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Is This the Right Time to Close Down #APMC Mandis Sans Consulting All Stakeholders?…
Home truth of Indian agriculture: #Farmincome declined in India in 7 years,…
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#Punjab had 2 resources, water & good soil.

The much famed #GreenRevolution messed it up.

#Farmers were encouraged to shift away from #bajra #pulses #oilseeds #chana & enter into #wheat-#paddy cycle.

For many years, Min Support Prices, assured a decent #income.

&, Now
An example to show, how the shift from other crops happened over the years
In 1960-61, total area under #pulses in #Punjab was 9.03 lakh Ha with production of 7.09 lakh ton, but; in 2016-17, it dropped to 14800 Ha with production of 12,600 ton.
73% irrigation in #Punjab is done by #Tubewells

No of Tubewells:-

Early 60's=50,000
2005=11.80 Lakh
2012=12 Lakh
2021=14.5 lakh

Total Blocks=138

👉Avg yearly rate of fall in #GroundWater= .49 meter
👉CGWB claims that Punjab will become a desert in 25 years.
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It is not pleasant being a target of blatant White hatred and supremacy. Mr. #BernardGrua is nothing but an old-fashioned racist and right-winger Nazi whose entire discourse is drenched in painful stereotypes. He sounds like a man who had lived behind an iron wall for decades.
No manners, no courtesies, decades-old prejudices, the need to start wars in order to remain relevant and be macho and chauvinistic, addressing women by poor titles such as "you prostitute", having blatant hatred for women of color. It is shocking to come across such a creature.
Having grown up on the Internet where I saw some dark stuff but mostly did NOT come across such ghetto folks, it shocks me to have 'met' such a fantastically ballistic creature that speaks of horrible things like a voodoo doll in a B-grade horror flick in the 21st century.
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When I see this tweet, I get a sick feeling I’m the pit of my stomach. The way I read this, is, “Kids are killing themselves in #AISD,” and if Meagan, the counseling coordinator for secondary education is sending up #flares like this in #ATX it must be bad, because she’s polished
Does anyone realize that #Suicides in the schools are not reported in the news? They are very #confidential Why? They are #minors AND school officials are trying to prevent #copycat #suicides.
Yep, when kids hear about #Suicide they think about doing it too. Kids in the #ATX are in trouble. This isn’t Meagan talking. This is me. I know what #mentalhealth crisis means.
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Our paper is out. Finally.

For me, the most important Mobile Brain/Body Imaging paper thus far.

And the most personal paper of my career.

This is a rant.
A rant about science.
A rant about life.
And everything in between.

In 2015 we started working on this project attempting to demonstrate the potential impact the Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) approach can have.

Showing how multimodal sensory information originating from movement is an essential part of cognitive processes.

We used a spatial orientation task (heading computation) to compare results from established neuroimaging methods (fMRI, M/EEG) that restrict participants’ movements during spatial orientation with full-body movements.

Thanks to @DFG to fund ambitious research like this.
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'Less than one in four of the #suicides registered so far in 2020 had a date of death that was also in 2020'
#LockdownHarms #MentalHealth #CoronersReports #SuicideDataIssues

ONS Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) to Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020 provisional data #England #lockdowns Image
'Quarter 2 (Apr to June) of 2020, 5.3% of 845 #suicides registered in the period occurred in same period (45 deaths), with remaining deaths occurring in first quarter of 2020 (43.7% or 369 deaths) or prior to 2020 (51.0% or 431 deaths).' #SuicideDataIssues #LockdownHarms Image
'845 #suicides reg'd in the 2nd quarter of 2020 lowest number of any quarter since 2001, when time series reported for statistical release begins.

