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#ISKP claimed responsibility for today's #explosion in #Kabul:
"Several #Taliban, incl. their commanders, were killed& wounded in a martyrdom bombing that targeted a gathering of them in the capital Kabul."
ISKP said that Shahram Mowahid, a suicide bomber, carried out the attack.
On Sunday, an ISKP fighter managed to reach a large hotel where the Taliban were holding a “memorial” ceremony for its former leader, Akhtar Mansour, near Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul.
The martyrdom fighter managed to penetrate all the security barriers installed by the TB ...
...around the area& then detonated his explosive belt among the TB, which resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of them and the destruction and damage of 5 vehicles.
According to Amaq, this was a "high-level ceremony" attended by the most prominent leaders of the TB."
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Several #Taliban were wounded in an #explosion against their vehicle in PD17 of #Kabul City, today.
The area is home for both, urban network of ISKP and NRF.
Kabul Police Spokesman, @khalidzadran01, confirmed to @pajhwok, that at least two civilians were injured in a roadside bomb blast in Kotal-e Khair Khana area, in PD11 of #Kabul City.
The area where the #explosion happened, is the border between PD11& PD17.
Pro-NRF social media accounts claimed responsibility for today's explosion in Kabul but there is no official statement from the NRF yet.
I can't confirm that the photo with burning vehicle, shared by some media outlets, showing today explosion's scene. Image
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By all accounts, the NRF have launched a major offensive against the #Taliban across #Panjshir today -- taking multiple districts.

No doubt the #Taliban can respond in force, but it's yet another sign (beyond #ISKP) that #Afghanistan's new rulers are far from unchallenged.
NEW - x7 rockets fired into #Tajikistan from #Afghanistan.

In one month, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan & #Tajikistan have all been hit by cross-border attacks, and #Iran affected by border clashes.

Tajik incident comes amid NRF (long associated with #Dushanbe) offensive in #Panjshir.
#ISKP have claimed today’s cross-border rocket attack on #Tajikistan.

This comes weeks after a similar volley was fired into #Uzbekistan & amid #TTP cross-border attacks into #Pakistan & clashes along the #Iran border.

#Taliban coming under mounting pressure.
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The #Khanaqa of Mawlawi Sikandar, was targeted in today's #explosion in Imam Sahib District of #Kunduz Province.
Dozens of worshipers were killed and wounded in the explosion.
Khanaqa is a Sufi gathering or worship place.
#Taliban spokesman:
"A blast took place in a mosque in #Kunduz's Imam Sahib district.
33 civilians, including children, were martyred and 43 others were wounded.
We condemn this crime, wish the martyrs a paradise and the wounded a speedy recovery."
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#Explosions reported in #Kabul, #Nangarhar, #Balkh& #Kunduz today.
In Mazar-e Sharif City, a #Shia worship place was targeted. In Kunduz, according to @bsarwary's sources, an aid distribution site was the target. Explosions n other provinces were not as deadly as the 2 mentioned.
According to @aamajnews24, 31 people were killed& 87 more wounded in the #Shia mosque #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif today.
#Taliban downplaying the threat of ISKP, but the group was behind several deadly attacks in Afghanistan, since the Taliban took over the government in Kabul. Image
Spinghar News meanwhile reported about the explosions in Kunduz& Nangarhar.
In Kunduz, at least 4 people were killed& more than a dozen wounded.
In Khogyani District of #Nangarhar, 4 #Taliban were reportedly killed& one more wounded as a result of explosion against their vehicle. ImageImage
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#Taliban #arrested Yar Mohammad Rahmati, the head of Kabul office for Tebyan Social and Cultural activities center and locked his center.
The #Iran-backed #Shia cultural center in #AFG held a rally in front of Iran’s embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, to show solidarity with Iran ... ImageImageImageImage
...following a violent protest of Afghans against Iran, before Iranian Consulate in #Herat.
The recent anti-Iran protests in AFG started after videos went viral of Afghan refugees being mistreated in Iran.
Some of the Tebyan center activities were labeled as #illegal by former...
