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Time to go through and list all of the followers I found interesting based entirely on their bios from reading my 'follower' list. This decision has come about after a vote, which won 19-0. There is no electoral college on Twitter, so the popular vote always wins. Here we go!
This list also goes from "the oldest follower" to "the newest follower", just so that you know. If you have been ignored, then you need a more outstanding bio.
.@DeplorableMedia is a news media website dedicated to being pro-Trump, to the point that there are two sections to the website - "Real News" and "Trump News".

... My God, maybe they mean that the Trump News is fake news?

If you want a news website anyway, here you go.
.@ARmastrangelo, verified, is a contributor to @dcexaminer and the regional manager at Turning Point USA, having started there in January 2016.

Pro-Gun, as you can tell from the photograph of her in front of the American flag.

Damn, I wish gun rights existed in the UK.
.@Rowebotz is a contributor to Campus Reform and the Deputy Director of Digital Training at the Leadership Institute, whose President is Morton Blackwell.
I'm actually going to stop tagging people at this point because I don't want them inundated with notifications.
Thomas Hern is a grassroots director for ACT For America, which he joined in November 2017.
Hannah Weeks is the Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute, which is the same organisation as Stephen Rowe mentioned above.
Andrew UTP is the founder and CEO of Scale Operations Management in New York City, founded in April 2017. I spoke with Andrew briefly (through Twitter messaging) during the William LeGate stuff, which is why I am following him.
Victory of the Light is an anonymous account. Conspiratorial (aliens), deletes his tweets. I'm just interested to see where it goes, but there are plenty of tweets in history that suggests that the account used to be for gaming. I follow it anyway.
Thomas Paine, one of the main writers for True Pundit. Seems to be a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Talks Deep State and focuses on many conservative stories. Followed me first, but interesting to follow in any case. Spoken about in FBI e-mails.
Paul Quigley is a former correspondent for both the Financial Times (FT) and the BBC, and has won BT's "Award of Excellence" in 1994 at the Technology Journalist of the Year Awards. Quigley still talks on numerous BBC radio broadcasts.
Civvy Street is an organisation dedicated to providing support and mentoring for people leaving the British Army (both regular and reserves). It also helps widows, widowers, partners and dependents.
Demi Newell works as an executive producer for the Comcastro Show, a podcast hosted by Maximüs Groves. She is also the founder and CEO of Mixed Media Fusion.
Ziplok is a rapper based in New Hampshire who has been performing since 2000. Pro-Trump, anti-Soros.

This is a link to the song "Trumpified".

Joel Brown is an entrepreneur and an author of "The Formula: The Secret Ingredients of Online Success". Motivational speaker through The MindStrong Alliance.
John P. Acquaviva, also verified, literally escaped Venezuela for the United Kingdom.

I want to say it didn't quite work out, but I'm pretty happy in the United Kingdom currently.
The John Wick of Politics (Adam Gingrich) is the founder of Wick Media Productions and the MAGA Coalition, a network of people dedicated to America First.

He has also worked in the House of Representatives.
This was the first I was surprised about - the Lee Crooks Project was founded by Lee Crooks, a former player for Manchester City who then joined the British Army. The Project is dedicated to assisting homeless war veterans to help rehouse them in the United Kingdom.
Herman Cain has a Wikipedia page, so you know he's important. He even ran for President in 2012.

He has his own official website and hosts The Herman Cain Show.
Kaya Jones, former member of the Pussycat Dolls and now full MAGA, survivor of the Las Vegas Massacre and victimised by Robin Antin and Ron Fair. She is now an ambassador for the National Diversity Coalition For Trump.

Her Periscopes are pretty good. Also, she likes guns.
sublimeinslime is a moderator for The_Donald. If you've never been there before, it's pretty nuts. I'm usually on The_Donald's Discord, although I don't speak in the regular chat often.
Ryan Fournier, the Chairman of Students For Trump, dedicated to working with students across America to help Make America Great Again.

