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We’re kicking off the month of September by endorsing some incredible candidates today in Arizona! Take a look at who we’re supporting in #AZleg:
.@French4AZ is a veteran, educator, and longtime reformer. She’ll lead the fight against voter suppression and to limit the influence of corporate special interests. #azleg
Mayor @Coral4AZ refuses corporate money, has fought voter suppression, and will fight to expand Clean Elections so everyone can run for office. #azleg
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.@Everytown just announced we will invest at least $5 million in Arizona for the 2020 elections. Our nearly 200,000 @MomsDemand and #StudentsDemandAction supporters in the state will target key battleground Maricopa County.

Westgate #AZleg…
Arizona gun laws are among the weakest in the country, with no legal requirement for background checks on unlicensed gun sales. But to date, Arizona lawmakers have refused to take action to reduce gun violence, even when more than 1,000 Arizonans are shot and killed every year.
A 2019 poll found a majority of Arizona voters support stronger gun laws: 54% of respondents said current gun laws in Arizona are not strict enough, while 37% said they should be kept the same. Less than 5% said current gun laws are too strict.…
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.@Everytown just announced we will invest at least $5 million in Arizona for the 2020 elections. Our nearly 200,000 @MomsDemand and #StudentsDemandAction supporters in the state will target key battleground Maricopa County. #AZleg…
Polling shows we can win: By a more than 8-to-1 margin, Arizonans want stronger versus weaker gun laws, and an
overwhelming majority of voters support blocking domestic abusers from owning guns (89%) and requiring background checks on all gun sales (85%). #AZleg
In fact, a majority of Arizona voters (57%) say they would never vote for a candidate who opposes background checks on all gun sales, including 58% of independent voters, 50% of Republican women, and 59% of Maricopa County voters. Arizona, here we come!!! #AZleg
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To ALL Arizona families: Know that we, the Arizona State Legislative Body, are about to negotiate a budget to then either recess or end the session completely. We are doing so WITHOUT putting forth critical policy needs for Arizona to respond to the #Coronavirus. (cont) #AZLEG
Neither the Governor or the Majority in the House or Senate have responded to our requests to policy protecting workers and our economy during this crisis. We are asking for funding to: Expand & fund access to testing. Establish drive-through testing sites at county. (cont)
health departments. Establish free evaluation and testing to those without health insurance. Create fund to pay for sick leave for public employees under quarantine or sick. Approve 90-day supply of medication and medical supplies for AHCCCS beneficiaries and encourage (cont.)
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THREAD: Tuesday's presidential primary election is 100% still happening. Here's what you need to know about voting in the age of coronavirus! @LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ
@LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ 1) Live in Maricopa County? The bad news: 80 polling places have been shut. The great news: You can now vote at ANY polling place in the county. Go to to find one convenient for you.
@LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ 2) Live outside of Maricopa County? For the most part, your polling place has not changed. Yuma closed one polling place (the health department, for obvious reasons). Apache County moved a few. Go to to find where to vote
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Over the last 24 hours, #coronavirus news has moved FAST.

Keeping people healthy and safe means canceling events & closing everything. That, in turn, means missed work, smaller paychecks, shrinking bank balances and a lot of stress & worry for working people.
Luckily, AZ already has paid sick leave, thanks to #Prop206 passed by @LUCHAAZ & many others. (Shout-out to the power of grassroots ballot measures!) Part-time, hourly and seasonal workers all get paid sick time!
If your employer does try to commit wage theft by not providing you with paid sick leave as guaranteed through #Prop206, contact the Industrial Commission of Arizona: (3/13)
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THREAD - APS spends tens of millions on political campaigns! Their stronghold on the #azleg shuts down the voice of our community. We must put #PeopleOverProfits. Here’s a list of what @AZHouseDems, @AZSenateDems said on rejecting APS $$$:…
Rep. @DrRandyFriese: “I received an APS contribution earlier this week. I do plan on returning it.”
Senator @Dalessandro4AZ: “When first taking office in 2013, they gave me a check for $1,000. It was promptly returned because I was running for re-election as a Clean Elections Candidate. ”
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Midterm elections were a year ago today.

While I dreamed of Arizona being the 38th state to #RatifyERA, Virginia is poised to become the final state.

The difference? A democratic majority in the state legislature.
(THREAD 1/15)
In 2017, we thought that with the addition of Rep. @DrGerae, there would be a possibility for the #ERA to at least get a committee hearing since Arizona was FIRST in the country in female representation in the legislature at the time. /2…
Gov. @dougducey spent a significant portion of the SOS highlighting the accomplishments of AZ female trailblazers, but notably left out the #EqualRightsAmendment.

