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Stressing out about the day's news?

This may help.

A shortie on the doings at the FBI.

Earlier today, it was announced that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was leaving effective immediately.

With Trump's endless criticism of McCabe, it's pretty natural that the collective reaction was shock and fear... as if Trump had won here somehow.

In reality, McCabe was poised to leave in two months anyway. He reaches full retirement in March-ish. His departure in and of itself isn't shocking.

The timing seemed sudden and sharp though of course.

The key thing is looking at who Chris Wray appoints to replaces him.

Now, as background, Trump thought Wray was going to be a loyalist because Wray had been involved in helping Chris Christie during Bridgegate.

Wray ain't a dirty bird though.

Wray is ex-Department of Justice. He worked under Jim Comey. He won the highest award for service in DOJ.

He's a Justice Department veteran. He ain't a Trump sleazeball hanger-on.

As FBI Director he has now pushed aside two people Trump was critical of... James Baker and Andrew McCabe.

In normal times, those moves would raise an eyebrow. New bosses bring in their people.

In these abnormal times, they raise plenty of eyebrows.

...but while people worry Wray may be less than a good guy, his actions thus far are incredibly comforting.

After he pushed James Baker aside he appointed someone SURE to rankle Trump. The U.S. Attorney closest to Mueller's investigation. Dana Boente.

Today, immediately after apparently nudging McCabe out the door, Wray announced his replacement...

...and the guy he picked is in many ways Trump's worst nightmare.

David Bowditch. An FBI career man. A mini-Mueller.

Bowditch isn't JUST an FBI veteran, he has the kind of pedigree Republicans would usually experience the kind of erection you have to call your urologist over.

He was a police officer. He joined the FBI and was a sniper on SWAT teams. He was on the Joint Terrorism Task Force

He fought gangs and was instrumental in a history-making gang prosecution.

The guy is a caricature of the kind of "Law and Order" background Trump alleges he cares about.

In a word: he's unimpeachable.

Andrew McCabe had become a distraction and Trump had found some storylines that were effectively muddying the waters.

Chris Wray just did exactly what he did with James Baker's role.

He not only robbed Trump of his ammo, he returned fire with a Howitzer.

Wray just screwed Trump so damn hard, it's gonna leave a mark... and Trump is too dumb to even realize he just got game-set-matched by an appointee who ain't having any of it.

Wray just stole Trump's talking points AND turned up the heat on him.

Even better, Bowditch's elevation entirely earns the trust of the rank and file FBI. They have now seen twice that Wray is on their side not Trump's.

Comey was their homey but now it's Wray all the way.

The most delicious little morsel in this pie to the face is this though...

Chris Wray just sent a 90-decibel message right into Trump's earhole:

"Come after whoever you want. There are a million more behind 'em. There is no stopping the FBI."

So good. So damn good.

p.s. Bowditch is so perfect an appointee, I'm LOLing

Wray just took Trump's rhetoric and shoved it down his throat by appointing someone who it would be absurd to criticize

The guy is a mini-Mueller. Wray replaced McCabe with someone even worse for Trump…
I could post article after article about Bowditch. Just Google the guy.

He is comically perfect as the face of law enforcement.

Trump is going to lose his mind when he realizes his win was actually a loss.
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