He also contributes to Fox News frequently.
Mike Davis, the CEO of SarX Clothing, dedicated to selling you as many pro-America pieces of clothing as possible, including Blue Lives Matter shirts and the American flag on the back of your phone. It has also partnered with Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.
Timeline is dedicated to assisting with helping you succeed at social media, since social media is obviously a growing business area with many ways to grow (such as the start-up Gab). Based in St. Louis, MO.
Joel Schectman is a journalist for Reuters. "But why is he following you?" Because Vadim Mikerin, that's why. Joel Schectman followed me when I focused on Mikerin, and has an interest in the Uranium One case and all the elements surrounding it. Pretty good guy, I like him.
Katica is an investigator who discovered Stonetear's actions on Reddit. Stonetear is Paul Combetta, a specialist who worked at Platte River Networks, a small company that randomly gained Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server.
John Wesley is a contributor to the Colombian Post and the host of Identity Rising on Podtrash.

Not for me, but I found his bio interesting, so here he is.
James Strock, verified, is an author with his own Wikipedia page. He has worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, founded the organisation Serve to Lead Group in 1997, and published "Disrupt Politics: Reset Washington" in May 2017.
John Batchelor, verified, has a Wikipedia page and is the host of The John Batchelor Show. He speaks with numerous conservative writers, and frequently has John R. Bolton as a guest. He has also written several books as John Calvin Batchelor and Tommy Paine.
MsTrial, formerly known as chillum, is an extensive and miles ahead researcher. Literally, nobody can compete. No threadmaker matches her.

Honestly, I don't even understand why she hasn't been hired at some news organisation yet, the amount of research she does is outstanding.
Alice Vantrease is an author and an artist. If I'm not mistaken (hoping not), she has written "Savannah Anthology 2016", which is available on Kindle.

If she has, then she has also written "The Hootchie Cootchie Pickler" and "Charlie's Secret".…
Imperator Rex is a now-defunct account, but a former threadmaker dedicated to pro-Sessions, pro-Trump, pro-MAGA movement, and a theorist on the true plans behind Trump / Mueller / Sessions / Dossier debacle.

He was also the one that made my account somewhat popular.
Marcia Harris is a former federal protector, having worked at the United States Attorney's Office between October 1984 to June 2012, so lots of experience, in Ohio.
Dan Hesketh is a content strategy at Huddly, based in Oslo, Norway. Huddly produces a webcam available for your computer, which purports that "Scandinavians Know".

I've met a few Scandinavians, perhaps this is also a topic they excel at?
The first member of the Oath Keepers that is following me (if they are a member of the Oath Keepers, it could be that Ken is simply keeping a completely separate oath and happens to call himself being an oath keeper by definition).
FlagHi Golf App is an interesting one, because I have seen it like a few tweets of mine.

The app helps calculate golf shot carry distances based on changes in temperature, elevation and humidity.

I don't golf though, but I want to.
Christine Tatum is the CEO of Media Salad, an organisation dedicated to assisting with market intelligence.

Tatum used to be the former President of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a reporter for The Denver Post.
John Murphy is a realtor in Minneapolis, having been a licensed broker since 2007. He founded the organisation Exp Realty.

Good place to look if you want a house in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.
Jared Noftle, with the display picture of Napoleon Dynamite, is the tech director of Highwire Games, which is developing the upcoming video game Golem for the PlayStation 4. It will make use of the PlayStation VR Headset.

The Golem looks foreboding.
Right Side News is a website dedicated to right-wing news, although as far as I can tell, it does not update often. It is pro-Trump in any case.
John Stephen Walsh is the author of a few horror books, including "Bloodstreams: Horror Stories", "Mr. M: A Novella of Fear" and "A Stop On the Journey: A Short Tale of the Apocalypse".

Get them here:…
John Lilic, verified, is a co-founder and board member at Code to Inspire, having been there since November 2014. He is also the Managing Director for Global Business Technology Development at ConsenSys, and Strategic Business Advisor at uPort.
Paul Tozour is the founder of Mothership Entertainment, which is working on the video game Aven Colony, scheduled to be released on July 25, 2018 for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Life goals.
Sandra Kishi Glenn is the author of "Dangerous", a novel about Koshi Paz arriving in Hollywood and being introduced to a world of dark desires. Presumably, this was based on her experience in Hollywood films and television, as per her bio.…
Celia Taylor is a forensic psychiatrist, so she outclasses me in terms of intelligence immediately. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

If I'm not mistaken, she also works as the Head of Service at the NHS Foundation Trust.…
Sylvester Giustino is the Director of Government Relations and Technical Affairs at the National Association of Manufacturers (unless I'm mistaken).

