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Jumaat yang lalu di IJN, sebelum sesi MRI untuk melihat keadaan jantung aku.

Alhamdulillah, hari ini jantung aku disahkan pulih hampir sepenuhnya, fungsi jantung aku dari 24% naik hingga 61%.

Kalian yang masih sihat, terus jaga kesihatan!

#Cardiology Image
Apa yang penting, sayangi jantung anda. Walau anda kuat bersukan, kerapkan lah buat medical checkup.

Buatlah setiap 6 bulan, kerana sakit bukan kira masa nak datang, muda ka tua ka, kalau dia nak mai, dia mai.

Ada yang tak faham bila aku sebut range fungsi jantung.

Normally manusia normal memang ejection fraction jantung dia dalam 50-65%.

Bila dah bawah 35%, means jantung dah giveup untuk pump darah untuk supply ke badan dan otak.

#SayangiJantungAnda Image
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So I read this trainwreck of an article from beginning to end. I have thoughts. This article is clearly racist, "blaming" underrepresented in medicine minorities (Black and Latinx Americans) for not being "good enough" to be cardiologists, and also whiny…
At start, while Dr. Wang provides useful historical context, he already introduces his (wrong) opinion on why URM numbers are low: "AAMC short‐term goal was missed because of a paucity of qualified candidates, particularly blacks" qualified URMs are not mentored in colleges...
He blames "holistic admissions processes" for creating a track only for whites/Asians based on objective tests and grades, and "subjective" criteria for Blacks/Hispanics causing "Severe academic difficulties for underrepresented minorities were noted as early as the mid‐1970s"
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I’ve been thinking about the racial demographics of the phase 1 moderna #COVID19 mRNA vaccine study participants since yesterday.…

A thread on #racism #healthequity #diversity in #clinicaltrials #blamenarratives and other stuff. 1/n
I’m an oncologist - so I think about clinical trials a lot. I’ve also been manipulating large health registry databases for my postdoc research.

Recently an interview panel member asked me about the racial/ethnic breakdown of one of the registries I use in my data analysis 2/n
A major issue (among many) with retrospective analyses of large registry studies is that these databases are not diverse.
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We are happy to share our first contribution to the #cardiology field.
@roramirezf94 & Jan Lanzer, et. al. present: “A Consensus Transcriptional Landscape of Human End-Stage Heart Failure” (…) (1/7)
In our pre-print we compared and integrated 16 public transcriptomic studies of the last 15 years that profiled over 900 left-ventricle biopsies of #heartfailure (HF) patients and control individuals (2/7)
We demonstrated that single studies reported highly dissimilar gene expression markers (A), however, a common disease signature became apparent with the use of transfer learning approaches (C) (3/7)
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"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" (John Lydon)

The publication of this letter & the nature of its correction raises questions about the reliability of the academic record.

@llantwit @FFLMUK @RCPath @AAPTTweets @mike4path @Richard56 @JJPJ #autopsy


When the letter by Won Sriwijitalai & Viroj Wiwanitkit was published in #JFLM, fact-checking journalists @SureAndShare in Thailand shared their concerns about it on @Twitter & @Facebook.

@SureAndShare were concerned that they were unable to verify who the 1st author was (or where they worked), or the death of a #forensic #medical professional from #COVID19. They cautioned against sharing the story.

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1/ Little Thread about all The Misleading Medical Information still floating around about #Hydroxychloroquine & #Chloroquine & #Azithromycin & #ZelenkoProtocol - by 1 doctor - @zev_dr & #Remdesivir & more

Despite #TrumpIsNotADoctor has stopped saying "What do you have to lose?".
2/ #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

First, why it has been political all the way, suspected from day one:

"Trump had been touting HCQ for weeks, sparking worldwide shortages of HCQ & prompting negotiations with Indian PM Modi to lift export restrictions"…
3/ #Trump2020

Indian PM Modi and Trump held a rally together.

"Mr Trump wanted to show people in the US that he was hugely popular abroad and that he was capable of negotiating good deals out of a country he once described as the king of tariffs"…
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1/ I hope no one believes that I am an expert on #SARSCoV2 or believes that “I” think I am an expert on #COVID19

In an effort to contribute to the greater good of this #pandemic pandemic, I have been trying to utilize my clinical research experience and help remotely
2/ lieu of actively seeing patients on the front line.

