illegal war starts with a huge bombing attack on #Ukraine's capital #Kyiv.

Welcome to Tuesday's thread with all the news of Europe's war, updated live throughout the day.
For new followers or visitors, yes there's been a thread every single day!
First a link to the start of yesterday's thread. Catch up on what you missed Monday with a click and a scroll.

You only learn how popular something is when you miss it out, as I did recently, so this is staying!

At 03:30 #Russia started attacking again.
#Ukraine's Defence forces now say ALL 18 missiles were shot down.

The list includes 6 of the feared Kinzhal ballistic missiles, fired from aircraft, plus 9 Cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea.

9 drones (6 attack) were also hit. Image
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Welcome to Saturday's #UkraineWar thread on Day 444 of #Russia's invasion.

All the news as always throughout the day in one handy thread, but with a fun #Eurovision twist today which I'll explain in the next tweet.

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So what's all this about #Eurovision ?

Well to mark #Ukraine's "hosting" of the final in #Liverpool tonight, in my tweets today there will be winning song titles🎶 in some of the posts (not all)

Just for fun. Reply if you spot one, as it will help fight the shadow ban on my a/c
Give yourself bonus points if you know the country and year the song won!

Anyway if you missed anything yesterday, you can review Friday's thread here. A day when we had all kinds of everything going on:

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Sunday is Day 438 of #Russia's catastrophic full invasion of #Ukraine

Each day you've been able to find all the news of Europe's war in one place with these daily threads.

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I forgot this yesterday (thanks Dave for remembering!) so let's do this straightaway!

As I post so much, people couldn't find the start of the previous day's thread, which they found handy to review what they missed. So here's the start of Saturday's feed
#Ukraine was attacked last night. Here's a summary:

#Dnipropetrovsk region - again huge artillery fire on #Nikopol with one dead and 3 injured.
#Mykolaiv region - a ballistic missile hit "an industrial enterprise"
#Kyiv - a reconnaissance drone was shot down in the region.
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#Ukraine wakes after another bloody and murderous early morning.

It's Day 429 of the war and more civilians have died in #Russia's latest indiscriminate attack.

All the news right here in one place. Replies/retweets gratefully accepted to keep the account visible!
Yesterday I made a typo - it was Day 428 and not 427.

If you missed anything on Thursday, catch up right here:


At least three people are dead and 8 injured when cruise missiles hit a city previously almost untouched by the war..

#Russia's barrage at around 04:00 this morning saw two rockets land in #Uman in central #Ukraine.
A large apartment block was hit and some warehouses nearby.
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You've found the start of Thursday's daily #RussiaUkraineWar️ thread. It's Day 427 and once again it's a bloody start to the day.

All the news, all day in one handy place.
For a recap of yesterday's news, click this link and scroll:

Straight to the news from #Mykolaiv (RU: #Nikolaev) which has been attacked by cruise missiles this morning.

One person's known to be dead and 23 injured after one of #Russia's Black Sea fleet fired on the peaceful city in southern #Ukraine, hitting an apartment block. ImageImageImageImage
#Russia's losses a little higher in terms of equipment today but a little lower in terms of body bags.

Figures provided by #Ukraine

#RussiansGoHome Image
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Thursday 6 April 2023, which happens to be Day 407 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Aa always, all the news, all day, in one handy thread. Soon I'll have more on the breaking news in #Russia of violence in an insurgent southern region.

Missed y'day?
In the southern #Russia republic of #Ingushetia there's a shootout between police + rebels.

The region has a history of insurgency. The FSB says militants barricaded themselves inside a building in Malgobek

It's linked to an attack last week when 2 police officers were injured.
The IADAT Telegram Channel is reporting the deaths (unconfirmed) of multiple Russian troops/police in the #Ingushetia shootout.

They also report the shooting has now calmed.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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Day 403

Welcome along to Sunday's thread with all the news and analysis from #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Yesterday saw dogs, drones, drunks and dodgy priests. Read anything you missed by clicking and scrolling here:

Firstly someone "proved" Elon Musk decided to "hide" news of #Ukraine on Twitter. Now why would he do that?

Now Ukraine news is as 'dangerous' as disinfo and needs silencing🤬
The only action we can take is to retweet and repeat as much as possible.🇺🇦

#Russia's daily losses (estimated by #Ukraine) get lower and lower.

A total of just 21 pieces of any equipment whatsoever destroyed in the last 24 hours.
560 more soldiers won't be returning to their families.
Dead of alive - your choice - #RussiansGoHome
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Sunday is Day 396 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine. Welcome along to Daily Thread 396 with all the conflict news

The public & some politicians lose interest, just as Putin wants. Don't let them!

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A fairly quiet day in #Ukraine yesterday, all things considered. But quite a few mysterious fires in #Russia🔥😉

Catch up on anything you missed on Saturday with this link:


The number of soldiers from #Russia who've died in #Ukraine has passed 170,000 *

It was just 24 days ago that total reached 150k.
The number of tanks and artillery systems destroyed in the last 24 hours is also higher than average.

* Ukraine govt data
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It's a wet and windy start to the week where I am, hope it's better where you are.
In #Kyiv + #Bakhmut it's around freezing now (9am) but some very mild days and nights mean a lot of mud on the frontlines later in the week in #Ukraine

It's Day 383 of #Russia's war, here's the 🧵
I know a lot of people miss things at the weekend.
But you can get a quick catch up of all that happened in #Ukraine yesterday by taking a scroll through the previous thread, and I would urge you to do so, some important news and events in there:

One thing from yesterday I do want to flag up is this story and what will hopefully become a concerted effort to ban athletes from #Russia from the Olympic Games.

