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The #FarmersProtest against the central govt’s #FarmBills completes 6 months today. Farmers are demanding a repeal of three laws passed in Sept 2020 & have called for a nationwide protest today, May 26, 2021. Follow this thread to know more:
12 opposition parties, supporting the protest today, have written to the Centre demanding a repeal of the #FarmBills & minimum support price (#MSP) for foodgrains, based on the M.S. Swaminathan Committee recommendations
In Sept 2020, #Parliament passed 3 laws--Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement on Prices Assurance & Farm Services Bill, the Farmers’ Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Bill & the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020…
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En vrac:, .@olivierveran annonce pour les #kines:

✅Reconnaissance #master dès la prochaine promotion
✅Renouvellement ordonnance dans la limite d’un an
✅acte de radiologie pour la petite traumato
✅prescription d’antalgiques
✅réévaluation dans le cadre de l’enveloppe dédiée de certains actes spécifiques
✅On peut intégrer une #msp sans quitter son cabinet
✅les kines travaillant ds les #esms percevront les 183€ net par mois dès le mois de juin(confirmation déjà donnée par les syndicats .@cgt .@CFDT )
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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President's address to joint sitting of Parliament was of hope, way forward during these challenging times: PM @narendramodi in Rajya Sabha

@narendramodi India is truly a land of opportunities; country cannot let go opportunities that have come during challenging times: PM @narendramodi in Rajya Sabha

@narendramodi Criticism is fine but don't indulge in acts that can break confidence of the country; #coronawarriors should be respected: PM @narendramodi

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Finance Minister
rises to present #Budget2021-'22 in Parliament

Watch the Budget Speech LIVE


Stand by for LIVE updates
Finance Minister begins #Budget2021 speech by recounting the unprecedented circumstances through which the nation and the world had to go through and recognizing the service rendered by #COVID Warriors during the crucial months of the pandemic #AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget
The total financial impact of all #AatmaNirbharBharat packages, including measures taken by
@RBI , was about Rs 27.1 lakh crore, more than 13% of GDP

- FM @nsitharaman
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Evolution of #Budget2021

From colonial Briefcase to Desi Bahi-Khata,
From colonial Bahi-Khata to Digital Pad.

India implemented World's Largest Food Security Scheme 'Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana' to feed 80 Crore people across the country.

This is more than the population of entire Europe.

India implementing World's #LargestVaccineDrive for vaccinating covering 30 Cr crore people in Phase#1 & Phase#2.

