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7 Aug
Today, 600,000 of India’s 1 million accredited social health activists (#ASHA workers) have gone on strike for 2 days to demand better and timely pay, and a legal status that ensures minimum wages. Follow this thread to know more:
In Bihar, only ~20% of #ASHA workers have been given masks & gloves for #COVID19 screening. Without proper equipment, ASHAs fear they will catch the infection, said Chunni Kumari, an ASHA from East Champaran district, in our May 2020 story…
In Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam, experts suggested that #ASHA workers be roped in to help prevent #domesticviolence during the #lockdown and provide redress to victims, as we reported in April 2020…
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1 Jun
A depression over southeastern & adjoining east-central Arabian Sea this morning will likely turn into a severe cyclonic storm #Nisarga by June 3…
By June 3, the storm is likely to hit coastal areas in northern Maharashtra & southern Gujarat b/w Harihareshwar in Raigad district and Daman, with wind speeds of 90-100 kmph & gusting 110 kmph. These regions are on pre #cyclone alert
Very-heavy to extremely-heavy rainfall is expected in parts of both of these states and fishers have been advised to stay away. This would be the 2nd cyclone to hit India this year, 13 days after the super cyclone #Amphan lashed parts of West Bengal & Odisha on May 20
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9 May
At 3,320 new #COVID19 cases, this is the 3rd consecutive day India has detected >3,000 cases, per @MoHFW_India’s 8 a.m. update today. Key stats:
Active cases: 39,834
Deaths: 1,981 (3.3%)
Recoveries: 17,847 (29.9%)
Total: 59,662
3 states have reported their highest increase thus far in @MoHFW_India’s update today
Increase in case (Total cases)
Tripura 53 (118)
Odisha 52 (271)
Karnataka 48 (753)
Kerala (503 cases), which completed 100 days since reporting the country’s first case yesterday, now has 15 active cases. It has detected 5 cases in the last 7 days
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13 Apr
796 more #COVID19 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, per @MoHFW_India’s latest (8 a.m., Apr 13) update. India’s total confirmed cases are now 9,152; 35 more deaths have increased the total to 308
India’s key #COVID19 statistics as of this morning:

Active cases: 7,987
Deaths: 308 (3.4%)
Recoveries: 857 (9.4%)
Total: 9,152

We are tracking cases here:
India reported its first 1,000 cases in nearly 60 days (March 29). In 15 days, it has crossed 9,000 cases and reported an average daily increase of 542 cases. India reported its highest daily increase yesterday, at 918.
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29 Mar
#LatestUpdate: As of 7:30 p.m, #COVID19 cases in India have crossed 1,000. With 106 new cases reported today, the total is now 1,024, which is more than double the cases (471) detected 6 days ago. We are tracking the cases live:
#COVID19 cases in Kerala have crossed 200 as 20 new cases have been reported today, the state health minister said. The latest update by @MoHFW_India (at 7:30 p.m) does not include these cases.
In Maharashtra, too, the total cases crossed 200 as 22 new cases detected today pushed the state’s tally to 203, data released by the state’s public health department said. 2 more people died in the state. @MoHFW_India update does not include this either.
