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What could *possibly* be worrying women…? Hmmm… Image
Stop calling GC women ‘hateful’ or ‘transphobic’

They’re not the ones with the problem.

This sort of shit is what they’re worried about. Image
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"Argument-Making in the Wild"

Today's SFI Seminar by Simon DeDeo (@LaboratoryMinds), streaming now. Follow our thread for pull quotes and slides:

First, let's divide human history into three eras, or regimes of #knowledge #production and #consumption:

• #premodern/#archaic
• #modern + #postmodern
• the #egregore (online content sharing)

• The premodern era is defined by caloric restriction.
• The modern era is characterized by a small number of sellers of #information vs. a large number of consumers (see also #HerbertSimon's remarks on the "poverty of #attention")

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Also let's not have that conversation about how even in liberalism white people do speak over black/Latinx folks sometimes which causes problems y'all but apparently it's acceptable as long as they "Democrat" and agree with the hive mind cause they "good white people" lmao.
Welp. #generationy and #millennials, y'all not so tolerant now? You only not #transphobic, #misogynist, #racist, avoid #ethnic #discrimination, avoid critiquing valid #religions, non #ableist against disabled folx etc. as long as ppl agree 100% with the #liberal #hivemind 🤷
Forgot homophobia as I'm not straight lol so yes I am calling Millennial/Generation Y, at least some of you lot a bunch of dumbass crybabies who do not understand the idea of critically critiquing, and NO, that is not a #white thing or else I guess my CUNY Hunter college /3
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More organized post:
Literally stop your "oh I'm so tolerant" #liberal shit because yes, Generation Y, sometimes you deserve to be shit on especially in the #USA/Americaland sector.
Like literally this is why #millennials including myself sometimes just feel... Like some people are two /2
faced. #generationy more critique, in my case, in the white sector but some of you #liberal people of color, even black and Latinx/Indigenous folx make yourself so unapproachable even as a liberal myself and I just don't like that. /3
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1/The Parisian #ballerinas painted, drawn & sculpted by #Degas were young, poor & wretched souls. Exploited & used, the youngest were known as ‘les petit rats’. Wealthy men, called ‘abonnés’, paid subscriptions for backstage access to them & ‘privileges’. #RefuseToBeUsed ImageImage
2/ Abonnés, the powerful & wealthy male subscribers who paid for backstage ‘access’ (often sexual) to ballerinas in #Paris, can be seen in many paintings. #Degas, also an #abonné, used & exploited the young girls for his art, discarding them when no longer of artistic use. ImageImageImage
3/#Misogynist #Degas reportedly said “women invented the word ‘suffering’”. What a lovely man. Not. Remember that when looking at the beautiful works of art he created. Remember the miserable existence of the exploited & abused #ballerinas of #Paris.
#arthistory #impressionism ImageImage
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پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی جوانہوں نے محترمہ شیریں مزاری صاحبہ سے کی اوربے شرم اینکر ہنس رہا ہے ، بے شرم ، بجاۓ ٹوکنے کے ۔ #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
Expecting any decency from a Loud Mouth Braggart like Hassan Nisar is tantamount to living in Fools Paradise ! He off & on came drunk on live TV & equally obnoxious when he is not drunk ! I am amazed that Salim Safi one on one interview of #HassanNisar #Sexist #Misogynyst
پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی ۔ اور حیرت اس پر ہے کہ سلیم صافی و دیگر ان حسن نثار صاحب کو بڑا معتبر بنا کر خصوصی انٹرویو کرتے ہیں #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
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A book review by #ScottBradfield in last week's @nytimesbooks praised #MurderatLakeMaggiore
(Multiple positive statements can be found in its publisher's, @NewVesselPress , tweets. The review convinced me to get the book through @audible_com 1/
@nytimesbooks @NewVesselPress @audible_com praised as an intellectual #murdermystery, it quickly instead became a #misogynist murder. The victim. a woman, is a #shrew. The protagonists--two men, the husband and a young friend discuss women as consumable objects (#thesexualpoliticsofmeat) /2
@nytimesbooks @NewVesselPress @audible_com the women are exchanged, #sexualized, #objectified, discussed as though they are #food, & sexually devoured. The reviewer does not note this, even in this era of #MeToo instead discussing #triangulation as though that & not women's objectification is the engine of the book. /3
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1/4 #EditorialDecisions: "Let's put up the cutest pictures of the #misogynist who #killed9ppl in a minute & made a #hitlist of HS girls he wanted to kill." #Biasinjournalism
"Police said they haven’t yet established a motive for Sunday’s #massacre. But acquaintances say the
2/4 warning signs — signs of the shooter’s unusual #obsessionwithkilling and death — cropped up long ago."
Women are the canary-in-the-#massshooter coalmine that society keeps ignoring at its own peril! #ListentoWomen #GunControlNOW
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Guide to #PseudoWoke #CentristCreeps: they never engage in political or substantive discussions bc their politics are horrible and nobody wants to say let's not raise the minimum wage. So they pretend universal programs are racist/sexist even tho they disproportionately help...
women & poc. If the person to their Left is white & arguing with a Black person or straight and arguing with an LGBTQ person, accuse them of being racist and/or homophobic/ transphobic. But they employ this totally opportunistically & inconsistently. If the Leftist is the...
person of color or LGBTQ person & suggests that the white or straight person is being racist/homo/transphobic, then the #centristCreeps say "how dare you use identity politics as a shield. This has nothing to do with the identity of the people arguing. Can't you engage in...
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Recently, a #tenured #prof at a grp dinner made a #sexist joke. I didn't laugh.

He pointed at me & called me out on it.

"See, I knew SHE wouldn't get it."

I reported it to an #administrator & copied a 1st yr prof also present at dinner. She corroborated my story.

Thread 1/7
Like me, she couldn't say anything during dinner as senior prof collaborated w/ our prog, which he reminded us several times. The administrator I spoke to was sympathetic & concerned, & assured us that senior prof is a well-known a**. We aren't the 1st to run afoul of him. 2/7
Hearing their responses validated my experience greatly.

The 3 of us discussed how junior prof & I would deal w/ future events. One way was to ask senior prof to clarify his "jokes."

Junior prof said this was likely to be the least destructive. Administrator agreed. 3/7
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.Every day in twitterverse I watch straight young white people who identify as "progressive" demean and diminish the lives of the marginalized & insist that WE need to recognize that "economic security" is the #1 issue all liberals need to focus on which will then solve all. (1)
.I watch them speak from their lofty privilege not realizing that they are standing on a platform built by the very people they demean. Their lack of gratitude for the work of these before them blows my mind. Their robotic devotion to an establishment man with minimal (2)
.accomplishments in his career is staggering. What saves me from despair is the ongoing work of POC and LGBTQ activists and allies who continue to engage the #racist & #homophobic #misogynist #transphobic "sleeping" people. Huge credit to all of you doing this work (3)
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I stayed off Twitter for 24hrs to try &reclaim my personal time &prioritize writing, finishing this next book,since my health is so dire.
But also,Saturday I was utterly disgusted by the overt racism of white women claiming to be Dems/progs/left in my mentions.It was awful.
#Cancer makes you both more patient & less so. I never curse or name-call on here, but I don't sit back & watch WOC being shafted by WW.
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