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🛑 1/3 Smugglers testify and support allegations of the Italian Public Prosecutor: "sea rescuers" (NGOs) cooperate with criminal smugglers in Libya. [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex @ExtSpoxEU…
2/3 [cont] "Reports have been circulating for around five years that rescue ships from aid agencies in the Mediterranean sometimes work with human smugglers. [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
3/3 [cont] The @sonntagszeitung spoke to three Libyan smugglers. They confirm that there are contacts between the human smugglers and the rescue ships. They want to ensure that their "customers", the #migrants, really get to Italy." #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung
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[JUDGMENT: Suo Motu Migrant Crisis]

#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan to deliver its judgment today on an application filed in the suo motu case concerning welfare of migrant workers during the #COVID induced lockdowns
The judgment was reserved on June 11 after the bench questioned the Centre as to why the National Database of Unorganised Workers was not ready despite its orders calling for the preparation of the same. #supremecourt @pbhushan1 #migrantcrisis…

Centre to develop portal in consultation with NIC to register unorganized and migrant workers and complete this portal and commence process not later than July 31, 2021

We direct Centre to allocate and distribute food grains as per demands of state for migrants
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1/2 #Libya 08.06.21 - IOM delegation paid visit and inspected Talmitha Immigration Detention Center. After the release of "suspicious" videos depicting #migrants leisure activities [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
2/2 [cont] it did not take long for Mr. Albo (IOM Head of Immigration and Border Management) and his team to dash off to Talmitha and to see for themselves LtCol. Al-Zarrouk's hospitality and good treatment of detained #migrants. 😅 #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #Frontex
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1/4 #Libya 07.06.21 - Minister of Interior Mazen met with Home Affairs Commissioner @YlvaJohansson and delegation to discuss frameworks of international and regional cooperation on issues concerning illegal immigration. @jose_sabadell #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea
2/4 During meeting Minister Mazen stressed that the problem of illegal immigration is not a Libyan per se but rather an international phenomenon that requires cooperation on all levels in order to reach lasting solutions. #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
3/4 He also emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to combat smugglers and to enhance the humanitarian conditions. The Minister added that the overcrowding of detention centers requires accelerated facilitation of voluntary return and resettlement flights.
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[Suo Motu Migrant Crisis]

Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan to shortly hear its suo motu case regarding issues affecting the migrant labourers owing to the second wave of #COVID19

