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This is a very long & detailed "2 PARTS" THREAD where I tried to answer some Q's & give an update on the disappearance ish that happened at work, 12 weeks ago & Significantly how I'm being BULLIED by foremost media & top Talent management Groups/Personalities in Nigeria-
(PS: the bully story doesn't come up until after the 1st PART, towards the end of this Long THREAD)

Been threatened bc I refused to SETTLE for their DIRTY T&C's. Got text-convo s.shots from our post interview talks, after we FELL-OUT
Let me not get ahead of my self, but this is
a long thread tbh, its a lot of time.

[1st PART]

12 weeks since the disappearance thing happened at work, I've actually been in a better place & frame of MIND for a while, but I didn't deem it necessary to update anyone, or correct some wrong impressions by folks on the
internet, especially - Instablog on IG & other trend platforms that picked up the story.
Instablog fans wow! Some of you had me perplexed! Expecting me to calmly write about such experience?

I just witnessed someone vanish through the Wall at the top floor & you expected utmost
writting perfection? I shared that bc I wanted ppl to know that these things are real! If I was told I wouldn't believe. I almost missed work that day, I was barely a month old this app then. I didn't KNOW JACK all I knew was what I saw & I had to share out of FEAR, I was shaking
while putting out all that, I'm very sorry for you if you think these sort of ladies are not everywhere I hope God won't let you learn the hard way.
I must admit my mistakes my caption was wrong she's not a ghost but she's def paranormal with some evil dark powers beyond ordinary
So RE:
The daughters of d man knew her bc, they had respectively lost a relationship to this same lady who has found her way into their fathers life & they were calling a very POPULAR prophet who is known to be a man after this demon of a lady who has ruined one, too many homes.
The wife was crying bc she thought her daughters had a thing to do with the lady. She had no idea of what was going on as she was stunned the girls were calling & crying like they knew her. (right now I'm answering some questions you guys asked esp on instablog)
All these I got
to know very much later, bc how the hell did u expect me to know prior? When God didn't reveal to me that such would happen. Guys, I shared what I saw as it unfolded, yet you're asking me who were the man's daughter calling then, how will I know? after we all ran! Including the
daughters, man (boss) who were more involved. A lady entered the wall after a sound like a banshee's. Horror movie stuff, during Broad day LIGHT! At d top floor of a multinational company who wouldn't run?
Anyways, apparently she's a demon a popular one who only roams the life of
the wealthiest moguls in Nigeria via many ways & tends to ruin them. I knew this LATER & also got same info from a family member of a popular ex bank mogul whose reputation has been shattered by the efcc & has no say on the bank anymore for life as it stands. This family member
is the ex bank moguls daughter who reached out to me to help me on twitter then, she explained how similarly this lady tormented their family & a couple of other notably wealthy households in Nigeria. So the people asking what happened to the bands & foods, that's pretty dumb-ass
I said everyone ran, everyone were vying for an escape.. you expected me to start monitoring hw the different bands left the building? They obviously didn't know their client is what she is but in human skin.
The foods? Oh pls maybe you can Google how to apply discretion it'll
really help. Some were saying ghost that didn't know the wife & daughters were coming... Oh you guys didn't know God is the only omnipresent, omniscient?? Shame! Nollywood done meddled with your heads. Even the devil can't be everywhere only God has that POWER [END OF 1st THREAD]
This is the main thread the 2nd one, it's the reason I made the 1st. Bc there's no way I'll make this without it. I've been advised not to make this 2nd thread & accept things that I can't or that anyone can't change. But I'll tell d internet my experience in the Ent. Industry.
Even what some of your fav artiste are going through or what they do really bc sometimes it doesn't add up, esp. when I run into some of them abroad & I see them buying unreleased Channel products or in Nigeria, driving exotic cars & I look at their music I'm like HOW?
So I'm gna
try & like put up d LINK to d former thread here bc I know some ppl won't let my @ & DM breath. After this thread, I'm gonna unblock every toxic ppl I blocked, open my DM too... you'll understand why I'll have to do that at the end of this thread.
[2nd PART]...
I'm ngl, I'm scared but I'll make sure I take the advice of ppl... who told me not to make this thread, but after they understood where I'm headed they could relate & advised "blurr out names of the prestigious ppl that did u bad only, in convos you're gna share".
It all started about two weeks ago, but prior I've always been a great creative person & I'm often been told to pursue a career in writting, creating concept for artists, brands et. al.
Throw back to that viral thread, & after it died down.
I got better & work resumed!
The only person that knew it was me that experienced that was a friend, till now none of my family knows, my mom called me like 2 days after to gist me & warn me about what they heard (my story) on the radio/pm news bc I told ppl I'm going offshore just so they dnt wonder how all
all my lines were off & I only have my tab that was all I had with me while I went into the Conf. Room that day before the disappearance & had no need to pick anything else. What I had on me again was my debit cards. Just a week prior, I'd adopted an act from J to not use
wallets, & it helped then.
I roamed hotels still on d island every night for 3 weeks post the disappearance ish at work. While work hasn't resumed, spent all the money I had on running, hiding in different hotels no laptop, mobility, couldn't goto my apartment, couldn't go home!
Couldn't tell the truth or share what I'm going through except with strangers on here who have become like good pals now, & on here strictly. They always, always check on me, teach me how to block, mute... talk to me & more. I got updates of staffs & a few colleagues that were
doing badly, & needs to visit a psychologist & more. Then I started to pray & hope it won't get outta hands for me & lose my head like them. But I pulled through!
3 weeks of seeing that image & scene hoping she won't come for me one night or when I'm in the shower looking over my
shoulders daily it was sad & depressing had to live without my phones, work, communication yet in the world where these things were buoyant I was left to settle with my big tab.
It passed, I made it others did too we resumed all was ok, still is for them but then with time, ppl
I often interact with realized I'm better & it wasn't insensitive for them (any more at that stage to tell me the obvious or to tell me what I've always been told all my life esp from anyone that knows me.
It only takes a little time & anyone will realize I'm a magnet for drama)
to say "have you noticed the way you explain things are so detailed & it's always like a movie or drama as it unfolds? you will make a fantastic writter..."
I often shrugg it off, bc its not like I didn't know or doubt it but I'd lost a friend one time & it really put me off it
I done wrote before, legit got paid for it, it was in Ohio, back in the U.S.