Numbers should be interpreted with caution. Likely lower number of suicides registered this period reflects impact of #Covid19' Image
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India’s defense forces, including the army, navy & air force, reported 787 deaths by #suicide between 2014 and 2021, the government told #Parliament on March 22, 2021. Thread on govt data and reasons for the suicides:
3 in 4 suicides were in the #IndianArmy. The Defence Institute of Psychological Research says domestic and personal problems, marital discord, stress and financial problems were the major causes of these #suicides Image
In a decade to 2019, there were 1,123 deaths by #suicide in the armed forces, government told #Parliament on September 16, 2020 Image
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cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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Strong minds do not exist. Mind is largely made of #neurons and not #Steel. Each one of us can suffer from sadness,fear or depression and attempt suicide though some are more vulnerable. Suicide is due to a state of mind that needs to be treated."
#MythSuicide Those who talk about attempting suicide are less likely to act  

#FactSuicide: People who threaten are more prone to attempt than those who do not. Hence do not challenge those who threaten to attempt
#MythSuicide: Suicidal attempts in families will dissuade relatives from doing the same when in emotional turmoil  

#FactSuicide: Suicidal behavior can be seen in families across generations as Depression can run in families
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Intern'l group of #pain experts called for urgent action on forced #opioid tapering in March 2019.

In early 2019, FDA warned that rapid & sudden tapers are harmful & can kill. They issued guidance to help doctors protect patients from harm. /thread…
Rapid/forced tapering can destabilize patients, "precipitating severe #opioid withdrawal accompanied by worsening #pain & profound loss of function. To escape the resultant suffering, some patients may seek relief from illicit (and inherently more dangerous) sources of opioids."
"New & grave risks now exist because of forced #opioid tapering," including an "alarming rise" in suffering & #suicides in civilians & #vets. Even patients at doses below 90 MME are being forced to taper.
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.@NPR's response to the outcry that they wrongly blamed medical #opioid use as the cause of the OD epidemic? 4 days later they did it again. @BrianMannADK @carriefeibel @vicwj This is LAZY & HARMFUL reporting.

Evidence shows: #ODs & #suicides go UP as # of scripts goes DOWN.
.@NPR @BrianMannADK @carriefeibel @vicwj

🔴 2,887 #vets DIED from #OD or #suicide AFTER their #opioid pain med was stopped in FY 2013.

🔴 1 year of the VA's policy to take #vets off medicine produced just 90 fewer bodies than 9/11. (Link next tweet)
VA study showing people are 4 to 6.8 times MORE LIKELY to die of #overdose or #suicide after discontinuation of a prescription #opioid. THIS IS NOT AN OUTLIER. @NPR, PLEASE contact co-author @StefanKertesz.…
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.@BrianMannADK At @headsUPmigraine, Dr @NitaGhei & I are trying to understand why medical research about the "very rare" risk of #addiction in medical #opioid use & the rising rate of causalities from rx opioid limits isn't being reported, even by thoughtful outlets like @NPR.
#Addiction expert Maia Szalavitz explained in 2016, "#Opioid addiction is a huge problem, but pain prescriptions are not the cause." The fact that steep rx limits haven't so much as slowed rising ODs proves her right.

How did @NPR get this wrong?…
.@headsUPmigraine has been on the front line of the twin public health crisis caused by widespread discontinuation & dose reduction of rx #opioids: a rise in unnecessary #disability from #ChronicPain & a spike in #suicide.
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THREAD on Medical Students #suicides
There are 78333 medical seats across India. Considering a 6 yr course & accounting for recent seat increases, there are ~450,000 students in medical schools at any given time. Dandona et al using GBD data estimated suicide rate...1/n
for Indian 20-24 & 25-29 yr olds btwn 27-33 per 100k. For ease of calculation let's take a middle rate of 30/100k. Most medical students in this age group. Assuming med students suicide rate is same as general population, India has ~ 135 medical students dying by suicide/yr..2/n
Remember India has 78,333 medical seats in 549 med schools which is an average of 142 seats/med school. So each year, we lose approximately 1 medical school's yearly intake to #Suicides
The human cost & suffering is unmeasurable. The financial cost we can estimate..3/n
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THREAD: Troubled by many media reports & SM conversations where depression + mental health issues are assumed to be only causes of #suicide
Of course, we need conversations on #Mentalhealth & depression is associated with suicide. Why am I then bothered by this? Read on..1/n
In the West, studies show that ~ 80% of suicides have depression as a predisposing cause. Also in West, suicides peak is mostly older ppl (>60 yrs) + male:ratio is ~ 4: 1.
However India's suicide epidemology is different. In India, only ~50% have some mental illness...2/n
Also our peak suicides are in age group of 18-39 yrs + male:female ratio is ~ 1.5:1. So a lot of young Indian women dying of suicides.1 out of 3 women dying of suicide 🌍 are Indian. For women in this age group, suicides is No 1 cause of death, ahead of maternal mortality..3/n
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Sui'cides are unfortunate, Sui'cides are Cowardice. But to negate the Leftists & Lutyens propaganda around it we must be aware of facts and figures. This thread is analysis of Sui'cides in 'India'. All figures have been taken from #NCRB portal.

