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#GrandCanyon, #geology, #GreatUnconformity, #TectonicModel
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#InternationalRelations, #russia, #ukraine, #europe
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[BREAKING] Supreme Court registers suo motu Criminal Contempt case against Rajdeep Sardesai for tweets criticising court, months after AG KK Venugopal denied consent

report by @DebayonRoy

#SupremeCourt #ContemptofCourt

The case was registered by the Supreme Court despite the fact that Attorney General KK Venugopal had earlier refused to grant consent to the initiation of contempt proceedings against Rajdeep Sardesai

@sardesairajdeep #RajdeepSardesai
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Justice Ashok Bhushan led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly deliver orders in plea seeking contempt of court action against stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra and cartoonist Rachita Taneja for their tweets critiquing the top court
BREAKING: Supreme Court issues notice to Kunal Kamra and Rachita Taneja. Alleged contemnors need not appear in person
@kunalkamra88 @sanitarypanels #SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt
Notice returnable in six weeks.
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Supreme Court to shortly hear plea seeking to initiate #contempt of court proceedings against comic artist Rachita Taneja at the request of a law student. AG KK Venugopal granting consent stated tweets portray that the #SupremeCourt was biased towards @BJP4India
Proceedings to commence shortly
Senior Adv PS Narasimha: Consent of the AG becomes mandatory as far as criminal contempt is concerned. Reason is in Hooda's case which shows AGs role is highlighted in Section 15 of Contempt of Courts Act

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Justice Ashok Bhushan led three-judge bench of the Supreme Court to hear petitions seeking contempt of court proceedings against stand up comic Kunal Kamra for his tweets "critiquing the judiciary."
@kunalkamra88 #SupremeCourt
. @kunalkamra88 has however refused to apologise for his tweets criticising the Supreme Court, commenting in a statement that "silence of the Supreme Court on matters of other's personal liberty cannot go uncriticized."

Attorney General has granted consent for proceedings
Bench to take up the matter shortly now
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Comedians, Courts and the Constitution

- writes Avani Bansal

#KunalKamra #ContemptofCourt
@kunalkamra88 @bansalavani

The life of a nation depends on how well the creative and comedic juices of its people are flowing.

Cartoonist Unnamati Syama Sundar (who signs off as Syam) put together a book on the various cartoons - ‘No Laughing Matter: The Ambedkar Cartoons 1932-1956’. #kunalkamra
Dr. Ambedkar was not alone in being subjected to what the cartoonists’ saw as humour.

Think of the cartoons on VP Singh during the Mandal Commission, or Arjun Singh during the introduction of the Other Backward Classes (OBC) quota. #kunalkamra
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Bombay lawyer writes to Advocate General of Maharashtra, Ashutosh Kumbhakoni, seeking consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Kangana Ranaut. Says tweets by @KanganaTeam has defamed India, its police and govt bodies.

#contempt Image
Letter to Maharashtra AG states that @KanganaTeam and her sister Rangoli Channel misuse their fan base to promote enemies among religions in India.

@MumbaiPolice Image
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Supreme Court Bench headed by CJI rejects a PIL which sought direction from the Court for implementation of laws against Contempt of Court.

CJI: This is like you're saying that Court should pass an injunction that there should not be rapes and murders.

#SupremeCourt Image
CJI Bobde: We are in full agreement that there should be no contempt of Court.... But, we cannot pass orders like this.

This is unnecessary. There is a law in place then why should we pass orders saying law should be followed?

CJI Bobde: How can any court in the world direct the citizens to comply with laws and not break them?

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[BREAKING] Attorney General KK Venugopal denies consent in plea seeking contempt proceedings against Rajdeep Sardesai. AG says the tweets by Sardesai were "not so serious" that could "undermine the majesty of court."
#ContemptofCourt Image
AG Venugopal says that triffling remarks and mere passing criticism though perhaps distasteful are unlikely to tarnish the image of the Supreme Court
[Breaking] AG KK Venugopal declines to give consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Rajdeep Sardesai
#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt…
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[BREAKING] Petition in Supreme Court urges for contempt proceedings against @sardesairajdeep for his tweets on the suo motu contempt case of Prashant Bhushan's and issues concerning judiciary

#contemptofcourt Image
Further the petition states that Rajdeep Sardesai's tweets show that these were "not only a cheap stunt of Publicity among people but a deliberate attempt to spread hatred in form of Anti India campaign."

The petitioner has also sought the consent of Attorney General KK Venugopal for initiating contempt proceedings against @sardesairajdeep Image
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A three-Judge Bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar will take up for hearing the 2009 contempt case against Advocate Prashant Bhushan.

#SupremeCourt @pbhushan1 #contemptofcourt Image
The matter was placed before Bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra earlier.

The Court will be considering larger questions pertaining to contempt of court and allegations against Judges.

#SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt @pbhushan1
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After Adv. Prashant Bhushan filed a supplementary statement before the Supreme Court reiterating his position not to tender an apology over his tweets, the #SupremeCourt will today consider the effect of this statement.

