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20 Feb
1/ This thread reflects on a recurring problem in discussing the history of #animalstudies, critical animal studies, & human-animal studies. It’s #misogyny. Here’s the jist: feminists & feminist ideas are devalued or ignored only to see our ideas appropriated while we disappear.
2/ This reflects on a recurring problem in animal studies. I will try later to add another thread w/ many citations of impt writings. So this is the first of more to come
3/ In Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth, @last1000chimps & I described how reflections on the development of the animal protection movement usually tell the story of its beginning w/ the publication of @PeterSinger’s Animal Liberation in 1975
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28 Sep 20
Dear @VegNews: I am shocked that you carried the statement by the authors of #ThugKitchen announcing their name change in your 2020 holiday issue without providing any context about their racist practices and cultural appropriation over the past 8 years. 1/x
#TheBeardedVegans offered a definitive two-part series on Thug Kitchen exposing this. They explain, "Matt and Michelle, the couple behind #ThugKitchen made a habit of slyly dodging their critics & employing a litany of gaslighting techniques to explain away their behavior." 2/x
You can find the first part of #TheBeardedVegans podcast here:… 3/x
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26 Aug 20
"Scoop" asked, What does defacing a billboard that features #JacindaAdren w/ a dead #possum say? It says the #sexualpoliticsofmeat is alive & well in NZ. // /1
Killing animals and using them to represent hostile feelings toward women is nothing new. It's just more visible when the woman the dead animal is used against is #jacindaardern the Prime Minister of NZ. /2
Also a reminder of the status of #possums as pests in New Zealand, explored in a paper by Ally Mccrow-Young, Tobias Linné, and Annie Potts. To lower a woman's status or objectify her, use #animals that have already been "lowered" in status.… /3
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24 Aug 20
Let’s take a moment to remember the #suffragists who were #vegetarian, a thread. They recognized how oppressions were connected. Some of the information is from my book, The Sexual Politics of Meat now celebrating its 30th anniversary of publication. #suffrage /1
Let’s be clear: Susan B. #Anthony was NOT a vegetarian. She was happy to get to Delmonico’s in Manhattan after staying with the #Grimke sisters, who were. She did attend a vegetarian banquet in 1853, where the toast was to “Total Abstinence, Women’s Rights, & Vegetarianism.” /2
Matilda Joslyn #Gage, a radical activist & co-editor of the 1st 3 volumes of “The History of Woman Suffrage” with Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony, was a vegetarian. She was later written out of the history for her radical views. See the work of @Swagner711 /3
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15 Aug 20
Remember the belief that meat is the best or only protein source is a #racist belief, discounting the way the majority of the cultures ate. #thesexualpoliticsofmeat #feminism #vegan /3
A #masculinity made anxious & unsettled seeks to re-establish itself by invoking #redmeat; you can find this happening at key points in US history: the rise of immigration at the end of the 19th century, after the Vietnam War, after 9/11, & during the #Trump 2016 campaign /4
The scholar #VasileStanescu discusses the work of #EMDuPuis who suggested that it was not a coincidence that colonialism, nativist union sentiment, and the decrease in the cost of meat occurred simultaneously at the end of the 19th century. #xenophobia #manhoood #meateating /5
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5 Aug 20
The podcast @NewBooksAfroAm is a great podcast. Today I learned about a new book, "The Smell of Slavery: #Olfactory #Racism and the Atlantic World," by Andrew Kettler, a new book from #CambridgeUniversityPress.… /1
"Western European defined the #African subject as a scented object, appropriated as filthy to create levels of ownership through discourse that marked African peoples as unable to access spaces of Western modernity." #whitesupremacy… /2
African Americans used smell as #resistance during the centuries of their being held as property in the United States: for instance, putting cayenne on their feet so that dogs could not track them when they set out to claim their freedom./3
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2 Jul 20
Let's talk about this article & #fetalbovineserum. @amlamey says (parenthetically) regarding in vitro meat "Dr. Post’s first burger was grown using fetal bovine serum, a slaughterhouse byproduct; his team & others have sought out animal-free replacements."…
What in this context does "have sought out" mean? They have sought out and FOUND animal-free replacements? Or they ARE STILL SEEKING animal-free replacements. Because the difference is meaning is the difference between #meat "without murder" and meat with murder.
Many people don't realize that #pregnant #cows are killed. Killed in #slaughterhouses, killed to be in hamburgers, killed to become "meat." #FetalBovineSerum is taken from the calf the pregnant cow is carrying. Sometimes that calf is alive after the mother cow's death.
