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I know civic elections are only just over but: if you're an Anjali follower, what is your next step when she's disqualified this week?

Elizabeth Cull presents her findings on the NDP membership investigation on Wednesday. The party brass know the contents of the report.. #bcpoli
We all know this disqualification is coming. Dave Eby isn't even bothering to campaign for leadership, and his website has the look of a placeholder he paid about $199 for.
So what happens next?

It's critical those who felt full of hope & signed up for memberships under Anjali not be cut loose with nowhere to go - & not become cynical & disaffected with politics entirely. Esp youth. This was always the unaddressed risk of this 'strategy'...
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Today, in front of the famous unmoored barge that drifted across the Burrard Inlet during the unprecedented atmospheric river last November, & under smoke-choked skies, we announced the second plank of our New Deal for BC: our Healthy Climate Plan. 🧵/1
We are seeing - in real time - the staggering & escalating cost of climate inaction. It’s hard to imagine the world we are leaving behind for future generations if we do not act with urgency to tackle the most defining struggle of our time: the climate emergency. /2
Getting here was a series of policy choices - and now we can make different choices that are bolder, more ambitious, and driven by a need for collective, emergency-level action. /3
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How can @bcndp justify expanding Methane #naturalgas @BCNDPCaucus ?! HOW? 😔

We HAVE TO get off fossil fuels ASAP.. that's part of the emergency #lngcanada #bcndp #ndp #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Hey @Dave_Eby hope you will have the courage to step up here. The planet needs ppl/leaders who can step-up & lead in this crisis #ClimateCrisis
@BowinnMa @KellyRichmondBC
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"Dr Henry - there have been numerous research reports lately flagging very serious outcomes from COVID infection in children & pregnant people. Can you comment on the following studies?"
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Here's a 🧵 with the 2 minute speech I made at the #BCNDP convention just now.

@Ashleyzarbatany & others tried emergency resolutions and amendments to get tough resolutions against fossil fuels and supporting Wet'suwet'en land defenders to the floor.

They were all shut down.
Friends and delegates, as so many of you know, there is a pipeline-sized elephant in the room at this convention, and in this province.
And it’s time to speak its name aloud: it is our government’s continued support of fossil fuel expansion in the very teeth of a cascading climate emergency.
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THREAD - Report from #FairyCreekBlockade that you won't hear in the BC mainstream media, on the imminent cutting of these ancient trees, incl 1000 year old giants.

The RCMP are acting as heavies for the logging company Teal Jones which has been posting... record profits. #bcpoli
.."This tree is in the next block to be logged at #FairyCreek starting tmrw. It's just outside the watershed. Police cleared the route to it by smashing in the windows of a van so they could drag a woman who had been sleeping in the van out, then crushed her van with a bulldozer"
.."Did we get pictures? No, we are no longer allowed to take pictures, on pain of arrest, and the media were excluded by an illegal exclusion zone. The one BC Supreme Court Justice Justice Thompson said this about:
#bcpoli #FairyCreek #oldgrowth @BCRCMP @mikefarnworthbc @Dave_Eby “The RCMP’s use of exclusion zones was unlawful to bar m
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With a 4th wave "inevitable" per Quebec, underway in Ontario and building in BC and AB (over 500 cases just yesterday!)

NOW is the time to revisit the recommendations of the🤯😷 Excess All-Cause Mortality report by @MoriartyLab et al

#COVID19 #ableg #onpoli #bcpoli #assnat
Canada has reported 26,688 COVID-related deaths - 13th highest amongst the 38 OECD nations, though our experience has been less intense than other G7 nations.

But are we reporting deaths coherently?


Were lessons learned from previous waves to change this?

Also no.
It's assumed that 80% of deaths were in long-term care homes *DOUBLE* the OECD avg of 40%

The @MoriartyLab team concludes COVID-related deaths are **UNDERCOUNTED** by at least 6,000

