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🧵 Leaving Washington after a fruitful week meeting with Afghans, @afghanevac team members, and government leaders from @StateDept, @WhiteHouse, @WHNSC, @DeptofDefense, @DeptVetAffairs, and @DHSgov. Image
We heard several positive updates from our colleagues in government regarding #EHC / TWC, process improvements at various points in the SIV and P1/P2 pipelines, and other good news.

We also heard some disappointing things we are still working through.

We will keep pushing.
This work comes with a lot of disappointment, so the good times matter.

Among the brightest spots of all of this are the interactions with Afghans and with the volunteers across the @afghanevac community.

The interactions this week were particularly impactful for me.
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A #TopTen list of things that, if enacted tomorrow, would drastically improve outcomes for all involved in #AfghanEvac
1. Appoint an Ambassador to Qatar (vacant 5 years)
2. Waive HP fees, issue clear guidance, and refund fees for #Afghans denied
3. Allow virtual visa interviews
4. Direct and active @POTUS engagement with foreign leaders toward expanding capacity & throughput for flights & other processing overseas
5. Creative executive orders to maximize housing capacity, which would also address homelessness benefitting all Americans.
6. Establish permanently & staff appropriately the CARE team at @StateDept, as well as the @DHSgov team & entire ecosystem of US gov agencies involved
7. Emergency funding for rapid expansion of resettlement agency staff & resources for national orgs & local affiliates.
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I've tried to push past or ignore it but can’t deny that working on #AfghanEvac initiatives since the fall of Kabul has taken a toll on me—mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and professionally. This has been a very dark winter in that regard.
I’ve struggled to concentrate most days; I’ve struggled to be "productive" on projects that I'm supposed to be pursuing. I’ve struggled with guilt over seeing so much pain and trauma, even if from a distance, when there is so little I can do in the vast majority of situations.
There is a deep, harsh guilt that comes from receiving hundreds of desperate messages (since my number, like that of many volunteers, has been shared/distributed so extensively at this point), whether weekly, daily, or hourly, and struggling with the sense of intense moral injury
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I want to tell you about some of the bravest women I've ever known.
I want you to know how much each has overcome, as in choosing to pursue military service or becoming a policewoman, despite the many dangers and obstacles of being an Afghan woman in uniform even before the fall of Kabul.…
I want you to recognize and appreciate how hard each had worked and fought to succeed, often thriving despite these challenges and contributing to their country's security. These women have been our allies and contributed to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan for years.
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Took some time off work and I'm on an plane, heading back to Washington, DC for another week focused on #AfghanEvac so I wanted to provide an update.

As always, you can find resources and more information at #AfghanEvac logo
First: to our friends in #Afghanistan and their families here in the US and around the world: we see you, we hear you, and we will not forget the sacrifices you've made in our name. We are still here and hope to soon welcome you into our neighborhoods and our homes.
Tomorrow, our team is meeting all day to create better infrastructure, tools, and processes for our 115+ member organizations. We'll also be discussing methods to best keep folks around the world informed. Everything we do will center around #Afghans seeking help.
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I recieved this email

"Hello and thank you for reaching out to #AfghanEvac,

We are receiving thousands of messages each day, so active monitoring of this inbox is very challenging and you should not expect a direct response. The inf below should help." Image
"The veteran and humanitarian communities have not forgotten the American citizens, legal permanent residents, visa holders, and other Afghan allies who are still in Afghanistan. We are continuing to work to find ways for you to leave the country. " Image
"communities coordinating with US gov+working toward safe+predictable relocation opportunities..If your family is currently in safe location,please stay there for now.We understand US is working to get Americans,GreenCardHolders
+LawfulPermanentResidents(LPR evacuated immediately
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An update on #afghanistan:

The #AfghanEvac coalition and other groups have not forgotten the American citizens, legal permanent residents, visa holders, and other Afghan allies who are still in Afghanistan. We are continuing to work to find ways for you to leave the country.
The communities are coordinating with the US government and working toward safe and predictable relocation opportunities for those eligible.

If you and your family are currently in a safe location, please stay there for now.
We understand the US government is working to get American Citizens, Green Card holders and other Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) evacuated immediately and we understand that the they are working on plans to help visa recipients and applicants.
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Guide to U.S. Private Groups for Rescue from Afghanistan
#AfghanEvac #ProjectExodus #SaveOurAllies #HonorthePromise #NoOneLeftBehind
(Thread 1/8)
LINK to the Guide to U.S. Private Groups for Rescue from Afghanistan includes safety guidance for evacuees… #EmilyPosts
Nazarene Fund

Summary: @glennbeck charity has raised over $10 million and so far gotten thousands of people out of Afghanistan by plane, mostly from Mazar-e-Sharif. @thenazarenefund focuses on rescuing persecuted Christians.
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“If and when Afghanistan collapses, rapid air evacuations will be necessary. History provides a model for how the U.S. should move forward…We should do the same now for our allies in Afghanistan, while there is still time.”…
“Should collapse come in Afghanistan, it will happen faster than Washington can respond…it will engender a rapid evacuation that, given Afghanistan’s unique place in the world & our geopolitical relations with its neighbors, must occur via air.”…
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Initial thoughts on the catastrophe unraveling in #Afghanistan

1 - This flashbulb moment - this catastrophic withdrawal suddenly reminds us of the *people* stuck under Taliban rule. People we have largely ignored since we all put down The Kite Runner.
2 - US strategies and tactics are now all, rightly, being questioned. Why? Because the brutal imagery of the withdrawal and the murder of 15 reminds us of the humans subject to the caprice of the meandering grand proclamations from Presidents and Mullahs.
3 - Do strategies fail when the stories of the people subject to them are absent from our national psyche?
We know *horrors* occur when we dehumanize others, should we learn *errors* occur when policy making doesn't have a heavy dose of empathy?
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If you're looking for a way to contribute to helping our friends in #Afghanistan get to safety, I recommend donating not to new orgs with a mission that ends in days but to one or more of the several established and credible orgs in immediate need of capacity. #AfghanEvac
1. @humanrights1st and the #EvacuateOurAllies coalition are doing incredible work. They provide a litany of other services to the most vulnerable among us. Donations to them will help Afghans now and into the future.…
2. @RESCUEorg is a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development NGO. They resettle refugees, those displaced by war, and other vulnerable populations then help them become self-sufficient. They will be directly responsible for resettling many Afghans.…
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This is remarkable (and infuriating) as we hear about interruptions in evacuation flights at HKIA. #AfghanEvac

As they say, a THREAD
First, no one is disputing that SIV processing happened faster this summer, nor that a lot of good work went into that.

The problem is that it came too late. The surge in SIV processing is of little consolation to the Afghans whose passports were at the US Embassy when it fell.
It's of little help to Afghans holding issued SIVs and standing outside the airport for the last week, facing bullets, tear gas, and standing in baking sun and sewage waiting to get out.
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It’s boggles my mind as to how they can possibly just now be this concerned. We’ve been warning them over and over again for seven months. Daily.
Next to completely abandoning them, this is our nightmare scenario.
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