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By the time this is over, Colinkaepernick tweeting Eminem dissing Trump will have more re-tweets than any Trump tweet ever.
America's culture wars may be obstructed by its politicians but they're amplified by its celebrities.
The sixties had Peter, Paul and Mary and Bob Dylan.

2017 has Eminem.
Personally, I find it entirely fitting that a white hip-hop artist from Detroit (still without clean water) is taking on Trump.
Trump knows only how to pick fights. As we've seen over and over, when bullying doesn't work, he explodes and then folds.
I didn't see the future of our democracy coming down to a rap battle between Em and an orange-faced white supremacist...
...but I gotta say, if the medium is freestyle verse vs. unhinged tweets, Trump is gonna come out looking like Baby Doc in "Eight Mile".
There's much abt Em's past lyrics I don't like but if we're drawing up culture war teams in a fight for racial justice, I'd want him on mine
Trump is going to soooo hate this... and he's going to go after rappers and hip-hop and urban culture...
...and then he's going to learn the hard way that the people buying the most hip-hop albums are suburban white kids.
I'm gonna enjoy watching this part of the culture war because Trump can't win - and we may just get a new anthem out of it.
*Papa Doc not Baby Doc.

I hate when I get my deposed dictators and fictional movie characters confused
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