...Republic Government of Afghanistan& the center's office in Kabul was also #attacked by the #ISKP in 2017, that resulted in the killing of over 40 AFG Shias, while many more were wounded.
Read reports here:………
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General McKenzie, commander of #CENTCOM told the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on March 15:
1. #ISKP poses a moderate to high threat to the Taliban& civilians. The group could establish an external attack capability against the U.S.& its allies in 12-18 months, or sooner.
2. #AQ will most likely continue to #maintain_a_low_profile under pressure from the #Taliban, which seeks international legitimacy. AQ likely still aspires to recruit& train, & if successful, restore an external attack capability against the U.S. & its allies in 12 to 24 months.
3. For the U.S., conducting CT operations in AFG from “over the horizon” remains difficult, but not impossible. Withdrawal of U.S. forces has exacerbated gaps in our intelligence. Reductions in consistent CT pressure potentially could enable VEO groups to pose increased #threats.
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Abdul Rahim #Muslim_Dost, a fomer detaine of the US-run Guantanamo Prison& alleged founding member of the #ISKP, #surrendered to the #Taliban in Nangarhar.
He publicly disassociated himself from ISKP, for the killing of innocent people by the group n 2015.…
In Oct. 2015, #Muslimdost confirmed that he had pledged allegiance to IS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi& was loyal to him, but condemn the activities of #ISKP in AFG under leadership of Hafiz Saeed.
Below are two reports on the topic:…
“I was in Terah area of Khyber Agency when I announced allegiance to the Khilafat (IS). Groups of people were joining us and I would convince them, but we were unaware that illiterate people like Hafiz Saaed Khan are damaging the holy name.”…
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#Firing & #explosion reported in a #Shia mosque, in #Peshawar, today.
The attack left many civilians killed& wounded.
An unverified video, showing horific situation after the explosion inside the mosque.
#ISKP is the prime suspect.
Islamic State via Amaq News claimed Peshawar attack, saying Jalaybib Kabuli, first killed/wounded the guards&then detonated his explosive vest inside the mosque.
"IS fighters constantly target the Shias in PAK&AFG, despite the intensive security measures taken by TB& PAK police." Image
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#Taliban spokesman Z. Mujahid:
During the house-to-house #search_operations in #Kabul, in the last two days, 9 #kidnappers, 6 suspected #ISKP members& 53 #robbers have been #arrested and 441 #weapons, including Kalashnikovs, Krinkovs, Kalkovs, M16, M4, RPG, PKM, Dehshka...seized.
The achievements Taliban claimed, include seizing of 36 IEDs, including MIEDs, and 13 Metric Tons of explosives.
Interestingly, the seized weapons included 44 RPG launchers (with 85 RPG rounds) and 107 large-calibre (82 mm) artilleries.
Also 42 signal jammers&dozens of Radios...
On Sunday morning, the #Taliban searched our house in #Kabul. No Imam (prayer leader) or Wakil-e Guzar accompanied the Taliban, but as it was house-to-house #search in the entire street, it is clear that those two couldn't go to each house.
Three TB for ca. 30 minutes searched...
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"The 3 branches of the IEA security forces (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior & General Directorate of Intelligence), under the leadership of Deputy Minister of Defense, Mullah Mohammad Fazil Mazloom, launched a large-scale clearing operation in Kabul&several...
...other nearby provinces today.
The purpose of the operations is to arrest& eliminate all robbers, kidnappers, evil elements& other criminals in the mentioned areas, who have already been detected & surveillanced by security forces.
People should cooperate with security forces."
Civilian houses in the north & east of #Kabul, were searched by the #Taliban today.
Pashtons dominated east of Kabul (Hootkhel, Qala-e Zaman Khan, Arzan Qimat & Karta-e Naw) was the old & Tajiks dominated north of Kabul (Khairkhana, Sar-e Kotal..) is the new safe heaven of #ISKP.
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#Taliban's Ministry of Interior:
"The IEA has cracked down on all criminal/insurgent groups over the past few months, which is why the level of security incidents has dropped dramatically."
TB's spokesman 4 MoI, confirmed that #kidnapping is still a concern&they work on it.