Bhushan's statement filed yesterday says, "an insincere apology would amount to the contempt of my conscience"

#SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt
Supreme Court had given Bhushan time till August 24 to tender an unconditional apology, if he so desired.

SC had hinted at adopting a lenient position towards Bhushan in case he reconsidered his statements/tweets.

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Supreme Court today is scheduled to hear arguments on sentencing in relation to Advocate Prashant Bhushan's conviction for contempt of court.

#SupremeCourt #ContemptOfCourt
Prashant Bhushan will be seeking a review of the judgment and as such had moved an application before the Supreme Court seeking deferment of today's hearing.

#SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt
Bench assembles. A bench of Justices Arun Mishra, Gavai and Murari to pronounce the sentencing verdict.

@pbhushan1 #PrashantBhushan #PrashantBhushan #SupremeCourt #contemptofcourt
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Thread on Liberals hypocrisy on SC Judgement

Swati Chaturvedi Vs Swati Chaturvedi

#PraShantBhushan ImageImageImage
Nikhil Waghle Vs Nikhil Waghle

#prashantbhushan Image
Rajdeep Sardesai Vs Rajdeep Sardesai

#PrashantBhushan Image
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IHC dismisses plea for contempt proceedings against journalist SC takes suo motu notice of @Matiullahjan919 ‘s alleged contemptuous tweet
#ContemptOfCourt #SupremeCourt #IHC @Xadeejournalist @ZarrarKhuhro @WusatUllahKhan explain 👇
IHC dismisses plea for contempt proceedings against journalist SC takes suo motu notice of @Matiullahjan919 ‘s alleged contemptuous tweet

#ContemptOfCourt #SupremeCourt #IHC

Barrister Saif explains 👇
میرا پروگرام دیکھتے رہنا اور فیڈ بیک دیتے رہنا۔ میں نے جھٹ سے کہا نہ پروگرام دیکھوں گا نہ فیڈ بیک دوں گا۔
پوچھا کیوں؟ میں خود کو اس ٹاک شو کا عادی کیوں بناؤں جبکہ مجھے معلوم ہے کہ تمھاری سرکشی کی وجہ سے اسے جلد بند ہونا ہی ہے

#WeStandWithMatiUllah Image
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@Far_Right_Watch So basically #TommyRobinson's #lawyer is going to try and use #stupidity as a defence?

Who'd have thought it!
@Far_Right_Watch #Gammonfest #London today as #YaxleyLennon's cultist followers demonstrate their failure to grasp he pleaded "#guilty to #contemptofcourt" and is thus jailed

#TommyRobinson put his #racism before ensuring delivery of a fair trail, no hero, just a #muppet
@Far_Right_Watch Career criminal (assault, mortgage fraud, contempt etc.) #YaxleyLennon begs for #asylum on #Infowars (#Sandyhook conspirators)

#TinyTommeh wants to cut and run, surely a risk of skipping bail? Should be taken into custody

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Apparently, Sam Nunberg's 15 minutes of fame aren't over. He's now on @AriMelber's show on @MSNBC. Even though Nunberg appeared *in person* rather than via phone, it's the same INSANITY‼️

🔥Nunberg just revealed that Mueller asked him about Trump's BUSINESS‼️ 1/
Nunberg just said that he's not a target or a subject of Mueller's probe, but instead, is just a witness. He said that he apparently said something during his interview that Mueller wants the grand jury to hear.🤔 2/
When Ari asked Nunberg against whom he thought he would testify before the grand jury, Nunberg said that he didn't know, but added that he REFUSED to testify against his "mentor," Roger Stone.🙄

Apparently, Nunberg is willing to GO TO PRISON to protect Roger Stone⁉️3/
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THREAD: here are clips from Sam Nunberg’s STUNNING interview, live on @MSNBC, when he said that he will REFUSE to comply w/Mueller’s #subpoena‼️ 1/


🔥Nunberg REFUSES to comply w/Mueller’s #subpoena:

"I'm not going to cooperate when they want me to come into a grand jury for them to insinuate that Roger STONE was colluding with Julian ASSANGE. Roger is my mentor. Roger is like family."🤨 2/

Looks like Nunberg just confirmed that Mueller believes that Stone conspired with Julian ASSANGE‼️🤔 3/

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Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg has been subpoenaed to appear in front of Mueller’s federal grand jury but says he REFUSES to go‼️

Nunberg provided a copy of his #subpoena👈🏼NUNBERG is the WITNESS in the subpoena leaked yesterday‼️ 1/…
Nunberg provided WaPo w/ a copy of his 2-page grand jury #subpoena seeking documents related to Trump and 9 other people, including emails, correspondence, invoices, telephone logs, calendars and “records of any kind.”.🤔 2/
Looks like NUNBERG is the mysterious WITNESS who leaked his #subpoena, first reported by @axios yesterday.😉 3/

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