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Ecografía pulmonar 🫁. Guía fácil y práctica de como utilizarla. ABRO HILO
#POCUS #CardioEd #echofirst #ENARM #medicaleducation #ultrasound #MedEd #Cardiology Image
Es curioso porque clásicamente se decía que la ecografía pulmonar no era posible. Harrison afirmaba que " los ultrasonidos (US) se disipan rápidamente en el aire por lo que carecen de utilidad en la evaluación del parénquima pulmonar" ¿Qué ha cambiado? Image
Daniel Lichtenstein, un intensivista francés, redescubrió la ecografía pulmonar. Es cierto que los US no se transmiten bien por el aire, pero Lichtensein descubrió que pequeñas alteraciones en la relación aire-agua a nivel pulmonar formaban artefactos ecográficos característicos. Image
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Such a well written editorial this in @Open_HeartBMJ Superb..!!…
a must read for everyone... #MedTwitter #Cardiology
interesting points a 🧵👇
Metabolic acidosis is a chronic condition that
many people in the Western world have but
do not realize it... It occurs when there is
retention of acid in the body, which leads to
a depletion in the bicarbonate stores of the
body. Ways to test for low-grade metabolic acidosis👇
what are the Four main mechanisms that compensate for chronic latent metabolic acidosis?
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The JVP exam has been with us since 1930 when Sir Thomas Lewis first proposed this exceptionally clever technique. A #pocus thread. Image
He knew that in heart failure there in “congestion of the veins” and when they become engorged can be detected on the neck.
Here is a phenomenal example in a very thin patient with prominent veins.
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3/ Clot is in a constant state of evolution. #Fibrin—> #Collagen.
Unfortunately many patients present in the subacute or late phase of #clot development which hinders many of our treatment approaches.
7️⃣days- 20% collagen

1️⃣5️⃣ days- 50% collagen

2️⃣1️⃣days- 80% (!!) collagen
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📙 #पेसमेकर_म्हणजे_काय ? 📙
आपल्या हृदयाचे स्नायू विशिष्ट प्रकारचे असतात. या स्नायूंच्या विशेष गुणधर्मामुळेच
हृदयाचे आकुंचन प्रसरण सतत चालू असते.
माणूस जन्माला यायच्याही आधीपासून
शेवटच्या क्षणापर्यंत हृदय कार्यरत असते.
हृदयाचे हे कार्य स्वयंचलित यंत्राप्रमाणेच असते.हृदयाला चार कप्पे असतात. यापैकी
उजव्या कर्णिकेच्या वरच्या आणि बाहेरच्या
भागातील स्नायू अतिविशिष्ट प्रकारचे असतात.
३ मिमी रुंद, १५ मिमी लांब आणि
१ मिमी जाड असलेल्या या स्नायूंच्या लंबगोला कार पट्ट्यामुळे हृदय सतत आकुंचन प्रसरण
पावते. या क्रियेसाठी अर्थात विद्युत रासायनिक
प्रक्रियाच मूलतः कारणीभूत असतात. या लंब
गोलाकार भागाला सायनोएट्रियल नोड असे
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1/ Welcome to the first part of a #Tweetorial series on #VenousDisease.

🩸To begin how about we talk about the main player in the game- C.L.O.T. (and why you should care about it)

#Cardiotwitter #Irad #fellows #fellowtwitter #medthread #clot #medtwitter #clottwitter
3/ All clots ARE NOT born equally! There is a difference! Image
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1. This month's #EHJCaseReports #tweetorial focuses on a cardiac condition that can result in these findings 👇 on #echofirst. What could it be?
1 Hypertension
2 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
3 Aortic stenosis
4 Cardiac amyloidosis…
#CardioTwitter @EHJCREiC
2. It’s cardiac amyloidosis! Here is a great resource from @escardio WG on Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases to start with…
3. First, what is amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis occurs when abnormal proteins misfold and deposit in tissues as beta-pleated sheets. These disrupt tissue structure and can cause damage to many different organs.
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How to diagnose heart failure with preserved ejection fraction? #HF #HFpEF #ESC

How many points? #cardiology Image
2/ In HFpEF, elevated LAP is associated with reduction in exercise capacity

The Left atrium seems to be the barometer

#HFpEF #CardioTwitter
3/ Friday reading... I know you know... but isn't it fascinating? #CardioTwitter

Diastology for the clinician… Image
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Patient with left flank pain, pelvic pain, hematuria and gonadal varices

Your only imaging modality is vascular U/S....Lets find out!

