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Islam and veganism: A thread 👇

I have been vegetarian for 11 years and mostly vegan for 5 years, and converted to Islam 4 years ago.
My main reason is that the life of an animal feels more valueable to me than eating meat, and I feel compassion and mercy for animals. 1/
In historic times, there were places and situations where eating meat was necessary for survival, where plant food usable by humans was rare, like in desert or tundra environments, or where famines broke out. In these situations, slaughtering animals and eating them for 2/
survival was a "lesser evil" as compared to letting humans starve. In our situation nowadays however, we can easily live vegan, and animal slaughter is no longer necessary for survival. There are plenty of plant foods available, and we can easily have a healthy vegan diet 3/
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Since Boycott China has been trending at the top in #Pakistan
Here is thread on how
#HumanRights &
#AnimalRights are being violated in #China openly
Also, the culture and super hit songs of China against other nations
China is responsible for #coronavirus Image

This is how the administration treats #women & kids in #China

Boycott China


Brutally Killing People, shooting them with pallet guns & violating #HumanRights is a common practice in #China

Boycott China
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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These two horses are Dot and Dash. Dash is closest to us, you can spot him because he’s got some pink coloring on his lips. The other horse is Dot. He’s Dash’s older brother. If you took the harnesses off of Dot and Dash, they would spend a lot of time hanging out just like this.
They came from some farm in Ohio. As I understand it, they used to work on one of those fair carousels where they’d spend the entire day with people on their backs, walking in sad circles.
They were always affectionate horses.

This is probably going to be a long thread, sorry
They came to #GreenfieldVillage (part of #TheHenryFord) shortly after I transferred to the barn from the Model T’s.
How lucky could those horses be? The Village is a magical place. Sure, it could pay more, but it’s a non-profit and you get to drive a Model T all day. Rad, right?
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A starving #SunBear begs for food in an #Indonesia ZOO
This isn't new news😔
In 2017, Scorpion Foundation: "90% of Zoo's in Indonesia are unfit"
Under the guise of #CONservation is how these 84+ Zoo's operate


.@Menlu_RI .@GrandIndo

#AnimalAbuse 🆘
2/ #Indonesia ZOO'S = #AnimalAbuse
The Ministry of Environment & Forestry regulates these Zoo's
Secretary General of Indonesia Zoo Association👉 #TonnySumampau does nothing

In 2013 the #surabaya Zoo, 130 animals died
In 2014 it was called the #ZooOfDeath

3/ #Indonesia ZOO'S = #AnimalAbuse

There are daily #AnimalRights VIOLATIONS committed by these Zoo's -
Which can be enforced under the Criminal Code BUT law enforcement officials will not.

Forced to perform
Unsanitary conditions EXTREME

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Thread: Had to explain to someone why neutering a cat before they breed is ethical and outweighs the other possible end result of letting them repeatedly breed, then watching authorities horrifically poison all with strychnine. 🙈 and people wonder why I prefer animals.
I’m lucky. Where I live, thanks to a few hard workers, the cat population is pretty much controlled. But that’s thanks to hard work and effort of people that care. It doesn’t just happen. Others take that for granted.
Red Sea resorts like Hurghada, Sharm and Dahab are over run with cats and there’s consistent poisoning. There’s no change. It’s horrific to watch. It’s dangerous to humans and it’s so unnecessary. El Gouna is a humane, ethical city and long may that continue.
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Hello, from planet France! @SherylNYT I see from your bio that not only are you a dog lover, but you're interested in "creatures of the swamp". Well here's a twofer for you! Have you heard of Kato and Kleo in Connecticut?
@FreeKatoAndKleo desperately need more eyes on their situation. They did not maim or kill anyone. 6 YEARS held 23 hours a day in separate cages. Owner has gone bankrupt fighting through every level of the judicial system, trying to get them back home.
Someone opened fenced in gate and Kato & Kleo got out.  Over 30 people attacked them with bats, sticks, rocks and whatever they could get their hands on because they were frightened that they were going to harm a little girl--which they DID NOT. They were puppies at the time. 😔
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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On @tagaq's recommendation, I had the chance to watch @Alethea_Aggiuq’s documentary #AngryInuk, It's about how #WhiteSupremacist #vegan lobbyists have decimated Inuit communities with food insecurity. If you care about justice, watch this:
I want to be clear, opposition to the #sealhunt is #WhiteSupremacist and #racist in nature. It is absolutely clear to me that, at best, organizations like @peta ignore their impact on #Inuit. At worst, they're party to an intended programme of starvation.
In the entire course of her documentary, @Alethea_Aggiuq tried meeting with #vegan and #animalrights activists to discuss their impact on #indigenous communities. Every single attempt at communication was met with silence or avoidance.
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Matangalila, ancient text on elephant behaviour & mgt refers to Capture of wild elephants, as a conflict mitigation strategy #NoElephantBan
#Matangalila describes that grievances of villagers over crop loss prompted King Romapada of Anga to order capture of elephants & tame them
80% of wild Asian elephants in India roam outside the conventional Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks - increasing Man-Animal conflict
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