The pressure was on me again like it's always been "you would be a great writter.." so I started to ask myself, why don't I let this talent fly/thrive?
Yes I'm an Engineer & well there's this writting
ability I've always shrugged off. One day, I listened to my fav. person as at that convo time, she triggered me right then bc she often tells me just like anyone I had a convo with tells me, 👀 pic 1,2,3,4/12

So we had that conversation & Btw, I know what I'm doing by being very
detailed in this thread bc I'm really tryna avoid Q'S/Comments like "this doesn't add up, explain?" that's why I'm bringing in every rudiments & a detailed time line that precedes the Bullying experience (if you're prolly seeing this on IG? & want to come at me? rip me? bully me?
or simply want to channel HATE, or take out your frustrations on me in the comments section of where you're seeing this? I have an IG acct now - Bighairkiller, it's a new page you'll realize why I had to make one later in the thread. Hit me all you can I want all the smoke)
Like I said, I done wrote for money before & I refused to be ID'd. It was in Ohio, I remember clearly I was on a FT call with J when the offer came.
So I learnt it was going to be a speech for a Nigerian Politician who has tasked a team of ppl to buy him a speech tailored to
the expectations of the platform that invited & honored him.
The leader of his team was & is still popular in the Nigerian Ent. Ind/Nollywood back then & right now he's way more powerful & influential & our paths still crossed he is one of my bullies

He asked for an ID of & also
requested to meet up with the writter. We were meant to link up at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cleveland, I mean in Ohio City that's like one of the best & most luxurious, with 4.5 stars rating back then, can't speak of now, it's been so long but I doubt its not the same (bc really
Ohio is relatively boring not much going on there
IMO, I know LeBron quit the land bc he is after the
rings but it's safe to say the boring aspect of
Cleveland is also a factor? Imfao..American & NBA
twitter will def get my joke)
So I asked our friend K (who has always believed
& push my writting skills) to meet up with them &
should claim he's doing so not on behalf of me but
on behalf of J, (J was in Nigeria right then & actually
he's the one who's mostly in Nigeria) J agreed to be
the ghost writter. He also didn't want to be spelled
out he's way more
about his privacy than I am
K put him through the man on the phone & J told him
the obvious "I'm currently in Nigeria & l'm not even
the sole writter that's why K's there" K rep'd us well,
he made it clear we just want to get paid for the
speech & we are not about the writting
life, but he said he has an experience to share with the
ghosts' ghost writter he joked. & needs us to put it
into writting adding some things & fiction to it for a
Nollywood movie. We agreed on a price, we wrote
that shiit in 3 days we weren't credited as the writter in the end
despite me & J making it clear we wanted the name
"Laroshii" as the writter.

