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IAEA DG Rafael Grossi said #Iran’s regime had failed to reduce concerns about violations of its nonproliferation safeguards agreement, will eventually cross the uranium enrichment threshold. #IAEA’s Board of Governors is to decide on decades of denial, deception & duplicity.
The IAEA report is perhaps the most damning since its Nov 2011 report, which highlights clear activities related to the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) of Iran's nuclear program, i.e., uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at three undeclared locations in Iran. 2/
These 3 locations are, Turquzabad (2019), Varamin (2020) and ‘Marivan’ (2020). Despite "numerous opportunities, in different formats," IAEA report states, "Iran has not provided explanations that are technically credible in relation to the Agency’s findings at those locations."3/
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Ukraine has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency for "a comprehensive list of equipment" it needs to operate nuclear power plants during the war with Russia, the #IAEA said on Saturday, Reuters reports. #CGTNAmerica #Ukraine #Russia
The list includes radiation measurement devices, protective material, computer-related assistance, power supply systems and diesel generators, the #IAEA said. #Ukraine #Russia #CGTNAmerica
"We will coordinate the implementation of the assistance that the IAEA and its member states will provide, including by delivering required equipment directly to Ukraine's nuclear sites," #IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said. #CGTNAmerica #Ukraine #Russia
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The lack of a viable #Israel|i strategy to the #Iran nuclear issue after nearly two decades of dealing with it is shocking.

#Bennet tells #Blinken Iran can be deterred from 90% enrichment via #Russia level sanctions.

There are some problem with this. 1/…
While #Iran and #Russia sanctions regimes are complex and comparison is hard #Iran sanctions are arguably more comprehensive. Critically its energy exports are sanctioned whereas #Russia's are relatively unfettered. Iran is a template for Russia sanctions not other way around. 2/
Now sanctions can be ratcheted up against #Iran in case of escalations by it on the nuclear issue b/c my sense is #Biden enforcement has slackened and EU and China can join. But there are reasons to doubt this will be a sufficient deterrent against Iranian nuclear escalation. 3/
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#Morgenupdate #Ukraine

Wie immer: Vollständigkeit nicht garantiert.
Quelle ist zum Einen der Liveticker von @ntvde. Andere Quellen sind verlinkt.
Es handelt sich um einen Krieg. Infos sind daher immer mit Vorsicht zu betrachten. /TN #Russland
Fangen wir mit einer guten Nachricht an.

Am Samstag gab es einen Angriff auf eine nukleare Forschungseinrichtung in #Charkiw. Wie die #IAEA nun mit Berufung auf die #Ukraine mitteilte, gibt es keine Schäden am nuklearen Material.

Die Einrichtung war auch vorher allen bekannt.
Der #Kreml-Sprecher #Peskow hat noch 1mal klargestellt, dass keine Atombomben in der #Ukraine eingesetzt werden.

Verschiedene Medien verbreiteten Panik wegen seines #BBC-Interviews. Die staatliche Existenz Russlands & die Ereignisse in der Ukraine hätten "nix miteinander zu tun"
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Kleine Zusammenfassung der Lage in der #Ukraine

Bitte beachten: Vollständigkeit wird nicht garantiert und ist nicht angedacht.

Quellen findet ihr im letzten Tweet. /TN #Russland #Thread
Am Abend und in der Nacht gab es verschiedene russische Raketenangriffe.

Diese erfolgten auf #Kiew, #Luzk, #Riwne und #Charkiw.

In Luzk wurde unter anderem ein Treibstoffdepot getroffen. /TN
Neben den Raketenangriffen tat sich relativ wenig von russischer Seite. So wird u.a. vom britischen Verteidigungsministerium berichtet, dass sich #Russland auf Grund der Versenkung von Schiffen in #Berdjansk aktuell zögert, an der Schwarzmeerküste Einsätze durchzuführen. /TN
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#Russia #NewsfromMordor Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor is preparing sanctions against Google, Telegram, Meta, Discord, Pinterest and Twitch. The Ministry of Education is ready to discuss Medinsky's proposal to introduce a prayer for the glory of Russia in schools.
#Russia #NewsfromMordor Medvedev: "No restrictions on the return of the death penalty in Russia, everything will depend on the situation. The moratorium may remain, if everything is calm, or be revised if necessary."
#Russia An Interior Ministry official arrested for spreading "fakes" about war, was charged for speaking on the phone, allegedly spreading "knowingly false information." He called his acquaintances in the Crimea and the Moscow region. No permission to tap his phone, says lawyer
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We spoke to @DeutscheWelle about the risks that Russian use of indiscriminate explosive weapons poses to #nuclear facilities in #Ukraine. Looking forward to a new @Greenpeace briefing on this tomorrow…
Disputed claims from #Russia and #Ukraine over control of the Zaporizhzhia #Nuclear plant (and its 6 reactors). In welcome move Ukraine formally requesting @iaeaorg oversight of #Chernobyl zone occupied by Russia
Tune in at 13:00 today for an @iaeaorg press conference on the situation in #Ukraine around #nuclear and radioactive sites
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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WH issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's presidential foreign policy advisor, #YuriyUshakov, re: Russia and #Ukraine.

#Ushakov #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan conversation today with nat'l security advisors, foreign ministers & other officials from #BucharestNine of #NATO Allies re: #Russia & #Ukraine.

#B9 #Putin #Zelensky Image
WH / US Nat'l Security Council spokesperson issues readout of US Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Russia's foreign policy advisor to the president, #YuriyUshakov.

#Putin #Zelensky #Ukraine #Ushakov Image
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Nat'l Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne issues readout of Nat'l Security Advisor #JakeSullivan's conversation today with #Ukrain's head of presidential office, #AndriyYermak.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden talks with journalists re: #Ukraine.