A Mohan #Tweetorial

#RPVI #cardiotwitter #irad #vascular @HadyLichaaMD @t_intheleadcoat @TheNarulaSeries
2/ What’s going on here?? First name your structures #RPVI

SMA- superior mesenteric artery
AO- Descending Aorta
Lt renal VN- left renal vein

@CHICKVIR @Jonathan_PaulMD @iRadRock @keithppereira @Vascupedia_com @DrYanLiu
3/ Save this- transverse slice at the level of the renals! So much anatomy in such a confined space

#RPVI #cardiotwitter #IRAD #Vascular #foamed #cardioed #cardiology #ultrasound #pocus
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Listen to this and let’s reflect as a respiratory community how we can emulate #cardiology and transform outcomes in #asthma, #COPD, #bronchiectasis, #ILD +other chronic #respiratory diseases over the NEXT 50 years. This accompanies a great @nejm Perspective by @EricTopol. Think:
Cross-disciplinary interchange of ideas...integration of basic science and translational research...technological innovation...EBM...large cohorts...policy change...huge collaborative trials...adequate research funding...genetic insights...drug development... life-course...
...precision determinants of health...biomarkers...AI...

Respiratory #pulmonology - we need to be more bold.
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1/ A year after #COVID19, I still have greatly reduced cardiovascular endurance, even though I’ve been back to exercise for months. Jogging a short distance at a slow pace sends my heart rate over 170, which never used to happen. #LongCovid #longhaulers
2/ So my internist referred me to a cardiologist, and I had my visit with her yesterday; here’s a write-up of that visit. #COVID #COVID19 #LongCovid #cardio #cardiology #longhaulers
3/ The good news is that my resting heart rate (83) was normal, and my EKG (see below) showed nothing unusual. #COVID #covid19 #LongCovid #longhaulers
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🗓️February, Amyloidosis month.
🏅5 Best Papers
💖Tips, Tricks & Thread/links 🧵(1/15)👇
#CardioEd #cardiotwitter #Cardiology #ENARM
🔴Diagnostic delays➡️3 years from symptom onset
👫 may be evaluated > 5 specialists prior to receiving the correct diagnosis
✅vast majority of cardiac amyloidosis➡️transthyretin amyloidosis or light chain amyloidosis
✅“red flag”🚩suspicion for this diagnosis👇
💟ECG⬇️voltage QRS amplitude limb leads (≤0.5 mV), pseudo-infarct pattern & relative⬇️voltage QRS (S wave in V1 + Rwave in V5 or V6 ≤15 mm) in the setting of LVH on #EchoFirst AV block
💟Echo concentric LVH, biatrial⬆️& small pericardial💦, apical sparing of LV strain (3/15)
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1/ Scientific Discovery: time & patience
Be patient in science. 25 yrs ago, I & others felt we were harming ICU patients by deep sedation & immobility. Our goal: PROVE IT & change culture in #criticalcare.
How did we start?

#medtwitter #A2Fbundle #nursetwitter
2/ Scientific Discovery: takes time

There weren’t tools 😤Reluctantly, I had to go “backwards” to validate CAM-ICU & RASS (@JAMA_current X3). A DECADE later we produced studies lightening sedation (MENDS/ABC trials JAMA/@TheLancet). Be patient!

#academictwitter #ScienceTwitter
3/ Scientific Discovery: patience
Give yourself space to be creative! Science takes time & Data must lead you. All our 1st grants & papers were rejected for 5 YEARS. NIH said: #Delirium in ICU is not a viable topic or a “thing.” Go away. Persistence paid off for patient safety.
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Cisticircosis Cardiaca.
La Cisticircosis Cardiaca es provocada por la invasión del Cysticercus Cellulosae al miocardio. Les abro un hilo 🎃 #necropsia #autopsia #tenia #cisticercos #corazon #Cardiology #medicina #COVID19 #cerdo #cardiaco #miocardio #patologia #cardiologia
La Cisticercosis es la infección en el hombre, se produce por la ingesta del huevo o quiste de la Tenia del cerdo o Taenia Solium. Una vez dentro del organismo, viaja por el torrente sanguíneo hacia el corazón, músculo, cerebro y otros órganos.
Dichos huevos progresan a la forma quiste larvaria entre los 60-90 días. Cuando las larvas mueren producen una fuerte reacción inmunitaria lo que estimula la aparición de una enfermedad grave.
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Jumaat yang lalu di IJN, sebelum sesi MRI untuk melihat keadaan jantung aku.

Alhamdulillah, hari ini jantung aku disahkan pulih hampir sepenuhnya, fungsi jantung aku dari 24% naik hingga 61%.

Kalian yang masih sihat, terus jaga kesihatan!

#Cardiology Image
Apa yang penting, sayangi jantung anda. Walau anda kuat bersukan, kerapkan lah buat medical checkup.

Buatlah setiap 6 bulan, kerana sakit bukan kira masa nak datang, muda ka tua ka, kalau dia nak mai, dia mai.

Ada yang tak faham bila aku sebut range fungsi jantung.

Normally manusia normal memang ejection fraction jantung dia dalam 50-65%.

Bila dah bawah 35%, means jantung dah giveup untuk pump darah untuk supply ke badan dan otak.

