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Is it legal for Congress to #default on the US #NationalDebt? It depends on who you ask. There are a ton of good legal arguments for and against, so perhaps it comes down to what the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, partisan) #SupremeCourt says?…

1/ A kitchen sink. The Supreme...
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In those terms, it seems like the game is over. #Biden should just surrender, hand the most extreme wing of the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, authoritarian) #GOP everything, even if doing so will push Biden's approval rating lower, dangerously close to the next election.

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When students of statistics are introduced to creating and interpreting models, they are introduced to George Box's maxim:

*All models are wrong, some are useful.*

It's a call for humility and perspective, a reminder to superimpose the messy world on your clean lines. 1/ A Tron-like plane of glowing grid-squares. Two spherical cow
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Even with this benediction, modeling is forever prone to the cardinal sin of insisting that complex reality can be reduced to "a perfectly spherical cow of uniform density on a frictionless plane." 3/
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For many #ConstitutionalLaw scholars, last years' #Dobbs decision on #AbortionRights at the #SupremeCourt came as a dismaying shock, because it showed conclusively that #conlaw wasn't a realm of ideologically consistent intellectual foment, but rather, a matter of *politics*. 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Writing for @CreditSlips, the #FinanceLaw scholar #AdamLevitin admits to feeling a bit of schadenfreude in that moment. The "blue collar" law scholars in "grubby" banking and money fields have always treated the conlaw set as "slightly clueless toffs":… 3/
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The late Joseph Persico was a historian chosen by the Deep State’s deepest creeps to write their official histories.

In his 2002 book on #FDR, he tried to convince Americans that their most beloved president of the 20th Century was a liar.

You decide!

Persico wrote several volumes on FDR — each a demolition of his legacy — including that trash book on Franklin’s extramarital affairs.

Anything to destroy the man who American voters elected by large margins FOUR times, even when he was visibly dying. We loved him THAT much. ❤️
This historic newsreel of #FDR’s funeral will give you an idea of the immense grief Americans felt when Roosevelt died in April 1945.

That’s when the light went out.

Our country has never been able to unite behind any leader since like we did w/ FDR.

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Every night at 8PM Central this weekend, I’ll be showing episodes of my recent talk with two American #communists, Tyler McConnell @tjmac87 and @RealCalebMaupin.

In Part 2 of “Making Alliances,” we ask: “what do #libertarians and Communists agree on?”

Lol I know this show will trigger some folks who might say that libertarians and communists can’t agree on a damn thing, but watch and you might be surprised!
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On this #JFK Saturday, I’d like to share with you one of the weirdest pieces of Kennedy memorabilia in my collection:

The MORNING Extra edition of the Los Angeles Times for Friday, Nov. 22, 1963. 📰

Somebody goofed that headline!
Here’s the full front page:
Evidently the @latimes was in a hurry to get this Extra edition printed, and forgot to change the dateline from morning to afternoon.

#JFK was killed at 12:30 pm Dallas time (10:30 a.m. CA time), so perhaps it was a morning edition technically speaking but oh, that headline!
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This Master Thread 🧵 is a collection of my deep dives into 20th Century HIDDEN HISTORY, sourced from declassified documents 🗄 and films 🎥 in US government archives.

#WWI #WWII #FDR #ColdWar #JFK #RFK #MLK #LBJ #JFKFiles #ColdWar #CIA #FBI #USSR #SovietUnion #Ukraine #Nazis
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Probably not because it was classified for nearly 60 years.

In April 1945 Churchill decided -- BEFORE #WWII was over -- that the Allies should team up with the #Nazis invade the #SovietUnion AGAIN and NUKE #Russia!…
It sounds too crazy to be true, but it is.

British PM Winston Churchill instructed his Joint Military Staff to draft an invasion plan of Russia using British, German, and American troops. (He hadn't told the Americans about this yet, or most of his own military staff.)
Imagine how this strategic meeting went:

“Yes, splendid. We shall invade the country who just saved our arses from the Nazis! Let’s convince the Americans to drop that new nuclear bomb on the Russians! I mean, they have to try it out somewhere, let’s nuke a few Soviet cities!”
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@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY #NewWorldOrder isn’t a kooky conspiracy theory…it’s an actual ideological mission ~ the most dangerous utopians of all-time.