My role has been asking questions, synthesizing ideas, and hoping to catalyze discussion amongst colleagues. Am I actually helping anyone? Who knows? lol

So again, more thinking, more questions… (#neuro #ENT focus)
3/ I was thinking about those 2 neurological cases:

24yo M, Meningitis/Encephalitis -NP swab, +CSF (JAPAN)…

58yo F, Acute Hemorrhagic Necrotizing Encephalopathy +NP swab, CSF unable to be tested for SARSCOV2 (USA/MI)…

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#Cardiology #medtwitter Read this, circulate to all, esp. on hospital service. Practical guidance re risk of QTc prolongation with hydroxychloroquine/ chloroquine #longQT @drjohnm @MKIttlesonMD @HeartOTXHeartMD @HeartDocSharon @drmulpuru @SurajKapa @Grace_Lin_MD
Measure QTc at baseline , if < 470- 480 (male/female)Green light; 470-500, Yellow, > 509 RED LIGHT
Use Telemetry 12 lead, watch to minimize exposure to #COVIDー19
See guidelines
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1/ Preventive Cardio-Oncology Tutorial #PrevCardioOnc @PrevCardioOnc #CardioOnc #CardioOncology

“The time has come for cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention to play a more prominent role in cardio-oncology.”…
2/ “A myriad of novel cardiotoxic chemotherapeutic & immunotherapeutic drugs are continuously being developed in #Oncology, with diverse cardiovascular (CV) effects.”…

#PrevCardioOnc @PrevCardioOnc #CardioOnc #CardioOncology
3/ Chest radiation “can result in accelerated atherosclerosis, pericardial disease, valve disease, conduction abnormalities, & cardiomyopathies.”…

#PrevCardioOnc @PrevCardioOnc #CardioOnc #CardioOncology
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Se acerca el fin del 2019, y estos son los 10 estudios de cardiología publicados en el año que todo médico debe conocer.

Inicio thread (1/10):
PD: sin ningún orden en particular. Opinions my own.

#Cardiology #Mexico #cardiología #Mexico #cardiotwitter Image
@smexcardiologia @SIAC_cardio @gonzaeperez @drajackielopez @jpcostabel @ANCAM_MEXICO @cardiogax @AlfredoLopPce @doctormacias @germanfajardo 1/10. DAPA-HF: Dapagliflozina en insuficiencia cardiaca. Primer estudio demostrando utilidad de iSGLT-2 en IC con FE reducida. Un nuevo paradigma en insuficiencia cardiaca, viene mucho de esto a futuro.

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1911303 Image
@smexcardiologia @SIAC_cardio @gonzaeperez @drajackielopez @jpcostabel @ANCAM_MEXICO @cardiogax @AlfredoLopPce @doctormacias @germanfajardo 2/10: ISAR REACT 5: que comparó la estrategia de utilizar Prasugrel vs. Ticagrelor en pacientes con síndrome coronario agudo. ¿El ganador? Prasugrel, sorpresivamente.

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1908973 Image
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مره تجلط / يجلط "😤
بالعاميه معناه من كثر ما قهرني سبب لي جلطه
طيب لو تكلمنا من ناحيه علميه وطبيه واخذنا نوع من انواع الجلطات وتعرفنا عليه ايش راح يصير ؟؟
اكيد راح تزيد معلوماتنا الطبيه👻

اليوم نستكمل سلسله #cardiology وراح نتكلم عن
#venousThromboembolism Image
راح نتناول عده نقاط :🗒