#Russia Image
#BREAKING (via WH press pool)
#Biden says re: potential invasion of #Ukraine by #Russia:

"We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time and my expectation is we’re going to have a long discussion."

He adds that "won't accept" #Putin's red line in Ukraine. Image
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#Israel unmasks secret #Iran based where the #IRGC trains and distributes drone technologies to proxy militias across the region.


#Iran counters the negative publicity today centered on #Israel revealing the location of secret Iranian base that trains proxy regional militias by making public this decision: granting visual access to IAEA to Iranian installations

The #US embassy in #Iraq raises alarm on the drone attack at #ErbilAirport

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📢To all my friends and followers
Do you like to know New Information About the Iranian Regime’s Abadeh Nuclear Site? #IAEA #Iran
@IAEAOrg @RafaelMGrossi @JosepBorrellF @HelgaSchmid_EU @eu_eeas @ForeignOffice @GermanyDiplo @francediplo_EN @USAbehFarsi…
According to the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on February 23, 2021, the nuclear watchdog has found anthropogenic uranium particles at two sites in Iran. @IAEAOrg @RafaelMGrossi @JosepBorrellF @HelgaSchmid_EU @USAbehFarsi…
The Iranian regime had blocked access to these sites to #IAEA inspectors for months.
A question from Europe and America Do you still think you should trust this regime ???
The only solution is to cut off negotiations with them.
@jrpsaki @stateDept…
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1. come sempre #WikiLeaks ci fornisce informazioni uniche, anche quando i documenti risalgono a ben 12 anni fa. Leggete questo cablo su #Fakhrizadeh(inglese):…
2. se leggete cablo di #WikiLeaks scoprirete una cosa: contrariamente a come viene presentato in questi giorni, #OlliHeinonen,dell'#IAEA descrive #Fakhrizadeh così: "nell'establishment nucleare iraniano, ci sono altri scienziati altrettanto e anche più importanti di #Fakhrizadeh"
3. chiunque si sia mai occupato di #armiNucleari e #proliferazioneNucleare e conosca #IAEA sa benissimo che #OlliHeinonen era capo del più importante Dipartimento dell'#IAEA: quello delle #Safeguards,che conduce e coordina gli ispettori IAEA
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There's not much credible available on Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh's academic history. How come an Iraq war veteran ends up being a scientist? How did he become so imp for the regime to head the prog he did? Fakhrizadeh's head of #Iran's nuclear smuggling ring at best. Not a scientist.
Even his freshly post Wikipedia bio doesn't go beyond stating that #Fakhrizadeh's a faculty member of the Imam Hossein University in 1991 before becoming head of what's later known Physics Research Centre at Lavizan-Shian. No academic papers. No hands-on experience as a scientist
Thu #IAEA never quizzed him, it identified #Fakhrizadeh as a scientist due to his role at SPND and that's that. His old (WSJ) and recent (WaPo) profile don't record his scientific work. As with much of #Iran's arms industry, the top heads arranged vital tech for prog illicitly.
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#Iran’s expansion of proliferation-sensitive #nuclear activities is a transparent attempt at extortion, aimed at raising tensions rather than defusing them.

Iran should reverse these steps immediately.
“The presence of even small amounts of undeclared nuclear material in #Iran would be of serious proliferation concern. We cannot simply dismiss or discount these risks.” #AmbWolcott
“To achieve full normalization of relations and the lifting of sanctions, #Iran must be willing to end its destabilizing behavior and take lasting steps that deny it any pathway to nuclear weapons.” #AmbWolcott
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#BREAKING: UN atomic watchdog: #Iran continues to increase stockpile of enriched uranium in violation of limits set in nuclear deal
#BREAKING: #Iran has let the #IAEA inspect one of the two sites it agreed last week to grant access to after a protracted standoff
#UPDATE: #Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium now stands at more than ten times the limit set down in the 2015 nuclear deal
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Russian Diplomacy, August 19:
Russian deputy FM Ryabkov meets #IAEA's Grossi to discuss the #JCPOA and "the difficulties encountered in connection with the application of the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and the Additional Protocol" in #Iran.

Russia praised IAEA, but warned it to remain objective. Image
Deputy FM Morgulov meets #DPRK ambassador to discuss bilateral relations and current issues. Image
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The U.N. Security Council must extend the arms embargo against Iran. If it won’t, the U.S. is prepared to ‘snap back’ sanctions, writes Brian H. Hook, U.S. special representative for Iran… #JCPOA
In fact snap back is the only way to curb the Iranian regime's threat which would surely increase due to the sunset clauses leading to various sanctions reliefs as a result of the JCPOA agreement.
The world shouldn't be in a worse situation every few years, even with the October arms embargo extension. The bitter reality is that the ballistic missile sanctions are due to expire in 2023, limits to R&D of enrichment technology will be lifted next.
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While @JosepBorrellF failed to say a word about #HumanRightsViolations &the criminal crackdown on #IranProtesters, disgusting remarks are reported about the outcome of his trip:
Europe to avoid taking #Iran nuclear dispute to U.N., EU's top...
While #Iran continues2 breach the terms of #JCPOA,@JosepBorrellF of @eu_eeas is offering more concessions to the dictatorship ruling #Iran, to avoid taking the regime's dossier to the @UN. What's the position of @Europarl_EN on this?Haven't we seen enough of appeasement?#FreeIran Image
#EU's @JosepBorrellF said he had agreed W/#Berlin,#London& #Paris to“continuously postpone”the15-day limit.He conditioned this only to maintaining the presence of the UN atomic watchdog,#IAEA,in #Iran to monitor its #nuclear activities.Isn't this shameful 4 #Europe?
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