Obviously, the account is locked though, so no tweets for you.
Father Kenneth Allen is a priest in New Orleans, assigned to St. Jane de Chantal Church in Abita Springs.

I'm not a religious person myself, but I am sure many of you are out there. Spread the word about this man.
J.B. White is a writer for American Greatness and the current Executive Director of CREOLE, Inc., which is dedicated to agri-business development strategy in Haiti.
iVag is another moderator for The_Donald. Seems pretty nice on The_Donald's Discord, but probably more focused on The_Donald's subreddit more than anything else.
Dan Rixon is a singer and songwriter, having started in January 2007, and is based in Dallas, TX.

This is a video he produced for one of his songs, "When Morning Comes".…
Literally Russia's 3rd Prime Minister.
Praying Medic is apparently a paramedic, but he is also a threadmaker who focuses quite extensively on the QAnon 4chan / 8chan conspiracy, which I somewhat keep track of and sometimes get inspired to write threads about myself.
AmericanDigitalNews is a news website for you. We initially attempted a partnership, but I don't trust journalists (in any capacity) at all, so I wound up ruining the partnership before it really began.
Diane Seaman is somebody that I've even considered doing a spotlight about. While her profile is now empty, she actually went to Iraq to inspect their biological weapons back in the late 1990's.…
Jason Gehrken is the general manager of Raising Cane's in Omaha. Hit up Raising Cane's if you have a chance.
Joy Rochlitz is the creator of The Joy of Real Estate, a real estate firm based in Michigan (as far as I can tell from the testimonial page).

If you need houses in Michigan (hopefully Michigan, as I say), then you know where to look.
FOSS_is_BOSS is the third (and I think final) The_Donald moderator that follows me. Much more aggressive than iVag and sublimeinslime. As he says, Tucker Carlson is his spirit animal.
Gary Welling is a pastry chef and instructor at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.

Man, I wish I could bake.
Jeff Carlson is a retired portfolio manager who operates his own his own blog called The Markets Work, explaining why Trump's economic viewpoints will assist America.
Ivan Pentchoukov is a reporter for The Epoch Times. I was pretty surprised to see this, since I always figured only one reporter (Joel) followed my account.

Here are all of Pentchuokov's latest articles:…
Brenden Dilley was another surprise. He is currently running for Congress in Arizona's 8th Congressional District, and is also a co-host on Your Voice America! with Bill Mitchell.

Good luck to him!
Bourbon Anon. I bet you he's not drinking like I am right now, although apparently BLUMPF is going to raise tariffs on bourbon being transported from America to the United Kingdom.

Literally the worst.

You should follow him. Threadmaker.
Kamau Nyenjeri is a Kenyan who became an American citizen in July 2017, and is a supporter of President Trump. He resides in texas.

This is his story:…
Douglas Chandler is the Associate Director of Global Marketing at Grifols, having been there since December 2012. He also served in the United States Navy from 1982 to 1989.
Mike Paull is the Associate Director of Georgia's Professional Golfers' Association.

Again, he'd wipe the floor with me at golf, because I'd throw the club.
Intellihub is another alternate media website dedicated to discussing events happening in America.
Shepard Ambellas is the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub (they both followed me at the same time). His work has been spoken about by Drudge Report due to his coverage of the Bilderberg Group in 2012, and he has been on InfoWars.…

My God, I hope Venezuela calms down at some point. I really hate seeing how absolutely torn apart it has become. And Maduro won't do anything, he just wants power. But power doesn't exist if your people don't follow what you say.
Jason N. Cook works as a street medic and EMS Battalion Chief, possibly in Utah, and maybe as a faculty member at Utah Valley University if that is the case?

Knows more about medical stuff that I ever will anyway.
Inverness has an anime girl as both the display picture and the cover picture. I have no idea who the anime girl is.