To do so felt like an attempt to gloss over the rampant sexual harassment at #azleg. /3…
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Groundwater plays an essential role in the health of AZ's rivers and our state's water security. As our state begins to use less #CORiver water, sustainable management of groundwater will be more important than ever in the years to come. @alisteinbach…
As recent research from @UofA/@coschoolofmines points out, “Arizona has experienced significant declines in stream flows — between 10 and 50% — due purely to groundwater pumping.”…
In 2017, WRA outlined Arizona’s use of groundwater and pointed to sustainable solutions to help communities across Arizona better manage their water resources and mitigate potential future shortages.…
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1/3 🚨BUDGET ALERT:🚨Late-night amendment decimates the #SOS election services budget, which is crucial for ensuring we have the infrastructure in place to keep our elections secure and fair.
2/3 This also means the state cannot meet the match required by the Help America Vote Act Grant. Counties will lose out on $750K of #HAVA funds, that should be used to enhance election security measures.
3/3 To top it off, the amount appropriated for the Presidential Preference Election is not even close to the $7M county election officials said they need to ensure the PPE runs smoothly. #AZLeg #AZBudget
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Las percepciones erróneas acerca de la frontera paralizan la capacidad de capitalizar las fortalezas de la región. Es hora de escuchar a quienes mejor la conocen; las personas que viven y hacen negocios ahí. Agradezco la invitación de @RepTonyRivero a #AZHouse. #Chihuahua #AZLeg ImageImage
@RepTonyRivero En #Chihuahua hemos recuperado un concepto tan simple y trascendente como es el Estado de Derecho. Gracias a las medidas que hemos impulsado para que los empresarios nacionales y extranjeros inviertan en igualdad de circunstancias capitalizando nuestra ubicación privilegiada. ImageImage
@RepTonyRivero Somos un gobierno que ha tomado en serio el combate a la corrupción y a la impunidad. Nuestra labor está dando resultados, construyendo un legado de dignificación de la política y del servicio público. Hoy, estrechando lazos de colaboración entre #Arizona y #Chihuahua. #AZHouse ImageImage
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In a hearing yesterday, Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Tom Buschatzke said this paragraph of our story about Pinal County water was inaccurate and that we refused to correct the story. (Thread 1/7)

Story link:…
He’s right -- we didn’t correct it. Because it was true.

▶️The story accurately quoted DWR. Here’s the email where the info came from: (screenshot shows DWR spokesman Doug MacEachern’s response to my question in bold). 2/7
▶️DWR has never said its initial statement was wrong. They've simply reiterated that no projects with a Certificate of Assured Water Supply (final water permit) are in jeopardy. 3/7
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URGENT THREAD: Across the country, Republicans have used their power to retaliate for Democratic electoral gains. We saw it in WI & MI with the #GOPPowerGrab, and now the GOP is coming after voting rights in Arizona TODAY. #VotingMattersAZ #AZVotingRights…
In the 2018 election, Arizona’s early voting totals surpassed 2014 total voter turnout! With huge surges in Democratic early voting, Republicans in #AZLeg are now retaliating by trying to impose barriers on early voting.
.@MichelleUgenti (LD 23) has introduced three bills to make it harder to vote early: #SB1046, #SB1072, and #SB1090.
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I'll be live tweeting today's #AZLeg Judiciary Committee hearing where another @MichelleUgenti voter suppression bill will be heard. #SB1090 seems to be in retaliation to Maricopa County Recorder's decision to open Emergency Voting Centers the weekend before Election Day 2018. /1
You see, AZ has about a month of early voting. But, strangely, polling places are closed the weekend prior to Election Day. And, in fact, state Senators PASSED a bill just last session to allow for in person voting through & including the weekend prior to Election Day. /2
The state House, for whatever reason, decided the bi-partisan bill passed by the Senate wasn't worth their time so never took it up. Every County Recorder in the state supported the Senate passed bill. /3 #ThingsThatMatterAZ
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While we were watching the horror of the #ParklandShooting unfold, #AZLeg House Judiciary Comm's GOP members passed HB2535, @kevinpayneLD21's bill that'd PROHIBIT all child welfare agencies from adopting or enforcing any rule or policy related to possession or storage of a gun.
In the same breath, Rep. Payne declares that the AZ Department of Child Safety's "primary purpose is to protect children" and that DCS should not maintain the ability to protect children from firearms. These seem like ideas completely at odds w each other, no?
Because we know that, during the first six months of 2017, for example, minors died from accidental shootings at a pace of one every other day, with the majority of the shootings occurring in the home.…
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