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Israel is lashing out at the #IAEA because America and Europe are not pushing to hold Iran accountable at the Board of Governors. Tehran gets away with violations by providing dubious explanations. 1/…
Netanyahu: “The IAEA’s ineffectual conduct in the face of these weak excuses conveys a message to Iran’s rulers that they need not pay any price whatsoever for their violations, and that they can continue deceiving the international community with their efforts to obtain nuclear……
He says, “Iran’s excuses since then regarding the finding of nuclear material in prohibited locations are not only unreliable, they are technically impossible.” 3/
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Here is the seventh thread 🧵 about the strategy of the #RussoUkrainianWar for the early summer. Russia took the control of #Bakhmut while Ukraine is still planning its offensive efforts. #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar #Kreminna #Svatove #Wagner #UkraineWar #Leopard2 #Vuhledar Image
1) You can find all earlier Twitter threads on war in #Ukraine and #Russia's unlawful invasion and more in this interactive map. Please remember that this map is not for showing the exact lines of contacts but to understand strategies.
2) British MoD underlined that, as planned, #Wagner is now withdrawing from the center of #Bakhmut. The defence of the town will be transferred to so-called DNR forces combined with VDV units. This shows that Wagner will not be in defensive efforts.
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'Mad panic' as Russia #evacuates #nuclearplant #town | -28min
- On Friday, the Russian-installed regional head Yevgeny #Balitsky said that "in the past few days, the enemy has stepped up #shelling of #settlements close to the front line".… Image
#IAEA warns of dangers around #Zaporizhzhia #nuclearplant as #evacuations under way | -2h
- #Grossi: “I’m extremely concerned about the nuclear safety and security risks facing the plant. We must act now to prevent the threat of a severe nuclear accident,…
#SamsonOption. Situation around #Europe's largest #NPP is 'potentially dangerous,' watchdog warns
- The #IAEA said shelling was heard 'on a regular basis' around #Zaporizhzhia plant in SE #Ukraine.… ImageImageImage
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Stable economic conditions vital for country’s security
Amb Zamir Akram's book The Security Imperative-Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy
#GenKidwai ruled out any threat to #nuclear and #missile program against the backdrop of the current economic crisis amid speculations about reasons behind a delay in the agreement with the #IMF and a recent visit of the #IAEA head to #Pakistan
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#Iran_politics_news 🧵
1- Spokesman of Iran’s Atomic Energy Org. B. Kamalvandi says talks with #IAEA’s delegation and head of Department of Safeguards was “promising & constructive”. He says AEOI head Eslami officially invited DG Grossi to visit Iran in the coming days.
2- CEO of #Russia’s state-owned gas company, Gazprom, to visit #Iran Tuesday. He will hold talks with Iranian officials on oil and gas cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.
3- an Iranian lawmaker says Iran & China discussed using Iranian confiscated assets in China for constructional projects. He says “we just need funds not Chinese materials or workforce”, adding “unlike the government, Majlis opposes projects being granted to Chinese companies”.
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Statement by France 🇫🇷, #Germany 🇩🇪, the United Kingdom🇬🇧, and the United States 🇺🇸 on the IAEA`s Latest Report on #Iran`s Nuclear Program.

"We, the governments of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, take note of the report by the International"
Atomic Energy Agency (#IAEA) that Iran has implemented a substantial change in the configuration of some of its centrifuges without informing the Agency in advance. These centrifuges produce high-enriched uranium up to 60% and are located at the #Fordow Enrichment Plant.
As stated by the Agency, this unnotified change is inconsistent with #Iran's obligations under its #NPT-required Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement. Such lack of required notification undermines the Agency’s ability to maintain timely detection at Iran’s nuclear facilities.
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A French nuclear umbrella, tensions over New START, proliferation risks in the Middle East, deterrence in Asia, & emotions in nuclear brinkmanship: our #STAND team's regular thread on recent news and analyses to #underSTAND #nuclear #deterrence and #threats (no endorsement).(1/8)
Calls for a 🇫🇷French #nuclear umbrella for Europe have multiplied in recent months. While this is not a feasible idea, Paris could take steps to strengthen Europe’s deterrence, assess #STAND’s @lydiawachs & @liviuhorovitz in a new SWP Comment (GER).(2/8)
The 🇺🇸Biden admin found 🇷🇺Russia to be in noncompliance with its #NewSTART treaty obligation to facilitate inspections 👉 See the full US report 👉 & the threads by @james_acton32 for background 👉
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🇺🇦🇷🇺⚡️The International Atomic Energy Agency reported that heavy explosions had been detected in the vicinity of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, but this news was denied by Rosenergoatom and Zaporizhzhya authorities.
#ukrainewar #ukraine #nato #russia #nuclear #iaea
They stated that no explosions were taking place in or near the nuclear plant and that the sounds of artillery shells being fired were heard from a considerable distance from the plant.
Rosenergoatom's advisor, Renat Karchaa, suggested that the unverified information was deliberately published by the IAEA to discredit Russia and give the impression that it is not in control of the situation at the site. He called it a "provocation."
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Diese Meldung ist in den letzten Tagen bei aller Euphorie fast vergessen worden. #IAEA : Keine militärische Ausrüstung in 🇺🇦Atomkraftwerken gefunden!!👇🧵
#RussiaIsATerroristState #FreeTheLeopards #PutinsWar #RussianWarCrimes #russiaisateroriststate #Saporischschja #AKW
1/1 Von Eleanor Pickston und Katya Krebs von CNN
In den ukrainischen Kernkraftwerken, die von der Internationalen Atomenergiebehörde inspiziert werden, wird keine militärische Ausrüstung gelagert, erklärte der Leiter der UN-Atomaufsichtsbehörde Rafael Grossi am Dienstag vor
2/1 Abgeordneten des Europäischen Parlaments. Seine Äußerungen entkräften frühere Anschuldigungen Russlands. "Heute Morgen habe ich meine Teams angewiesen, in Zusammenarbeit mit der ukrainischen Leitung dieser Anlagen eine umfassende Überprüfung vorzunehmen, um festzustellen,
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Day 283 of #Russia's war of choice on #Ukraine is with us.