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22 May 20
.@michelleinbklyn Back in 1995, Operation Rescue's office was raided to collect their belongings to auction to begin to pay what a jury in Houston had ordered they owed Planned Parenthood for disrupting their services during the 1992 Republican Presidential Convention. /1
Among the property that was collected that day by the Dallas County Constables were six computers. All of #OperationRescues's property was collected into one lot to be auctioned on May 1, 1995 in Dallas. /2
My family had been targeted by #FlipBenham and his "Sunday warriors" as we called them; they had picketed in front of our house to protest my spouse, a pro-choice minister in Dallas. We got a temporary order that required that they stop. /3
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13 May 20
Jonathan Safran Foer: Meat is not essential. Why are we killing for it?…
"The number of #slaughterhouse workers who have already died this year is on par with the number of U.S. servicemembers who have died annually fighting in Afghanistan over the last five years."
"The answer lies in how we have let agribusiness effectively normalize worker exploitation, and the mercenary skill we sometimes employ to deny or forget our support for that industry’s actions." Are you helping agribusiness normalize worker exploitation by eating their products?
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21 Apr 20
I'm glad that this article calls out @hannahgoldfield for her shameful review of @LekkaBurger, comparing it to someone's else's [a man's!] burger, as though there can only be one vegan burger. Tell that to the makers of burgers from dead animals--only one, no room for more! /1
It made me wonder if @hannahgoldfield faces the same dilemma this article exposes--that women have to be better than men to achieve (nothing new there). The fact that the @NewYorker article ends w/ her saying "well if I want a hamburger I'll just get a hamburger" (paraphrase) /2
prompted 2 thoughts: does @hannahgoldfield feel she have to be a woman "who eats everything," and why, in the face of the environmental catastrophe that hamburgers contribute to, would one want to ever choose a hamburger over a @LekkaBurger ?
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20 Feb 20
Here’s an example of the continuum between our sexual-exploiter-in-chief’s “Grab ‘em by the p***y” & the hyper-masculine BBQ environment that is fixated on “Butts.” Thanks to @sjsweeney for spotting this in #Arizona
#misogyny #anthropocentrism #TheSexualPoliticsofMeat #SPofMeat30 Image
@sjsweeney 2/ Food trucks allow for a certain mobility to an oppressive image. You can choose not to look at some images, but this one travels past you or is located where you are going. #Misogyny on wheels! #feministtheory
@sjsweeney 3/ images like this also camouflage the misery that pigs (and other farmed animals) live with; implying instead that they want you to want them. Apparently the only "will" a farmed animal can be granted as having is the "desire" for humans to eat them #suicidefood #sexualizedmeat
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3 Feb 20
This is a second thread for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. What if white privilege has influenced the way we have framed issues around veganism and animal rights?
This is a part of journal entry from the early 1980s when I was involved in a very difficult battle around integrated housing and racism. I wrote “Racists who do not see that they are being racist. If this is true as a paradigm—racists do not see racism... Image
...what is there about me that is racist but I fail to see it?"
I tried to learn a methodology for confronting that racism that goes unacknowledged: Assume your own ignorance & if you have received feedback that something you said or did or endorsed was racist—hear the critique.
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2 Feb 20
This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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11 Jan 20
A book review by #ScottBradfield in last week's @nytimesbooks praised #MurderatLakeMaggiore
(Multiple positive statements can be found in its publisher's, @NewVesselPress , tweets. The review convinced me to get the book through @audible_com 1/
@nytimesbooks @NewVesselPress @audible_com praised as an intellectual #murdermystery, it quickly instead became a #misogynist murder. The victim. a woman, is a #shrew. The protagonists--two men, the husband and a young friend discuss women as consumable objects (#thesexualpoliticsofmeat) /2
@nytimesbooks @NewVesselPress @audible_com the women are exchanged, #sexualized, #objectified, discussed as though they are #food, & sexually devoured. The reviewer does not note this, even in this era of #MeToo instead discussing #triangulation as though that & not women's objectification is the engine of the book. /3
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4 Jun 19
I was shocked to find that @RLSWrites cites a statistic about the # of animal shelters verses the # of #domesticviolence #shelters, in No Visible Bruises. Why didn't editors at @BloomsburyPub catch this as problematic? Thread: why this is problematic:
1/ There is a connection between domestic abuse and animal abuse. Often abusers injure animals as well as their main targets: women. Many women, over many years, did not leave their abusers because there was no where to take their animals.
2/ Now some dv shelters have created shelters for animals, or have developed working relationships with animal shelters in order to protect the animals who are also targeted by abusers.
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2 Nov 18
The meat industry and animal agriculture promote an #AntiMeToo perspective. Latest example is #Randy's from Sheffield with its #WeinsteinBurger. But, remember, this normalization is very normal for meat advertisements, Randy's is just more overt. #sexualpoliticsofmeat
And their statement (found here:… ) in which people who protest are "sensitive" shows how strong the normalization of rape culture is.
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