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1. The Obama/Iran deals of Jan 16: A hidden agenda painted as a bad deal for the US.

We, the common folk (or cattle, as i'm starting to see myself as) were sold these deals as yet another foreign relations blunder of the Obama administration. But were they?
2. Lemme refresh memories as illustrate what took place in Jan of 2016 to set the stage:

3 deals we solidified that month:

1. The nuclear proliferation deal (JCPOA),
2. US-Iran hostage exchange, and
3. A $1.7 Billion dollar cash transfer from the US to...???
3. If you weren't paying EXTREMELY close attention in Jan 16, you probably think there was only one deal that month; the UN codified nuke deal called JCPOA whereby Iran agrees to give up its nuke weapons program in return for $500B+ sanctions relief…
4. This deal by itself is not a winner for the US; it give away our diplomatic leverage to (try to) prevent Iran from developing nuke-tipped missiles (for all applications), but it was a MAJOR economic winner for Iran and the EU
5. The "prisoner" exchange was not a winner for the US either; we exchanged seven Iranians for four Americans, none of which were of significant value (one may have been a DoS asset, Jason Rezaian, but meh).

Iran flew our four to Geneva upon receipt of $400M cash from the US.
6. Last (known) deal of the day, was the $400M cash, which was flown into the Mehrabad Airport, Tehran the (dead of) night before the prisoners were exchanged. The $400 was just part of an overall $1.7B cash transfer.

Alleged photo of the $400M cash
7. All 3 deals were bad for the US. Those deals were chalked up to weak negotiating skills of John Kerry and an appeasement strategy our former pres Obama HOPES he will be remembered for.

BUT, the similarities to U1, and a recent torrent of new info says OTHERWISE.
8. The cash deal, which was hidden from congress, was explained to be a resolution to an old legal dispute where the US froze $400M of Iran's 35 years prior.

This is where it gets interesting
9. Where the initial $400M cash was delivered, and in what form, is contested.

Some reports say the initial $400M was delivered to Tehran in USD.

Others report it wired to Geneva (IBoS/Rothschilds), turned into a basket of foreign currency, then flown to Iran.
10. The remaining $1.3B was reported by Obama admin to have been wired to Geneva and turned into a combo of foreign currency (all cash) in subsequent transfers not exceeding $99,999 each to skirt US financial transfer regulations (nice, right?)
11. After a solid 8 hours of researching this, I have only found one report of about $500M cash (of the $1.3B "interest" being delivered to Iran in "unmarked cargo planes"
12. What kind of deals are made in foreign cash, delivered in unmarked cargo aircraft?


Oliver North, Fast and Furious, Air America all come to mind from a deal like this.

Not saying this was CIA drug deal...I think it was much WORSE.
13. Back to the Iran nuke/sanctions UN deal (JCPOA)
-Nowhere in the deal are US payments to Iran mentioned.
-Iran agreed to give up its 3.67% - 20% enriched Uranium (all but 300kg)
-10 tons of uranium were "transferred out of Iran"
14. JCPOA cont;
-Does not mention what happens with any current weapons grade Uranium (plutonium)
-Does not prevent Iran from continued nuke weapons SYSTEMS development (i.e. missiles or warheads)
15. Which brings us to North Korea.

-It is almost a surety, based on multiple intelligence agencies, that NK and Iran are developing ICBM missiles together

-Iran tested a NKorean ICBM in 2016

-Iran has openly stated that it WILL work with NK to develop weapons
16. Iran HAS received NK missiles, re-worked their "front ends" to improve capability, then sent the tech and missiles back to NK.

(all post JCPOA enactment, 2016-2017)…
17. Iran & NK established this current "technical and educational"arrangement back in 2012.

An alliance formed by the 2nd "in charge" of NK with Iran…
18. Its reported that 10 tons of Iran's 3.67%-20% enriched uranium went to "Russia", but the US DoS specifically stated they are unsure where it went.

Going with that theory, what did Russia do with it?
-How did NK get weapons grade uranium?
-How did they learn to miniaturize a nuke warhead?
-How did they fix their rocket/missile problems?

-successful missile tests, nuke & helium bomb test...all AFTER 17 January, 2016.

20. We can see the pay for play, the graft, the corruption in the Obama administration, despite its best efforts to pretend there were none. (IRS, FBI, DEA, ATF, DOJ, DoS, etc.)

...with just a teensy-weensy bit of help covering them up by, 95% of the MSM.
21. And Kerry? Thought he was scandal free as the SECSTATE?
Nope, pay-for-play, just like the rest of the crew.
$2M no-bid contract from DoS to his daughters non-profit "institution"…
22. "B-But we don't have "relations" with NK (Bill joke)

Who do we have here?
Looks like 'Ol slick Willy
John (i love pizza) Podesta
And Kim Jong Il in 2009.
They made a "visit" to rescue a few "journalists" (CIA) who were caught in NK

Podest just seems to be 'erewhere!
23. Review:
-an AWFUL deal for the US
-Untraceable $1.3B in foreign cash moved by unmarked cargo planes.
-An established NK/Iran weapons/tech sharing and development program
-Corrupt pay-for-play actors, involving "Russia"
-Unexplained, rapid development of NK's nuke abilities
24. What does that all equal?
We've accepted that our "politicians" sell our nation for personal gain.

But why arm NK? I thought we didn't want them to have nukes?

Who ALWAYS wins in World Wars?
25. Finally, take a look at the full mural behind Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il (reconstructed from other photos) in NK

Nothing is what we're told it is.

The End.
$999,999 each...correction
"Transferred to the international buyer"
Google Henry Ford's & Prescott Bush's business dealings during WWII.

There are many more like them. Double dealing.

Prescott Bush is @HwBush5 's Father and George W Bush's grandfather.
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