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1) "Wake the fuck up. Your rage. I can feel it."

Shut the fuck up, ring, I'm too pissed to be enraged.

"That doesn't make any sense. Do a fucking thread. You'll feel better."

But on what?
"You know exactly fucking what."
3) Yep. Fuck it. Some scrawny ass, punk ass, 'we call bs' wearing button ass, wtf kind of suit is that ass poster child for flat AFFECT (didn't fuck it up that time) ass moron has pushed me over the edge.

The gun control debate has gone on for TOO FUCKING LONG.
4) Last time I broke like this, I laid out the case that the Democrats had gone SO FUCKING FAR LEFT they fell into the typical marxist trap of antisemitism. So what's my assertion now?
5) That the fucking tools of the Democrat party have gone so deep in their gun control narrative that they're completely fucking blind to the underlying facts of the statistics they want to scream in our faces.
6) First, some statistics. Straight from the @CDCgov, because primary sources FTFW bitches. Here's the CDC tracking firearm mortality by state. Pay attention to the top 10. AK, AL, MT, etc.…
7) Those look pretty bad, right? Lotta gun violence? Even Mother Jones will point out how those same states have the highest gun ownership rates!…
8)… Well, here's another CDC map. This time, on straight up suicide mortality overall. Yyyyyyyep. See, when people are complaining about mortality rates by firearms, they're specifically making sure to include the suicide by firearms as well.
9) Now, this isn't new. I'm sure you can all find sites saying, "Oh, well, take away the firearms, you'll stop suicides!" I mean, as per the CDC (again) there has been a 24% increase in the suicide rate since 1999.…
10) Well, THAT isn't true. First, the stats from 2001, showing a total of 30622 suicides. I want you to pay attention to the gun and asphyxiation numbers, 16869 and 6.198 respectively.…
11) CDC, 2015. Total: 44193. Guns: 22018. Asphyxiation: 11855. Yyyyyep. Asphyxiation increased by almost double, 5657, MORE than by guns, 5149.…
12) My point? Guns are a tool. If someone wants to accomplish something, ie suicide, not having access to a gun won't stop them.
13) "You're not done yet. You need to go deeper."

You're goddamn right we're going deeper.

Mass shootings, which sparked the most recent gun control demands. Not debates, demands, because there is no debating people who will call you a child murderer if you disagree with them.
14) 'But what do mass shooters have to do with suicide,' you ask? Well, let's look at psychology today.… "
15) "Mass murder is a form of suicide in that the perpetrator of such atrocities is often an individual who intends to die at the scene of the massacre. From this perspective, the increase in mass shootings over the last ten years is very consistent with the increase in suicide."
16) See, this is why I don't buy the Las Vegas shooter conspiracies or ascribe any particular motive to mass shooters. Its been well documented, well studied, that they are usually attempting suicide by cop in dramatic, fatalistic fashion.
17) This problem, correlating with the dramatic 24% increase in suicides over the past 2 decades, is something the left is trying desperately to get you to ignore by using the gun control debate to cover it up. Why do I say this?
18)… Scroll ALLLL the way to the bottom to the table tracking the suicide rate since 1950. A slight bump in the early 2000's, but not what we're seeing today, which is 13.4 per 100k.
19)… See, the BIG spike happened as a result of the financial crisis, and sustained itself over the previous decade due to the ongoing economic malaise
20) Specifically in YOU GUESSED IT the 'flyover states' which saw the least amount of recovery, and while not top 10 levels notice back at this CDC site the rust belt suicide rates; you know, the ones Clinton lost?…
21) Remember all those pundits and journalists that were saying repealing Obamacare would harm mental health coverage?…
22) See, that was implying that mental health coverage actually increased under Obamacare. However, IT DIDN'T, because it made healthcare coverage unaffordable for many families, especially in *SHOCKER* 'flyover states' who were left behind by the economic malaise.
23) See, the CDC again.…
24) So what the fuck am I getting at here?


25) We were hit by an economic recession, and instead of trying to fix things, President Barack Gofuckyourself Obama and the Democrat party used the opportunity to drive home a progressive agenda that BROKE THIS COUNTRY.
26) As a result, the flyover states fell into literal disrepair and depression, driving up the suicide rate to those unseen since the 1980's, drove up healthcare costs to the point that the people who mental health coverage the most couldn't afford it
27) And when the mass shootings start to rise, one of the most devastating and dangerous portrayals of suicidal tendencies that exist in society, what do the Democrats do? What is the liberal answer to the country having literally gone INSANE?
28) This. Fucking THIS. And people wonder why I'm pissed. /end
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