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I’m voting for President Trump no matter what, as we live through a “Trump Hates vets” hoax lets look at some others. The USPS HOAX... ImageImage
Mueller Time! 🙃 Image
Saint Stormy! Boy I miss those Stormy shrines, good times! Image
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Avenatti GUILTY on all counts of trying to extort Nike
And it’s not even #Basta since he’s facing even more time in other cases
Thoughts and prayers on Valentines for Avenatti’s BFF @brianstelter 👨‍❤️‍👨

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🚨 BREAKING - Michael Avenatti is found GUILTY on all counts in Nike extortion case on all three counts:

1 - attempted extortion
2 - honest services wire fraud
3 - transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort

Who is #Basta now?
When fantasies come true... Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a compilation video of when MSM was telling us how Michael Avenatti is Trump's worst nightmare


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THREAD: Yesterday a CA judge ordered @MichaelAvenatti’s super complicit ex-wife Christine @AvenattiCarlin to pay $715K to creditor Jason Frank. Here’s a screen grab of an overview article. AND here’s Mr Frank’s motion:
The details are insanity, as usual. Both Michael & Christine pled the 5th.
If you follow what a fraudulent worm #Avenatti is, you’ll find this funny but not shocking. Where to start?
First, #Avenatti 100% funneled over $700K to his ex via cashier’s check to dodge creditors to whom he owes millions. He claimed the $700K was back spousal pay.
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On y est, ce que tout le monde redoutait - et tout particulièrement le pouvoir : la bavure policière claire et nette.
La bavure où la victime est un adulte qui bosse et pas un petit gars de banlieue sur le dos duquel on peut coller n'importe quoi. #CédricChouviat
La bavure en plein jour, filmée par plusieurs passants, observée par encore plus de passants.
La bavure qui tue un père de famille de 5 enfants, juste parce qu'il a eu le culot de vouloir filmer les FDO - comme la loi lui en donnait le droit.
La bavure où on ne va pas pouvoir prétendre "ne pas pouvoir identifier les responsables".
La bavure où la Préfecture a commencé par ne rien dire à la famille pendant de longues heures, pour finir par lui mentir en lui racontant que la victime avait eu "un comportement agressif".
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@AlexandraChalup have you made arrangements to visit or do you have new counsel yet?
@AlexandraChalup Name of DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa Was Redacted in Impeachment Transcripts: Nunes… via @epochtimes
@AlexandraChalup @EpochTimes Alexandra Chalupa was thrilled to hitch her wagon to #Basta to Porn ⭐️'s who've taken it in the @$# for Avenatti. I hear Stormy's stripping again to pay Trump back...
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BREAKING : (THREAD) Nous avons documenté ici les trades "oubliés" d'IVT et, partant, le maquillage des performances des portefeuilles. Mais quoi de mieux que des aveux de @xfenaux lui-même ? Les voici. Détails ci-dessous (1)
"(la position) je l'ai coupée de mon côté, et pas pr les clients IVT" Première phrase hallucinante, confirmée par les faits : Fenaux envoie des notifications d'achat à tous les clients. Il sort ensuite en douce, en grosse perte. Ne prévient personne. Laisse les clients plantés(2)
Nous parlons ici de positions à -40%, -50% et même -84% comme documentées sur ce fil Twitter ces dernière semaines. Totalement absente du portefeuille (3)
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Mr President @SpeakerPelosi and @TheDemocrats can't deliver any promises, and they have no intention of helping the people that elected them.

Tweaker Pelosi lost it when you called democrats and globalists out on #HumanTrafficking.
@SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats Mr President the democrat dolts are an embarrassment to the entire nation. They're clowns and completely useless.
@SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats I would call them human garbage, but that would be an insult to garbage everywhere.
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It would appear it's up to me to state the obvious. This article and tweet is a pile of Schitt..
If you've followed the case and who hasn't?#EmolumentsClause you know the case was dismissed ~ Why yes, mad democrats have appealed it to the 4th Circuit court. It does NOT change this pertinent fact:
"The Trump Organization, the president’s company now run by his sons, has pledged to donate to the U.S. Treasury profits that its hotels make from foreign governments...
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Everyone on CNN is a paid liar or a #Basta... McCabe's both.
Well CNN does stand for Criminal Nincompoop Narcissist..
❤️🇺🇸 Yes Mr President, CNN is disgraceful.
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Well today's been quite an education for me as to what level Nitwit Nadler 🤡🎪will take this clown show Mr President ...
In case you missed the 70's; here's CNN's new #BASTA, Johnny:
Just leaving this here, for color:
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1) News Roundup! #Basta, PM Netanyahu, Stanley Cup Champions, 9th Circuit Nominee & Poll…..

Our President had a jammed packed day today. He first started by hosting PM Netanyahu of Israel.