Since couple of weeks, the number of the ISKP claimed attacks, significantly decreased. It is important to not lable the decrese or even absence of the ISKP attacks for some weeks, a big success for the TB or end of the group's activities. In Dec. 2019& Jan. 2020, ISKP claimed... attack in #Afghanistan (even not a single attack in two months).
2020 at all, was a year with very low number of #ISKP activities in AFG.
But in 2021, ISKP with hundreds of attacks, took second position, after Iraq, in number of casualties on the annual infographic of ISIS.
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50 #ISKP loyalists came to the intelligence directorate of #Nangarhar& joined the IEA (surrendered). They were pardoned for their past deeds, based on the decree of the Amirul Momineen.

Those surrendered, are 'suspected pro-ISKP' civilians.
According to the below tweet& video, as a result of the #Kunar governor& local tribal elders' efforts, 25 alleged #ISKP loyalists, realizing the legitimacy of the IEA, renounced their opposition& pledged allegiance to the officials of the Islamic Emirate.
According to the Taliban's #Kunar governor office, 28 more alleged #ISKP loyalists #surrendered to the TB government in the province.
Since August 2021, hundreds of alleged ISKP loyalists surrendered to the Taliban, mainly in the eastern Kunar& Nangarhar.
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Local sources reported about an #explosion in PD9 of #Kabul City....
No details yet.
#Taliban spokesman for Kabul Police HQ:
"At least two soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast in the Banai area of Kabul's PD9, at around 11am today. The bomb was attached to a military vehicle.
An investigation into the incident is ongoing."
#ISKP claimed responsibility for the #Kabul #explosion against a #Taliban vehicle:
"The soldiers of the Caliphate detonated an explosive device on a vehicle of the Taliban, in PD9 of Kabul City, which damaged the vehicle and killed and wounded those on board."
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Multiple sources confirmed that an #explosion targered a #Taliban vehicle in Charrahi Gul-e Surkh, in PD4 of #Kabul City, today afternoon.
Several people wounded in the blast.
Official/exact details about the incident are not available yet.
Below #video is showing the incident scene of today's #explosion in #Kabul City:
#Kabul Police spokesman confirmed the #explosion in PD4, adding that only two #Taliban members were slightly #wounded in the blast.
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Pro-#Taliban accounts on Social Media:
"Right now, #ISKP Khawarij are under siege in #Jalalabad city, and a fierce clash/battle is going on."
#Nangarhar intelligence chief confirmed to media that 3 #kidnappers were killed & 2 more arrested in a raid against their hideout in Qasaba area of #Jalalabad City, last night.
#Taliban recently designating the #ISKP members as kidnappers/criminals.
Nangarhar media office officially confirmed that a Talibam operation against armed kidnappers in Qasaba area, in PD1 of Jalalabad City, resulted in the killing of 3 kidnappers, one TB fighter&a goldsmith kidnapped by those criminals. Two kidnappers were arrested&6 weapons seized.
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#Explosion n #Kabul City:
#Taliban's Ministry of Interior confirmed a blast in Baraki area of Kabul City today evening, adding that a gas cylinder inside a vehicle caused the explosion.
Eye witnesses told @aamajnews24 that MIED targeted a civilian vehicle.
According to the @moiafghanistan statement, one civilian was killed and three more wounded in the blast in Baraki area, in PD2 of Kabul City.
#ISKP claimed yesterday's #explosion in #Kabul, that was named as Gas cylinder blast by the #Taliban:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a vehicle of Rafida (#Shias), in PD4 Kabul City yesterday, by detonating an explosive device, which damaged it, killing &wounding 5 people on board." Image
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According to @aamajnews24, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Abed was the target of the explosion who survived the attack with some superficial wounds. Abed is a prominent Kabul-based #Sunni_scholar&Imam of Abdul Rahman Mosque who survived from an assassination attempt against him 3 years ago. Image
Mawlawi Salam Abed is a member of the Central Council of Jamiat-e Eslah Afghanistan @EslahAfg (Society for Reforms).
