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"[If] we cannot call out when the [Nuremberg Code] has been broken, then what was the point of it in the first place?"

#covid19on #onhealth #onpoli #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
"I understand that some people were shocked by the fact that I was willing to point out how governments throughout history have broken the Nuremberg Code. Including right here in Canada."
"As an international lawyer, I look at the Nuremberg Code as an important legal document, and as a free Canadian, I believe it is my duty to speak up when we even come close to breaking any of the ten principles enshrined in it."
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The World Climate Declaration:

There is no climate emergency

"Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific."

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#covid19on #onhealth #onpoli #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
"A global network of over 1100 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message... Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming..."
"Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850."
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"“Get on the f–k ground before I TASER you. Right now!” a Calgary Police officer is seen on cellphone video screaming at a 21-year-old who...were accused of violating social distancing rules."

Never forget, Canada

#covid19on #onhealth #onpoli #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
"There were several kicks to the hockey player’s legs from the front and side as well as attempts to put him into a headlock."
"His skates were cut off while pinned to the ice for up to six minutes."
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1/10 New @COVIDSciOntario modelling released today. Key findings: We‘ll likely see a bump in hospitalization as public health measures cease – probably less than in January if we change behaviours slowly. #COVID19ON… Image
2/10 Slides 3 & 4: Wastewater signal isn’t dropping anymore. Ontario is probably seeing 15,000 to 20,000 new infections every day. #COVID19ON Image
3/10 Slides 5 & 6: Test positivity has also stopped dropping and in some populations is growing a bit. #COVID19ON Image
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“[Klaus Schwab] outlines how his subversive WEF movement has, to use his word, “infiltrated” governments all over the world. He makes special note of Canada.”

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#HonkHonk #TruckersForFreedom2022 #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli #covid19on #onhealth #onpoli
“But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau … We penetrate the cabinet. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually…
“…Young Global Leaders.”
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“Universal innocence also gave rise to the universal failure to act. Maybe they won't take you? Maybe it will all blow over?”

The Gulag Archipelago

-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


#HonkHonk #TruckersForFreedom2022 #covid19on #onhealth #onpoli #covid19 #cdnhealth #cdnpoli
“A. I. Ladyzhensky was the chief teacher in a school in remote Kologriv. In 1937 a peasant approached him in an open market and passed him a message from a third person: "Aleksandr Ivanich, get out of town, you are on the list!" But he stayed: After all, the whole school…
…rests on my shoulders, and their own children are pupils here. How can they arrest me? (Several days later he was arrested.)

Not everyone was so fortunate as to understand at the age of fourteen, as did Vanya Levitsky: "Every honest man is sure to go to prison. Right now…
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1/10 Today's Omicron briefing . A 5-pt plan to blunt Omicron (slide 16): (1) Cut contacts by 50%; (2) acc boosters to HCW & vulnerable; (3) masking, distancing & ventilation (4) put treatments where they are most needed; (5) act now. #COVID19ON…
2/10 Slide 4 & 5: Cases are rising across Ontario & Omicron will be dominant this week. #COVID19ON…
3/10 Slide 6 & 7: South Africa itself – sometimes cited as evidence of O’s slower severity -- is now seeing hospitalizations rise with Omicron. But the rise in death there is less steep than in previous waves. #COVID19ON…
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1/4 Pls take note: Omicron Rt is now 4.29. Every person with Omicron is infecting more than four other people. By comparison, anyone with Delta in Ontario currently infects only 1 other person. #COVID19ON…
2 / 4 Omicron is doubling in Ontario every three days. Every. Three. Days. We have no evidence that this is a less severe form of COVID-19. #COVID19ON…
3 / 4 Time to accelerate boosters (that yellow line at the bottom). Boosters won’t stop Ontario’s 5th wave right now; they take time to protect a population. But they WILL protect you. Book one as soon as you can, six months after your 2nd shot. #COVID19ON…
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Omicron is here 1/5 We’re now following Omicron closely on our dashboard. Some key figures: Rt for Omicron is 3.32 (!!!), compared to 1.27 for all variants combined…. #COVID19ON…
Omicron is here 2/5: Just. Look. #COVID19ON…
Omicron is here 3/5 21% of Ontario’s cases are now Omicron. The number of Omicron cases here is doubling every three (!!) days. #COVID19ON…
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Proxying for @Golden_Pup
1) Ontario is reporting 666 new cases and 467 resolved cases of #COVID19 today.
18% (120) of the cases began over a week ago, dating back as far as March 2021.
cases were added without a positive test.
#COVID19ON #onpoli
2) Ontario is also reporting 7 new deaths with COVID-19 today.
4 of the deaths were individuals over 70.
1 of the deaths were individuals under 40.
The deaths come from cases dating as far back as March 2021.
"3) Based on the age distribution of the cases reported today, and using their case fatality rates from wave 3, 98.95% of the cases announced today would be expected to survive.