This man abused the fact that we don't want to be
known or crave attention, till date he still owes us
The movie made waves in Nigeria, K got mad, K was
from a wealthy family, so he pulled some
strings & made sure of a deal. The agreement was
that we would be paid installmentally, sadly we were
paid just 2xce of 10x that was agreed & nothing
Sadly for us we lost K , he was everything for us,
for all his friends, he was the only son/child of his
70&65 years old
parents my God it was tragic, cried my eyes out legit
checked my self into seeing a psychologist. Took too
long to understand how K was gon go out like that
but God knows best its sad, still hurts like a fresh
wound shiit is too painful
But I'm glad he admitted God's existence
K has never been the type that has any religious
belief he simply works with basic life principles in
hard work & luck. A day before he slept & died in his
sleep he spoke to me, J, & his gorgeous gf (who i:s
now a nun she couldn't move on. Its better, bc she had attempted suicide
5x prior to her decision finally to become a nun she
was so young & now she's not even 30 but close) he
recently got a contract deal ahead of many MEN & J
asked him to pray & trust God & not luck or hardwork
for the 1st time in his life so he got it tho & he was
like God is real
The next day, man left this world I can't process that,
I still ask why sometimes I'll always ask why.
So we said fck it to writting, that's how I lost every
interest in writting.
👀 pics 5,6,7,8/12
I'd gotten the link of the post on IG & I scrolled
through a lil but was busy at work left it for later bcl
knew I'll be don6e earlier than the usual that day so I'l
have time to dig & look for the offers
👀 pics 9,10,11,12/12
Im still tryna take my time so as not to jump straight to the Bullying just.
That's why I'm doing so much to explain in details how I got to see the offers & next is the moves I made after I responded to the offers bc I didn't think it was smart to process on my own
without knowing anything about this arm or discipline of entertainment.
So, I didnt blurr out LamodeMagazine's name from
the last media/pics I shared bc the convo we had via
DM, was very cool & straightforward too there was
no shade with them, they were transparent it was
really a very direct convo, tho I won't post that
I'm just explaining bc
gonna blurr that of the names/ID's of the Bullies.

Till now Lamode didn't delete their comment/offer
unlike the others who were prompted to by one
powerful woman whose media/talent management
really wanted to F me up bc I refused their DIRTY
T&C's. It's details still far ahead
So, I was glad bc I'll write for LamodeMagazine.
Our dm convos were via J's IG

So, after I took & dedicated my time to go through
every comment so there they were - the other
unbelievable offers & invite to reach out & come by
their offices for proposal, deal & offer
I reached out, we had E-convos, calls & then the
offers were good, their proposals for me were
huge! But I was cautious so I decided to reach out
again to lamodemagz. for help, that wasn't their biz. tho it's personal so it didn't work.

I reached out to Estherbasseywhite, saw
her comments & it commanded quite some
interactions so l googled up the name & what I got
from that was she is a teen star blahblah OK
I hit her, she responded & she
was nice y'know
dished some insights bc that was all I was seeking
Needed help from ppl in the Ind. but she
was skeptical at replying me, I needed help to know
what to do! I don't want to make the wrong decision
& well she told me after some time like well writting
pays & that was all! She was like writting is pretty
cool & lucrative.
Meanwhile pressure from the big offers!
were calling me! Mounting PRESSURE "are you
coming or?"
So I reached out to Frank Donga, I hit the WhatsApp
no response... iMessage nothing! Err what do I do?1
called around 8am no picks twice, fck!
I was driving home later from work that day, & I got an sms 👀 at
5:06pm SMH
So what do I do? I called back like I was asked to &
the LADY who picked was like "I'm close to home pls
let me call you back" Oh his P. A? (not sure)
Well She called back & we talked I explained my
situation & asked if Frank offers consultancy & talent
management head ups,
she said he does & 'll be available to speak with me
frm the next day. So I called about 9am the next day &
she was like he's out till like 5/6pm, but promised to
call me.
I begged her to make it happen bc it was urgent l
need to go sign stuff
She was like sure.
So, the time
came but was in a briefing with all the C.E.O's at
work, I was asked to join in it was massive as they
were discussing serious issues, the fate of the firm
in Nigeria & a few stuff
My devices were on airplane mode I forgot, so when l
realized, it was like 5pm damn-it! I excused
myself then I got like omG, she would have called!
So I got off AP mode, called & she was like "ah, he
just left I've been calling you for the past 10 mins, we
couldn't reach you"
So, she said the next day she'll call me herself once he's there for like 9am. I was like pls, this
is pretty urgent & I explained. So she was like yeah, she understands so we agreed they'll call me.
But they didn't, I called no picks, I texted too & it was the same, nothing 👀