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Sir, with ref to your very much needed sensitive response, in ordinariness of #ordinarypeople & with commonsense of
#commonman, may we submit as follows:
1.Instead of experimenting with #3FarmActs for 1-2 yrs, why not keep those in abeyance for 2yrs?
2. Ask #40AssnsofFarmers>>
>> to submit their #ProposedDraft keeping following in view:
a. #Reforms inter-alia shifting from existing agriculture pattern in #Punjab #Haryana etc to...
b."Cost + theory" & feasibility of #MSP for all crops
c. Is uniform #FarmActs possible for all #States
3.Likewise #GOI >>
>>needs to appreciate that instead of "experimenting" for
1-2 yrs which if results in #irreversible & #irrevocable DAMAGES will be creating more
#TrustDeficit, it will be better to keeping #3FarmActs in #Abeyance to hv #LevelPlayingField to make needful decisions cordially!>>
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Dissent in Democracy?
Or Anarchy?
Farmers Protests or are 'farmers' an excuse to disrupt law & order.
Mobile towers: Do they not help with online education?
Who is disrupting India again & again?
Violation of law is totally unacceptable
As of now is there any evidence to suggest MSP will go?
APMCs will go?
Any threat to farmers land?
Are vested interests indulging in fear mongering?
Is that fear mongering causing genuine & real harm to India's growth story where data & communications play a key role
What will damaging mobile towers achieve? 27 petrol pumps in Delhi's border belt have complained of zero business in past 30 days. Factories are complaining of losses & salary/job cuts. So fears of farmers due to fear mongering by netas leads to real losses on ground to industry?
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Dear @jjhorgan . When can we expect counselling to be covered by #MSP of #BC? Your appallingly ignorant reply to @j_mcelroy suggests anyone unhappy w/your governance requires it. cc: @SoniaFurstenau @kulpreetsingh 1/
The reason I ask is that -there are large numbers of people (1/4 is a figure I've heard) who do live with varying degrees of mental/emotional health issues; who might benefit from professional #MentalHealth care; who don't get it; because of the stigma and/or the expense. 2/
@JJhorgan your comment was so dismissive and demeaning to so many #BCers Among them:
->the reporter who asked the question
->your fellow MLAs, whose job it is to represent their constituents (us) by questioning you and holding you to account 3/
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Rather useless & farcical theory there. Fact is the govt has no more storage than the 50Mn odd tonnes it buys .
The total #food grain production of #India ~300Mn tonnes .The balance was always sold at market rates to primarily large corporations like @ITCCorpCom & @Cargill .
Also as far as the PDS procurement is concerned Data shows that the average quantum distributed through the system is some 10.7Mn tonnes per annum.
Where does the rest of the ~40Mn tonnes go ?
Well it rots & is generally sold off as animal feed & for conversion to alcohol.
The price control she talks of here only exists because most of the foodgrains are sold at below #MSP . If all food in #India was procured at MSP it would be unaffordable for most citizens .
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Disagree !
1) Set a limit on #MSP purchase say 5Mn tonnes .
2) Ensure all of it is purchased directly from #Farmers via #ContractFarming for @FCI_India .
3) Ensure the contracts go only to #Farmers having 5acres or less land with a total asset calculation of less than ₹10Lakh.
#MSP is necessary to uplift the downtrodden small #Farmers & hence should not be abolished . What is necessary is reformation of the system to cut out the #APMC via direct Contracts by @FCI_India under a @Amul_Coop like cooperative model to directly acquire grains from farms .
The govt of #India needs to reform @FCI_India as well , turn it from a PDS feedstock storage to a true #food corporation that can be used to sell FCI branded flour & Rice directly to consumers on market prices under the @kvicindia model .
Expand to other foods as well.
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I've always maintained #India needs legislation mandating a #Defence budget at 2.5% of #GDP exclusive of pensions . This will force every govt to control populist spending for votes to help build up the Security of #India .
Absolutely , we cannot keep handing out largesse . As I keep pointing out #India spends ₹300,000cr to buy 6% of total crops on #MSP .That's 1/8th of our total receipts of ₹24,00,000cr . Guaranteeing price on all crops will bankrupt #India .
Add in expenses on subsidies on fertilizer, seeds ,free electricity etc & loan waivers & the expenses on the #agriculture sector alone is over ₹10,00,000cr .#money that comes out of the pocket of the taxpayers .
There has to be a better more sustainable way to support #Farmers.
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#wheat #exports: #India to export 3.5-4 million tonnes of wheat to neighbouring countries as compared to an average of 0.2Mn tonnes per annum in the past between now & March if govt sells at international prices which are below #MSP .…
If the govt absorbs the difference #India could end up exporting as much as 7Mn tonnes of #wheat . The govt needs to empty stocks at a loss after buying from #Farmers at #MSP to be able to buy more #wheat this year.
Fact is #MSP has put the nation into cyclic losses .
As yields increase it will logically not be possible for any govt to buy crops at an #MSP higher than international prices beyond a determined stock . The rest of the agricultural produce will logically have to be sold at market rates .
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Here are some myth busters about the Farm Act 2020. Check out the facts and be informed!
@PIB_India @MIB_India @airnewsalerts @AgriGoI
Market System will continue as before. Check out the facts and be informed!

