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Abusing the #Coronavirus & #COVID19outbreak, another phishing site emerges trying to collect bank login details of India citizens
The site incometaxefilingsindia[.]in was registered today 28/04/2020 with domain registrar @openprovider
The abuser has hosted the site on server with IP 45.87.81[.]14 which belongs to @HostingerCOM.
It also has another lookalike phishing site incometaxefilingindia[.]in
& registered legit looking sites & hosted them on same server. Of course, can't be established if owner is same.
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Over these years, in his political journey so far, @RahulGandhi has never hesitated to give impromptu interviews and answer to random questions from students/farmers/entrepreneurs during his interactive sessions with them. 1/8
He has always reiterated people to throw him with tough questions because he likes dealing with them.

I've seen him getting bashed with the harshest of questions by some journalists and other eminent anchors and how gracefully, with complete equanimity, he answered them. 2/8
On the other hand, Shri @narendramodi has never even attended a single press conference, in his six years journey as a PM, where he answered to impromptu questions asked by the press mates, forget about sitting down for an unscripted interview. 3/8
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How is India implementing #COVID19outbreak containment strategy?

Follow the tweet thread on detailed measures to be taken by States/District Admins for Cluster containment in #Hotspots, wider testing & ensuring protective gear for health & security personnel.
#COVID19 containment starts with identification of #Hotspots and their categorization into Red, Orange & Green Zones.

Details 👇
The Strategic approach for #COVID containment broadly involves defining the Area of Operation, Applying Perimeter control, delineating Containment and Buffer zones, Active search for cases, contact tracing, Quarantine, Clinical management and Awareness generation among public.
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The government declared #COVID-19 as a “notified disaster” under the #Disaster Management Act, 2005. As per Section 10 of the Act, the Health Ministry has directed National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority to regulate the price and availability of #sanitizers and #masks. (1/n)
The prevention of fake news over social media is also being controlled by the #government.
It is for the first time that under Section 6(2)(i) of the Act, a national lockdown was declared by the National Disaster Management Authority and implemented in the States u/s 38. (2/n)
This affects the freedom of movement and assembly of citizens with the exception of provision of essential goods, but is required for the prevention of the spread of #COVID19. Hence, the police are permitted to book violators of the lockdown under the provisions of the IPC. (3/n)
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Read the Thread, where media mentioned the #WHO and #China CHINA Relationship and how we all are paying for this. Read 1/6…

#ChineseBioterrorism #ChineseVirusCorona #ChineseVirusCensorship #COVID19outbreak #ChinaLiedPeopleDie #ChinaVirus19
China quickly got support from WHO-Read…
WHO ignore Taiwan and the world is paying the price. Read 4/n…
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Dear @RahulGandhi,

People assume that being born in a political family is no less than a blessing, but little do they realise that when you lose your grandmother and your father to the same politics, then the picture isn't as rosy as it seems.
You can have immense love for the country you're born in, but i know, deep down how awful you feel when the same country rejects your mother just because she is of a different race and ethnicity.

Ever since you joined the political system, you were attacked, ridiculed...
and even called with unpleasant names.

Your opponents mercilessly attacked you everytime you fought them for their misdeeds and corrupt practices.

They, along with their PR machinery/paid BJP IT cell peddlers, never missed an opportunity of your character assassination..
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Superb lecture (as always) by @PSainath_org talking about rural distress in India and rise of authoritarianism in times of #COVID19outbreak.

Recording to be made available soon, but meanwhile sharing some highlights here (thread 👇🏼)…
In 15 days, many parts of Maharashtra such as Latur, Osmanabad, etc. are going to face water issues (as they do annually). How are people going to wash their hands multiple times a day when they get water once in 2-3 days?
The country has suddenly realised the volume of migrant labourers. Lot of sectors are hamstrung by the absence of these workers due to lockdown (many workers, such as sanitation workers were laid off by govt with some benefits & job outsourced to private players/contractors)
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Carefully watch this video!
When the entire nation is under lockdown and cooperating with the govt by staying indoors to fight the #COVID19outbreak , here is a swarm of potential infected cases breaking all the law only to risk others. Let see why it is more than what we see
You would have seen police beating the sh*t out if people when they step out, and here it is only few pats, also you can hear the voice of the man who keeps saying "I will take care he doesn't beat, don't beat them"
Towards the end, you could see a woman running inside crying saying someone is stuck inside. The cop says nothing to worry, everyone is coming out.
But she choose to keep up with the drama anyway. This particular edited scene will go around projecting them as victims
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The few valuable lessons learnt during the past few days:

1. United States is no longer the world's leading country.

2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it.

3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear.
4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.
5. Rich people are in fact less immune than the poor.
6. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable no matter their socioeconomic position when prices are rising.
7. No priest, poojari, usthad or God saved patients.
8. Humans are the real viruses on the planet.

9. We can spend Billions of Rupees on poor without red tapism.

10. Health professionals are worth more than a footballer.

11. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.

12. How animals feel in the zoo.
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1-Dear @narendramodi ji,

Updating some more inputs, we have gleaned from health policy researchers and first responders to the #CoronaCrisis all around the world.

