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Oct 5
#Lordegan residents came in streets to protest against horrible injection of HIV viruse by regime medical center to 250 men, women and children with contaminated syring
Security forces brutaly attacked the ppl
Oct 5
Clashes erupted between Mullahs regime forces and brave #Lordegan protesters who are in streets to express their objection
Iran regime officials instead of answering to people complain have blamed innocent ppl affected by #HIV
Oct 5
Angry protesters in #Lordegan gathered outside the governor's office demanding that the regime be held accountable for the 200+ ppl who contaminated to #HIV for using used syringes by health center
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Along with the #UN General Assembly in #NewYork, thousands of #Iranians staged a demonstration across the street from the UN headquarters to protest the presence of Hassan #Ruhani, the president of the mullahs’ regime.
#MEK #WeSupportMEK @USAdarFarsi…
The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s President-elect #MaryamRajavi sent a video message to the #Iranians gathered in front of the #UN headquarters in #NewYork. She affirmed in her…
#MEK @Maryam_Rajavi
Your gathering is a NO to the continued power of a handful of occupiers and criminals in #Iran and YES to the overthrow of this regime by the Iranian people and the #Iranian resistance.
You represent the voice of protest &resistance of the Iranian…
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Why aren't Americans taking about the foreign influence in the US government that continues to send our men and woman to fight immoral wars?

#Trump when he campaigned for president, before he decided to let Adelson fund his campain!

Adelson was one of the biggest donors to Trumps presidential campain. Adelsons company saved 670 million dollars from the massive republican tax break. Adelson did not support the Iran deal & wanted the US embassy moved to Jerusalem.

Adelson has a direct line to #potus!

Adelson has private in-person meetings & phone conversations about once a month with #Trump!

Adelson used his access to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and cut aid to Palestinians.……
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21. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1 to 20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
"#Iran's president Hassan Rouhani presented an ultimatum of two months to the #EU to save the #Iran nuclear deal. However, the deal is likely to continue to deteriorate, says The Independent's Patrick Cockburn"
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20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?🤨👇🏼…
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19. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?🤨👇🏼…
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Qasem Soleimani's recent visit to Al-#Bukamal city and his inspection of the Iranian militias carries several messages, mainly:
- To reaffirm the promises he made to the elements and leaders of the Iranian militias when he visited #DeirEzzor in 2017-2018 during fighting against #Daesh, where he still repeatedly gives those promises of victory and the achieving of the goals set by the #Iranians.
- a message to the Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) "you cannot stand against us, no matter how powerful militarily you are."
- A message to the #USA that #Soleimani can move whenever and however he likes without being targeted "a kind of provocative act".
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#FreeIran rally in London, Angelo-Iranians gathered in Trafalgar Sq. to support #Iran's democratic alternative, led by Mrs. #MaryamRajavi, & people's uprising for #IranRegimeChange
"We will take back Iran & rebuild it"

Hon. @Offord4Hendon at #FreeIran rally in London:
“We were convinced during our visit that Ms. #MaryamRajavi represents an opportunity for the future of Iran. She seeks peace in the region,”
He continued:
“Today our response should be firm against IRGC & #Iran's regime,"
@Offord4Hendon @TIME Dr. @Offord4Hendon concluded:
“We should recognize that the greatest asset for us is the bond of friendship between the people of Iran, the #NCRI & the rest of the world...The people of Iran are ready to stand up for change & they are ready to see a #FreeIran"
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Americans are once again allowing the Republican and Democrat party divide us over race, when in fact race is not the issue! Please look at the foreign policies these woman support, and the policies they do not support! This is not about race & we must address the real issues!
@AyannaPressley, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC.

I ask for Americans to please look at the human policies these woman are addressing. I ask Americans to actually research the US Foreign Policy that causes massive Refugees and Endless War.
I ask Americans to look at who is funding the election campaigns of their representatives. I ask Americans to question why we are continously at war, when it does not benefit the United States! I ask Americans to research the foreign influence that controls US policy!
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Before you defend the mullahs in #Iran & stop efforts to hold them accountable--know the struggle of the #Iranian people & their pains and sufferings as described by imprisoned #humanrights activist #GolrokhIraee… 1/18
We, who tolerated the pain, the poverty, the fall into the depths of fundamentalism, and over a century of tyranny. We, who were lashed but stood up. We, who lost our people but survived. We, who spread our empty tablecloths but carried on.