Oh prior, I done hit tontodike up bc she was also in that comment goofing around & her comment was
pretty much interacted with, but I
got no REVERT
I remembered I was told Femisoro Ajayi is a talent
manager & an Entertainment Consultant, so I sent a
detailed mail, no revert. I called & the lady - his PA?
(not sure) she was so funny kept asking me to call
back, LOL the pride
in me was like yoo!
She eventually picked & talked BS & I was like oh
that's great thanks.
I told J all of these, & actually he's been so caught up
with a few things so he just left me his IG & l use it.
Then he later goes in there & gets the updates or
moves l've made
Oh &
I called Yomi Black too, man's didn't pick. Called
twice, even tho true caller told me he was last seen
1min prior to when I called twice.
BTW what I've confirmed from this experience is
Nigerians are insensitive to Biz. ethics. You put out
your contacts bc you want to be
reached in case of Biz./Inquiries. Courtesy demands
you pick/revert missed calls/mails & after u learn
about what it is you're been reached for,
then you can state CLEARLY your STAND. Hence you CAN ignore.
This is how life is around the world, its basic Comm. ethics but hey
It's different across every discipline in Nigeria, that of the ATM's haha its like sarcasm tbh the 24/7 signs boldly written across the boards but when on the mainland at 11pm & I try to use the machine the security man goes "oga enogo dispense na, na 9 den dey lok d mashiin"
Yet its 24/7?
Everything is wrong in Nigeria, but it starts with us & our own ways too. We lack so much courtesy & oh I think it's bc you can't sue outchea easily, sorry I'm digressing but I remember one time in Norway a multinational firm was literally begging citizens to
come apply & get a job so they could meet up with
the T&C's slated by the Govt. This firm is one of the
largest oil&gas firm in the world PS, but come to
Nigeria... this same firm wouldn't even staff cleaners
even after 15years of service, fckn hell.
Ok I got info about Funke
Akindele & her production company Sceneone
productions, was told she's pretty great & has this
biz. prowess in herself, coming from ppl who have
related in a way with her before. A particular person
refused to give me her contact/her sister's who is
like the HR/Boss so I heard
"go to sceneone's page, cop their customer care line
& make Biz. Inq's, they are very reasonable even the
sister too she's a boss a big boss they know how to
deal with customers or potential ones regardless of
who you are so I can't give you the direct line" I knew
this person
👀 was being skeptical & bc yes I know the person
worked there like, has their contacts, related with
them before the person left, infact I'd picked the
person up from there before, after work. Well here's
the convo so that happened & when I gave the person a feed back like oh
truly they were pleasant it was like I was texting with
a Wendy's customer attendant, I cut off some of our
convos tho mostly what I said so I told the person &
showed him the convo he was like ah David is a
good guy at the customer care I know him
& that's the right number
you got, it's Mama's" I'm like are you OK? So she's
the one why didn't you give me? You worked with
this person I remember you always talk about her &...
But I get it, he doesn't want trouble after so it's better
I got it from them. I called her about 9am the next day
& she cut
it off, then I gave up and decided like me n J would
head to these offers at their offices without any
experience but with the writting genius & God ONLY
The person later asked me what mama said I was
like she cut me off he was like she's a very busy
person but she'll text if
she can't take a call, insisting that she's never like that except you're an ass. So to squash the arguement I brought out the device & said look? only for me to see her revert actually 👀
If I'd waited a lil after the call I'll have seen it, but was already judgemental based on
how I've been treated in the past, as I didn't get an automatic text template to back up the upsurge cutting of my call for the 1st time I was like that's it! I'm done & will go to d offers like that
Okay this is the beginning of the main thing now but to avoid questions of like
"this don't add up", "something is fishy/missing" blahblah, I decided to pull my story telling prowess on this.

