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Republican congressional candidate Omar Navarro, who is running against Maxine Waters, was arrested & booked Sat in San Francisco for stalking, making criminal threats, violating a domestic relations court order, and attempted extortion.…
Republican congressional candidate Omar Navarro, running against Maxine Waters, was arrested & booked Sat in San Francisco for stalking, making criminal threats, violating a domestic relations court order & attempted extortion

He is part of the Trump / Roger Stone gang
August 1, 2019, a restraining order was issued against Navarro for 5 years for his former girlfriend, DeAnna Lorraine who has declared herself as a Republican challenger to Nancy Pelosi in California's 12th congressional district in 2020

August 18, 2019, Trump was retweeting him
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So finally got to the newest #Hamilton68 wordclouds. A few interesting things to note. First up the subset of #hamilton68 twitter troll accounts focused on US politics. This is 62k tweets from between Feb 27th through Mar 2nd. #infosec #disinfo #osint #psyops
These #Hamilton68 accounts were promoting #cpac2019, not surprisingly the controversy surrounding #IlhanOmar and a couple interesting smaller new hashtags #the200 and #themighty200 that I will discuss later in the thread. Also of note is the minimal attention to Tulsi Gabbard.
Looking at the #Hamilton68 subset of accounts focused on Russian geopolitics the conflict in Venezuela (#HandsOffVenezuela) was featured and new was the conflict between India and Pakistan. The #integrityinitiative continued to be a focus and again Tulsi was not that prominent
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New Q (2 Mar): The time on this watch is 3:42, 2 March. Same IWC watch posted on 5 Jan showing 3:14. File name "TT.png" = Tick Tock? POTUS dropped a few Q proofs at #CPAC2019 today. The clear air Q at the start, said "These people are sick!" 3 times & said RINOs were "RETIRED".
2. Zero ambiguity in yesterday's drop w/POTUS' intentional misspelling "bye Crooked Hillary and the Democrats..." with "Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed." & countdown to a "tactical nuke" (DECLAS) (today is [-17]) has to have DS panicking.
3. NO WAY, HRC put that cover pic on her profile! Is she THAT arrogant (& evil) to flaunt her "love" for children? Note title of screenshot of POTUS tweet is "Haiti.png". Now THAT is just the kind of "tactical nuke" needed to wake a bunch of people up. "Crime Against Children".
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"Every day, my presidency will defend American families, we will defend America’s workers … we will defend the American way of life and we will always defend America’s borders—because without borders, we don’t have a country…
…The lawless chaos on our southern border provides a lucrative cashflow to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet. Deadly cartels constantly violate our borders…
…Our Border Patrol, our ICE agents, our law enforcement - the job they do, and they don’t have the backup of a wall in many cases - the job they do is incredible."

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
speaks about #BorderSecurity and the need for a #BorderWall in his speech at #CPAC2019.
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President Trump discusses the #GreenNewDeal at #CPAC2019. (Thread 👇)

"Perhaps nothing is more extreme than the Democrat plan to takeover over American energy.

"Their plan would remove every gas-powered car from American roads.

"They want you to have one car instead of two…
"…and it has to be electric.

"It would force the destruction or renovation of virtually every structure in the United States.

"This is the craziest plan…
"…This is the new democratic platform and I don’t want to talk them out of it… I want them to embrace this plan."
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.@CPAC 2019 LIVE: @POTUS @realDonaldTrump speaks at #CPAC
"With your help we’re reversing decades of blunders and betrayals… it’s been done by the failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense. Those days are long over…
… America is winning again, America is respected again, and the world knows it."

President @realDonaldTrump
speaks at @CPAC. #CPAC2019 @POTUS
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"Our shining city on the hill… has become a much abused doormat to the world. Building the border wall is only half the battle — the numbers tell all." - @michellemalkin speaks on #Immigration @CPAC. #CPAC2019
"Illegal aliens are eligible if an illegal family member wins the jackpot… nearly half of all illegal aliens in the country have violated the terms of [short term visas]." - @michellemalkin #CPAC2019
"By every measure the war is not on immigrants but on American sovereignty." - @michellemalkin at #CPAC2019
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“Since day one of our administration we have been working to remove dangerous criminals from our streets in record numbers, enforcing our immigration laws, and working to secure our borders. And we’ve already started to build that wall” -@VP @mike_pence
“In this administration, we are standing everyday for the men and women of law enforcement. Giving them the respect they deserve every single day. And that includes the brave men and women of Customs and Border Protection. We will never abolish ICE.” — @VP at #CPAC2019
“No matter what you hear from the Democrats and media, we have a crisis at the southern border.
In the last 4 months alone, more than 120k unaccompanied minors and family units crossed the border.” — @VP at #CPAC2019
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WATCH LIVE: Sen. @tedcruz and @RichLowry Discuss Nationhood and the Border Crisis at @CPAC
“Democrats have gone batcrap crazy [over border wall]. They’re getting more and more extreme on every issue.”
@SenTedCruz @TedCruz #CPAC2019
“I believe in America. And one of things that drives the media and drives the left crazy, is that the president is willing to stand up and defend America.” — @SenTedCruz @TedCruz #CPAC2019
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.@AnnCoulter not invited and @NickJFuentes banned from #CPAC2019.

