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Today's Star Citizen hilarity comes in two parts. Trust me, both are good.

1st, you recall this thread yesterday where a CIG rep, jumped into a random stream, then proceeded to redefine the word "sale"?

As these things go, the fools parked on Reddit, and who get most of their pertinent Star Citizen news from myself and my Goon army, instead of the company they gave $180m to, started a thread about it later in the afternoon after my thread.
Several hours later, as these things go, and seeing as I actually run the Star Citizen project from the outside, Jared showed up on Reddit with his "clarification". Because, you know, they always tend to go and put out fires only when they feel the ones I start, have merit.
I used an image because they are notorious for deleting things after the fact. But if you are so inclined to venture into the cesspool of malcontent that is that Reddit, this is the thread. It's a joyous contribution to the case study of human delusion.…
While I am not going to talk about Jared because, well, he's the likable buffoon in a bunch of nitwits over at the CIG community team, these things always start either with him or Ben Lesnick (who has since been sidelined and rumored to no longer be on the project).
Jared, now the content producer/manager/fall-guy/ambassador, was always the odd man out in this entire farce. And for all his missteps over the years, the one consistent thing about him is that you simply cannot help liking him.
Yes, he's doing a job he had no business having in the first place. Not only does he not have ANY experience in ANY of it, he doesn't even hail from ANYWHERE remotely close to the borders of where videogames meet food processing.
In other words, you could very well have hired a cook at MacDonalds and given him Jared's job. I mean, waiters becoming big movie stars is actually a thing in some parts of the world.

That's Jared. He's always been a fish out of water, with training wheels mounted on skis.
So, every single time we see stuff like this pop up - and he's at the center of it - we just lol. And it tends to happen a lot.

You have to know that Jared isn't actually flying blind. Not at all.
Problem is that when you're working on what has turned out to be a complete SCAM - and only the office cleaners aren't in on the gag - it gets hard to keep track of the lies, who they were told to, when, and what versions have already been used.
That's why even us indies tend to be wary of what we say in public, when we talk about our projects.

It's how professional shills make their living. And they get zero flak for it because anything coming out of them, is all part of a well practiced and vetted script.
Then there's Jared.

For all intent and purposes, for a small indie dev team, he would be a dream come true. Easily likeable every man, willing to learn, tow the line, and plug holes in the sieve that is a project that's well on track to send people to jail.
And he got good at it too. The other day I was reviewing some of their broadcasts for parts of my amicus brief for the Crytek v CIG lawsuit (more on that after this) and it was immediately clear why he got shoved directly into the spotlight that he now excels at.
Unlike his racist, homophobic, antisemitic counterpart, Ben Lesnick, not once in his entire history on this project, has Jared enjoyed the limelight for being anything other than the guy who just wants you to buy shit you don't need for a game that's NEVER coming out.
So, back to where I started.

Jared's obfuscation of what "sale" means, regardless of the legal ramifications of same, and his hasty "clarification" (which is hilarious in and of itself), goes back to what I said about lies, and the people who tell them.
As innocent as his off-hand comment on the stream may be, combined with the clarification, it's all a script. He just went off script, someone noticed it, called him out on it, I got involved - and all hell broke loose at CIG.

There's more to that.
Over the years, back in 2012 when CIG was just a fledgling indie dev begging for a measly $2m to build a game they promised was totally coming out in Nov 2014, they had a very friendly ToS which was convincing enough for us to give them money.

They also had this shit.
Since 2012, they have had no less than SIX revisions to the TOS, the pledge is basically toilet paper now, and each iteration has not only served to reduce their liability, while leaving backers on the hook, but designed to aid them in SCAMMING backers out of $180m+
Even you think any of that is hyperbole, of even fiction, then do this, go read them for yourself. I have every single version and the pattern is very clear.…
In the past 3 years since they started a war (with me) they simply stood NO chance of winning (you can't sue me and win - if it's true, can you?), as failure loomed, and the threat of liabilities grew, they started moving away from the crowd-funding nomenclature.
Unfortunately for them, in those 3 years (during which they have completely FAILED to prove me wrong - about ANYTHING), not only have the State and Fed authorities made clear the ramifications of taking crowd-funding and not delivering, but they have also gone after some projects
If you are paying attention, you should have now arrived at the conclusion that this definition of what is a "sale" and what is a "pledge", coming from an employee of the company running the project, is part of the pattern that's going to come with the liabilities of same.
You see, if they're not selling you anything, and you're just giving them money with no expectations of getting anything in return, well then, that's the breaks. You knew the risks.

It's all bullshit.
According to the law and legal precedent already set, only the original people who backed on Kickstarter in 2012 to the tune of $2m, are the losers who have zero recourse when this all folds.
Every single person who backed on their website, regardless of the amount spent, are BUYING something. As a result, they are subject to the rules and guidelines for refunds due to lack of delivery for a product purchased.

There is absolutely NO argument to be made against this.
What this means is that, aside from the loans they have, both here in the US and in the UK, as well as investor money, unless and until they deliver EVERY SINGLE THING they have sold, they are sitting on a $180m+ liability. Why? Because it's all legally a pre-order.
This is why their feeble attempts to try and redefine "sale", while coming up with the most ludicrous take-back since Nixon was President, is just a smoke screen to mask the fact that they KNOW they're sitting on a MASSIVE liability until they can deliver what's been paid for.
Back in Nov 2014 when one of the devs made a comment about a feature, Chris Roberts came out and flat-out said that stuff being said/written by their own people, are NOT official. Here, read it.…
Time and time again, the brave souls at CIG who just want to do their job and collect their paycheck, step out and defend/say things they KNOW to be utterly, and unequivocally false. To wit, this is our man Jared, bravely making false claims he probably KNEW to be false.
@ 43:37 he claims that Chris Roberts, who I am told hasn't written a SINGLE LINE OF CODE for this project, and which I am 100% certain the CryTek discovery will prove, was writing code for the demo.

The hilarious part of all this? CryTek sued CIG back on Dec 12 2017. They clearly claimed to have created that tech demo which Chris was passing off an actual game that was coming in 2014.

CIG has NEVER disputed this otherwise innocuous point of fact in their filings.
Yet, as every other time before when both he and Ben were doing this shit, there's Jared - again - making claims as a company rep, which we know that CIG is going to hand wave off as not being official anyway.

They can basically say anything they want. NONE of it has to be true.
At the end of the day, this pattern of conduct is about two things.

1) Raising money by any means necessary

2) Attempts at mitigating the damages that tend to go with liabilities
And when you've taken $180m from the PUBLIC, while engaging in acts which can only be attributed to unjust enrichment at the detriment of backers who just want what they paid for, that's how the cookie crumbles when you FAIL to deliver and need more money until you can.
One would think that they have had 3 yrs and all this money to prove that I was wrong - about anything.

They can't, because I was right from the very start that this project simply CANNOT be made as pitched. And that they've been LYING this whole time.
There isn't a SINGLE person in the industry who isn't wondering how a co with 5 studios in 3 countries, $180m (according to them - and not accounting for investors and loans) of FREE money, and over 500 people having touched it, has FAILED to deliver a SINGLE product in 7 yrs
Yet, here we are, at the final stages of what I believe is leading up to the sudden and complete collapse of this project, and the loss of backer money, arguing the merits of what is a sale and what is a pledge.

And Chris Roberts is responsible for ALL of it.

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