This is a chart showing the age distribution for the cases announced today, along with their CFR's."
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@Golden_Pup proxying
Pup Proxying
1) Ontario is reporting 661 new cases and 469 resolved cases of #COVID19 today.
17% (113) of the cases began over a week ago, dating back as far as February 2021.
4 cases were added without a positive test.
#COVID19ON #onpoli
2)2) Ontario is also reporting 6 new deaths with COVID-19 today.
3 of the deaths were individuals over 70.
The deaths come from cases dating as far back as April 2021.
"3) Based on the age distribution of the cases reported today, and using their case fatality rates from wave 3, 99.24% of the cases announced today would be expected to survive.

This is a chart showing the age distribution for the cases announced today, along with their CFR's."
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Cases Reported...............= 661
Cases without Positive Test..= 4
Cases Resolved...............= 469
Cases older than 7 days .....= 113 (17.10% of 661)
Oldest case addition/removal.= 2021-02-25

#COVID19 #COVID19ON #onpoli
The under 20 age group leads the case count.
The case breakdown by date of episode (symptoms onset), and by age group as as following
Toronto and York from GTA are leading the cases. But the distribution when viewed by population would indicate that GTA is showing much lower incidence rate than other regions.
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We’ve just released new COVID modeling. We’ll take you through it in eight tweets. You can get the deck here:… #COVID19ON
Slides 3/4/5: We’re walking a narrow ledge. Positivity down but not consistently across ages & 19/34 PHUs have growing cases. We’re ok for now, but we have no wiggle room. #COVID19ON…
Slides 6 & 7: Vaccines are our most important weapon & we have to reach more Ontarians. But until vaxx rates are much higher, the combo of current vaxx rates & public health measures are helping to control cases. #COVID19ON…
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Ontario data shows that vaccines are very effective at preventing C19 as well as serious outcomes if infected. However, most of the benefit comes from vax'ing older age groups. 1/5
#COVID19ON #Covid19Ontario
Hospitalizations are dramatically lower in C19 cases in vaccinated (breakthrough) vs. unvaccinated. (data expressed as cases per 100,000). But, in younger age groups the actual impact is less than for older.
Consolidating age groups shows clearly that vaccinations, have less impact on outcomes in younger ages. 3/5
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1/5 Ontario’s prescription: Vaccinate twice & stay patient. Vaccines are working – Rt is 0.75, but as mobility surges, we have to be patient with re-opening. Let’s stick with the plan… #COVID19ON…
2/5 Ontario’s prescription: Wait for the data… Infection & hospitalization are lagging indicators. We’ll only know by next week whether Phase 1 re-opening (two weeks ago) drove more infections or hospitalization. #COVID19ON…
3/5 Ontario’s prescription: Get vaccinated, please! Pls don’t pick and choose between Moderna & Pfizer. You can mix and match these – don’t hesitate. #COVID19ON…
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[ON] now supports MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Now available in French, Polish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese. The website also now supports +200 clinics! Pls share with anyone you know still searching for a vaccine! #COVID19ON #vhcON 的团队现在支持中文了!



请与家人和朋友分享,轻松找到疫苗预约空档,无需手动点击每个诊所的网站。 的團隊現在支持中文了!


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I am trying.
I am trying to understand why you think wearing a mask takes your freedoms away? What exactly are you losing by covering your nose and mouth? I am fairly certain you can still talk and express yourself. Because trust me we hear your whining.
I am fairly certain you can still breathe. Because I know I can under two masks, even with anxiety and damaged lungs from a childhood respiratory illness. I am trying to understand what exempts you from wearing a mask.
Really, I am trying to understand. I am trying to understand how vaccines are altering your DNA, making your uterus shed (last time I checked this was called menstruation), or making your husband’s left testicle swell.
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Let's breakdown today's announcement of the provincial Worker Income Protection Benefit (WIPB).

