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#tdih 1955 "I could not move, because history had me glued to the seat. . . Sojourner Truth’s hands were pushing me down on one shoulder & Harriet Tubman’s hands were pushing me down on another, & I could not move. — Claudette Colvin, #TeachTruth ⬇️🧵…
At 15, Claudette Colvin had been politicized by false arrest & torture of her classmate, poet Jeremiah Reeves . . . she refused to move on bus. "'We’d been studying Constitution [in school during #BHM] I knew I had rights.'” -- Read:… via @JeanneTheoharis photo of young man with glasses and white jacket, head and s
Colvin’s case went to trial in May. The judge strategically dropped two charges (for disturbing peace and breaking the segregation law), found her guilty of assaulting officers. Therefore, appealing her case could not directly challenge the segregation law. -- @JeanneTheoharis
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I need to get y’all’s input on a case I’ve been reviewing because the way the defendant has been framed publicly doesn’t feel deserved to me.

We’ve all seen how #BLM protests were characterized in the media & the treatment protestors got. (1/7)
Rhetoric & implements deployed include: “Riots”. “Destruction of property”. K9s. Militarized police. Tear gas.

I’m raising all this now as the defendant’s mug shot is everywhere & he’s been discussed a lot lately. Defendant (D) is a 39yo 🟤 man, husband & father. (2/7)
Good upbringing, his dad was actually in ministry. He grew up in church. Then something changed. His 1st arrest came after disobeying an officer’s commands. This seems to have flipped a switch: 2mos later he’s re-arrested for organized criminal activity. (3/7)
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Did you know that Canada has a history of enslaving Black people?

Although our history gets shadowed by the atrocities committed in the United States, we still have our own history of enslaving Black people.

A 🧵 #BlackHistoryMonth #BLM
In 1689, Slavery was officially passed as legislature in New France by King Louis XIV.

New France was the French Colony of Canada.
In the 1620s the first Black person to be sold into slavery was a 6 year old boy, Olivier Le Jeune from Madagascar.

At 9 years old he told a Jesuite Priest, "you say that by baptism I shall be like you: I am black and you are white, I must have my skin taken off to be like you."
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with Ron DeSantis banning Black history classes, know that the erasure of Black history is a common form of white supremacist violence

so common that Cecil Rhodes, as in Rhodes Scholarship, tried to destroy a medieval African city to hide the truth

#BlackHistoryMonth #BHM
the country, Zimbabwe, is named after the medieval city, Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe was made of stone, built by the ancestors of the Shona

when Cecil Rhodes colonized the land in the 1890s, he refused to acknowledge that Black people built the city

Cecil Rhodes hired archeologists to study the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and each one reported the same answer: Black people built the city

with no scientific support for his racism, Rhodes opted to destroy evidence of the city’s Black origin

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Today's Black History Month illustration is of Josephine Baker. She was a world famous entertainer, WWII spy, and activist. #BlackHistoryMonth #illustration An illustration of Josephine Baker by Alleanna Harris
Freda Josephine McDonald was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1906. Her parents were both vaudeville performers, but Baker would have to take on odd jobs to help support her family. A black and white photo of Josephine Baker in the 20s
At the age of 15, she ran off and joined a dance troupe from Philadelphia. She also got married, took her husband’s last name, dropped her first name and started going by the name Josephine Baker.
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@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto That's the most brilliant evidence-based fact-filled logically-constructed fully-developed well-reasoned beautifully presented counter-arg...

Oh, wait..!😲😱🤦‍♂️😂🤣🤣

Why have you called to tell me that dressed in your "Democrat" militant-wing robes

Was it because you didn't...
@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto Why have you called to tell me that dressed in your "#Democrat" militant-wing robes?

Was it because you didn't read what I said

And had a #HystericalOvaryAction

To #VirtueSignal to your "#Progressive" Bubble in a "#Liberal" Silo in a Lefty Village on a "Democrat" Plantation!🤦‍♂️
@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto If you'd bothered to read what I Tweeted I was DEFENDING Black people🤦‍♂️

Oh wait😲

What #Triggered you was that I was defending them against #VirtueSignalling racists & bigots like you in the "#Democrat" Party who want to keep your Black brethren down on the #DemocratPlantation! ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the
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Today's Black History Month illustration is of Marvin Gaye's 1971 concept album What's Going On. This album is considered one of the greatest albums of the 20th century and one of the landmark recordings in pop music history.
Here are five interesting facts about the legendary album: The cover of Marvin Gaye’s 1971 album, What’s Going On.
1. What’s Going On was one of R&B’s first concept albums. The album is from the point of view of a Vietnam War veteran returning back to the US and seeing hatred and injustice. The back of the What’s Going On album. Marvin Gaye stands
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Enslaved Teenager Diana Bastian of Nova Scotia
Warning: Disturbing Content
📜 a thread...
Bastian lived most of her life as a slave in obscurity but entered historical consciousness as a result of her rape, pregnancy, and subsequent death.
We can learn of Bastian’s tragic story because of a brief burial-record document inserted in the St. George’s Anglican Church’s burial registry in Sydney. Her story tragically evidences the vulnerability of enslaved African Canadian Black women.
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Today's Black History Month illustration is of Jane Bolin. She was the first Black woman to graduate from Yale Law School and the first Black woman judge in the United States. #blackhistorymonth #kidlitart An illustration of Jane Bol...
Jane Matilda Bolin was born in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1908. She was raised by her father, Gaius, a renowned Black attorney in Dutchess County, NY. Her mother, Matilda, a white Englishwoman, died when she was 8 years old. A black and white photo of ...
In 1924, Bolin attended Wellesley College in Massachusetts, one of two Black students in her class. They were excluded from social activities and because of racial discrimination, they had to find housing off campus.
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The Atlantic Advocate