Why is the America First crowd unwelcome here?

Butt Glenn Beck, whose NeoCon trash Americans explicitly rejected in 2016, spoke on the main stage.
NEW: Just ran into @FaithGoldy. She tells me she wasn’t allowed to register for @CPAC as media.
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Looking forward to all the great speakers today. This is my 6th CPAC but 1st time attending as a guest instead of working on Radio Row or manning a booth for BigDawg Media. Security is super tight w/@VP coming today. Tomorrow POTUS @realDonaldTrump will be here!

"If socialism was a movie it would be Friday the 13th." @glennbeck
Catch up on all the great speakers at @CPAC here:…

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THREAD: Born-Alive Abortions DO happen. Planned Parenthood and @TheDemocrats DEFEND this practice. Here's the proof:

@PPACT: "There is no such thing as abortion until or after birth."

#BornAliveAct #ProLife #CPAC2019 #WhatMakesAmericaGreat
Here's just four (of 270+ documented) abortion survivors:

1️⃣ @melissaohden -- survived abortion attempt in 1977 at 31 weeks:
Here's documentation from St. Luke's hospital in Sioux City, Iowa showing Melissa survived an abortion attempt on her life:
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"And yet we're at a point with the democrats that now Obama…wasn't left wing enough for these Democrats."

Watch #LauraIngraham 🔴 LIVE at @CPAC:
"Every time socialism really gets going, it ultimately is rejected by the people because–Guess what? Because it doesn’t work; never will, never has." - Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle at @CPAC! #CPAC2019
"We believe skin color should never, ever, ever, be a reason for discrimination or mistreatment, ever. We judge people for who they are, what they say, what they represent, and most importantly, what they do…
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Tommy Robinson banned from Facebook: why? via @Timcast
"Public praise for these figures ... [Robinson, Proud Boys, Info Wars] ... could violate Facebook policies."
Oh wow ... FB also banned @RaheemKassam just ahead of his presence at #CPAC2019 - and it took @DonaldJTrumpJr 's intervention to restore it.
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➡️Cohen & Russian mob framing @POTUS
➡️Ukrainian Mob HUGE donations #ClintonFoundation
➡️Cohen's father in law Shusterman born #Ukraine
➡️Ukrainian gov officials tried to help HRC undermine Trump
➡️Cohen, Podesta, Manafort, Clinton, Viktor Pinchuk #WitchHunt

@GenFlynn #QAnan
➡️Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen disbarred in New York
➡️Mr. Trump slammed Cohen on Tuesday, saying he was “lying” as part of the investigation to reduce his allotted prison time #NoDeal
➡️Cohens ties to Clinton, Podesta…
@GenFlynn #QAnon @POTUS #WWG1WGA
➡️The Real Collusion:Cohen,Podesta,Clinton,Russian Mob setting up @POTUS
➡️Cohen was Clinton's Lawyer
➡️Cohen's company, Essential Consultants, allegedly received a $500,000 payment from a company connected to Russian oligarch&Putin
➡️Connections to Dems Clintons
@GenFlynn #QAnon
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The Black Conservative Civil War

“There is a civil war occurring between the intellectual, solution-driven black conservatives and the fame-oriented, pseudo-intellectuals on the black right.”…

#CPAC2019 #BHM
#BlackLivesMatter #blackconservativemovement
“The most identifiable feature of fame-oriented black conservatives is their absurdist addiction to the inconsequential issue of whether or not blacks choose to identify as African American or just American. They call this the “unhyphenated American” movement.”
“While this issue is unimportant to regular people, it is deeply important to pseudo-intellectual, fame-oriented black conservatives, because it is the key issue that they use to ingratiate themselves with white conservatives.”
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I will be maybe flying to the #US to cover the #CPAC2019 political event at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in #DC! But it will only be through you're donations if you'd like me to go and cover it on the ground. or
Bitcoin: 37vX9NsjH9LHBpF6SztHrW9nXdcgX97y6H
Bitcoincash: bitcoincash:qzpffqzsgwr70rvjmsllkjq6wwclpztavuc5j4jkst
Ethereum: 0x54dbf0d7724b04a509853dfe0e2cef2cafda2f3b
Monero: 88YvQDoQi1M4zQsiGDH5C9YEGEYD4AbaTFnZP3MajM3N3AFgxBYzTUhHG4pAjhmmxtSLEoyxhcK4tDj3ry9fZgCoCnwkix1
Thank you for the recent donation Delmar!
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