#FarmActsGameChanger #AgriReforms
@PIB_India @MIB_India @airnewsalerts @nstomar @AgriGoI
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#कृषिबिल के विरोध में बैठे
#विपक्षी_दल😠😠😠 और #राजनेताओं😠😠😠

अब तुम्हारी ही #याददाश्त को #10वर्ष पीछे ले जाकर
सत्ता में रहने के दौरान आपका #कालखंड ही याद दिलाना चाहता हूँ
कृपया पोस्ट के साथ ये दोनों #संलग्न_पत्र ध्यान से देखिए
एवं पढ़िये👇👇👇
जिनमें से एक पत्र दिल्ली की भूतपूर्व मुख्यमंत्री #स्व0शीला_दीक्षितजी को एवं दूसरा पत्र #मध्य_प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री #शिवराजसिंह_चौहानजी को लिखा गया था।
जो #काँग्रेस😠 के सत्ता में रहते हुए #वर्ष2010 में तत्कालीन #कृषिमंत्री #शरदपवार😠द्वारा देश भर के मुख्यमंत्रियों को लिखा गया था।
जिसमें तत्कालीन #कृषिमंत्री एपीएमसी(#APMC) में #संशोधन कर #निजी_सेक्टर को #किसानों से सीधे खरीद करने का समर्थन करते दिखाई दे रहा है।
#काँग्रेस😠 के संग सत्ता में रहते हुए #राजनीतिकदल😠और #नेता😠 जो आज #विपक्ष में बैठकर इस #कृषिबिल का #विरोध कर रहे हैं...😠😠😠
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1.@PMOIndia even tho #punjabfarmersprotest is politically engineered, what do you lose by amending the Act to say none can buy below #MSP?
MSP fixed by each state government so the ball will be in their court. And if farmers choose to sell below MSP, despite law, you lose nothing
2.@narendramodi ji your Govt's inability to manage the political narrative is astounding.
#SoniaG could drum up massive support for even patently disastrous legislation such as #RTE.
Whole army of public intellectuals lauded RTE, black hole of corruption& 3waste called #NREGA
3. But @narendramodi ji U
prefer to blow ur own trumpet.
You think ur Mann Ki Baat is enough to convince whole world.
Kejriwal floods TV with ads on every flimsy issue.
Why couldn't you have smart info capsules in all languages telecast over TV on farm policy reforms?
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Small farmers to benefit from technology and equipment with guaranteed profits.

The contract agreement will guarantee the farmers to get the fixed price.

Busting the myths about #AgricultureBill

The Bill clearly prohibits sale, lease or mortahe of farmers' land
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1) MSP does not have any legal backing till now and farmers can't demand it as a right. Its just government policy and an administrative decision to purchase food grains at MSP. And govt can't even force private players to provide MSP. 👇
And even the new Farm Bills does not mention "MSP" or " government procurement".

CACP, which recommends MSP, is again not a statutory body and its just an office attached to Ministry of Agriculture. CACP just recommends MSP but the decision on fixing and even not fixing 👇
and its implementation lies with Govt.

See there are two things, ONE is declaration of MSP and the SECOND is procurement of food grains at MSP by Govt. Agencies. The declaration of MSP has no meaning (its worthless) if Govt. agencies are not procuring at MSP. 👇
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I’ve posted the article in the thread in case the pay wall prevents viewing. An idea I picked up from @OnlyDBestSpooks #Rootsistance Living in #MSP I’ve had RW residents insist I was deluded to suggest this. Actually, just pretty well informed...
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On Sep-07, @HarsimratBadal_ went hammer-n-tongue against @capt_amarinder 4 misleading Punjab-farmers against #AgricultureBills of @narendramodi.. Her video>…!