That's at least 2/3rds of COVID deaths in communities outside of LTC settings MISSED
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BC: we are not special. We're not "the Greatest Place on Earth." We're a colony that laid waste to unimaginable beauty and complexity & are proud of it; we're rank with corruption, lack of accountability, & complacency about a near-complete lack of watchdogs, checks & balances..
We are so parochial that we don't seem to understand that this degree of lack of oversight of govt, this lack of checks and balances on power, isn't even normal in Canada let alone globally. Then the lack of daylight between unions & the NDP isn't standard either: see Ontario
This 'BC exceptionalism,' this smugness of British Columbians, the sense of a unique greatness, is 100% delusional. If it derives from some feeling about the natural beauty of this place, that's extra delusional considering what settlers have done to this place in only 150 yrs
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Calling all progressives: if you're taking your voting cue from a fauxgressive lobbyist who takes $$$$$ money from some of the worst special interests in B.C., you're not a progressive. Shall we have a refresher on who Bill Tieleman is? #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 #SiteC #cdnpoli
..No doubt you recall Bill Tieleman helping ram #SiteC through. #BCNDP gave him full & repeated access to cabinet ministers all Fall 2017 while expert #SiteC opponents could not get mtgs. Now we'll be saddled w/ billions in debt, all for his Allied Hydro Alliance biz union pals.
Then there was Tieleman's sabotage of BC's chances at #ProportionalRepresentation, the fairer voter system used by most of the world's tops nations, by scaremongering about "neo-nazis" when FPTP brought us Trump & Boris. And he teamed up with BC Libs to do it.
#bcpoli #bcelxn2020
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BREAKING: A blockbuster report released today by the energy expert who exposed Enron and who has referred to #SiteC as "Enron of the North," Robert McCullough. He's the one who showed @jjhorgan how to cancel #SiteC painlessly in 2017. Read the bits on geology... #bcpoli #Cdnpoli
@jjhorgan You may remember Robert McCullough from a few years ago - he was one of the experts submitting to the BCUC's #SiteC inquiry & also met with Horgan's cabinet to explain why the dam wasn't viable. And at the Site C Summit shortly after Horgan passed the dam:
@jjhorgan That presentation by McCullough methodically took apart Dave Eby's excuses for continuing with #SiteC which were the NDP's manufactured party line at the time. Eby should have known better; McCullough had explained it to cabinet before Horgan's decision
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Hey @GeorgeHeyman: BC has more species at risk of extinction than ANYWHERE ELSE IN CANADA yet is one of the only provinces without stand-alone Species At Risk leg'n. You PROMISED this law in your eulogy for Gwen Barlee when you were new Min. of Env't.
I was there.
@GeorgeHeyman What about all the other environmental election promises the #BCNDP have broken? Here they are. And guess what!

They are recycling the same promises this time around!

Hey @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman: that kind of recycling is anti-environmental.

@GeorgeHeyman @jjhorgan .The NDP promised to sustainably manage forests.
Did they?
"It’s business as usual in BC, incl in the old-growth forests in the central Walbran & Fairy Creek on S.Vancouver Is, in endangered caribou habitat in Anzac Valley N of Prince George. & on the Sunshine Coast"
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I was challenged by a @bcndp supporter to name a jurisdiction with a better school restart plan. Here you go: Vietnam, Thailand, Ghana. 1/?
#BCelxn2020 #bcndp cc: @bctf…
2/ Senegal has a better plan. @bcndp should check it out.

"You see Senegal moving out on all fronts: following science, acting quickly, working the communication side of the equation, and then thinking about innovation,"…
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Talked to an energy finance expert today. Last time he checked - & prices have plummeted since then - the cost to produce same electricity as #SiteC using cleaner renewables (geothermal/wind/solar) was $7 billion.

Site C is fast heading to $15-20+bn. And may never work.
..What's even worse than this? Even the $7 billion pricetag to replace #SiteC is irrelevant, since BC HAS A MASSIVE ELECTRICITY SURPLUS. By the time we need more, cost of renewables will have plummeted further. Spend money now on things BC actually needs & create jobs that way.
What should BC Hydro pursue instead of #SiteC? Building retrofits, swapping out gas furnaces for efficient heat pumps for BC, pursue conservation, encourage local energy. Get off corrupt hydro megaprojects with their methane-spewing hydro reservoirs & diversify into modern tech.
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Energy Minister @BruceRalston: You told @BIVnews that re: Peter Milburn's review of #SiteC, termination of the dam prob wasn't a reasonable outcome.
1. That's sunk cost fallacy.
2. Sunk costs aside, Hydro's report says dam is sinking!
3. You're constraining his review? #bcpoli
@BruceRalston @BIVnews ..That's two forms of illogic you're engaging in, @BruceRalston: Not just the sunk cost fallacy, which shows up in BC as the fake "point of no return."

