The Order of Light - Story #Thread
I just got into town and needed a place to stay, but for some unknown reason, everywhere seemed occupied, after checking the last motel available, I was left with no choice, but look for a secluded spot to just pass the night. It was dark, the moon had a faint glow about it, and
with all the occupied houses, one would have expected some domestic noises, but everywhere was quiet, it didn’t bother me anyway. As I walked with my backpack, I saw a house down the street that looked abandoned and overgrown with weed, “perfect spot” I thought to myself, it was
just for the night, by morning, I would be out and on my way.
I looked around before stepping on the property, to be sure I wasn’t been watched, the last thing I wanted was be charged for trespassing. To be sure I was not trespassing, I knocked on the door a couple of times,
and as was expected, got no response. I looked out into the yard, and suddenly, the house I thought was overgrown with weed, was not, in fact the lawn looked like it had just been mown“strange, this was not the yard I intended to enter”. I looked to the left, and just beside the
yard I was in, was the house I saw that was overgrown with weed. I wondered how I had ended up in this clean yard when I could vividly remember stepping into the one overgrown with weed. I made my way to the abandoned compound, walked up to the door, and knocked three times, and
again there was no response, as I made to knock again, a creak-creak sound from an old swing in the compound made me turn around, the swing was still. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed the compound was even more overgrown than when I stepped in
“I must be so tired, I’m beginning to imagine things” I took my backpack off, and made to lay on the porch, then heard the eerie howl of wolves “wolves? In this part? It doesn’t make any sense” the sound of scurrying feet in the yard made me slowly look up, but I saw nothing,
rather I saw trees like the building had suddenly changed location and was in the woods “is it just me, or does this place look like I’m in the woods?” I really needed to rest, it had been a long day, I was weak and beginning to see things. I took my dead phone from my pocket,
and tried to turn it on “it’s dead”, suddenly, sleep hit me and I was gone. I jumped with a start almost as suddenly as I had slept, and looked around me, I was indoor and on a couch “what the hell! I slept outside, how did I end up here?” A buzz from my phone startled me
“Last I checked, that phone was dead and in my pocket, how did it come on, and why is it out of my pocket? What the hell is going on?” I looked around me again, this was no familiar place. The phone buzzed again, I picked it up and it was dead, I dropped it and it buzzed again,
again I picked it up and it went dead ”That’s weird!” I took some minutes to think things through, I could vividly remember everything up to the point where I lay down to sleep on the porch“Something’s not right” I looked around me and saw my backpack placed neatly on a seat
“Strange!” I picked my backpack and my phone and made for the door, but the door wouldn’t open, then I heard an earsplitting scream of terror, and spun around quickly, but could see no one. Frantically, I tried to open the door again, but it didn’t budge, then I heard footsteps
getting closer and closer, but still, there was no one “Is this some prank? Probably one of those fear mansion shows” I thought to myself. Again I tried the door, and the result was the same as the previous times I tried it yet the footsteps kept getting closer “I need a weapon!
Right there on the seat where I lay earlier was a knife glistening with what looked like fresh blood “Had that been there all along?”

I was not one to believe in spiritualism and the existence of paranormal activities, but here I was with Goosebumps and hairs on end, perhaps
I was just overreacting – “Breathe! It’s just some prank, there are hidden cameras, and perhaps some clues here and there” I thought to myself, not minding the fact that I did not have a logical explanation for how I got here in the first place. Knife in hand, backpack behind, I
tried the door one more time, and this time, without effort it opened , I was about to step out when I noticed a very strange phenomenon, the ray of light from inside the house did not go beyond the door frame, and the darkness was so thick that I could not see even my hand when
I stretched it out- an owl hooted, several wolves howled, shivers ran down my spine, and I stepped back in. I studied my environment, looking for clues, for answers. I looked at a huge mirror on the wall, I saw my reflection, and my heart raced when I saw a reflection of two
black robed, hooded figures standing few meters from me, I turned round but saw nothing, I looked at the mirror again, and this time there was only one hooded figure, I spun around quickly, but saw nothing “Perhaps, it’s an illusionary device” The lights began to flicker,
and suddenly music that sounded like a broken record began to play, an eerie rendition of “Noel” This time I was really spooked.

“Show yourself you coward!” I shouted, brandishing the knife and waving it around. An eerie laughter of a child came from behind me, I turned round
and found a bloodied child coming towards me with a snigger, I reeled back in fear, lost my footing and fell“Damn! Not now!”
“Naughty-Naughty peek-a-boo, it’s Christmas!” The bloodied child said as it came closer with outstretched arms, and a blood-curdling laughter.
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