#Iran #FreeIran
By the grave of our pens, we sang the song of freedom & did not relent. Now we're pounding at the trembling pillars of fundamentalism. Until the cracks in the wall of theocracy r widened, we shall stand, even if the hangman’s poisonous dagger pierces in2 our body..

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Count down hours! I will be in DC to show my solidarity #March4RegimeChangeByIranians 4 FreeIran W/thousands of other Iranians!

1)Iranians inside Iran want regime change since all fractions of the regime demonstrated that they regimen is not capable of reform!
2) #Iranians inside Iran have said: reformists, hardliners : game’s over #IranProtests #Iran
3) Iranians inside Iran are fed up with the regime’s meddling in other countries and spending all national resources for terrorism!
“No Gaza No Lebanon my Life for Iran”

“Leave Syria alone Think of Us”

#Iran #March4RegimeChangeByIranians
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1- #WeAreAllHeshmat, we will not let #HeshmatAlavi's voice silenced by #Iran's psychoneurotic regime via its apologists and lobbies!

#HeshmatAlavi: "Iran Oppressing Dissident Voice"…
2- "Iran Oppressing Dissident Voice"
"The signs of a campaign that resulted in my Twitter account being suspended shows the organized & coordinated nature of an effort by the regime in #Iran...
#FreeAlavi #HeshmatAlavi
3- ..... its apologists/lobbyists in the West and supporters of the Tehran appeasement policy.
This, first and foremost, makes it clear that the #Iranian regime – relying on execution, torture, and crackdown to oppress the Iranian nation - ......
#FreeAlavi #HeshmatAlavi
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PM #ImranKhan conducts effective+innovative visit of 'Religious Diplomacy' to #Iran. #Tehran's role in #India's policy of containing #Pakistan & role of groups using Pak soil agst Iran, loom large. My observations in this #Thread./1 #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Four main questions emerge from #Pakistan PM #ImranKhan's #Iran visit:
1. Are #Pakistani groups committing terror in #Iran?

2. Will #IRGC stop terrorism inside Pakistan?

3. Are Pakistan & Iran equally responsible?

4.Was PM's visit helpful?


#Thread by #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
Fact: There are no #Pakistani groups committing terrorism in #Iran. All #Iranian groups run by Iranian citizens who move across Ir/Pk/Af border triangle. No state effectively controls this area. Main hideouts of Iranian grps are inside Iran, supported by Iranian citizens /3
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The 21st of March, which is the first day of spring, will mark a new year for Iranians.
#Iran’s impoverished Nowruz…
The Persian New Year, is a time of celebration, when #Iranians go out to buy new shoes and clothes. They also buy everything from nuts to sweets & fruits for their Haft-sin tables and guests. They do some serious spring cleaning and prepare their homes for visiting family members
However, this Nowruz is very different from previous ones. Poverty, unemployment and severe economic hardships have gripped the more than 80 million population leaving around 80% under the line of poverty.
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Less than a week into Raisi's designation as #Iran's Chief Justice, human rights activist Nasrin Sotudeh is sentenced to 38 years of prison and lashes, 23 dervishes are sentenced to hefty prison terms and lashes, while a jailed American citizen is charged with unknown crimes.
The Women’s rights activist and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to 38 years of prison and 148 lashes.
A U.S. citizen held in #Iran had been sentenced for an unspecified crime.