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Saturday is Day 381 of #Russia's attempt to obliterate #Ukraine from the map, to destroy an independent nation and centuries of culture.

This is the only thread you need for all the news and developments around the war, here's y'day's thread to catch up:

Starting today with the British Intel update. London confirms that #Wagner troops have reached the centre of #Bakhmut. However they explain why #Ukraine is still holding #Russia at bay in the #Donetsk town.

They don't supply a map, so I've added 2 from Google + DeepState to help
There are so many exaggerations, lies & fakes in all wars; I guess these days it's easier, quicker to spread + difficult & time consuming to try to spot fakes.

But here's one. As news of Leopard tanks being deployed by #Ukraine, a crude photoshop of a🇷🇺 chevron on an old photo
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Hello again, you've found the start of the daily thread for the #RussiaUkraineWar for Sunday 5 March 2023.

It's Day 375 and if you missed anything from Saturday, here's the link for the previous thread

First heartbreaking news from #Zaporizhzhia where three more bodies have been recovered from the site of the missile attack 3 days ago.

An 8-month-old baby girl and her parents are the latest victims of #Russia's terrorism targeting #Ukraine.
#Ukraine's General Staff reports #Russia is hiding Air Defence systems in residential areas of the occupied part of #Kherson.

"In the city of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, the occupiers use the civilian population as a human shield" say army chiefs.
Anyone heard from @amnesty?
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The #Kremlin accused #Ukraine of conducting a border incursion in #Bryansk Oblast, #Russia, on March 2 — a claim that #Ukrainian officials denied. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… 1/5 Image
#Russian forces continued limited ground attacks northeast of #Kupyansk and offensive operations around #Kreminna. 2/5 Image
#Russian forces continued offensive operations around #Bakhmut, along the western outskirts of #Donetsk City, and in western Donetsk Oblast. 3/5 Image
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Let's talk today about the first 🇺🇦 coastal missile complex RK-360 MC "NEPTUNE". This complex can be called the best representative of the🇺🇦missile program. In 2022, this complex became a "game-changing weapon"
Enjoy reading!
Article author: @GloOouD <---- more interesting
Thanks to it, 🇺🇦 able to partially overcome the dominance of the 🇷🇺 Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea.
The R-360 "Neptune" missile is a🇺🇦anti-ship cruise missile. It was developed by the Kyiv-based design bureau "Luch".
The missile is designed to destroy ships with a displacement of up to 5,000 tons and has a 150 kg warhead.
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Southern #Ukraine:

Ukrainian officials continue to report potential Russian preparations for renewed offensive operations in #Zaporizhia & #Kherson oblasts, though ISW has not observed indicators that Russian forces plan to renew offensive operations in these directions. (1/7)
2/ The #Ukrainian General Staff reported that #Russian forces are defending in #Zaporizhia and #Kherson oblasts but are trying to create conditions that will allow Russian forces to conduct offensives in some unspecified areas of this part of the front.
3/ #Russian forces have conducted infrequent localized attacks in #Zaporizhia Oblast in recent months but have not conducted any meaningful offensive activity in #Kherson Oblast since withdrawing from the west (right) bank of the #Dnipro River in November 2022.
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Sunday read: hear from Lt. Gen. Hodges @general_ben, Ukraine leading military experts Kovalenko @zloy_odessit, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow @anders_aslund, #Mykolaiv Mayor @senkevich_alex & and military leader @vitalij_kim, political advisor @Denys_Ganzha, and more on #Ukraine
Interviews from the article 🧵 with Lt. Gen. @general_ben
An interview with the Mayor of #Mykolaiv @senkevich_alex
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#Ukraine: Today's reports from #UkraineWar: 1. At #Kreminna, UA forces are reported counter-attacking to the SW & RU attempts to gain ground W of #Lysychansk have been stopped. Some contact reported in W urban limits of city. #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer)
#Ukraine: 2. Many reports RU forces have been pushed back SW of #Bakhmut at #Ivanivske. This helps UA keep open the Bakhmut-#Konstantinovka route & gives them better control of the H-32 highway. S of Bakhmut UA forces struck a large RU ammo depot at #Zelenopillya. #tweet100
#Ukraine: 3. RU shelling of residential area of #Bakhmut yesterday with shells & MLRS killed 5 and injured 9. There are still an estimated 6,000 civilians still living there - UA's Deputy PM, Iryna Vereshchuk, has urged them to leave. #tweet100
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1/6 #Russian forces conducted another missile strike on infrastructure facilities throughout #Ukraine on February 16, striking facilities in #Lviv, #Poltava, #Kirovohrad, and #Dnipropetrovsk oblasts.

Our latest:
2/5 The #Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian forces fired 32 air- and sea-launched missiles at #Ukraine, including 12 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from Tu-95MS aircraft over the Caspian Sea,
3/5 8 Kalibr cruise missiles from a Black Sea frigate, 12 Kh-22 cruise missiles from Tu-22M3 long-range bombers over #Kursk Oblast, and 2 Kh-59 cruise missiles from Su-35 aircraft over #Melitopol, #Zaporizhia Oblast.
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