#SupremeCourt will be hearing an urgent application filed in the Suo Motu case of 2020 by activists Harsh Mander, Anjali Bhardwaj and Jagdeep Chhokar seeking directions to ensure the migrant and stranded labourers are not deprived of ration and food security
The applicants contended that even though States have been imposing decentralised #COVID19 curfews and lockdowns more cautiously this year, "they have offered little welfare support to working classes and migrants whose livelihoods are at sea once again."…
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🔴 #SAR Op 30.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued in separate ops 334 #migrants incl. women and children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] SAR Op. 30.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued a total of 334 #migrants incl. 45 women and 28 children. There are no reports of missing or casualties. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] Rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. All subsequently transferred to DCIM authorities. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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🔴#SAR Op 29.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 99 migrants incl. 10 women and 2 children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] SAR Op. 29.04.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued a total of 99 #migrants. There are no reports of missing or casualties. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] Rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/3 VIDEO identified by #migrants showing victims who perished during the tragic boat sinking on 22.04.21. This video was made in smuggler's "safe house" and published on his Facebook page prior to departure. The #migrants ask for prayers and safe arrival in Italy. #frontex
2/3 [cont] The notorious smuggler is currently complaining on his Facebook page that he receives more than 150 messages per day and therefore offers a trip discount of 5000 LYD (ca. 1200 USD) per person incl. lodging, food & drink. NOTE the German NGO #SeaEye logo in his profile!
3/3 Cdr. Mustafa Abu Zeid CO of the Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar": NGOs communicate and coordinate with human smugglers via social networks! #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/3 ⚫️ #Libya 22.04.21 - In a tragic turn of events more than 100 #migrants perished off the coast of #Libya as their rubber boat disintegrated in extreme weather conditions. Why? (Questions & Plausible Answers BELOW 👇) [cont] @Europol @EmmanuelleChaze #migrantcrisis #frontex
2/3 [cont] Q. Why did #OceanViking after leaving Italy sailed immediately for Qarabolli area and stayed there for 2 days despite volatile weather and warnings of upcoming storm? These questions must be answered by the Captain & Chief of Mission! (see #migrant answer below 👇 )
3/3 [cont] LCdr R. Ghommed CO of the Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan": "These boats are like floating coffins and can disintegrate in minutes pulling all to certain death." #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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▶️ 1/3 Evidence of NGO staged rescues and collusion with human smugglers - Spanish NGO "Open Arms" picking up #migrants delivered by smugglers' “mother boat” from Tunisia. Filmed and fully narrated by migrants. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 Note the fishing trawler (“mother boat”) in the background monitoring migrant recovery by the Spanish NGO. The wooden boat was later towed back for reuse. The smuggler-organizer "Anis" recovered this way ca. 10,000 USD. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
3/3 FRONTEX: "This was clearly the case of a “mother boat” used by criminals to carry a large group of migrants across the sea towards their destination before unloading them onto a smaller boat." #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/3 [Humanitarians with Rolex] The affair of 125,000 Euro received for fictive rescue of #migrants & released to the media excerpts from Police wiretapping demonstrate high criminal energy of NGO "Mediterranea Saving Humans" in pursuit of financing. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex
2/3 [cont] CASARINI: [...] Tomorrow at this time we could be celebrating with champagne in hand because the Danish answer will arrive [...] & CACCIA: [...] An invoice as a result of blowjobs made in Copenhagen [...] sic! #migrantcrisis #seenotrettung…
3/3 🇮🇹 Court in Ragusa rejects NGO appeal and confirms "Mare Jonio" arrest. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung…
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🔴 1/2 #Libya 18.03.21 - NGO #OceanViking makes false claims. According to testimony of the captain of P-301 patrol boat AT NO POINT IN TIME was the intervention coordinated or authorized by the Libyan Coast Security❗️ [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex
2/2 [cont] The NGO despite immediate presence of the P-301 patrol boat engaged in yet another unauthorized intervention & transfer of #migrants from a seaworthy boat, thus effectively preventing the responsible law enforcement agency from carrying out its task. [UPDATE FOLLOWS]
[TESTIMONY] 18.03.21 - Captain of the Libyan Coast Security patrol boat P-301 denies issuing any authorization for intervention or coordinating with NGO #OceanViking. On the contrary, the NGO disobeyed orders to cease its actions immediately❗️ #HumanSmuggling #migrantcrisis
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1/3 #Italy 🇮🇹 "Migrants - Photos that accuse the NGO - The captain protected the traffickers". [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 👉…
2/3 [cont] Old photos and videos in possession of Public Prosecutor lead to new charges against NGOs. The captain of "Vos Hestia" (vessel operated by Save the Children) faces accusations of protecting Libyan human traffickers and aiding and abetting illegal immigration. #frontex
3/3 [cont] The captain and NGO activists involved in the incident despite witnessing firsthand and filming the abuse of #migrants allowed the trafficker to board "Vos Hestia" and subsequently failed after disembarkation to report the individual in question to Italian authorities.
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1/4🔴#Tunisia 09.03.21 - Tunisian Coast Guard in two separate #SAR ops rescued a total of 165 #migrants and recovered so far 39 bodies. The search for missing continues. In a TV statement for Ch 9 "Tunisia Today" [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/4 [cont] the National Guard spokesperson BGen. Al-Jabbali said that the first rescue took place off the coast of Jebniana where 70 #migrants incl. 32 women and 8 children of different African nationalities were rescued from a boat taking on water. #migrantcrisis #frontex
3/4 [cont] The second rescue was conducted off Kératine, Kerkennah Is. where Coast Guard managed to rescue 95 #migrants of African nationalities incl. 2 Tunisian nationals and recovered 39 bodies so far after the boat capsized. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/2🔴03.03.21 - Public Prosecutor requests sentencing for 24 members of German NGO "Jugend Rettet" - "Iuventa" for 'arranged rescues' with traffickers! [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung…
2/2 [cont] "Rescues concurred with smugglers, smugglers taken on board, lights signals to announce ship's presence, boats and even life jackets returned to criminal organizations."❗️ ... Save the Children and MSF face similar accusations... #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung
"Three NGOs probed for aiding illegal immigration: Save the Children, MSF, Jugend Rettet" #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung…
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1/4 [EU NGOs Humanitarians with Rolex 😅] "Money in exchange for transfer of #migrants to #MareJonio" - Ragusa Public Prosecutor launched a widespread criminal investigation incl. wiretapping & accused NGO #MediterraneaSavingHumans of [cont] @KaareDybvad…
2/4 [cont] "carrying out transfer of #migrants from #MaerskEtienne only after the conclusion of an agreement of a commercial nature between the owners of the two ships, an agreement by virtue of which the #MareJoni shipping company received ...
3/4 [cont] a large sum of money as a consideration for the service rendered". @MaerskTankers Best edition of Manus manum lavat! 👏
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1/2🔴#SAR Op 26.02.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 151 #migrants incl. 15 women and 3 children. All disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base and were provided with medical and humanitarian aid. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/2 [cont] There are no reports of missing or fatalities. Nationality of rescued: Benin 21, Cameroon 2, Gambia 6, Ghana 6, Guinea 38, Ivory Coast 12, Kenya 1, Mali 41, Nigeria 7, Senegal 1, Sierra Leon 4 and Sudan 12. All #migrants transferred to DCIM authorities. #migrantcrisis
1/2 [UPDATE] #SAR Op 26.02.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued in two separate operations 151 #migrants incl. women and children. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 ImageImageImage
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1/3 🔴 #SAR Op 20.01.21 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan" rescued 48 #migrants incl. 1 woman and 11 minors. Rescued disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/3 [cont] There are no reports of missing or fatalities. All rescued received medical and humanitarian assistance provided by staff of international organizations present at the disembarkation point. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
3/3 [cont] Nationality of rescued: Burkina Faso 3, Cameroon 6, Egypt 1, Guinea 7, Ivory Coast 5, Liberia 5, Mali 17, Somalia 1, Sudan 1 and Togo 2. All transferred to DCIM Collection and Return Center in Tripoli. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/2 🔴 #Libya 19.01.21 - Zuwara Coast Security PB P-107 rescued 10 #migrants from a sunken rubber boat. Survivors disembarked safely in Zuwara and were provided with medical and humanitarian assistance. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
2/2 [cont] According to testimonies 43 #migrants are still missing. The search continues. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
1/3 [UPDATE] #SAR Op 19.01.21 - Libyan Coast Security patrol boat P-107 responding to a distress call rescued 10 #migrants (all male) from a sunken rubber boat 15 nm off Zuwara. [cont] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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1/4 #Libya 22.11.20 - MoI Undersecretary for Illegal Immigration Affairs Mr. Al-Shaibani met with German Ambassador @GermanAmbLBY to Libya. During the meeting matters of illegal immigration and joint cooperation with Germany were discussed. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung
2/4 The Undersecretary underline challenges facing the Libyan state in dealing with issues of migration flows and emphasized the importance of donor countries providing assistance to engage the Libyan state authorities directly ]cont] #migrantcrisis
3/4 [cont] in order to ensure that the aid reaches those who deserve it, namely the #migrants. He also stated that so far aid provided by donor countries through 3rd party organizations operating in Libya DID NOT reach #migrants properly and fully❗️ @jose_sabadell @chsali555
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Supreme Court to hear a challenge by Maharashtra govt to the Bombay HC order whereby it had suspended two FIRs filed against Arnab Goswami over statements made against Sonia Gandhi and ‘communalising‘ a gathering of migrant workers in Mumbai’s Bandra

