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We promise we will show up no matter what. And yes, you can still come to church in your pajamas. Almost everybody is doing that during this lockdown.😊 So, stay connected and be a part of a great time of worship, word and fellowship this Sunday with your family and friends. Image
Whatever category you're, we have got you covered. Swipe left, so you see. Parents can spend more screen time with their kids, and teenagers aren't left out. Image
Do remember to like or subscribe to any of our digital platforms -YouTube, Facebook & Twitter (ElevationNG) so you don't miss a thing.

#ChurchOnline #TecTeenz #ChildrensChurch #Seeds #ElevationNG #Covid19Out Image
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The economically challenged are the worst hit during this pandemic cause they lack access to the basics.
@PISTISFDN, a non-profit social intervention arm of The Elevation Church has embarked on a two-pronged approach to helping economically challenged residents of Lagos state. Image
The first initiative is the launch of the Pistis Food Bank- which is an initiative to provide at least 2,000 residents of the state with food staples that will tide them over, during the 14-day government-mandated shut-down and beyond. Image
The second is the Pistis Health Intervention Scheme which is being carried out in partnership with St. Kizito’s clinic in Jakande Lekki, and Chion Hospital at Maryland Ikeja. Image
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Check out #Japan #korea #taiwan test ready Asin countries have managed to keep the lockdown measures low, ie restaurants are still open 🙊🤷🏽‍♂️

They managed to keep the death toll low, as low as #flu rates

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Are you looking forward to being a part of this? Pls mention any pastor you know and let's mobilise every christian within and outside the country to stand in the gap and shine forth the light of the gospel of Jesus over Nigeria at this critical time is important. Image
Event details are as follows:

Date: Friday March 25, 2020

Time: 8pm – 9pm (WAT)

Venue: Digital Platforms (YouTube and Facebook)



#standinthegap #calltoprayer #Covid19Out Image
*Friday, 27th of March.
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Dear @NigeriaGov and our billionaires, there are 40 million verified BVN accounts. If you can be remitting ₦5000 to these verified accounts every week, that's just ₦200 billion, Nigerians will manage in foodstuffs to survive the lockdown. Poverty is another killer. #Covid19Out. Image
Food, medicine and electricity are sacrosanct for human survival. If a pandemic can lead to lockdown, hunger is an epidemic that can lead to diedown. People must not be forced to die because of 'fear' or 'hunger'. Deprivation is deadlier than the virus itself. Let's help the poor
Temperature checking, using thermometers and hand sanitisers are measures too, but 80% of Nigerians are poor, food and medicine are their topmost priority. All security measures to ensure compliance with the lockdown will not last long as far as the poor got hungry. Pls help now!
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Folks, how much longer are you willing to be a prisoner in your own home?

Are you waiting for someone to save you?

From my understanding how law works, the current system needs our consent to operate. We give "it" power not the other way around.
The usurpers occupying our state houses, the state supreme courts along with these unlawful municipal courts will continue to violate our state constitutions & the U.S. Constitution because we are ignorant of our own constitutional laws(state).
You think not having enough toilet paper is bad...THEY will continue to create more restrictions until we can't even go to the store to feed our families and at the same time our farmers are suffering!

You think the National Guard is on our side?
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5 New Opportunities for Tackling COVID-19 - APPLY!

Do you have a ground-breaking idea to help fight the #COVIDー19 outbreak? Apply to one or more of these five global competitions.

#thread #opportunities #opportunitydesk #Covid19Out
1. Paris Peace Forum 2020 Call for Projects

Do you have a project offering a concrete solution to tackle a global challenge? Apply to Come to the 3rd Paris Peace Forum, from 11 to 13 November 2020, to present it.

Deadline: May 12
2. IDEO COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge

How might we rapidly inform and empower communities around the world to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Share your experiences to inspire global leaders.

Deadline: Mar 31
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This past week, it has become apparent that our normal behaviours and lifestyle must change radically if we're to halt the spread of #COVIDー19. We now have to prioritise physical distancing & sanitisation. 1/3
Thankfully, social media and electronic communication have allowed us to keep in touch with our loved ones, to maintain essential services in business and trade & to sustain a network of prayer to connect us spiritually during these trying times. 2/3
God's banner over us in love, & I pray no evil will befall you & your love ones in Jesus name. #StayHome #WashAndPray #Covid19Out 3/3
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Empathy cannot be forced out of people. Empathy should be earned. I do not think Nigerians owe most of their leaders empathy. I totally and vehemently disagree with the assertion that we should be empathetic towards our leaders. #Gimba #LetsFightCovid19 #StayHome
We should not be blackmailed into showing empathy for the same useless leaders that refused to build standard hospitals in Nigeria. #StayHome #abbakyari #CoronaVirusInNigeria
If coronavirus was limited to Africa, they would have since fled the country. Now that they are trapped with us in the same country that they have looted and destroyed, no one should preach empathy. #Covid19Out #IWillStayAtHome #StayHome
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OPPRESSION: The act of oppressing; arbitrary and cruel exercise of power: "There can be no really pervasive system of oppression...without the CONSENT of the oppressed" (F.R. Kennedy).-American Heritage Dictionary
The message above, I tweeted many times, but it goes on deaf ears to a lot of my followers. I was called crazy for saying we have been under a Totalitarian rule since 1868 when this 14th Amendment political system was installed unlawfully.
Now millions of people across the Union are prisoners in their own home because your masters order you to STAY HOME!

I tell everyone when you participate in THEIR system (i.e., maintain U.S. Citizenship status, voting for Federal Officers, in line to receive...
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5 Things You Can Do While You Self Isolate or Practice Social Distancing....


It's the season of social distancing /Self-isolation made possible by the current COVID-19 outbreak. Here are 5 things you can do to maximise your non interaction with people..

1. Online Dating

For all the single players out there, this is the time to download/activate those dating apps because you are going to feel a lot lonely during this period of self isolation.

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Selain melakukan sosialisasi, secara struktural ada keterlibatan aktif kader dlm kegiatan nyata pencegahan covid-19

PAC GP Ansor se-Kab Boyolali di intruksikan utk melakukan Penyemprotan Disinfektan di tempat ibadah, Lembaga pendidikan, dan fasum lainnya

Edukasi dan sosialisasi tentang wabah corona di masyarakat menjadi sangat penting dan menjadi tanggung jawab kita bersama untuk mencegah meluasnya wabah corona. Hsl ini tentu saja bukan cuma jadi tanggung jawab pemerintah. Namun kita semua harus #BersamaCegahCorona #StayAtHome
Hari ini Selasa 24/03/2020 PCNU Kab Sorong dan Satkorkab Banser Kab Sorong, Papua Barat juga melakukan penyemprotan disinfektan, di berbagai fasilitas umum dan rumah2 ibadah. #AnsorMelawanCorona
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Geen tijd voor een artikel, dus een draadje. Over het belang van massaal en bij herhaling gaan testen op #covid19 nu.
Twee belangrijke zaken zie ik:
1 Hoe dempen we de snelle verspreiding?
2 Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat er voldoende mensen zijn om het land aan de gang te houden? 1/x
Voor het eerste punt is het van groot belang om bij zoveel mogelijk mensen zo vroeg mogelijk te constateren of ze het virus hebben. Deze mensen moeten dan snel in quarantaine EN hun directe netwerk moet getest worden. 2/x
Voor de quarantaine moeten we nu al grote opvangcentra zoals in Wuhan gaan opzetten overigens.
En ik vind het nu zelfs acceptabel dat alle telefoonlocatiegegevens gebruikt worden om mensen op te sporen die waarschijnlijk besmet zijn, om zich te laten testen 3/x
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