I like anime but do not recognise her. The only reason this is being posted is because I want to know who it is.
Cary Kembla is a songwriter. You can listen to some of the songs at Soundclick here:…
Omar Navarro For Congress, fighting for California's 43rd Congressional District in California. I've spoken to the team before, they're pretty nice people.

Vote for him to Make California Great Again!

The official Omar Navarro account followed me for a time, but no longer.
Donna Willett is a family ministry director at Grace Church Community (if I'm not mistaken).

Always appreciate community leaders that follow the word.
Literally my favourite King of England.
Rising Serpent is a threadmaker more on the conspiratorial side similar to myself (Deep State, et cetera). Great threadmaker, connects his threads over time. You should follow him.
Name Redacted is a threadwriter as well, but I don't follow him because he didn't like my Adam Schiff thread because it was too long. Apparently 600 tweets is "too long". I mean, come on.

You should follow him.
LA Empire Music's website does not work so I cannot give you any more information on them.
This one also surprised me, because our politics are pretty much opposite.

Lauri Love follows me. Lauri was recently cleared to remain in the United Kingdom after a trial. He's been supported by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Associated article:…
Dan Herrin is the CEO of The Herrin Group, an organisation dedicated to private investigations since 1998.

I once personally considered going into detective work with my friend, but we couldn't figure out the licensing laws in the UK, so we stopped.
Mike Flynn has been indicted by Robert Mueller for lying to the Federa-

You already know this story. He follows me anyway.

Good luck, Mike. Your son has blocked me for some reason.
Leo Goldfeld is the director of RealVNC, although he only started his job in February 2018. Previously, he worked at NewCo.

Good luck on your job! His account is locked though, so no tweets for you.
Janine Hogendoorn is the founder of Ring-Ring, which is dedicated to, presumably (the site is in another language), changing your mode of transportation to the bicycle.
Omar Navarro started following me again because of this thread. Probably jelly.
Seema Sapra is a whistleblower against General Electric, having been sentenced to jail for one month for calling judges in India corrupt.

She has both pro and anti-Seema websites.…
Dr. Eric Grabowsky is a rare name and a rare title. I'm going to presume he's the Associate Professor of Communication at Dickinson State University. Maybe I'm wrong.
Steven Douglas is the Director of the Office of Study Abroad at the Old Dominion University. Much smarter than me, presumably.
Gord McCallum is the President of First Foundation, a financial and mortgage organisation in Canada.
Wayland Strickland is an editor and director for a few things, including Star Trek: Elokomin, Trek Isolation, and Starship Farragut.

Trek person.

Good luck in your career!
daveavlord164 once made a meme of me, but because my display picture isn't a face, it was literally just a picture of my display picture with my username in the corner. 0 / 10.

Great account to follow.

Which raises the question: why don't I follow Dave?
Rodger (with a D) is apparently an award winning photographer for 3 decades. I'm really curious to know who this actually is. If you know, DM me, although revealing his identity to me may be a dickish move.
Another anonymous account, this time with producer experience with PBS, FOX and CBS.

Press F to pay respect to their hellish career considering that they have listed their own identity as "recovering affiliate".
Rich Vermillion is the host of The Vermillion Show, married to Donna, and is in the ministry.

Very much a religious man.
Andrew Pawlak is the CEO of leadPops, Inc., which is dedicated to assisting real estate agents with finding newer and quicker leads.
Hilarious Clinton is, apparently, a behind-the-scenes attorney that has only stepped foot in the court room twice for occasions not related to destroying a person on the stand.
Insight Security is an organisation built on helping to protect your property. It has apparently been around for over 20 years, and is based in Sussex in the United Kingdom.
Daniel Ashman is an article writer for the American Thinker. Recently been in touch with him myself through standard Twitter messaging, seems like a nice guy. Recommend that you give him a follow.
Clarence F. Sargent is, if I'm not mistaken, the owner of the website Minister of Blog.
David Thomas Roberts is a best-selling author, having release the book "UNEMPLOYABLE!"