So, me & J decided we would go to these interviews with these Ind. Giants in a bape hoodie, that could be zipped up and mask the face, neck totally & we also made
sure that we stressed the fact that under no
condition would we be inclined/forced to show our
faces esp me & guess what? They agreed, I spoke to
our friend a lawyer to help draft an agreement based
on that & we sent it to them all respectively they
Cool I thought, rubbing
my hands, I was about to take a risk of exposing the
firm bc it could be a ploy to "know who that guy is &
hence we can know the firm, reveal it or threaten
them with it& we get them to give us what we want"
You can't blame me for my thoughts those offers
were like too damn
cool, it was like a dream. 1st LamodeMagazine, then
after going through every single comment l saw
these other offers too, so all these while l've been
sleeping on my self while, this tragic incident at my
place of work is earning stripes like a tiger skin!?
I was like God wow!
My bad I forgot to mention that Ushbebe is amazing
& pretty cool tbh! Naturally talented funny ass man
very humble too, brought him in this bc, prior to this
whole disappearance thing, I told J like yo can u help
me ask Ush how much the Range AD on his IG is? bc my cousin wanted
a Range. I was like he'll prob. not reply me.

J asked & didn't get an instant response & had to travel shortly for a job prospect, he has a lot going with himself already. So while I was going through this situation, I remembered & was like Oh! Hit Ush bro, has he even responded
to that DM? J was like "man idk, forgotten I've not
been on my IG for forever, you're the one with it"
so l checked & was like, he'd replied you since then!
He replied long ago, pls talk to him?
J did talk to Ush, & it was swift & timely, J then called
me & said they spoke on
the phone & Ush said the range had been sold & that
he explained all to Ush, he said Ush joked - ah "you
won bring your winch guy come do business with
me abi wetin I do you na shuoo," they had a good
bant basically & Ush made sense! Dished out a very
relatable opinion for free!
So, we move! The interview/meeting dates were set
& agreed l'd ordered for our bape hoodies it got to us
a day before the movements.
I won't mention their names, I will post our
conversations & blurr out names in there but I know
they will see this & I wanted ppl to know what
is really happening.