Maybe like #Fabianism + #Fascist #Eugenics rebranded.

Orwell, Huxleys, CS Lewis, HG Wells, Betrand Russell, etc wrote about it.…
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY ‘The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution’

1928 ~ #HGWells

#NWO ideologists aim to suck up all the world’s wealth to gain total control over it + enslave humanity for their “greater good”.

They’re almost finished ~ they’ve been working on it for over a century.
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY British imperialists set out to hijack the 🇺🇸 over a century ago to continue their global empire mission.

They succeeded. It’s even in Congressional archives.

They bankrupted the 🇺🇸 taking over the world with 10’s of trillions of our tax dollars.

If they win #WW3, we’re done.
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Man-made famine, coming soon to America, courtesy of the @JoeBiden Regime.

Doubt me?

Since he took office some 42 food processing facilities have been torched soon after he announced there would be food shortages at the G7, the most recent a chicken 🐓 processing facility.
Yet another bizarre fire 🔥 that will threaten our food supply.

I’m sure that in the mind of @JoeBiden Vladimir Putin is somehow to blame.

Wait for it.

I would say #Google it, but when I actually USED @Google vs @DuckDuckGo the results were obviously censored with pro-Biden narratives.

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I still believe that our country would not be in the current state of division had HRC won the presidency in ‘08. Conservative backlash against a Black #POTUS fueled the rise of #FormerGuy and pushed #TodaysGOP to out themselves as The #AmericanNaziParty. That said, he is still
the best #POTUS we’ve had during my lifetime! @BillClinton is definitely a strong runner-up, and I believe @HillaryClinton may well have been the best #POTUS since #FDR and his astonishing #NewDeal which, had he lived to fully implement, might very well have accelerated
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1932 Image
Alvin Sharpe, North Carolina
1935 Image
many farm families lacked indoor plumbing during the Depression

water was drawn from an outdoor pump

people bathed once a week, in shared water that had been heated on a wood-burning stove Image
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A.Philip Randolph proved instrumental in urging #FDR to open up the #Marines—and other #military branches—to African American… #BlackMarines #ReparationsNow-#ADOS #DefundTheBBC #BidenIsAFailure #Bidenflation #USHistory,#TeachUSHistory,#History
It was just a month since the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. U.S. troops were arriving in Europe to join Allied forces in fighting Adolf Hitler’s invasions.The United States needed its people to help win World War II.
And yet,in January 1942,the highest-ranking officer in the Marines, General Thomas Holcomb, expressed contempt for an effort to recruit more marines—Black marines—to the force.
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This #NYTimes piece on #Biden is #interesting. It'is almost honest.

The reporters express surprise that #SenileJoe is siding with the #Dem #Left. Maybe they really ARE surprised. If they are, it just shows they were conned as thoroughly as most of the country was in 2020.
It’s now clear that Biden had a three part agenda: 1) Get elected #POTUS. 2) Pass a lot of very expensive government programs. 3) Go down in history as an #FDR or #LBJ, a president who permanently transformed American society.
#Joe’s problem was that 2) endangered 1). He needed to pretend to be “moderate” to get elected. So he ran a campaign that came down to ‘#OrangeManBad, #SenileManGood, and let’s not talk about what I’ll do in office.’ And it worked. He got the #DemocraticParty united behind him.
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20 years ago, #POTUS was the leader of the free world.

Today, @POTUS is leading the nationalization of a free country.

A history🧵on how we got here..
It didn't start with #September11. Federal interventionism and expansionism began much earlier.

We dove into global conflicts in 1898, when we took Cuba, PR, Guam, and Philippines from the Spanish in a short war that began suspiciously.
Two hawkish POTUS later, #WoodrowWilson (a passive academic) established the #FederalReserve and income tax in 1913 (FTC in 1914), entered WWI and created a propaganda office in 1917, raised taxes in 1918, and formed what became the @UN in 1920.