He has also written "Patriots of Treason" and "A State of Treason", presumably a series of connected novels.
Nancy Patriot 4 Trump interested me because of her listed US Marshals experience, which nobody else listed in their bios.

US Marshals are cool.
Lola is somebody that, I think, knows MsTrial, and she will also apparently become President of the United States, with Kyle (Comrade Fudge) acting as her Press Secretary.

She follows me, but I've unfortunately not had a reason to follow her.
Victor Solis is the founder of Initia Education, which is dedicated to assisting people through education (obviously).
Lucas Kiely is the founder of Rafiki Capital Management (since September 2016), but before that, he was a Managing Director and Senior Trader at Credit Suisse.

I hope everything goes well in your job at Rafiki!
I'm interested to know more about Andrew Havery, as his profile suggests a connection to Westminster, but ultimately I don't know.
Richard Lockwood is the author of the Tau science fiction series.

You can locate his novels here:…
All Activists Matter interested me, because it was the first time I had actually seen any organisation defend both sides of the activist field.
Derek Guilford works as a corporate recruiter for Pegasystems, having started in March 2016.

Good luck and I hope everything goes well!
Nick Ciolino is one of the hosts of Delaware Public Media, working in the afternoon as an anchor / reporter.

Give him a listen if you're in the area.…
Peter Boykin is the President of Gays For Trump, and is currently running for the North Carolina House District 58.

Give him a vote if you can!
Personally, I just found this funny. "The People's Republic of Chicago".
Jerome Corsi is a contributor to InfoWars.

Debbie Aldrich is the host of Freedom's Voice, having started in December 2016. She also attempted to become the Republican candidate for Utah's 3rd Congressional District in 2017.
Tony Monetti is working to become a member of the Senate for Missouri.

If you haven't already, give him a listen and see what you think, and then vote for him if he's your guy!
Ata Khawari was a big shock for myself - he literally works as the Director of Legislative Affairs and Research Services in Parliament... in Afghanistan.

I have a direct connection with Afghanistan's Parliament.

He started in January 2018.
Frank Whalen is the owner of Metro Investigative Services, having served with the New York Police Department between 1982 to 2004.
Tammy Butler is a realtor in Arlington, TX.

If you are looking for a house in Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Keller and the Metroplex, this is the person to call.…
Jason Rogers is a firefighter. Press F to pay respect to his job protecting your ass.
Kaye Cloutman is the founder of GEV Magazine.

I have a lot of founders following me for some reason.

It seems to be a fashion magazine, maybe I should post a picture of myself in a dress?
Nelson Nease founded Nelson H. Nease, PC as both an attorney and a registered lobbyist (as his bio statwes). He has also worked as an attorney for many years, and is a member of the Cross Oak Group.…

Honestly, I haven't opened this profile. This could be a pro-Trump profile masquerading as Resistance because of the "Parody Trump-Account" part. Who knows?

In any case, apparently The Resistance follows me.
Apparently Libby B. Patrick is a radio commentator and national news contributor, but her Twitter profile is private and I cannot find any information on her.
Chadrick Scott, I'm fairly certain, is this guy with the IMDB profile.

If so, good luck with your career. I hope it goes well!
Tamara Leigh has literally met Trump. I am jelly.

I am one step away from Trump.

It's happening, soon I'll be talking to the big man himself, and then he'll fire me from my actual job.
Missy America is an interesting one. Initially, when I first started my political Twitter journey, I followed her. Then at some point, I stopped following her.

Now she follows me.
Sonia Veloza is, as far as I can tell (due to all information on her being in a foreign language), a candidate in Colombia.

If you reside in Colombia in any case and if she is a candidate there, vote for her!
Patrick Sheehan is a professional golfer from Rhode Island.

Once again, golfers following me who'd run circles around me if I ever took up the sport.…
David Glenn is the Strategic Sales Director at Spredfast, having started in August 2014. It is focused on social media management.

Good luck in your career, David! I hope it goes well for you.

Wait, not that Amy Adams.

Hope everything is going well for you!
Bekka - I THINK - wrote "Letters to a Sociopath: A Memoir".

Find it here:…
Donna LoCicero has produced many films, such as Day of the Shark, 3 Still Standing and Eco-Tech.