🤔- ما هو الـ #venousThromboembolism

- ما الفرق بين التخثر الشرياني والتخثر الوريدي- 🤔

- الفسيولوجيا المرضيه للـ- 📖

كيف تتشكل الجلطه المرضيه ؟ 📈
ماهي عوامل الخطر واسباب الاصابه بـ 🚨#venousThromboembolism
ماهي الاعراض والعلامات الخطيره للـ🚑 #venousThromboembolism
كيف يتم التشخيص ؟👨🏻‍⚕
وماهو العلاج ؟💊
كيف نمنع الاصابه بـ💉 #venousThromboembolism
كيف يتم اداره الـ #venousThromboembolism اثناء الحمل ؟🤰🏻
كيف نقيم النتائج العلاجيه ؟📉📑
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كل يوم أثنين #ثريد شرح مرض وخطة علاجية وراح ننهي البورد كامل خلال سنه و٢٠ اسبوع بإذن الله
اما في #ديسمبر راح ننهي قسم ال #Cardiology وهذي راح تكون شروحاتنا لهذا الشهر:
٢ ديسمبر :Arrhythmia
الي شرحناه اليوم
٩ ديسمبر :Venous thromboembolism
١٦ ديسمبر :Stroke
٢٣ ديسمبر : shock Image
شكر عام لفريق جرعة ترياق وأعضائه
وشكر خاص للمصممه غنى الفوزان على تصميم صورة شهر ديسمبر @gnweshah
الي يسأل عن مصادرنا
١- القايدلاين لكل مرض
مثل IDSA للامراض المعدية
او AHA لامراض القلب

٢- كتاب دبيرو للخطط العلاجية
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#ISCHEMIA Thread: I gave a quick hot take during #AHA presentation & haven’t had time to expand on it. Queue some collected thoughts (albeit without gifs & references) on some responses I've seen to the study. Hats off to @alenghat for the great graphic on applying the study
@alenghat Be warned, I am being reductive and, some may say, provocative. You may not agree with me because you practice in a different way, your local system, and “in your experience etc”. Also, your test is better, I’m sure. Accepting that, read on. #ISCHEMIA
@alenghat Everyone in #ISCHEMIA had “ischemia” measured by a variety of means, and some went to cath, and some had revasc with PCI and a good percentage of CABG. There’s a lot of crossover too.
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Treatment w/SGLT-2, what can & can’t the wonder drugs do 🤷🏻‍♀️

✅⤵️❤️filling pressures&LV remodeling
✅⤴️♥️energy by ⤴️ ketogenesis👉🏻 shift♥️fuel from glucose👉🏻 ketones
✅⤴️erythropoietin👉🏻⤴️RBC ➕⤴️HCT👉🏻⤴️♥️02💨delivery

🛑SGLT-2 do NOT 👇🏻read below👇🏻🛑 Image
In pts WITHOUT hyperglycemia
⤴️diuresis does not occur👉🏻effects on renal volume excretion is dependent on the threshold of glucose in the nephron

📖DAPA-HF trial👉🏻NO ❌ reduction in diuretic req w/ ➕ of dapaglizflozin
✅ 15% ⤵️in BNP👉🏻LOWER effect size compared w/loops alone
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38y/o, gout and previous knee surgery. Chief complaint of acute dyspnea. NTproBNP of 4,000. RV enlargement.

What would you offer, besides anticoagulation?
@krychtiukmd @mrubini @umityasarsinan1 @DanielSierraMD8 @jpcostabel

#Cardiology #cardiotwitter
@pulidot waiting for the cardio pulmonary opinion!
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كل يوم أثنين #ثريد شرح مرض وخطة علاجية وراح ننهي البورد كامل خلال ٣سنوات بإذن الله
اما في نوڤمبر راح نمسك قسم ال #Cardiology وهذي راح تكون شروحاتنا لهذا الشهر:
4 نوڤمبر: dyslipidemia
١١ نوڤمبر: hypertension
١٨ نوڤمبر: heart failure
٢٥ نوڤمبر: acute coronary syndrome Image
مصادرنا القايدلاين لكل مرض
مثل IDSA للامراض المعدية
او AHA لامراض القلب

وايضا كتاب دبيرو للخطط العلاجية Image
شكر عام لفريق جرعة ترياق وأعضائه
وشكر خاص للمصممه نوره على تصميم صورة شهر نوڤمبر @Nourra16__
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La hipotermia terapéutica es utilizada para mejorar desenlaces en el post-paro.
El estudio HYPERION, publicado en @NEJM, demostró mejor recuperación neurológica en pacientes con PCR y ritmo inicial no chocable.