Workers were promised the best #PaidSickDays plan in North America -- THIS IS NOT IT.


#OnPoli #COVID19ON #PaidSickDaysSaveLives
WIPB provides 3 #PaidSickDays. It's way too little, way too late.

Workers need at least 10 permanent paid sick days + 14 days during pandemics.

It falls short of recent Bills 239 & 247, which govt could have passed with simple yes vote on Mar 1 & Apr 26 respectively.

This is a temporary measure, set to expire Sept 25. This is not the permanent protection workers need.

16 states in the US have permanent, legislated & employer-paid #PaidSickDays. It can be done. It must be done.

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1/7 My sister-in-law, an RN in the GTA looking after COVID-19 patients every day, told me most of her patients are in their 20s and 30s. Most are sent to the ICU within 12 hours of being admitted. In each case, their entire family is sick with COVID, sometimes 8 or 9 people.
2/7 A veteran RN with 3 kids, she wasn't scared during the 1st, or even the 2nd, wave. But now, like her colleagues, she is terrified. Leaders need to listen to their science advisors, not lobbyists. Decisions need to be made according to public health, not political ambitions.
3/7 This pandemic is inequitable. Some can stay home, but those who are unhoused, elderly, lower income, or those considered “essential” workers are dying. Many of them take public transit on their way to their workplaces in factories, grocery stores, hospitals, and LTC homes.
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I'm in meetings for most of the day & resurfaced to even more stupid decisions? #onpoli
What is this crap re: blaming people for complacency, hard hit communities for not knowing to book vaccine appts in this convoluted mess & MORE police presence? THIS AIN'T IT! #COVID19ON
We all feel the same. STUPID DECISION MAKING.
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APR 16: #COVID19 in #Ontario
4812 cases*, 25 deaths, 3151 resolved
64304 tests/day, 38815 pending, 8.2% pos
1955 hospitalized (701 in ICU)🏥
3,644,038 vaccinations (+115,634)💉
See thread for more graphs📈⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
#COVID19 Hospitalizations & deaths in #Ontario
Deaths in the past week: 152

Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth
Ontario: Daily new #COVID19 cases, deaths, resolved with 7 day averages from Sept 1, 2020. #COVID19Ontario
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Ontario's COVID-19 ICU crisis and explosion in cases didn't come out of nowhere. Doug Ford and the PCs loosened restrictions and ignored scientists for MONTHS as they warned about exactly this.

From March 11, Ontario Science Table Briefing:

(Pt 1/2) #COVID19ON #COVID19Ontario
On March 11 (over a month ago) the Ontario Science Table presents modelling that projects a potential disaster in Ontario's ICUs. Doug Ford & the PCs keep loosening restrictions anyway. Field hospitals will begin accepting patients next week. Pt 2/2

#COVID19ON #COVID19Ontario
Way back on February 11, the Ontario Science Table projected a future with thousands of daily COVID-19 cases and ICUs pushed to the brink. Doug Ford & the PCs ignored them and decreased public health measures, setting the stage for disaster. Pt 1/2

#COVID19ON #COVID19Ontario
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APR 15: #COVID19 in #Ontario
4736 cases*, 29 deaths, 3174 resolved
65559 tests/day, 39682 pending, 8.0% pos
1932 hospitalized (659 in ICU)🏥
3,528,404 vaccinations (+105,430)💉
See thread for more graphs📈⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
#COVID19 Hospitalizations & deaths in #Ontario
Deaths in the past week: 145

Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth
#COVID19 Total hospitalizations & daily cases in #Ontario

Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth
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I don't get why people in Ontario aged 18-49 find it confusing to book their vaccine appt. Just go to Then, you may think clicking "age criteria for your Public Health Unit" would show you age criteria for your Public Health Unit, but you'd be wrong. 1/21
Instead, it brings up some sort of an FAQ with a URL that includes the phrase "vaccine-70-older" - ignore that, it's not relevant.

The first question on the page, "Who can schedule a vaccine appointment," contains two different links in it...2/21
One link is info about who should NOT get the vaccine, and one is a link to Ontario's 3-phase vaccination plan. If you follow the latter, it brings you to a page that gives a vague outline of Ontario's vaccine plan. It says Phase 2, which we're in now, is for ppl aged 60-79. 3/21
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