Federal powers greatly expanded.
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Por tener perspectiva, en el último siglo EE UU ha sobrevivido a presidentes que fueron forzados a dimitir por mentir: Nixon, que además se presentó prometiendo cerrar la guerra de Vietnam (veníamos desastre LBJ), y lo que hizo fue intensificar la contienda.
Y para mí no es el peor: #Wilson fue presidente siendo miembro del KKK (hablamos del s.XX), es también el presidente de la Ley Seca que fue un acicate estúpido al contrabando, las mafias y la violencia en todo el país. Un desastre también en lo int. (idealista sin ideales).
Curiosamente el presidente más proto-fascista de USA es uno de los más admirados (con un relato histórico mejor construido): #Roosevelt. Un populista demagogo, ganó las elecciones por el buen uso del Twitter de su época: la radio; luego incumplió todo lo que prometió.
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With his #JAMS @MC_UPress article on #SinoJapanese #War, it's time to update The #AndrewRhodes #Bookshelf!

@NavalWarCollege distinguished grad guides leaders through #IndoPacific w/ Geo-#History, #Strategy & Visual Communications…
And by "#Visual #Communications," I mean #MAPS—beautiful, self-crafted maps. That should have existed already, but didn't.

For fresh perspective from the innovative #cartography @RhodesCartogra1 creates, check out:

Prepare to have your horizons expanded!
My favorite example:

@RhodesCartogra1's pathbreaking piece @NavalWarCollege won 2019 @thejointstaff #Strategic #Essay Competition's Strategic #Research Paper category.

Cogent geo-history-grounded insights for US strategy toward PRC.

Neatly summarized by his map (attached here)
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Here's the full speech Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered on December 8th, after the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. #FDR #PearlHarbor #PearlHarborRemembranceDay
Here's the speech Eleanor Roosevelt delivered on the radio after the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. (2:57)
#PearlHarbor #PearlHarborRemembranceDay
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You may come across bot-amplified activists pitching the idea that #Republicans have been packing the Courts for years, and therefore, hypocritically object to Democratic Party machinations to inflict #courtpacking on America if Kamala Harris and her running mate are elected.
So, is it true, have "Republicans been packing" the Courts for decades?

Well, let's start by agreeing that this, or any, conversation is pointless unless we share a common language. If you think so, then ...
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There's #gaslighting afoot, and it's the #torchsong of Sad Sack @DanRather:
#Dan, you're nearly old enough to remember actual #courtpacking, the #FDR proposal to add justices to the court, increasing the total number of justices on a formula related to justices turning 70.
For those who prefer to learn facts of what actually was proposed as #courtpacking, just @Google, @Bing, or @DuckDuckGo the term.

Here's a hint: #Dan is caught in another lie of his own manufacture.
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1. #CourtPacking: On Feb 5, 1937, #FDR announced his #courtpacking plan to deal with a conservative Supreme Court that was acting as a super-legislature to overturn the desperately needed recovery acts that were attempting to save America from total economic collapse.
2. Congress' attempts to fix the economy were repeatedly stymied by the imposition of a judicial activist theory of "substantive due process" that created a right of contract that trumped all Constitutionally granted legislative power. By 1937, FDR had finally had
3. enough and announced his #courtpacking plan that would increase the number of #SCOTUS justices to as many as 15. The reaction was similar to what we are seeing from the Conservatives who this time seek to turn the US into an extremist white supremacist Christian theocracy.
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I know EXACTLY who needs to hear this, but America's most #Socialist president was #LBJ, not #FDR. No president in US history created more socialist programs for this country, key among them:
#HeadStart #VotingRightsAct
#LBJ grew up dirt poor and credited access to public education with his ability to win a congressional seat at 27. His first year in office he DOUBLED the national budget for public education. LBJ also established the plan for the rural hospital system Trump is dismantling.
#LBJ established #NationalPublicRadio in 1967 to make arts and education communication accessible to everyone. He said, "America wants more than a chicken in every pot."
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