The Atlantic Advocate was Nova Scotia's first African Canadian newspaper, incorporated on 8 June 1916.

📜 A thread...
The newspaper covered a range of topics — historical, religious, economic, political, military, literary, social and local.
Community notes appeared from across Nova Scotia, including Amherst, Digby, Halifax, Hammonds Plains, Liverpool, Shelburne, Westville, Weymouth and Wolfville, as well as from New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.
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Athlete Harry Jerome (1940-1982)
Olympic Pioneer
Harry Jerome was a legendary athlete who paved the way for future generations of Black athletes.

📜 a thread
Harry was a Canadian sprinter who set multiple world records in the 1960s, including the 100-meter dash. He broke the Canadian record for the 220 yard dash, and was one of the few runners to hold records in both the 100m and 100 yard dash simultaneously.
He was also an Olympic bronze medalist and a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. He was named BC’s male athlete of the 20th century and was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.
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The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC)
Black communities across Canada are diverse, resilient, creative, and multifaceted. For the first time in Canada’s history, there are over 1,000,000 Black Canadians who call Canada home.

📜 a thread... Image
The FBC is a Pan-Canadian body that discusses the opportunities, contributions, and challenges that exist for people of African descent nationally. (FBC, 2023)
The FBC has the following priorities:
• Total Health
• Criminal Justice Reform
• Community Building
• Economic Security
• Higher Education
• Eliminating Anti-Black Racism
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THREAD. There are only two weekends left in #BlackHistoryMonth & I’m seeing so many bizarre, ahistorical takes on here, it’s a reminder that we should be using this month to educate ourselves. Fortunately, there are SO many resources out that can enrich, inspire & educate.
As I previously posted @MasterClass on Black history featuring a bumper crop of scholars including @sandylocks, Dr. @CornelWest, @nhannahjones & more is FREE this month. Stream It.… Image
The #1619Project is streaming now on @hulu. It is a compelling look at our history, guided by @nhannahjones, the creator of the #1619Project. It’s terrific. I’m pretty knowledgeable on Black history, but I learn something new from each segment. STREAM:… Image
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Our College was built on striving for positive change. When Ivan Allen Jr. was Atlanta’s mayor, he removed “white” & “colored” signs from @CityofAtlanta facilities on his first day in office. Image
Allen testified in Congress in support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the only white Southern politician of significance to do so. Image
Allen worked with great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. to guide Atlanta through racial integration without the violence that occurred in many Southern cities. The two set an example for the nation to follow in the fight to eliminate racial segregation. #BHM Image
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Rosewood, Florida was a thriving town with a bustling economy. The population was 95% black and most of its residents owned their owned homes and businesses.

That was until a married white woman slept with a man who wasn’t her husband, and told the town it was a “nigger”. #BHM
Fannie Taylor — the white woman — lived in Sumner. A white town that was a few miles from Rosewood. In Gainesville — which was 48 miles away — the Klan was holding its biggest rally ever in that city. 500 people attended.
Fannie’s husband gathered an angry mob of whites from Sumner, enlisted many of the Klan rally attendees from Gainesville and whipped them up into a frenzy.

They were told of a black man named “Jesse Hunter” who’d escaped prison & were convinced he was being hidden in Rosewood.
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Oscar James Dunn (1822–1894) was a politician, civil rights activist, and Union Army soldier who served as the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana from 1868 to 1871. He was the first “BA” to hold statewide office in Louisiana and one of the first to hold a statewide office in the US
He was elected to the Louisiana State Senate in 1868 and was subsequently elected Lieutenant Governor. He served in this position until 1871, when he was replaced by the Radical Republican government. After his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, he…
returned to New Orleans where he was a prominent businessman, civic leader, and Mason. He was also a founding member of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, a Masonic organization. Dunn died in 1894 and is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in New Orleans.
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Today, the White House Press Secretary is @K_JeanPierre, the first Black and openly queer person to serve in the role. But did you know that today, Feb. 8, is the anniversary of the first Black journalist being allowed into a White House press conference? A #BHM thread 1/
The reporter was Harry McAlpin, who covered a WH press conference on Feb. 8, 1944 for the Atlanta Daily World, thus becoming the first Black American to do so. It happened despite opposition from the then all-White WH Correspondents Association. 2/…
Before going in, the head of the @WHCA again asked McAlpin not to enter, and said the other journalists would share notes with him if he didn't. McAlpin still went. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, for his part, shook McAlpin's hand and said he was "very happy" to have him there. 3/
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I know you’re being inundated too but from black brands (and I hope you are) and listening to Black voices (I pray you do) but how are each of you learning Black HISTORY this month?