The Bombay high court bench, comprising Justices Ujjal Bhuyan and Riyaz I. Chagla had observed: “We cannot have the spectacle of a Damocles’ sword hanging over the head of a journalist while conducting a public debate.”

Bench of CJI SA Bobde with Justices DY Chandrachud and L Nageswara Rao begins hearing the case.

#SupremeCourt #FreedomOfPress #ArnabGoswami
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Supreme Court to shortly hear the plea by journalist Vinod Dua seeking a stay on FIRs filed against him accusing him of sedition, other charges over statements made on his YouTube show, the Vinod Dua show.

On June 14, SC granted Dua protection from arrest but had refused to stay the FIR registered in Simla.

The matter is being heard by a Bench of Justices UU Lalit, Mohan M Shantanagoudar, and Vineet Saran.
Hearing begins.

ASG SV Raju makes submissions: To recap, even if one cognisable offence is made out, FIR can't be quashed.

- 153A IPC and 188 IPC offences also made out

- In any case attempt or abetment to commit offence also made out, which are also cognizable
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1/6 🔴 #SAR Op 11.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" rescued 23 #migrants incl. 2 women and 1 female minor from a wooden boat. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 Image
2/6 [cont] All rescued disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
3/6 [cont] Upon arrival the staff of international organizations IOM, IRC and UNHCR provided humanitarian aid incl. snacks and water to all disembarked migrants. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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🔴 [BREAKING] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" rescued ca. 90 #migrants including women and is currently returning to Tripoli for disembarkation. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 Image
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" returning with rescued #migrants to Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - All rescued #migrants disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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