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I also hate the “Cult of Professorial Authority.” When students see you as inherently smarter than them, they’re too intimidated to ask questions out of fear they’ll read as stupid.

I tell mine “all I have on you is experience and time - not intellect.”

I honestly feel that students respect you a hell of a lot more when you’re honest with them about the limits of your own knowledge.

I routinely tell them “I have no idea.”

Cultivating curiosity and comfort with ‘not knowing’ is the best way to help them GENUINELY learn.
I love my students and I respect them enough to not bullshit them. I expect that in return so I try to foster such an atmosphere in and out of class.

I love teaching because I love learning.

That’s it, basically. #Bye
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You know what’s *actually* EXTREMELY anti-Semitic, folks? Evangelical Christian support for Israel.

They literally want to hasten the End Times so Jesus will come back and convert all the Jews.

AIPAC is a policy lobbying group, like pro-Saudi or pro-Qatar lobbying groups.
(Full disclosure, for context: I haven’t yet had a chance to read @IlhanMN’s AIPAC comments but I’ve seen some commentary.

Hence my previous Tweet on foreign policy lobbying groups and anti-Semitism.)
IMHO, Evangelical Christians’ cynical support for Israel (with the ultimate goal of fulfilling what they see as Biblical Prophecy in which the Jews are eradicated) is INSANELY anti-Semitic. Like THE DEFINITION of anti-Semitism.

AIPAC is a lobbying group. That’s what they do.
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I'd also like to point out the American Black Muslims - born and raised here since being dragged to this country in chains during slavery - ARE A THING.


Ibtihaj Muhammad. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Keith Ellison.
Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Charles Bilal. André Carson. Malcolm X. Jamilah Nasheed.
Larry Shaw.


Black American Muslims exist. STOP IT with the "foreignizing" (& whitening) of Islam.
Black Muslims (American or "foreign") are already erased enough within the global Muslim community - and in the States, the marginalization is even harsher, with the legacy of slavery and institutional racism mapping on to American Islamophobia.

Check out #BlackOutEid.
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How LIC, the relatively prosperous and rapidly gentrifying NYC neighborhood Amazon chose for HQ2, was rezoned to take advantage of tax subsidies meant for the poor.…
Amazon, faced with backlash over its intention to build HQ2 in LIC, NY, subsidized by $3 Billion in city and state financial incentives, is reconsidering its plans
Stop giving businesses money to "create jobs." It's unnecessary, usually a bad deal for local residents, and businesses are rarely held accountable for keeping their promises…
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1) Here's a name that was big in the news a year or two ago for the wrong reasons.

You don't hear about them anymore.

Unfortunately, they're worse than ever. #Bye, @Uber.

Here's why.
2) A ride sharing service requires a lot of trust. You're putting your life at risk getting into a car with a stranger, it's up to @Uber to establish this trust relationship, and they're failing.
3) This was last night, but I want to make clear it that this is NOT a one time event. Many of the negative points here show up on every ride I take in a major city, and could be prevented with a single, very simple step.
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@Far_Right_Watch So basically #TommyRobinson's #lawyer is going to try and use #stupidity as a defence?

Who'd have thought it!
@Far_Right_Watch #Gammonfest #London today as #YaxleyLennon's cultist followers demonstrate their failure to grasp he pleaded "#guilty to #contemptofcourt" and is thus jailed

#TommyRobinson put his #racism before ensuring delivery of a fair trail, no hero, just a #muppet
@Far_Right_Watch Career criminal (assault, mortgage fraud, contempt etc.) #YaxleyLennon begs for #asylum on #Infowars (#Sandyhook conspirators)

#TinyTommeh wants to cut and run, surely a risk of skipping bail? Should be taken into custody

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There are not enough capslocks and exclamation points in all the world to describe how I feel about this thread. This is the song of my heart, this is the burning flame at the core of me. Because fanfic is important and SERIOUS. (small reaction thread)
People spend vast, vast amounts of time and energy on fanfic, they pour their whole heart into fanfic. That is beautiful, that is WORTHY. That deserves to be respected and taken seriously as Art, as LITERATURE.
Fanfic does things that original literature CANNOT DO. There are tools and tropes and structures that work with fanfic that you just can't access with original fic. Fanfic is INCREDIBLE and I will physically fight anyone who feels like throwing down over this.
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