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10 Jan
An acid attack on a woman is reported every ~3 days in India. Follow this thread for insights on acid attacks and other crimes against women #Chhapaak #AcidAttack
Over the 5 years to 2018, 716 cases of #AcidAttack against women have been reported in India under section 326A of the Indian Penal Code. Reported cases declined 11% from 148 in 2017 to 131 in 2018, latest national crime data show. #Chhapaak #DeepikaPadukone
West Bengal reported the most, 36 or 27% of all, #AcidAttack cases against women in 2018, followed by Uttar Pradesh (32) & Telangana (10). These 3 states accounted for nearly 60% of all reported cases in 2018. #Chhapaak #DeepikaPadukone
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8 Jan
India had the largest number of migrants living abroad (17.5 mn), followed by Mexico (11.8 mn) & China (10.7 mn), noted the World Migration Report 2020 released in Nov 2019. Follow this thread for insights:
>40% of all international migrants worldwide in 2019 (112 mn) were born in Asia, primarily originating from India, China, and South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
India was the top remittance recipient in 2017 too, gathering $69 billion--nearly 1.5 times its defence budget for 2018-19--an increase of 9.5% from the previous year, we reported in June 2018…
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31 Dec 19
Sewer deaths in India increased 66% to 83 between 2016 and 2019 (till Nov 6, 2019), accounting for a total of 282 deaths in 4 years, noted a Nov 20, 2019, govt reply in parliament. 2017 & 2019 reported the most deaths (83). Follow this thread for insights:
The most deaths in 2019 were in Gujarat, Haryana & Tamil Nadu (14). In the 4 yrs to 2019, the most deaths were in Tamil Nadu (40) followed by Haryana (31), Delhi & Gujarat (both 30)
India has 60,440 identified manual scavengers, with the highest in UP (35,472), followed by Maharashtra (7378) & Uttarakhand (6170)
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5 Dec 19
This year marks 35 years since #BhopalGasTragedy, one of the world's worst industrial disasters that spurred India’s environmental legislation. Follow this thread for insights:
3,800 people were killed in Dec 1984 when more than 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas leaked from a subsidiary plant of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) in #Bhopal. Legal proceedings seeking justice for survivors revealed India’s lack of environmental laws…
In 1985, India enacted the Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Act 1985 to seek justice for survivors, making the govt the sole representative in legal proceedings in India & abroad.
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6 Nov 19
Total employment over 7 yrs to 2017-18 declined by 9mn for “first time in India’s history,” per Oct 2019 study by @azimpremjiuniversity. Decline was despite rise in enrollment at every level of education in the 2000s. Follow this thread for insights:
Overall unemployment rate rose to “all-time high” of 8.8% from 3% btwn 2011-12 & 2017-18. Unemployment rate among youth rose 11.7 pps to 17.8%--among illiterates, 5.9 pps to 7.1%, among higher secondary educated, 13 pps to 23.8%, among graduates, 16.6 pps to 35.8%.
Agriculture sector employment declined by 4.5mn/annum (~27 mn jobs lost) during the period. The share of employment in agriculture & allied sectors also declined from 5pps to ~44%
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31 Oct 19
Of the 32,559 rape cases reported across India in 2017 (89 cases every day), the offenders were known to the victims in 93% of the cases, national crime data released recently reveals. Follow this thread for insights:
Of the 33,658 rape victims in 32,559 reported cases in 2017, 30% or 10,221 victims were girls below 18 years; 298 victims were younger than 6 years.
Family friends, neighbours, employers and other known persons accounted for 55% or 16,591 cases, the most among known offenders, followed by friends, online friends and live-in partners on pretext of marriage.
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8 Oct 19
India’s 1st ever nutrition survey of children & adolescents, the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) 2016-2018, finds undernutrition as well as overnutrition, high rates of stunting as well as excess body weight. Both lead to risk of non-communicable diseases. Details:
1 in 3 (35%) Indian children aged 0-4 years were stunted, 1 in 3 (33%) underweight and 1 in 6 (17%) wasted, CNNS found
#Nutrition #Stunting
Undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies cost $37 billion or Rs 2.37 lakh crore per year in India. Adults stunted as children earned 20% less than those who were not…
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30 Sep 19
In 2018, 90 lakh students graduated (diplomas, UG, PG degrees, certificates etc.), latest govt data show. But 12% graduates didn’t have jobs between May & Aug 2018, 15% between May & Aug 2019, say CMIE data. Follow this thread for insights:
This endangers India’s growth opportunity from the second largest working age population in the world of 688 mn.…
7.46% Indians above 15 years of age were without jobs between May & August 2019, after the unemployment rate grew 1.87 pps from 5.59% between May & August 2018 to same period in 2019…
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25 Sep 19
India has the world’s most TB cases--2.7 million or 27% of global burden. In 2018, for the 1st time, India had 2.1 mn notified or registered #TB cases--up 16% since 2017 and highest till date: India TB Report 2019 released today. Read on for more details: #EndTB
Despite the progress, there is a gap of 550,000 cases between notified & prevalent #TB cases. Among the notified cases, treatment was initiated for about 1.9 million cases (90%). #EndTB
A quarter of all notifications (540,000) in 2018 were from the private sector--up 44% since 2017 when 383,000 were notified. #EndTB
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16 Sep 19
7 states likely to meet 1st Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of eradicating poverty by 2030: Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Tripura & Uttarakhand: Niti Aayog’s SDG Index. Follow thread for insights:
22% of Indians live below the poverty line, while the SDG target involves bringing this down to 11%. States such as Goa (with 5% population below poverty line) & Kerala (7%) are among the 7 that have already fulfilled this criterion under SDG-1
29% of Indian families had a member covered by a health scheme/insurance, while the SDG target is 100%. No state has reached this target, but Andhra Pradesh with 75% & Chhattisgarh with 68% are among the 6 that have >50% coverage
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12 Aug 19
As PM Modi is set to appear on @DiscoveryIN tonight to “create environmental awareness”, in May 2019 his govt exempted 13 railway projects from forest clearances, risking at least 5 national parks & sanctuaries. Follow this thread:
In May 2019, the environment ministry issued a circular to all state govts that the Forest Conservation Act, 1980, would not apply for doubling of track & gauge-conversion projects, if the land was owned by the Railways and was under non-forest use prior to 1980
This means railway line doubling & gauge conversion projects will not need fresh forest clearances, even though 4 of 13 projects thus exempted will fragment either a national park, a tiger reserve, a tiger corridor or a wildlife sanctuary across UP, MP & K’taka
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30 May 19
Seemingly diverse & varied, India’s media market is actually highly concentrated. Most leading media cos are owned by large conglomerates controlled by founding families; some have political ties, says @RSF_en & @data_LEADS. Follow thread for insights:
India has more than 118,239 registered publications, incl 36,000 weekly magazines; more than 550 FM radio stations; more than 880 satellite TV channels incl 380 that claim to broadcast “news and current affairs”; and “unfathomable” number of news websites
This profusion of media outlets does not translate into a variety in supply. The study shows a significant trend towards concentration and, ultimately, control of content and public opinion
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25 Feb 19
India had 192 police personnel per 100,000 population, lower than the UN recommended 222 policemen per 100,000 population, according to the 2017 report by Bureau of Police Research and Development, a consultancy under home ministry. Follow the thread for insights:
Sanctioned police strength across the country is 2.4 mn out of which 1.9 mn is for civil police (handling law & order on a daily basis); actual strength is 1.9 mn out of which 1.5 mn is in the civil police, a shortfall of 21% in overall police strength & civil police.
Sanctioned civil police per 100,000 population is 155 while the actual number is 121. Sparsely populated states of Manipur (1,252 policemen) & Arunachal Pradesh (999 policemen) have the highest police-population ratio.
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17 Apr 18
Central Statistics Organisation released the 25th Issue of the Energy Statistics in India in March 2018. Follow this thread for highlights:
In March 2017, thermal power plants accounted for 71% of India's installed capacity. Hydro accounted for 11.81%, nuclear energy 1.8% (1/8)
Rajasthan has 14% of India's renewable power capacity (167.28 GW), followed by Gujarat (13% or 157.16 GW) and Maharashtra (10% or 119.89 GW) (2/8)
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14 Nov 17
Between 1990-2016, India’s diabetes burden increased 174%--largest increase among all diseases: India’s first state-wise burden of disease data (1/9) #WorldDiabetesDay2017
In 1990, diabetes caused 10 deaths per 100,000 in India; in 2016, it caused 23 deaths per 100,000 (2/9) #WorldDiabetesDay2017
In 2016, diabetes, urogenital, blood and endocrine disease caused 6.5% of all deaths in India--7.9% in developed states, 5.2% in underdeveloped states (3/9) #WorldDiabetesDay2017
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