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Had an eye-opening talk with a bank teller yesterday whose nephews went into the business; they (juniors) were under constant pressure... convince friends/family to open accounts to meet quotas. So bad they ended up pressuring vulnerable/elderly relatives into...
...signing up for expensive products. Her mother-in-law is facing collections agencies who want to raid her Social Security because...
...of $7K in fees for accounts she never used and never wanted. These kids face career-ending termination if they don't perform...
...under relentless pressure to sell to friends and family from manipulative, hard-sell, older bosses who abuse and coerce them.
It's literally indistinguishable from a pyramid scheme. I got an inkling of this when the Wells Fargo scandal broke...
...But i had no idea it was this bad across the industry. Low-waged, young ppl manipulated into destroying their relationships to make quota
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