I'm ngl, it was nice each & everyone in there were prepared for us so they asked me to prove it was me that experienced that disappearance by showing them the tweet from the acct, & I did & they drilled us, they told me to write an experience with a lady
& tell it like a story & a movie.
Wow, my one time friend Loveth came to mind so they handed me a stylus to write on their e-board & in 20mins I shared a story of me & Loveth "Once upon a 1st date - Laroshii" it was more like romance they were stunned
So, this man came in & they
all stood up to acknowledge his presence, we followed suite he was on a blue kaftan he had mob. Police protection & they stayed outside by the door, the man was briefed and he looked at the board then said "I know you guys very well, J the one in Nigeria, Larry the one who's
always traveling" I was numb bc that was too much info like shiit he knows us "Surprise!" he chuckled & was like "Larry I was the one you refused to meet back then in Ohio remember?, I'm sorry about K & well so we finally meet but I still don't know your faces"
I was relieved & J
lost it! (as soon as he realized it was the man that had cheated us, who K had fought for our own sake back then, if you guys remember I mentioned during a convo I shared in a prior tweet in this same thread while I was talking to *my fav person* the one who triggered me to like
consider writting. if you recollect I mentioned to her
that I'd written before & got paid but the person
played me, so our paths cross again
J was about to go off & the man now looks clear to
us, off his D&G shades he's infact a very biq &
wealthy celeb who has political roots
he cautioned J with his hands & told the other ppl in
the room to excuse us except for some certain 4 ppl
& they were Nigerian celebs one a TV host.. always
making headlines for his dressings on social media
This man made it clear that when he learnt about the
thread he knew it
was me, he told the ppl in there "didn't I say so?"
"just give them the proposal". It detailed the
Write anything
A song
-Stories (write & tell for events, shows host tours..)
-Create/Recreate concepts for Ad's e.t.c
Write movie: scripts,
direct the story-line, create the scenes
-Write for musicians (gospel, rappers/singers)
-Develop/Create Contents for any platform
-Write articles for magazines news papers,
-Create music Vid's for artists
@Bighairkiller would be my official twitter & IG acct handles, bearing
the same user-names "Laroshii" as well as the same
pic from the viral thread, since I want to rem. anon
but, it'd be tweaked a lil.
-In case of being booked for app.'s - shows/events/
public/tours J would be me & my stage Alias 'll be
"Laroshii"& real name J's full name
skits, dramas..
-Writting stories out on twitter & IG at least thrice in
a week.. (cool, was my plan too)
All these stuff are cool, if I get the chance to do them
serenade a group/gathering/guests with stories&
more... yeah can do that
You're prolly wondering how it was
already prepared?
That man had proposed that to J to give me one time
after he made the 2nd installmental payment to us
prior to K's death
Bc he had seen the ability back then & while I
reached out initially to their page from thein
comment on instablog we spoke even on the phone
but I didn't know it was him. T&C's cont'd
We sign for 10years, (10 oh!)
Any endorsement I get they take 80%
-Any thing I'm paid for at all - shows, events, weddings & so on like every income off my writtings & creativity be it for a company or whatever they take 80%
- I must
be single publicly for the 1st 5 years (their explanation for this was ridiculous)
- Give an exclusive of d viral story, write, direct & recreate it for production
- Will be paid 5m for that & I earn 20% off that 5m
-Monthly salary of 500k, weekly allowance of 20k, an apartment
that's furnished & serviced
-A 2013 Avalon (+ access to one of the driver's 5
days a week)
-Option not to buy out contract until after 4 years,
which will cost 100m, installmental payments
allowed only twice. After 5th year of contract, clause
can be bought out for 50m...
not get MARRIED all through contracted period.
-MUST agree to a discussion over phone later.
"Easy peezy, your name will be all over the place
soon, trust me I know there are other offers but this
is the best you'll ever get in your wildest dream
Larry" hmm "what's that about?"
nothing, is that all? I asked. His phone rang he picked
up & said
come in now pls, thank you" he
apologised for the interruption & said "those lyrics
you got & video concepts for David?" J asked - what
about them? He smiled with his chubby ass check
with huge dimples "oh
come in great people, meet Laroshii & his team"
Shiit! 3 top Nigerian artiste that aren't signed to any label according to the public oh wow, I laughed out
LOUD it was so awkward I excused my self as they
talked. "Well greatness is rightchea" - artiste 1, no
jokes bro we here for
you - artiste 2, "Eyyy don't play yourself boys you're
at where it happens (says his signature slang)" we
hugged respectively, they left
So that's meant to do what to us? I thought. "so, you
guys will be joining them in 2 weeks on the trip to
Europe & get freaky, we would discuss
that freaky over the phone young men, if-" Love how
me & J sync'd & packed our shiit leaving without a
They were surprised, so he said "If you don't come to
your senses, this talent will die! & David will never
ever get those genius you got for him" J looked back
& said
mimicking travis scott "stop tryna be God" I
completed it "that is not your jooooob!" as we walked
past the mob. police outside the door & found our
way to where we parked so I drove & J rode in the
passengers seat...
We went to other places & damn it was worse off tbh
they all