Wonder what happened post that? #PunjabPolitics forced a U-Turn 4 @Akali_Dal_ @officeofssbadal?🤦 Image
Clip from @HarsimratBadal_ video-message from Sep-07, blaming @capt_amarinder for misleading farmers and praising minister @nstomar on #MSP👇

Dear Mrs Badal, what made you and your hubby join Captain in opposing the #AgricultureBills?🤔
@officeofssbadal @Akali_Dal_
@HarsimratBadal_'s U-Turn on #AgricultureBills turns out to be more embarrassment as her statements to support same bills/ordinance earlier, comes out👇

Why have you done this @officeofssbadal @Akali_Dal_? Kya mazboori thi?🤦
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आइए, एक-एक करके तीनों विधेयकों को समझते हैं।
सबसे पहले, कृषक उपज व्‍यापार और वाणिज्‍य (संवर्धन और सरलीकरण) विधेयक एक इको-सिस्टम बनाएगा जहां एक किसान भारत में कहीं भी अपनी उपज बेच सकता है। इसके अंतर्गत इंटर-स्टेट और इंट्रा-स्टेट ट्रेडिंग,(1) @narendramodi
यहां तक कि इलेक्ट्रॉनिक ट्रेडिंग की भी इजाजत होगी। किसान विपणन में आने वाली लागत पर बचत करेंगे। वर्तमान व्यवस्था के तहत एक किसान केवल APMC या एक पंजीकृत लाइसेंसधारी या राज्य सरकार के माध्यम से ही अपनी उपज बेच सकता है।(2) @narendramodi
वह अपनी उपज को ई-ट्रेडिंग या इंट्रा-स्टेट ट्रेडिंग के माध्यम से नहीं बेच सकता है। विपक्ष का कहना है कि किसानों को एपीएमसी से पर्याप्त कीमत मिलती थी, बाजार विनियमित होता था और राज्य सरकारें मंडी शुल्क कमाती थीं। (3) @narendramodi
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#MSP - how does MSP Minimum Support Price for actual farmers work?

1) Do all farmers transport a full trolley or truck load? Nope and that adds a cost factor since the complete crop will not be ready to harvest and move magically on the same day either. Say, 3% - 5%
2) Assuming the Mandi buys the full load. Will the unloading and the payment be immediate? You must be kidding. Say 8% - 12%

3) What is the informal grey market insurance protection premium payable for goods in transit? About 3%

4) Is there a risk when crossing "borders"? 3%
5) Time usually taken to encash "parchi" interest rates of 4%-5% per month? 12%-15%

6) Cost of ensuring full lift-off at MSP (upper limit can be imposed) 2%-3%

7) The harzana in addition would be? About 5%

Do the math, will you sell to a private buyer at 30% below MSP?
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Minimum Support Price #MSP of 6 Rabi Crops Hiked.

◾Gram: Rs.5100
◾Masoor: Rs.5100
◾Mustard: Rs. 4650
◾safflower:Rs. 5327

MSP for paddy during UPA time (2013-14) was Rs.1310. Now it is Rs.1868.
During UPA time amount distributed for paddy was Rs.47,851 crores. Now it is Rs.1,39,841 crores:@nstomar in Lok Sabha

#MSPHaiaurRahega Image
'Wheat #MSP in 2013– 14 during UPA regime was Rs.1400. Now it is Rs.1975. Quantity purchased during UPA time (2013-14) was 250 lakh MT. Now it is 341 lakh MT'
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#FarmBills will soon be legislations,nothwithstanding antics in #rajyashabha,by likes of
#DerekOBrien& #SanjaySingh

@narendramodi,famously said, "Mind is never a problem;Mindset is"!

My #Oped in @DailyGuardian1 dissects,historic FarmBills, threadbare👇…
My Oped in #TheDailyGuardian which discusses each of the 3 #FarmBills in great detail,tells you why the Bills by @narendramodi govt will not only end #Monopoly by #Arhatiyas,but will also end the #Monopsony of APMC Mandis-Yes, you heard it right--Monopsony is worse,than Monopoly
#AgriReforms by @narendramodi👇

Onboarding 1000 #eNAMs

Setting up #FPOs to improve farmers' bargaining power

1 lakh Cr #AgriFund for investment in Post Harvest Infra

#InterestSubvention of 2%

Issuance of 6.7Cr+ #KCCs&Rs 6000 to over 14Cr farmers,via #PMKisan

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