Her IMDB profile is here:
Rosie Unmasked is another threadmaker. Give her a follow.
Tammy Tsai has been an actor in short movies such as "Last Flag Flying", "Check Yes or No" and "Cut You Right Here", and she also owns Brickyard Gym.
Jesse Harmon is the Director of Membership Retention and Revenue at Trading Places International. He worked as a volunteer at the NFL in July 2016.
Larry Schweikart has his own Wikipedia page, and I followed him before he followed me. He keeps track of random articles and polls in different states. He is a historian.
Joy Hancock is the author of the book "Prescription For Madness", which was published in July 2006.

Grab it here:…
Manchester Leave is a grassroots community organisation in Manchester, England dedicated to Brexit.

Maybe I should contact them?
Philip Wyath is an author and a blogger, posting his thoughts on his personal website.

And this is his book, "Reparations USA":
Education Liberals follows me, a comedy account dedicated to confirmation bias.

I do not follow it, but I'm sure you do at this point.
Shastina Sandman, verified, follows me. She is a Congressional candidate for the 48th District of California.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and vote for her!
Diana West is the author of "American Betrayal: The Secret Assault On Our Antiona's Character".

She has authored other books, such as "The Rebuttal", "The Death of the Grown-Up" and "No Fear".

Here is the complete list:…
Paul Serran has written music in Brazilian, and he is also a QAnon supporter.

This is a link to one of his songs, "Carta Na Manga (Inst.)" (unless, of course, I am mistaken):…
Hal Turner also surprised me, because I looked up his FBI credentials and found a lot of white supremacy and Holocaust denial stuff.

In any case, this is the link to his radio program, The Hal Turner Show:
Meagan Kae is a producer with numerous shows in Australia, including "A DIY Funeral" and "Princess In Another Castle".

Good luck in your career, Meagan!
Feel Three started following me because of my interest in virtual reality. I consider myself somewhat of an expert in virtual reality, so you should follow them for more information. I've done HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, et cetera.
Tony Bronco is the owner of Northstar Ceramics, Inc., having started n February 2015. I think he owns it with his brother. It's got a five star rating on Google.

Good luck!
This is another interesting account - IWillRedPillYou is somebody I followed initially, then stopped following when I started my own investigations. Now they follow me, and they appear in the The_Donald's Discord to speak direct. Pretty cool stuff.…
Hermann Tertsch is a Spanish journalist.

Good luck with your career! No idea if you're pro-Catalonia or anti-Catalonia. I'm only pro-Catalonia because it acts as a dagger to the European Union. Selfish, I know.
Michael R. Perry is literally a writer for season two of Altered Carbon. I've never seen it, but people on the shared Discord say it is good, although they have only seen season one. Perhaps I will get to it?

In any case, it better be good, because you follow me, haha.
Lauren Etter is a reporter for Bloomberg. These are her latest articles:…

Good luck with your career! Please don't demonise us.
Vachel Lindsay is the new account for Imperator Rex.

Give it a follow for pro-MAGA, pro-Sessions, theorising theories.

Expand your mind.

Also, he made this account recently and has quadrupled the followers I have.
MAGA News Network is another alternative news webstie.

This is the link:
Ross Ferguson is another person that surprised me. Ferguson currently works as International Development In China, as a member of DFID.

I'd like to have an actual (vocal) conversation with him at some point.
Lynn Megginson is an award winning interior designer, based in Florida.

Get involved here:
Brett Haase is the co-founder of Peapodicity and the practice director at Utopia Solutions. He is also the co-founder of Translation Path, Inc..
Red State Talk Radio is literally a radio station in VA.
Martina Markota, also known as "goth mommy", is the video host of Daily Caller. She followed me because I retweeted a tweet of hers. Haven't regretted it.
TH1RT3EN is a verified hip hop artist following me, although unfortunately I cannot find any music to associate.
And finally, THE UNAPOLOGETIC CANADIAN, which is as anti-Canada as you can get, since everybody knows Canada is known to apologise for everything.

Video game related account.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have followed some of these accounts that I have linked to.
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
You can try to force a refresh.

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