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Tucker Carlson's Monologue On Reports About Biden's Bizarre Phone Call With Ukraine, CNN Deleting Tweets About It & Ukraine's Response

"Joe Biden is so panicked about what's about to happen to Ukraine he makes @BillKristol seem understated and restrained." #ReleaseTheTranscript
Well @davidfrum, @Liz_Cheney & @MaxBoot, when are you preparing to buy your plane tickets to go defend Ukraine?
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Pro-Kremlin mouthpieces like @JackPosobiec & Tucker Carlson really want a copy of the transcript detailing a call between President Joe Biden & Ukrainian President Zelensky. Wonder why they would push something like #ReleaseTheTranscript given the current National security risks?
The pro-Kremlin mouthpieces are trying really hard to push the narrative that we and NATO are going to invade Russia and its not working for them. They seem a little mad about that.
😂😂😂 ... so after being called out for using the Russian vernacular like "The Ukraine" or "Kiev", the Russian pronunciation, they are trying this tactic? Its not "The Ukraine" its just Ukraine & the capitol is Kyiv. The Russian propaganda really is scattered & a mess right now.
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Insurrectionist Jack Posobiec—who was on the OAN observation deck with domestic terrorist Ali Alexander on 1/6, and in touch with both the Willard war room and agents in the Capitol—now wants #ReleasetheTranscript to trend after he demanded *Trump* calls to Zelensky stay *hidden*
I guess I’m just reminding everyone that seditious scum have existed in every culture/civilization in the history of mankind, meaning there is no American exceptionalism in this regard: our traitors don’t believe in anything whatsoever, just as their predecessors worldwide didn’t
What distinguishes Posobiec, of course, is that he used to work in military intelligence, so we can be quite certain that what appears to be mere gaslighting, misdirection, and misinformation from him is in fact asymmetrical warfare—psyops—being waged against the American people
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🚨BREAKING: American🇺🇸hero Lt. Col. Alexander #Vindman told House #impeachment investigators that the WH “transcript” of @realDonaldTrump’s #Ukrainegate call “omitted crucial words and phrases,” and that his attempts to restore them failed.🤬…
#Vindman said the OMISSIONS included Trump’s assertion that there were recordings of Joe Biden discussing Ukraine #corruption, and an explicit mention by Ukraine’s president of Burisma Holdings, the energy company whose board employed Biden’s son Hunter.🤬

The WH released a MEMO, not a verbatim #transcript, of Trump’s #Ukrainegate call. The call lasted ~30 minutes, but the MEMO only covered ~11 minutes of discussion.🧐


@HouseDemocrats *must* get the RECORDING of the call‼️

#Ukrainegate #Coverup
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Jim Jordan Calls on Schiff to Release Volker Transcript
Jordan calls on Schiff to release the transcript from today's closed door Volker hearing, a hearing that blew massive holes in Schiffs false accusations.
#ReleaseTheTranscript #ImpeachmentHoax
You know if Volker advanced Schiff's narrative there would be leaks splashed everywhere and it would be 24/7 news. Controlling the information behind closed doors is an insidious feature of the hoax being perpetrated. #EnemyOfThePeople
Democrats and the media demand transparency only when it suits them. Scum.
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Despite objections of @ChuckGrassley & other @senjudiciary Republicans, @SenFeinstein decided to #ReleaseTheTranscript of Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson’s testimony‼️

I will *live* tweet commentary of the #transcript on this THREAD‼️…
The #transcript is *312 pages*. Things get JUICY on p62👉🏼Simpson describes the #SteeleDossier as ”broadly speaking, a kind of holistic examination of Donald Trump's business evolved somewhat quickly into issues of his relationships to *organized crime figures*‼️🔥
Simpson says his work on the #SteeleDossier began in Sept/Oct 2015.🤔

Feinstein staffer Heather Sawyer asks WHO initially engaged Fusion to perform the opposition colonoscopy on @realDonaldTrump, says it was a REPUBLICAN‼️

Simpson/attorneys: GLOMAR🙄
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