Included with this visit was an executive proclamation
2) supporting Israel’s right to stable government over the Golan Heights.

3) Following the bilateral meeting, the two leaders held a short press availability in the Oval Office.

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Report: @CNN Legal Analyst @MarkGeragos (who represents @JussieSmollett) Is @MichaelAvenatti’s Co-Conspirator In @Nike Extortion Scheme #Basta #Busted… via @dailycaller
According to WSJ, Avenatti’s co-conspirator was Geragos, a lawyer famous for representing clients like Michael Jackson, Jussie Smollett and Colin Kaepernick.
Avenatti and Geragos met with lawyers from Nike’s lawyers at the firm Boies Schiller on March 19, according to the indictment.
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Oh my in CA charges...Defrauded a bank, submitted false tax returns and never filed his taxes. Tsk tsk. #Avenatti
Search of his devices began Feb 22 2019... how you feeling @RonanFarrow ? Little edgy?
#Avenatti is screwed, he’s going to sing like canary🤣
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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🧨 Holy crap. Avenatti is being sued by former client claiming he ran firm like a Ponzi scheme. Guy received a settlement and Avenatti full on LIED that he ever got the money! The man was in financial peril and CPL pretended to be doing him a favor by “lending” him $! #BASTA
He finally hired another lawyer in 11/18 and Avenatti started texting him like crazy. New lawyer contacted settling party and they provided full accounting! FRAUD!! @StateBarCA dropped the ball clearing this ambulance chaser big time.…
No wonder this idiot had been who**ng himself out to @CNN and hounding @realDonaldTrump he needs MONEY and now we know why Stormy Daniels gofundme vanished. @ChuckGrassley was right, this fake needs to be investigated.
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Oh f**k off #CreepyPornLawyer demanded Columbus police investigate Stormy's arrest, they produced a 100+ page report and now the douchebag is suing the Police Department. He wants a million dollars🙄 The PD have better things to do than this @TheJusticeDept
Sorry TWO MILLION because her arrest was politically motivated maybe they should try making money the way everyone else does, WORKING not suing.
So now Police can be sued because of what party they're registered with? This is insulting and disgusting and maybe he should stop doxxing PD. #BASTA
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The charge is in fact for injury against intimate partner so it doesn't really matter what his two ex-wives say. #CreepyPornLawyer
According to a fascinating article by Daily Beast (that everyone on the left has chosen to ignore) that is also his address.…
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Has Fox News been given a SHUT UP order? Is this a freaking coup?
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How many pole dances does it take to pay off $341,559.50 plus any ongoing fees to litigate and an amount decided by the Court to deter future frivolous lawsuits? #AskingForaNOTfriend 🤣 #BASTA
STORMY⛈🌪your bill is ready.…
BTW they tried to negotiate #CreepyPornLawyer kept buying time then was a no-show for the meeting.
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I'm taking away the Judge title from Andrew Napolitano, he's now a political hack mouthpiece. Someone, now OWNS him. He just said on #YourWorldWithNeilCavuto @FoxNewsthe the only thing satisfactory is an INTERROGATION by the FBI of #JudgeBrettKavanaugh 🤬Unf*cking believable!
This is the kangaroo court he advocates. #Basta..
We are Mr. President, I'm in full blown mama bear mode. We must defend our founding principles including rules of evidence, presumption of innocence and rule of law. Freedom itself is under attack.
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I sit here thinking this is what survivors must feel like as I watch republicans steamroll this man over all the witnesses that won't be called or the testimony heard and they annihilate Dr Ford's life. I know I cannot speak from an experience of assault, my wife can, I can't. 1/
I hope my daughter never has to. To tell someone the most horrible thing that has happened to you in front of the world and the men pay you lip service and move on. I know this is nowhere in the same universe of surviving an assault but I feel the rage. I feel powerless. 2/
Who do I tell that would believe me? You say report, it's your obligation. Do I tell my family who shames me? Do I tell the cop who blames me? Do I tell a priest who silences me. Do I tell congress who won't believe me? Do I tell the media who sensationalizes me? 3/
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Trump is dIsgusting & reprehensible:

signaled 👍🏼at the Flight 93 memorial

Today Trump launches fresh attacks on FBI & DOJ w/ dubious allegations.

📌He knows LE is closing in on his crimes against humanity.

📌Post 911 he bragged about having tallest bldg.🤔

📌Bush: “On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our

📌NATO invoked Article 5 9/12/01 & is still in full force.

📌Lindsey Graham reminded Kavanaugh GWB’a declaration of war post 9/11 is in full force and effect today

📌Trump looked forward to playing a central role in the rebuilding of the WTC-worth billions he chortled!

📌“Did Osama Bin Laden have copies of the REAL Kompromat on Trump care of the Saudis &/or Mogilevech?

📌What is the story behind Mogilevich, 9/11, & Trump?
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