But worse, your #SiteC "point of no return" fiction is moot: that dam long ago reached the "point of can't go forward." In mud.
@BruceRalston @BIVnews ..Minister Ralston, when you say Peter Milburn's #SiteC review probably won't recommend termination of the dam, aren't you openly admitting you're tying his hands, the same way #BCNDP tied the hands of the BCUC in the 2017 #SiteC review, via tightly limited terms of ref? #bcpoli
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Thread: A major warehouse facility in #SurreyBC, larger than #Vancouver's #Amazon complex, is being billed as a #BeltandRoad initiative in Beijing, #China. ...…
What follows is an exclusive interview with #Vancouver businessman Guo Taicheng, a VP of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, an association of the #UnitedFront of the Chinese Communist Party, the #CCP. Interview jointly conducted by
Guo and his Hong Kong based company Shing Kee purport to be building a "mother centre" import-export facility in Yanjiao, on the outskirts of Beijing. His association membership, tied to the CCP (he is not a CCP member), brings opportunity for business, he says.
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In 5 minutes, @sarahcox_bc talking about the #SiteC fiasco on Co-Op Radio #bcpoli

Listen online here
@sarahcox_bc .."Expert Harvey Elwin said he had never seen as much secrecy around a dam project in his 50 years of working on dams around the world - including the Three Gorges Dam in China - as he had seen around the #SiteC dam." What does that signal to British Columbians? #bcpoli
@sarahcox_bc Other tidbits from @sarahcox_bc radio interview: If the deadline for the #SiteC river diversion is missed this Sept, that's another $billion down the drain on top of all the other overruns. The diversion tunnels may be finished, but other elements needed for the diversion aren't.
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Sorry to use a topical weather aphorism, but it never rains but it pours at #SiteC. The 2 reservoirs above Site C are reaching full pond; heavy rains pushed woody debris onto the Site C debris boom; & now there are rumours of river diversion tunnel structural problems 1/x #bcpoli
..Keeping in mind that secrecy is high at #SiteC & it's hard for info to break through the opacity, especially now with more social distancing, have a look at this report by a Peace area resident in the "Say NO to Site C Dam!" Facebook group. #bcpoli… Image
Again: none of this is confirmed. I am just flagging it because it so closely matches predictions by several of my sources who had worked in those tunnels. This section: "Word in the valley is that one of the diversion tunnels being built has big structural issues." #SiteC
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Talked to @daveunger3 today, former BC Hydro Construction Manager for Peace Region. WAC Bennett dam's reservoir is full after heavy rain. It'll need to spill water: a problem for #SiteC. "#BCNDP & #BCHydro are like a deer in the headlights not knowing where to go or what to do.."
@daveunger3 .."#BCNDP & #BCHydro think they can't stop #SiteC for economic reasons. I suspect they'll choose to do nothing & hope the slow spillway option works for them. They've been playing Russian Roulette with the project from the beginning; why stop now?" - @daveunger3 #bcpoli
@daveunger3 To clarify: WAC Bennett & Peace Canyon dams are just above #SiteC. Their reservoirs had been kept low so that even with spring rain/snowmelt they could hold back enough water to keep Peace R. levels low at #SiteC & aid in diverting river thru tunnels in order to build the dam...
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The B.C. Liberal party held a caucus meeting on February 2, 2018, in Vancouver, a Friday.

#bcpoli #bclp #bcndp #bcgreens
They had another caucus meeting on Feb. 9.

And of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, they picked Kelowna for that meeting, exactly five days before the Kelowna West byelection.

Travel expensed to taxpayers for that meeting? In the neighbourhood of $20,000.
Even though the legislature was to reconvene 11 days after their Vancouver caucus meeting, Liberal MLAs just couldn't wait for another chance to caucus. :)
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This dam conference on hydro-impacted communities starts today! It's actually named "Ki Ta Ski Naw" or 'rise up' in Cree. For those interested in following along, I think hashtags will be #hydroimpacted #hydrojustice & I'll also try to use #SiteC #bcpoli…
Looking forward to the first panel which will be moderated by BC journalist @sarahcox_bc. Opening welcome now. Starting to regain feeling in my face from the walk here, hi Winnipeg!
We're in Treaty 1 territory for the #hydroimpacted conference. Welcome by local elder Dave Scott in Cree language. Speaking now about the treaty relationship, its history, the 'doctine of discovery', Trudeau's White Paper & ongoing devolution process.. cc #SiteC #treaty8
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Let's take a peek. First, the big picture:

944 suppliers over $25K, total $1B, $78.9M in salaries + $ 4.6M in expenses, 15 severance agreements with non-unionized employees (1 to 18 mths comp.)…

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #dirtymoney #publicinquirynow
The Big Four saw $4,676,256.

Deloitte came out on top at $3,063,678, KPMG ($1,063,729), Ernst & Young ($490,049) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers ($58,800)

#bcpoli #vanpoli #moneylaundering #cdnpoli #dirtymoney #bcndp #bclp #bcgreens #corruption #publicinquirynow
BCLC paid out $2.3M to 9 law firms, including two Toronto-based firms: Henein Hutchison LLP ($107K) that bills itself as "Canada's top litigation boutique law firm" & Rayman Beitchman LLP ($30K) that boasts of "excellence in the areas of expropriations law and litigation."
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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