kept threatening with "Davido will never get what you
have for him this isn't Jand/Yankee these artistes,
David esp is pompous we have the connect, your
talent will die" The very funny one was this big Media
& Talent Management, their low-key Chairperson a
very wealthy Nigerian
woman, an activist a philanthropist? haha, won
woman of the year award & many others...
I was surprised to see her after the interview. She
gave us a pass & said come back anytime you are
done being naive & realize this is the best you can
It was a bad day, I've been bullied
my eyes were soaked with tears about to trail
down my cheeks, It was past 7, missed my fav
person then. J was like just let me uber home, he's
headed to the mainland straight up! Neglecting our
post interview plans
I swallowed hard & said J you have to come up with
something, I couldn't deal I bursted into tears cryin
like a 4year old watching his mom leave for work
while he's on Christmas holidays.
J was like common it'll be right, since when do u
pus*y about stuff & cry? Your fav must've had you so messed up & he punched my tummy! I tored
into laughter.. I was like 0K. It'll be right true, we
hugged while he waited for his uber & left.
I remained in the car & returned calls & esp DM's
with the fav. person, missed her bad.
Got off the car at 10pm done caught up with stuff
from work, mails/calls my PC & all I
needed to catch up was in the car. My own personal
project was crumbling the Italian friends had told me
there was a glitch in an agreement wow, what a day
still I was sad only bc I couldn't share with my fav
person yet.
Time passed, was reminiscing like are these ppl
for real? Wth!?? Oh let me explain the @iam_Davido
parts they kept threatening me with.
On the days of the interview, I shared with them my
song/lyrics writting genius, also shared how I can
create the ideas for videos, they told me to prove it &
damn I did. So brought out my
note pad, three full songs written for Davido, I
tailored each of these 3 songs to the exact way &
things Davido would say on a song.
On each song, I put up the artiste he featured to
compliment these hits I also tailored their own
lyrics/bars to their exact way of singing/
rapping... flows/melody/messages & sense the song
is actually making. I also wrote out or created the
video (concept) already.
The vibes & everything are original! Gon be a HIT I'll
stun the Ind. with these capabilities by God's grace
I'm sure, if I get that shot/ the right link
with artistes.
They asked me to explain, like break it down.
I did, I got the titles/verses, for every lyric. It's just
creativity at its apex. It was stunning to these ppl
what I did, I'll prove it to you from our convo's
They KNOW, that's why they kept telling me
that shiit is gonna die & would never see the light of
the day & they'll bring up another creative person
that will take it from me they want to rip me off & sell
my idea.
The hardest write/lyrics was the one I titled 3-piece
it's creative, Davido ft. 2 other artistes, just
like on the other 2 songs that featured 2 guest
artistes. It's incredible & artistic. I tailored
@iam_Davido lyrics on the 3 piece write up to
address his political involvement lately, while also
speaking for the masses' in Osun regarding their
intimidation to vote for their
preferred candidate, he subtly addresses the Metele
massacre by the boko haram as he's lending a voice
for the helpless military ppl that are being slained.
All of this tailored in his exact words & flow while
sounding very woke, boujee & dope
All three songs will rock! They are
trendy, woke. The video concepts are pretty creative
& original, I wrote this whole thing out, the artistes
don't got to stress tbh. It's gonna trend & make huge
waves both Vid&Music. Maann! I just want to get my
talents into use & get the bag off my efforts, but
these ppl wna be
God. "You'll never get the lyrics to @iam_Davido we'd
make sure we take the this for ourself"
Now harp are the convos we had post interview this
is the one with the Man, he had to call me on
WhatsApp he couldn't type out the fact that they
want me to also agree to -👀1,2,3,4/5
So I called & we spoke for 32mins. Worst 32 mins of
my life I'll never compromise like that, God forbid.
I'm a bad boy but I'm learning with this - 👀 5/5
-Europe fckery moves, this is a man that's very well
respected in the society, but here bullying & ripping
Also said they'll make a page of story telling/writting!
all my ideas bout to be ripped off
This next convo is that with the powerful woman (•• 1,2,3,4/10)
She got so triggered in 4/10, she had to say what she
said & I quickly tried to quote reply bc I sensed she'll
delete & oh she did as u can see, but in 5/10 you can
see I quoted replied it & she was angry. Abusing me,
calling my moma uh witch on some frustrated
•• 9,10,11/11
on some frustrated type of shiit. She'd threatened my
life, & she blocked at 10/10, I didnt share further than
10/10 bc I will have to blurr out too much & it won't
make sense.
If you noticed at 9/10 I mentioned one of her
daughters I later sent the woman a pretty
disturbing & naked video of her daughter back in
Soho, Manhattan - NYC, she was doing XTCY, XO,
Lean&Sprite I was there, was simply sipping on
D'usse courtesy of her friend who hosted us a day
before at Tribeca same NYC. I dont know these ppl
directly it was a friend that tagg'd
me along like "ayyee this babe says she's
celebrating "Nothing" in Tribeca & Soho back to back
let's go bro there'll be so much cognac" the free
cognac got me plus going to NYC was somn I'd
missed bc I love the food in China Town so much
well that's BTW
I sent her that vid bc she
threatened to kill me! & I wish I could share her ID
she's powerful so I don't doubt, & before I could send
