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Them: We’re short staffed. We don’t have teachers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, delivery persons, nursing aides… people don’t want to work!

Me: It could be that… or maybe it’s that 715,000 people have died…& currently another 1 is dying every 47seconds. They were “staff”
Let me clarify a point, #Death is not the only thing that can keep someone from working, #disability can too. Studies show 20-50% of #COVIDinfections results in #LongCOVID. Well, 61% of the 44M Americans w/ #COVID are 18-74yo… that’s 27,454,517.

America, we have a problem

And I’ve said this before, will say it again, history is our greatest teacher.
#1918Pandemic showed that our nation’s economy is TIED to our nation’s health. The pandemic was 1918-1920. It had a great impact on younger ages, esp 15-44yos. The workers. And what happened in 1929?👇🏽
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Last century saw two very deadly pandemics the #GreatInfluenza of 1918 and #HIV. Is there anything we can learn from these about the future of #COVID19? The obviously parallel is the 1918 pandemic, a respiratory pathogen, though flu and #COVID19 have a lot of differences (1/5)
The #1918Pandemic tells us not to be overconfident after a receding summer wave. Pandemic flu often has a summer wave, followed by a big resurgence in the fall/winter. Is #COVID19 as seasonal as the flu? We don't know, but don't get too comfortable. (2/5)…
...the data from the Southern hemisphere is mixed, and everything is muddled by control and surveillance. But even it is important to remember even if the virus isn't directly climate sensitive, behavior is, and can lead to strong seasonal effects. (3/5)…
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ICYMI back on Feb. 7, 2020, I published: "A Harvester of Sorrow – First Wave of the SARS 2.0 Novel Coronavirus" / #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS… Image
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS…
#COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2ndWave no kidding, use summer as a time to prep just in case, no matter what anyone says, bc a virus is much smarter than any of you...
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Over the last months of 1918 and first months of '19, Americans suffered through worst pandemic in their history as the Influenza struck. When the virus receded, 675,000 Americans had died and upwards of 50 million globally. Follow the thread below for basic #1918Pandemic 101. Image
Following our thread of #1918Pandemic 101 pieces, we're excited to have Nancy Bristow, author of American Pandemic, here to answer your questions from 2-2:30 p.m. (CST). Chime in anytime with your questions using #1918Pandemic or by replying to our thread.
Scholars disagree on the geographic origins of the #1918Pandemic – some maintain it started in Kansas, while others pinpoint England or France in earlier yrs. What is clear is that the virus made its way into US Army barracks and from there, traveled out over to Western Front. Image
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