#SayangiJantungAnda Image
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Advances in #cancer treatment have improved clinical outcomes, leading to an increasing population of cancer survivors. Yet, this success is associated with high rates of short‐ & long‐term #cardiovascular toxicities. The Cancer Patient and Cardiology…
The number & variety of #cancer drugs & #cardiovascular toxicity types make long‐term care a complex undertaking.
This requires a multidisciplinary approach including expertise from #oncology, #cardiology, & other related specialties, & has led to the development of the cardio‐oncology subspecialty.
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Working through an interesting cardiopulmonary exercise test!
For any physiology fans or new pulmonary and cardiology fellows out there

#MedTwitter #cardiotwitter #physiology #exercise #CPET #FOAMed @EM_RESUS #CardioEd #Cardiology

Lets make sense of all this information: ImageImageImage
Starting off with the HPI:
70 yo M PMH of HF(45% EF), LAD, PDA coronary disease requiring PCI and coronary stenting. Now reports dyspnea on exertion that has been progressive for the past 8 years. First noted when golfing but now even on mild-moderate exertion.
These were the results obtained from our CPET. The patient’s maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) was only 73% of predicted (LOW) ImageImage
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@QualDash is a #dashboard generation engine that allows the dynamic configuration & deployment of #visualisation dashboards for #healthcare quality improvement. By @MaiShehaly @HCIforHealthIT @tasha_alvarado @IEEEXplore @IEEETBioCAS
Adapting #dashboard design to different contexts of use is an open question in #visualisation research.
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‘Hospital tests & procedures used to diagnose & monitor a range of #heart & circulatory conditions are often among the vital first steps in someone's treatment journey. Delaying them could have a domino effect on the rest of their care’ by ⁦…
“All areas of #cardiology service provision sustained significant reductions, which included outpatient clinics, investigations, procedures & cardiology community services such as #heartfailure & #CardiacRehab.”
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So I read this trainwreck of an article from beginning to end. I have thoughts. This article is clearly racist, "blaming" underrepresented in medicine minorities (Black and Latinx Americans) for not being "good enough" to be cardiologists, and also whiny…
At start, while Dr. Wang provides useful historical context, he already introduces his (wrong) opinion on why URM numbers are low: "AAMC short‐term goal was missed because of a paucity of qualified candidates, particularly blacks" qualified URMs are not mentored in colleges...
He blames "holistic admissions processes" for creating a track only for whites/Asians based on objective tests and grades, and "subjective" criteria for Blacks/Hispanics causing "Severe academic difficulties for underrepresented minorities were noted as early as the mid‐1970s"
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Why is it important to evaluate the cardiovascular system in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome?

#MedTwitter #medstudenttwitter #Tweetorial #PCOS #Cardiology #Science @USFQ_Ecuador
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine-metabolic disorder in reproductive-age women, with a prevalence between 6 and 20%, depending on how it is defined.…
The most common definition is Rotterdam Criteria, with 2 out of 3 of the following features:
- Hyperandrogenism
- Ovulatory dysfunction
- Polycystic ovarian morphology…
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We are happy to share our first contribution to the #cardiology field.
@roramirezf94 & Jan Lanzer, et. al. present: “A Consensus Transcriptional Landscape of Human End-Stage Heart Failure” (…) (1/7)
In our pre-print we compared and integrated 16 public transcriptomic studies of the last 15 years that profiled over 900 left-ventricle biopsies of #heartfailure (HF) patients and control individuals (2/7)
We demonstrated that single studies reported highly dissimilar gene expression markers (A), however, a common disease signature became apparent with the use of transfer learning approaches (C) (3/7)
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Meet Dr Chantal Attard @Chantal_Attard, the researcher from @MCRI_for_kids who is transforming the lives of children living with complex heart disease!

A thread 👇

#blood #stroke #bleeding #haematology
@AcademicChatter #thrombosis #meettheresearcher #hematology #cardiology Image
The coagulation system prevents the body from bleeding after injury, but what you might not know is this system continuously develops with age. This means children & adults have different risks of blood clotting + bleeding. This alters how they react to blood-thinning medications
“How can we protect our most vulnerable children?” This is the research aspiration that Chantal pursues in her daily life.
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"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" (John Lydon)

The publication of this letter & the nature of its correction raises questions about the reliability of the academic record.

@llantwit @FFLMUK @RCPath @AAPTTweets @mike4path @Richard56 @JJPJ #autopsy


When the letter by Won Sriwijitalai & Viroj Wiwanitkit was published in #JFLM, fact-checking journalists @SureAndShare in Thailand shared their concerns about it on @Twitter & @Facebook.

@SureAndShare were concerned that they were unable to verify who the 1st author was (or where they worked), or the death of a #forensic #medical professional from #COVID19. They cautioned against sharing the story.

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