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Once again, @GOP has set up a straw man, and is carrying out a carefully orchestrated scam to convince the public that @JoeBiden will do something he couldn't do even if he wanted to (which he has never said he does). I do wish Dems would do a better job of dispelling this BS. /1
A President cannot just decide to "pack the Court." To expand the number of seats, Congress would have to vote to amend the Judiciary Act. Assuming a bill was introduced, and passed, then a President @JoeBiden would have to decide whether to sign it. Would he? #CourtPacking /2
Biden's entire life history suggests that he would think long and hard about this. @JoeBiden doesn't have a radical bone in his body, and he deeply values bipartisan cooperation (which the @GOP has abandoned). /3…
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Voters have a right to know the diabolical plan of the left. It won't change anything, for Republicans will just roll over and not fight. They barely stand with the president without making swipes. Learn to be a team. #courtpacking #Decision2020
Joe is weak and the liberal media is aiding and abetting him.
So flippant. Yet the media demands Trump denounce white supremacists every 30 days.
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You may come across bot-amplified activists pitching the idea that #Republicans have been packing the Courts for years, and therefore, hypocritically object to Democratic Party machinations to inflict #courtpacking on America if Kamala Harris and her running mate are elected.
So, is it true, have "Republicans been packing" the Courts for decades?

Well, let's start by agreeing that this, or any, conversation is pointless unless we share a common language. If you think so, then ...
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There's #gaslighting afoot, and it's the #torchsong of Sad Sack @DanRather:
#Dan, you're nearly old enough to remember actual #courtpacking, the #FDR proposal to add justices to the court, increasing the total number of justices on a formula related to justices turning 70.
For those who prefer to learn facts of what actually was proposed as #courtpacking, just @Google, @Bing, or @DuckDuckGo the term.

Here's a hint: #Dan is caught in another lie of his own manufacture.
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1. #CourtPacking: On Feb 5, 1937, #FDR announced his #courtpacking plan to deal with a conservative Supreme Court that was acting as a super-legislature to overturn the desperately needed recovery acts that were attempting to save America from total economic collapse.
2. Congress' attempts to fix the economy were repeatedly stymied by the imposition of a judicial activist theory of "substantive due process" that created a right of contract that trumped all Constitutionally granted legislative power. By 1937, FDR had finally had
3. enough and announced his #courtpacking plan that would increase the number of #SCOTUS justices to as many as 15. The reaction was similar to what we are seeing from the Conservatives who this time seek to turn the US into an extremist white supremacist Christian theocracy.
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Someone who can’t give a straight answer on packing the court is too dangerous to be considered for the presidency. It’s hard to overstate how dangerous to the Republic this is.
This would fundamentally destroy the checks and balances of our government. Anytime a president doesn’t like the outcome of the court-they could appoint more judges to overturn past decisions. It ends common law. If a president doesn’t agree with past common law-ad justices.
If a president doesn’t like the outcome of a case where a law is ruled unconstitutional-appoint more justices-suddenly it can be found to be valid.
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Re: #CourtPacking: many have become so inured to the idea that #SCOTUS has been and should be apolitical that we miss the forest for the trees. While we debate whether SCOTUS is political (it is) members have used the apolitical posture to increase the Court's authority/power. 1/
Consider Chief Justice Roberts' repeated insistence that the justices are umpires in conjunction with the enormous amount of power he amassed as the "swing" vote in the last term. 2/
With some notable exceptions (thx @StrictScrutiny_), Roberts was praised as an "institutionalist" for those votes by court watchers. The idea that the Court was behaving "apolitically" seemed to translate into an increase in public faith in #SCOTUS 3/
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1. I'm going to repeat some earlier posts of mine.

The case Trump filed in NY to stop the NYC grand jury was clearly filed in a panic. I don't think they knew about the grand jury until two subpoenas were issued for Trump org and Masars. Case number is a 2018 number so the
2. grand jury has been investigating Trump for at least eight months & started before Barr was confirmed so Mueller could have given them everything under 6(e). The NYC prosecutors had to know Trump would try to stop them so they kept it secret. But they could get Deutchebank's
3. Trump tax returns in secret. I presume they want the one Masars has because it's the one the IRS got. I'm a long time fraud hunting Bankruptcy attorney and I'm betting the returns won't match and will prove Trumps committed bank fraud in addition to false business records.
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