her the Vid, I noticed she had unblocked me later bc I
could now see her profile pic (sorry the babe
celebrating nothing is the daughter of a Governor in
S/Western Nig.)
This next convo is that with this very popular guy-
man he does Real Estate sometimes, he's a magnet
for SCANDAL, always with the typical Nigerian man
mentality of nothing goes for nothing with LADIES.
He's a friend of plenty celebs he's well known & he's
almost at every event's
You need to understand very well before I put up the
convo's. After me & J had also left their own
interview as well, after we had another unpleasant
moment. The guy man kept disturbing me, at some
point I thought he was even Gay,
His CEO, a prestigious important man in Lagos who
witnessed our interview per chance then, called me I
was like WOW, he asked "how are you today? We have or I specifically doubled the monthly figures &
I'm inviting you to
but 1st, respond & talk with
thank you" he even had the guts to say "God
bless you" as the call
ended, God is patient tbh.
You know why they were doing too much to reach
me, they done told us too much back when we met.
Nasty! Nasty! Saw an artiste whose songs dont make
no waves but they flexing HARD on the gram & real
So this is what these ppl do to get rich?
There's a lot of fckery going on in that Ind &
Nollywood, maan I've seen it all!
So, Mr SCANDAL calls me I picked & it's all "na wa oh
Laroshii na Naija be this oh ehn ehn..." He tried to
convince me again told me I was on speaker bc there
were other 2 artistes out there & they
want to encourage me (oh I didn't know that I was
depressed) blahblah. I replied in J's words when he
doesn't want to apologise for being wrong lol "l said
what I said it is what it is regardless of who or
anything" - I'm not signing, it's not RIGHT & I got to
now can I go? He sighed, I could imagine them
rolling their eyes like - this bastard he might go on to
talk to the world now.
Man I know you gon see this, I'm not gon mention
your name(s) but lma let the Internet Know what I've
learnt & how I've been treated & bullied too.
they had a celeb that works with their label call me &
we spoke so I agreed to pick Mr SCANDAL's call
again. He called me, I picked & said we can text. Was
promised that it's a improved discussion, bleeh!
This Man! wow, he was so like tryna make me feel
like ion got shiit to
offer as if they want to do me a favor. He kept talking
about @iam_Davido like "david go work with your
brain, this no be Engineering world, my guy take your
chance" it was then I realized they were scared I
could rat them out, I was glad
we went masked out. After that, again one artiste
spoke with me & was like we should meet up & all
talk it out. I refused, so he said 0K at least speak with
Him! (Mr... ) he said you've always been rude... So Mr
SCANDAL calls AGAIN (I'm thinking what is it really) &
we agreed, he
sends me a message on WhatsApp, & I
acknowledged it & we can talk from there better
since I'm not comfy with phone calls. So he did, I
simply read it & the same artiste called again
sarcastically saying "Mr Larry, please respond to our
Oga's WhatsApp..." I apologised & I
responded but we'd agreed he would message me
via another line where he can talk freely with me
more than the official line, he explained his P.A or
staff have access to the device & he often forgets to
delete convo's so I acknowledged the Hi text & also
said we'll text on the
other line. 👀 1,2,3,4/8
Apart from what's in this convo, he also or they had
this sleeping around shiit too, disgusting AF
I'm not sure but I think his typo in 5/7 is mocking me
like Shey u sabi Davido nii
The stuff he was saying about Osun state lol it was
all my idea too, even tho I didn't fathom some of his
texts there & also the last part had to crop off.
So I've decided to like stick to the proposal of doing
all that has to do with creativity that I can do really.
Story telling/writting
Will always share/put out writtings on here & IG
Open to work with any musician/comedian any
I will think for you on anything
I can create an AD concept
I can write any gatdamn thing I'm not even bluffing
Yoo @iam_Davido, I got enough I'm stuffed up. I
sincerely got those 3 songs written out & their video
concepts, they are massive AF, they'll make huge
Every other person, I'm like available to write
I just got an IG it's the same name & username as my
twitters' Laroshii (@bighairkiller)
I don't have no personal accts except that yeah you
can reach me via J's acct it'll serve as my personal
acct IG/Twitter "jeyon1" dont
have a Facebook acct I can share right now, I just
want to dwell on this writting now, will quit
Engineering for it in the long run. Use some sense "toxic
twitter & IG" y'all are why I had to really explain,
Hit me/reach out for a link up any artiste any one
will show up for a discussion in my mask
hoodie I'll show you what I can do...
I done been told I can't get through to you without
any sort of clouting & label they said they are God &
if anyone wants me to write a bar/anything, ghost
write even, hit me up..
I'm also gon write a story about something that
happened to me & my friends on the 3rd Mainland
bridge on the LamodeMagazine print & online
platform for January, exciting how this turned
The Loveth story I told during my interviews I will put
it up here & it'd be my 1st IG post
To end this, I wanna say any other upsurge story
telling or Laroshii page or person affiliated to a label
whose IG & Twitter name (& handle) isn't exactly -
Laroshii (@bighairkiller) isn't me
Has to be these ppl they want to rip me off & use my
ideas like it's theirs originally
Already! 👀
While i was making thee thread till now my phone's are buzzing my mail's too with threats FLYING
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