If distress among'st people have actually Increased post 2014, as Lutyen's media & Congress keep on crying, then how come 'Rate of Suicide' is actually Decreasing.

If 'Un-Employment' in 'India' is actually 45 year high as Congress & Lutyen's Media continuously keep on crying, how come Count of Sui'cides due to 'Un-Employment' & Rate of Suicide' is constant ? We must know that NSSO didn't release any report.

#Unemplyoment #Suicides
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“If I don’t commit suicide,my father will;my family can’t even earn Rs1000(14 USD)a month...My parents can’t bear the burden of our marriages when we don’t have enough to eat. So I'm taking my life.”Thus read a #suicide note by 19y.o.Neha Bhopat who hanged herself in #Maharashtra ImageImage
In the already distressed regions of #Vidarbha and #Marathwada in #Maharashtra, another tragedy has gone all but unnoticed: "altruistic" #suicides by the children of #debt-ridden #farmers.… @journohardy #WorldMentalHealthDay Image
@ReallySwara We hope this interests you!
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#gunviolence is an epidemic in the United States.

What caught our attention yesterday: the utterly horrifying #GilroyGarlicFestivalshooting . Details still emerging.

-----But there was more-------
Also this weekend, less heralded: Brooklyn festival shooting, in which at least 11 people were hurt. As many as at Gilroy.…
And a shooting where a music video was being produced in Philly:…
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Here's a sample of what we spoke about at #adisorder4everyone in Cumbria:

1. @medsconsult and @recover2renew read 'Cracked' by James Davies (now @CEP_UK ) when published 2013
2. @medsconsult volunteered to help to compile the #unrecognisedfacts document for 2014 launch of @CEP_UK…
@medsconsult @CEP_UK 3. We have collaborated voluntarily with the @TheBMA 's Board of Science to provide real patient experiences of prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal, leading to the BMA ‘call for action’ for support for affected individuals in October 2016…
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THREAD. Let me tell you abt some myths around #suicide & how you can save lives. #suicideprevention
MYTH 1: Talking about suicide is a bad idea, as it may be seen as encouragement
FALSE. Rather than encouraging suicide, talking openly helps prevent suicide. 1/n
MYTH 2: A person who is suicidal is determined to die
FALSE. Au contraire, suicidal persons are often ambivalent about dying. Emotional support at the right time can help prevent suicide 2/n
MYTH 3: Most suicides happen without warning.
FALSE. Most suicides are preceded by warning signs, either verbal or behavioural. Many will talk to friends & relatives or doctors about wanting to die. Don't ignore it. That brings us to...3/n
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What would National #SuicidePrevention Strategy for India look like:
1. We need to believe it is possible. With concerted effort China has dramatically reduced their suicide rates.
2. We need to implement evidence-based, low cost scalable solutions. They exist.
...contd 1/n
3. Need different strategies for sub-groups. Same solution won't work for students, young women, rural/urban, farmers etc.
4. #suicideprevention is an #intersectoral issue. All solutions do not lie in #health sector; #education #employment, #media #agriculture also imp....2/n
5. Recognise India's suicide epidemiology is different from the West. M:F ratio is 1.5:1 here while it's 4:1 in West. So more women relatively. 50% of suicides impulsive with no mental illness 🇮🇳 while 80% have mental illness in West...3/n
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