Again a relatively quite night in the #RussiaUkraineWar. but still news coming up of rocket attacks by Russia and more heavy losses for the invaders.

All the news, all day, in one thread, read on!⬇️
As always, a quick link for yesterday's thread in case you missed anything, such as the #USA naming the #Wagner group and another rebellion among #Russia's newly mobilised (cannon fodder)

I estimated 100,000 Russian soldiers would be killed shortly after the "western"/Catholic Christmas. Now it looks like it will happen just before then as high losses continue for #Russia

As well as another 500+ killed, an uptick in drone hits and a helicopter brought down.
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It's Day 279 of #Russia war and this is the first tweet in the daily thread. Update on the situation in #Ukraine and all linked news throughout the day in real time.

Thanks for reading. If you want to support me with a coffee see my profile page, thanks!
If you need to review yesterday's news, including the night attack on #Dnipro, you can click and scroll here:

A quick update on the #Dnipro attack:

City officials now say 4 rockets hit.
The production premises of a private business were destroyed and private vehicles were destroyed.

There was a fierce fire after the missiles hit but there were no victims.
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SitRep - 27/11 - #Bakhmut holds the line

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Almost a week after Russia's last major rocket attack, basic services have been restored in large parts of Ukraine. But danger of new attacks is lurking...

As usual we start with Russian losses reported by the Ukrainian General staff. We also include captured and damaged equipment that were caught on tape.

Men losses are rising again. Winter is literally coming.

+600 men personnel
+4 Tanks
+8 APCs
Ukrainian missilemen and artillerymen over the past day hit 2 enemy command posts, as well as 11 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment, - General Staff
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میخاییل لایتمن یهودی پزشک وکارشناس علوم سایبرنتیک ودستیاربزرگترین کابالیست قرن حاضرمیگوید:همه چیز به سیستم قدرت جهانی بستگی دارد،دنیامجری اوامرماخواهدبودسران کشورهافقط مجری اوامر ماهستند ودنیابه سازما می رقصد!
حالابیایم به این بپردازیم که چگونه اینهادنیا رابه سازخودمی رقصانند!⬇️
واما سران کشور ها چگونه مجری اوامر شان خواهند بودآنان باطراحی سند ۲۰۳۰ ودستور کار ۲۱ از طریق سازمان ملل متحد که خود نیز یک سازمان جهانی صهیونیستی آمریکایی ست بدنبال برقراری نظم نوین شیطانی خود وبرقراری نظام برده داری نوین! ⬇️
از طریق سازمان های جهانی صهیونیستی آمریکایی که هم اکثر کشورها عضو این سازمان ها هستند وبابستن معاهده های الزام آور مجبور به اطاعت از اینها می‌شوند و بدینگونه تمام کشور های عضو سازمان ملل در نظم نوین جهانی شیطانی به طورخودکار همراه اینها میشوند از طریق بستن معاهدات بین‌المللی!⬇️
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on October 31, 2022
There is literally nothing to report at this end of the month.. (in terms of FEBA line).
Couple days now that some reports indicates Ukr are destroying Ru forces methodically though.
2/ yesterday some people claimed that On October 30th Ukrainian defenders repulsed rashist assaults on their positions in #Novoselivske, Bilohorivka and Mykolayivka.
Novoselivs'ke & Mykolayivka are gains."
but i showed this in maps for couple days older... it was known but not ✅
3/ so we are still waiting for confirmations. The truth is when #Kuzemivka falls, it's gonna be a real real gain! and then few things will unfold. hence the quite hard battles that are taking place in this area...
maybe a nice vid with a flag there by the end of the week..
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Alle die weiter „#Friedensverhandlungen jetzt!“ rufen sollten sich die Bedeutung der gestrigen völkerrechtswidrigen #Annexion von #Donezk, #Luhansk, #Saporischschja und #Cherson durch #Russland vor Augen führen.
1. Die #Annexion ist ein extremer Akt der imperialistischen Aggression, mit dem #Putin noch einmal unterstreicht, dass es ihm um die Zerstörung der unabhängigen Ukraine geht. Er macht damit einen weiteren Quantensprung weg von einer Verhandlungslösung...
..., die für die Ukraine als eigenständigen Akteur akzeptabel wäre. Mit der Mobilmachung zu Hause demonstriert er außerdem, dass er den Krieg auf lange Sicht zu führen gedenkt.
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1/ Operational situation update / #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 19, 2022
The situat° hasn't change much for the last 20 hours
as i can tell & no direct evidence (until now of deeper move on Ru positions anywhere past current known front line
#UkraineMap #CarteUkraine
2/ Gen staff report part 1&2
3/ and that's it for now.. i'll to resume later tonight..
Right now it's .. Operation "Diner en ville" ;-)
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Southern Axis Update:

#Ukraine’s #Kakhovka Operational Group announced that Ukrainian forces have penetrated the front line at depths between 4 and 12km in unspecified areas, amounting to over 500 square kilometers of liberated territory. /1…
Southern Axis Update:

#Russian forces did not conduct any ground attacks in #Zaporizhia Oblast west of Hulyaipole and continued routine fire throughout #Mykolaiv Oblast on September 12. /2…
Southern Axis Update:

The International Atomic Energy Agency (#IAEA) announced the restoration of the second reserve power transmission line to the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) on September 12. /3…
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The International Atomic Energy Agency’s report on the situation at the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant described numerous ways in which Russian occupation authorities and the #Russian military are jeopardizing the safe operation of the plant.…
The moderation and apparent neutrality of the IAEA's report can overshadow the extremely clear articulation of the Russian activities undermining the plant’s safety and the fact that the report attributes no dangerous actions to Ukraine. 2/
The #IAEA’s report on the situation at the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) is thus a coded condemnation of Russian moves that have created and are perpetuating the danger of nuclear disaster in #Ukraine. 3/…
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NEW | The #IAEA report released on September 6 describes #Russian activities that increase the likelihood of a nuclear accident at the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Read today's update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:…
#Russian forces made incremental gains south of #Bakhmut and continued ground attacks north, northwest, and southwest of #Donetsk City.
#Ukrainian forces have launched likely opportunistic counterattacks in southern #Kharkiv Oblast and retaken several settlements.
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Six #IAEA inspectors have remained at the Ukrainian NPP

The IAEA Commission last week inspected the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which is periodically shelled.
So far, the commission is not making conclusions, but the director General of the international agency is concerned about the situation.
Upon returning from Ukraine, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Mariano Grossi, said at a press conference at the Vienna airport that the physical integrity of the NPP was violated due to shelling.
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1/ On parle depuis des semaines de la centrale nucléaire de Zaporijjia. Une enfilade qui explique son importance dans la guerre actuelle en Ukraine.
@Ydb @NTenzer @HeliosRunner @CedricMas #Zaporijjia #Zaporizhzhia
2/ La centrale nucléaire de Zaporijjia se trouve en Ukraine centrale, dans l'oblast de Zaporijjia, sur le territoire de la ville d'Enerhodar, à 56 km au sud-ouest de la ville de Zaporijjia.
3/ Actuellement, la ville de Zaporijjia est sous contrôle ukrainien, mais la ville d’Enerhodar est sous contrôle russe, comme le montre cette carte:
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1/ Today is important for #Zaporizhzhia #Zaporozhye #ZaporozhyeNPP #Zaporijia @iaeaorg is heading to the Nuclear central power station...
but already several problems are noticed by head IAEA representants as Russians seems to deny them access to the station... Image
2/ JUST IN: #Russia’s Defence Ministry Claims (lol) #Ukrainian assault troops would have attempted to seize the Ru-controlled #Zaporizhzhia NPP ahead of a planned International Atomic Energy Agency visit to the nuclear plant today. (oh and how come? swimming to the central?) Image
3/ they claim that "60 saboteurs" have tried to size entire station protected by 500 men !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i'm sure they have all the videos then as might have killed or captured all of them.. (being sarcastic)
#Zaporizhzhia NPP is exactly the kind of subject #Putin loves to play with.
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#Russia blocking access of
#IAEA inspectors to #Zaporizhzhia
Nuclear Power Plant
with mock battles
but Steven Seagal fight back... 🙄 Image
Strelkov skeptical too Image
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Good morning! From the early hours til late at night my daily thread brings you all the news from the war raging in #Ukraine.

It's Thursday 1 Sept, Day 190 of #Russia's full invasion.

If you want to donate a coffee, please click my profile, if you want to know the news, read on
I'll start by reminding that if you missed anything last night, catch up here by clicking and scrolling down.

Yesterday evening we saw a Russian rocket smash into Russia! Watch the video⬇️

#Ukraine's strikes against #Russia's positions & bases continue in the south.

News just in: Ukraine's destroyed a makeshift pontoon bridge at #Darivka in #Kherson oblast. The invaders were trying to replace the bridge over the Inhulets river.

2 x 🇷🇺Command posts also hit say 🇺🇦
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