Michael White, a 46-year old U.S. Navy veteran, was arrested last July while visiting his Iranian girlfriend.
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Senior #Iranian cleric says Iranians are fat, should eat less meat amid meat crisis…
A senior #Iranian cleric and so called Shia marja said that Iranians were overweight and should eat less in comments that were seemingly made to overshadow the economic woes of ordinary Iranians.
A Friday prayer leader in Hormozgan told that Iranians could only “dream” of eating red meat.
Videos on social media and reports on state-run media show kilometer long lines of people waiting to buy imported frozen meat with government subsidies.
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Senior cleric: #Iranians can tolerate hunger but not failure of revolution…
Ahmad Jannati:
“The people are willing to give their lives but not their religion,” he added speaking on behalf of the more than 80 million Iranians who have been disenchanted with the regime for years.
The only reason the regime has been able to survive for 4 decades has been its systematic use of suppression, torture and execution against any kind of opposition to its rule.…
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IT BEGAN NOT by tapping enemy insurgents’ phones or capturing their emails, but by #FollowingTheMoney

Cache of 328 NS…

Aug. 15 2018, 13:00 p.m.

The Intercept's largest-ever SIDtoday release, with 328 documents

When the #NSA discovered that #Iran may have been buying computer chips from the #UnitedStates routing them through a U.S. ally
Potentially supplying them to detonate #bombs against U.S. forces in Iraq & #Afghanistan
It credited so-called economic intelligence with the find.
The solution wasn't a death blow delivered by the #military but rather a new regulation on the export of certain #technologies via the #CommerceDepartment which the #NSA said would end up “saving #American & coalition lives.”

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The last 8 months has been one of the most eye opening times in my life, both personally & professionally. The December uprising showed me the critical state of #Iran. It was always hard to get information on areas outside of Tehran. But the uprising opened a whole new world.
As protestors took to the streets, I watched dozens of videos of people expressing their anger & desperation. I watched regime forces shooting & beating poor & thirsty people. I saw the world react with indifference. I saw how how the regime used the nuke agreement 2 oppress
#Iranians. I always knew how terrible this regime was. But the extent of its destruction became more clear than ever. I never thought Rouhani would improve #Iran. But I hoped that the benefits of the nuke agreement would trickle down. Maybe 30% of returned assets would be spent
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We already know how @SecPompeo's speech will be received by ordinary #Iranians. The sentiments are clear in nationally-representative opinion polling from January, when protests broke out across #Iran. These speeches are a sideshow for real mobilization.…
Perhaps unsurprisingly given its actions on the nuclear deal and the harsh reapplication of sanctions, nearly 70% of Iranians believe that the Trump administration's policy towards #Iran is "completely hostile." The figure is probably even higher now.
Importantly, journalists actually bothering to speak to Iranians in #Iran are also getting this clear message today.
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#Iran Protests courtesy of the #CIA
Jun 25, 2009 After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the Iranian Election, riots and protests erupted in #Tehran, The western media was quick to report on this #PSYOPS.
#US politicians, #Israel, #SaudiArabia & media dream of #RegimeChange in #Iran.
Jan 3, 2018 The more intense and violent demonstrations in Iran have given way to patriotic rallies with thousands of Iranians shouting pro-government slogans.
Jan 3,2018 Are the protests in #Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another #RegimeChange operation?#TheCorbettReport James explores the past, present & future of #US and #Israel-i involvement in Iran, & the attempts to foment unrest in the country.
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Assessment of #Iran

1. Several provinces and cities are likely to run out of water this summer. A few cities are already experiencing lack of water. This is likely to lead to greater unrest.

2. The economy continues its decline with major capital flight reported.
Additional sanctions are likely to hasten the economy’s death spiral, leading to major unrest.

3. Overall the public mood in #Iran can be described as explosive. Contrary to some analyses, #iranians have not rallied around the flag in response to Trump’s policies.
4. The movement to overthrow the regime is growing. There is no one specific party or group that leads it, but younger Iranians seem to be a big part of it. Lack of centralized leadership has pros & cons but it prevents regime from crushing opposition easily.
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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[THREAD] In his #UNGA speech, #Trump claimed that “The good people of #Iran want change.” Our survey shows it's not the change he thinks.
New polling by IranPoll/@BourseBazaar, shows support for an economic vision totally opposed to that espoused by #Trump in his speech.
3. The telephone poll of 700 respondents with representation from all 31 provinces, was conducted in Aug 2017.…
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