In February 2021, ISKP claimed assassination of Mohammed Atif, the Chairman of the Central Council of Jamiat-e Eslah in Kabul.
No group claimed today's attack yet.
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State-run @BakhtarNA reported that one civilian was killed and two more were wounded in today's roadside IED #explosion in Tank-e Logar area, in PD8 of #Kabul City.
Local sources told me that the target of the explosion was a passing by vehicle of the #Taliban.
There was reportedly another explosion in PD16/22 of Kabul City.
A vehicle was targeted with MIED near Mullah TaraKhel's hospital in east of Kabul.
Meanwhile, the @emergency_ngo reported receiving three wounded patients, seemingly from PD16 explosion.
As both explosions were in the same direction (road), there could be some misreporting/mixing of information.
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"A special unit of the #Nangargar's Intelligence Department conducted a #special_operation on a hideout of armed robbers/kidnappers (#ISKP) in Maqam Khan area of #Behsud district, in which the head of the group named Shaheen was killed& 3 members of the group arrested."
Meanwhile, Nangarhar Spinghar News quoted eye witnesses saying that "on Saturday morning a clash broke out between the Taliban& #ISKP (on the outskirts of Jalalabad). According to local residents, 2 ISKP militants were killed, 1 wounded& 2 arrested. TB also sustained casualties." Image
#Taliban statement:
"Dr. Bashir, the provincial director of intelligence in #Nangarhar, said that 80 #ISKP members from 10 districts of the province had #surrendered, with conditional bail of local tribal elders, to the IEA and they were apardoned."
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While media reports about five casualties in today's #explosion in #Kabul City, #Taliban's "Interior Ministry spokesman Qari Saeed Khosti said, a mine planted in a vase on Darulaman Road exploded this morning, but there are no casualties."
#ISKP claimed today's #explosion in #Kabul City:
"The soldiers of the Caliphate detonated an explosive device on a four-wheel drive vehicle of the #Taliban, in PD7 of Kabul City, which damaged the vehicle, killing and wounding about 6 Taliban members." Image
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Since very early in the morning, #Taliban launched an operation against a suspected #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City. The clash is still ongoing.
The sound of small arms fire, RPGs& other explosions heard by locals in the area.
Details of the incident will come later.
A pro-TB source released an alleged video of the ongoing clearing operation of the #Taliban agajnst an #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City:
Pro-TB sources:
"At least 4 #ISKP members, including a suicide bomber, were killed & Atta-u-Rehman, a well-known figure of the group, was arrested (in today's Taliban operation against their hideout in Jalalabad)."
Below is a video from the incident scene:
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The US Department of Treasury designated Ismatullah Khalozai, a financial facilitator for #ISKP, who has provided support to ISKP’s operations in #AFG by facilitating international financial transactions& movement of #foreign_fighters who seek to escalate tensions in AFG& region.
"For 2 years, Ismatullah Khalozai operated a #Turkey-based #hawala business to transfer funds to finance #ISKP operations. Previously, he operated a #UAE-based financing scheme to generate funds in support of ISKP.
Khalozai has also carried out human smuggling operations 4 ISKP."
Meanwhile, the US @StateDept designated three more #ISKP leaders including the Emir (Sanaullah a.k.a. Shahab al-Muhajir), Cheif Propagandist (Sultan Aziz Azam) and Head of Kabul Operations (Mawlawi Rajab), as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (#SDGT).
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The claim of @DeborahLyonsUN that the self-declared Islamic State — Khorasan Province (#ISKP #DaeshKhorasan) "now seems to be present in nearly all provinces [of #Afghanistan]" is alarmist and NOT supported by any evidence. (1/4)
While there have been ISKP claims in provinces where ISKP has previously not been active, this is the exception NOT the rule. Rumours from other provinces are often highly doubtful and have at times even been disproved. And such rumours do NOT cover “nearly all provinces”. (2/4)
That said, there are credible indications that @DeborahLyonsUN and @unafghanistan are basing their claims on highly questionable sources and are swift to attribute activities to ISKP without critically questioning information — which is always a must in the Afghan context.(3/4)
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