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Interested in the latest research on #language brokering, linguistic diversity and language barriers but too busy?
Applied Linguistics students @MQLinguistics have read some important articles in the field for you and offer an intro in this 🧵#langtwt #Linguistics
Young bilingual children have the ability to manipulate linguistic inputs in order to break through language barriers in classrooms. Allowing peer interactions in multiple languages may help them develop cognitive and communication abilities!
2/18… Research into young children’s linguistic abilities shows
Language brokering as a child influences the development of parent-child relationships, such as a deeper understanding of parent-child relationships and the growth of empathy
3/18… Language brokering is an activity whereby children interpret
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Several #interpreters left behind in #AFG who worked for the #Netherlands have received letters from the #Taliban ordering them to appear n court. TB said their families could also be prosecuted if an interpreter does not show up.
#Taliban officially rejected #Dutch media report about #prosecution of former Dutch forces #interpreters by IEA in #Afghanistan:
"According to Dutch national television report, the Islamic Emirate's security forces have summoned interpreters who worked ...
... with Dutch forces for prosecution. We reject this report as untrue and this is just a claim and propaganda.
Some people may be trying to leave the country (Afghanistan) and seek asylum with these kind of claims."
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1/4 U.S. govt-funded militias known as NDS Zero Units secured the northern perimeter of #Kabul airport during the #evacuation. A U.S. interpreter & her family were beaten by them & told they needed $5,000pp to pass. Other Afghans corroborate claims of #bribery. #afghanistan
2/4 Zero Units were funded and run by the #CIA. Evacuee hopefuls told us these units let anyone inside Kabul airport who would pay - some without identification and many without a case for #evacuation. @AJEnglish also filmed secretly as they beat evacuees at the gates.
3/4 Zero Units are accused of widespread human rights abuses in #Afghanistan. Yet they were airlifted out - ahead of US passport/visa holders and U.S. allies. Many of you are asking if the majority of US #interpreters weren’t on those planes. - who was? A:
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It’s boggles my mind as to how they can possibly just now be this concerned. We’ve been warning them over and over again for seven months. Daily.
Next to completely abandoning them, this is our nightmare scenario.
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Tips for #interpreters who have just passed their exams. Colleagues, please chip in. A #1nt thread.
1) Getting your first paid project will probably take a while. Please try to have a part-time job or one with flexible hours until you start getting regular #1nt work.
2) While some #1nt people also do #xl8, don't kick yourself if you turn out not to be suited to it. There are other things you can do.
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7 years ago today, @JanisShenwary and I joined our friends in Congress to announce the Afghan Allies Protection Extension Act of 2014. It has been used to keep the Afghan SIV program alive ever since.
Little did we know at that time just how much more work we’d have to do. We’re still not there yet. Now is our most desperate hour.
We need your help. Please contact your member of Congress and President Joe Biden. Urge them to support an immediate air evacuation of our #Afghan wartime allies to #Guam. #SaveOurTerps #SaveTheSIV #SIV #SaveThem #WartimeAllies #Interpreters
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One of the things currently on everyone's mind is obviously how the pandemic has changed the working lives of #interpreters. In my view, many of these changes are here to stay, even beyond the pandemic...
During my curation this week, I would like to discuss the Future of Interpreting, both in relation to conference and community interpreting. How has the market around you changed since you started working on it or otherwise engaging with it?
I have seen a gradual change (the rise of #ELF, #AI and #MachineTranslation among other things) over the past 12 years that has led me to develop other professional activities and interests alongside interpreting. I know many colleagues who have done the same.
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@jeffsessions & his Nazi aid #StephenMiller personally helped keep out thousands of #Afghan & #Iraqi #interpreters who were later murdered by the very enemies we asked them to help us fight or died drowning in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea. #SIV #NOLBMoralObligation #NOLB
As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee @jeffsessions oversaw all immigration legislation before the Senate. He & his Nazi aid #StephenMiller, who advised him on matters of immigration, made sure that any time we asked for more visas we were denied or fought at every turn.
Once Nazi #StephenMiller was in the White House he went about dismantling the Special Immigration Visa #SIV program. He forced out all of its advocates in government and installed sycophants who did his bidding. Tens of thousands have suffered under his cruel rule.
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So I'm at a physics conference this week in Lecce, Italy. Some of you wonder how that works given that I'm Deaf and probably don't know Italian Sign Language. Well... 1/N #deaf #interpreters #asl #access #physics
In most cases, I can just request ASL interpreters (yes, American Sign Language interpreters) months in advance. Who pays for it? Good question. That's something I've fortunately been mostly kept out of the loop on, rather than the discussions that happen at the conference! 2/N
But so we get terps set up months in advance, great. They're ASL, because I've barely had the chance to pick up any other language and it's my secondary mode of communication. ASL terps are hard to find in non-English speaking countries... UK too! UK uses BSL primarily. 3/N
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