Especially as it’s being systematically silenced.

I’m actually asking.
From Carter G. Woodson’s Mis-Education of the Negro:

“This crusade is much more important than the anti-lynching movement,
because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom.”

Timely, no?
Historian & author Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week in 1926 expressly because he understood how powerful truth is. To a people. To a nation. To a future.

So again, I’m genuinely asking, how are you learning Black HISTORY this month & year? #BHM
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Kicking off #BlackHistoryMonth w/ an appreciation thread of physicians:

1/ Charles R. Drew, MD

- American surgeon & researcher
- pioneer in the field of blood transfusions
- developed techniques for blood storage
- first African-American surgeon to examine for @AmCollSurgeons Image
2/ Vivien Thomas

- cardiac surgery pioneer & lab supervisor who developed procedure used to treat cyanotic heart disease
- supervised surgical labs at Johns Hopkins for 35 yrs
- awarded honorary doctorate & named an instructor of surgery @JohnsHopkins

#BlackHistoryMonth Image
3/ LaSalle D. LeFall, Jr. MD

- Surgeon, oncologist & medical educator
- first black physician to pursue training in surgical oncology @sloan_kettering
- first black president of @AmericanCancer (1978) & @AmCollSurgeons (1995)

#BlackHistoryMonth   #equanimityunderduress Image
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Media outlets: In coverage of African American AP in Florida, why do you only use photos of DeSantis? While critiquing, you give him way TOO MUCH visibility.

Make the effort to feature other images: make VISIBLE students who will impacted or the scholars & history being erased.
. @BostonReview published list of scholars to read for #BHM incl. @sandylocks, @KeeangaYamahtta, Angela Davis, bell hooks. Guess who's on lead photo? Why give DeSantis free PR?

We won't RT until photo is changed. (HNN swapped photo of DeSantis for Derrick Bell. Others can too.)
Example: article ⬇️about a unit on CRT in a NY school.

@myHNN published it with a stock DeSantis 📷. When one of the authors raised a concern, HNN agreed & swapped it for the one you see: Derrick Bell & students.

What a difference it makes. Visibility.
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We’re kicking off #BlackHistoryMonth (BHM) by exploring the intersection between the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) and the Environmental Justice Movement (EJM) with one of our heroes: @isxenviro!

Here’s a 🧵 to learn how the CRM gave rise to the EJM. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
This is just part 1 of 4 in our Climate Classroom series for #BHM, so stay tuned for more coming soon!

This content is a collaboration between @LetsGreenCA and @isxenviro. ImageImage
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@elonmusk '
1. Is there any link between #Twitter1.0 #Twitter2.0 @OpenAI #ChatGPT #CRT #BLM #BHM & #Woke

And did they all #GetWokeGoBroke

As per attached

Or have I gone stark staring mad?!😯😮😲😱🤦‍♂️


@elonmusk @OpenAI @ScottAdamsSays 2. The above were extracts from a #ChatGPT conversation which either indicates I've gone mad (or am a lot dumber than I thought)

Or #IBrokeChatGPT

Or it's a lot dumber than everybody thought

Or AI can Lai

Or it's programmed to indoctrinate people with #Woke #CRT brainwashing
@elonmusk @OpenAI @ScottAdamsSays '

3. So am I tired drunk dumb mistaken....🤦‍♂️

Or am I right & #ChatGPT wrong😯

Or did I cause a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown😮

Did I make it blow a fuse😲

Did #IBrokeChatGPT😱

The full thread in 2 layouts

And a couple of earlier attempts to chat
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⭐️The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho is out today. I became obsessed with telling Sancho's story from 1999. Born on a slave ship, orphaned at three - shipped to England to be the pet of three sisters, he later became a musician, actor, butler, writer, valet and ... 1/4
Grocer! This allowed him to vote. The first known person of African origin to do so. TSDOCIS imagines his life from an interior perspective. I hope the picture it paints helps all Britons to see more vividly the story of their nation's past, in living, breathing Technicolor. 2/4
Adding black and brown people to our picture of Britain's past helped me feel rooted in the country of my birth. I hope it touches many and helps other Black Britons stand tall and know their people have been here a very long time. 3/4
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@CultExpert This relationship between former cult members and the Evangelicals who deprogram them + their ties to the Republican party is a fascinating recurring theme.
@CultExpert The Nazis used cult tactics, too.
@CultExpert When one considers these conservative "purity test" it all make more sense. The pledging of loyalty to a set of bizarre, evolving, principles. And, if you don't adhere to them; well, you're thrown out of the group — you’re just a RINO.

You are excommunicated.
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