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Since I haven't written a "Mind O' Trump" thread re: his profound narcissistic personality disorder in a while, here's a quick one on what we're seeing today...

First, safe to say the man is unhinged.


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As I've said endlessly, people with narcissistic personality disorder are very simple machines.

There are only two things going on in their heads at all times:

1) Avoiding shame
2) Posturing like they're worthy of admiration

That's it. There is nothing more.

Meanwhile, as they service only those two masters, they're busy doing a remarkable job of self-deluding about how all that is going.

Their life is an endless PR campaign and they are its most important audience.

So, whenever you see garbage tweets or comments from Trump, bear in mind he is first trying to convince himself that he isn't failing and second, trying to convince others.

Obviously that's absurd and is failing bigly.

Take these very simple concepts together and you get a day like today:

1) A profound narcissist returning from a week of cocooning and profound self-delusion
2) A harsh return to the reality of how he's actually doing

3) An uncontrollable impulse to deny responsibility for personal failures
4) An overwhelming compulsion to try to take credit for anything that might make others think more highly of him.

Voila! Today's tweets. Unhinged rants while taking credit for the sunrise.

At the end of the day, the most important things to remember to survive a narc like Trump are:

1) Don't treat the sh** that comes out of their mouth as rational statements worthy of rational debate. They aren't.
2) Read past the "what" to the "why"

Trump is drowning.

No matter how much he hates what he sees when he tunes back into the coverage of his presidency, he NEEDS to see how he is being talked about...

...and even he knows that Fox News is but a small island in an ocean of bad press.

Trump is miserable. His very limited bag of tricks is failing him but he is truly unable to do anything other than what he is doing and has always done:

1) Brag without merit
2) Blame without reason

This is the death spiral of a narcissist.

If it is of any consolation, the more unhinged Trump's tweets become, the more you know he is (at least subconsciously) processing just how badly he's doing.

Welcome to 2018. We're in for more of this before it gets better... but, oddly enough, the death spiral helps.

Every deranged jag helps chip away a few more hangers-on and brings us closer to his approval dipping below the red line of 30% where even Repubs will have no choice but to abandon ship in a midterm year.

Keep ranting, Babyfingers. Never stop.

We see you.

p.s. there are lots of things I know nothing about. Narcissists and what makes them tick isn't one of them.

There isn't one thing Trump has done that has remotely surprised me. Ppl who have lived with or worked for narcs see his shtick coming a mile away.

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