¿Resurge la hipotermia? - Sigue el hilo
#cardiotwitter #Cardiology
@NEJM El trabajó incluyó a aproximadamente 300 pacientes por brazo.
La mayoría de los pacientes desarrollaron el PCR en domicilio
Se excluyeron pacientes con más de 300' hasta aleatorización, más de 10' sin RCP. Image
@NEJM @rodrigogopar @CpaolaParedes @Eri_Ont @paomorejon @DanielSierraMD8 @jpcostabel @cardiogax Una potencial limitación es que las curvas de ±2SD se sobrepusieron en prácticamente toda la terapia. El tiempo promedio hasta alcanzar 33C fue de casi 12 horas (238' PCR-aleat + 8h hasta 33C). Image
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Clinical Pearl of the day:
#transplant #pearl

Drug-induced HTN is VERY common in txp-pts 2/2 Calcineurin inhibitors & corticosteroids. 💊

Dihydropyridine CCB (amlodipine/nifedipine) are tx of choice given they can ⤵️CNI induced renal vasoconstriction&↗️ graft function 👍
Although they do not cause nephrotoxicity, be aware of the compounded ADRs with CNIs & steroids with CCBs

🛑CsA+CCB⤴️gingival hyperplasia👄
🚷Steroids + CCB ⤴️ pedal edema

🛑 DO NOT USE NON-dihydropyridine CCBs (verapamil/diltiazem) ➡️⬆️⬆️CNI LEVELS ‼️

#cardiology #cards
Shout out to @stormigale for the amazing review on therapeutic drug classes for HTN in transplant patients last week in the @accpcardprn webinar!
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ECMO ➡️ critical intervention that ⬆️ survival for pts with severe ❤️ collapse or respiratory failure awaiting transplant or organ recovery

Despite its benefits, there are a myriad of complications
⚠️infection🦠, thrombosis💉, bleeding etc..
Medication to plays a crucial role in ↘️ rates of complications


ECMO circuits, fluid administration, membrane oxygenator, and end organ function can all substantially alter med PK/PD

Let’s dig a bit more into this PK/PD conundrum & 🦶steps 2 optimizing medication tx ✅
#1 ⬆️ lipophilic & ⬆️ protein bound meds become sequestered in ECMO circuits

🛑 HIGHER doses are needed to achieve desired effect ‼️

💡 Keep in mind ➡️ overtime sequestration becomes SATURATED & doses may need to be ↘️ to account for maximum saturation & ↘️ risk of toxicity👍
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Not sure what to expect at the 2019 BHP Research Showcase? Our free public event will be held at @qehbham on Fri 17 May, where you can get hands-on with our health research. If you want to #BePartOfResearch, take a look through our exhibitor info THREAD >…
Our #cardiology stand will focus on current studies that are changing & saving the lives of our patients. Our cardiology team is one of the largest in the UK and works closely with @ICVS_UoB to treat every type of #heartdisease
.@UmbrellaHealth is the home of #sexualhealth services for Brum & Solihull. They'll be here with interactive displays highlighting research into #HIV and #STIs, including #antimicrobialresistance and bacterial vaginosis >>
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Cardiologists of tomorrow. A three-year journey begins: our new cardiology fellows at @Cardiologia_Mx. Do you remember your first day of residency?

#Cardiotwitter #cardiology #residency #Mexico #MedEd #MedicalDevices Image
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Risk Ratio, Odds Ratio, Hazard Ratio

2nd and final part of the tweetorial, from ORBITA-HQ!

Fun, easy and informative [*]

#MedEd #FOAMed #cardiology #cardiotwitter
[*] Results may vary and are not guaranteed. See small print.

Not all fears are alike.

* Some fears are one-and-done:
I get a cold which progresses to pneumonia. Will I die, or recover?

* Other things hang over us for much longer, perhaps all your life.
Will you get hit by a bus?
Get a heart attack?
There's no "sell by" date on the fear.
Practice Qs

You are walking through Hyde park, minding your own business.
Hardly causing any trouble at all.
Perhaps the odd humorous tweet.

You get a Direct Message:
"Enough of ur abuse!
You will be hearing form my agent shortly.
AJ Kirtane"

You see the agent:
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Intention To Tweet

1. Why is intention-to-treat the ONLY right way to interpret trial results?
2. Why are these fine gentlemen wasting their prayers?

Tweetorial for cardiology fellows from ORBITA-HQ
#cardiology #meded #foamed
Thank you to Ali Jazayeri for suggesting this subject on the highly secret DM contact address (@ProfDFrancis).
At first I hesitated over whether this was truly needed amongst such an elite body of scienntific minds as we have reading this thread.

But Pascal Meier insisted that it was.
He said he was watching a whole session dedicated to not understanding this at a conference. Sent a pic!
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