We urge you to share it with your team to inform the forward strategy on #Coronaindia

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan
2-As we begin April – almost everyone agrees that it will be a hard month as the #CoronaPandemic spreads across the globe.

The epidemic may calm down by July and August, but #ChinaVirus is likely to be seasonal and could return with a vengeance in the fall.

3-The next challenge then becomes - How do we crack the current outbreak, develop a plan to return to normal life, and ensure that the #wuhanvirus never poses the same threat again?

@AmitShah @myogiadityanath @SharmaBpv @shashankupadhy_
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CJI led bench of SC is hearing petitions seeking the Court's intervention for accessibility of basic necessities & medical facilities for migrant workers who have been driven out of cities in view of the nationwide #lockdown in India.
Yesterday, the Centre was directed to file a reply on steps taken in this regard.
The hearing is being held via video conferencing. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta & Advocates of Petitioner(s) on the screen, set to apprise the bench.
Bench assembles on Video Conferencing.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta states the Centre has filed a detailed status report. Mehta adds that our country has been taking preemptive, proactive steps to mitigate the #COVID19 crisis since January 17.
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THREAD When the nature changes its course, migratory birds travel miles, in search of resources, either for nesting or food. They often move in unison. A similar pattern was seen in India's national capital New Delhi on Saturday - not in the skies but down below. #CoronaLockdown
As soon as word spread that inter-state services are going to take passengers to U.P., migrants gathered in thousands to reach the Anand Vihar bus terminal in the hope of reaching home. #MigrantsOnTheRoad
There was an evident coordination between the govts in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & at the Centre. Delhi's state-owned buses took the migrant workers to the Anand Vihar bus station so that they do not have to walk till there. Delhi Police ensured people take the buses and not walk.
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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to address the media at 2 PM today on Statutory & Regulatory compliance matters in light of the #coronavirusindia lockdown.
Press briefing begins by Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman via video conferencing.
Sitharaman thanks all those who have abided by the PM's call for lockdown. Says the lockdown has been done to flatten the curve.
"We're very close to coming up with an economic package. However, many regulatory and compliance related issues....
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@anandmahindra , We are a task force of about 100 people consisting of some graduates from IISc, tech startups in BLR, and employees from TI India. We are among the brightest tech minds in India and we have the ability to hack together hardware+software with very little effort.
We have designed the following -
Low cost ventilators - These are extremely critical for saving lives.
Pulsoximeters - For measuring blood oxygen content in hospitals
UV LED based disinfection devices.
Large boxes for hospitals.s
Small boxes for home use
@anandmahindra , @kiranshaw , #pmoindia, @PMOIndia We need help in manufacturing the same. Many factories that we are talking to are being shut-down. We need help either to keep some of these factories open or to find factories which have the permit to remain open.
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In a war like situation, how Kerala mobilising its resourses is a classic example for what reason public sector companies should be protected. (1/n)
State was running short of hand sanitizers.State owned Kerala drugs & Pharmaceutical( KSDP) started the production of Hand Sanitizers.When demand increased, the production was throttled to 100000 bottles in a single day! 500 ML bottle is sold for just RS 125.(2/6)
Same  in case of Rubber Gloves as well. Due to the increasing 
demand, state owned rubber plant will make rubber gloves for govt hospitals.  It can produce 1750000 pair of gloves per day. (3/6)

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Vedic perspective on the current #COVID19outbreak in a series of tweets:
From day one #Corona virus had the power to close places of worship that may have never before closed doors in centuries.
#LockdownNow #StayHome #Social_Distancing #coronaupdatesindia #COVIDIOTS Image
Because these venues were where people seek help for their life problems from God, atheists smugly mock, “God has betrayed His people by retreating, & so now they run to health care workers who are risking their own lives to protect the faithless & faithful”. Image
On the other hand, theists claim this chaos to be the wrath of God for undisciplined and sinful lives. They profess this to be a small sample of the harsher punishments yet to come lest human beings learn their lessons. Image
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#TamilNadu issues a detailed 12-page notification regarding the measures taken to control #COVID19outbreak in the state. The first four pages of the order in the first tweet. Go through the entire thread for all details. #coronaupdatesindia | @DeccanHerald
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Here’s how States in India are preparing for #COVID19outbreak

West Bengal
# A Sports stadium in Howrah converted into quarantine centre.
#100 bed isolation ward set up at Govt-run infectious diseases & beleghata Hosp.
# A 50 bed isolation set up at the RG KAR Medical college.
- One hospital in every district dedicated for coronavirus patients.
- 1700 bed public hospital to be converted into a special Hosp.
- Govt has placed an order for 1000 ventilators for Corona patients
- 200 Crore fund towards immediate expenses to contain virus spread.
- 5000 cr health package to tackle coronavirus outbreak.
- Govt medical college in Ernakulam to become Kerala’s first coronavirus treatment centre
- Plans to take over empty spaces in Private buildings, private colleges and residential apartments to isolate suspects.
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@RahulGandhi was the first person who has time and again warned us about the catastrophic consequences that our country and it's economy could face due to #Covid19India even before it occurred, and now we are actually going through it. 1/11
Rather than announcing a comprehensive stimulus package in this hour of emergency, like the leaders of other countries did, @PMOIndia is simply fooling around as usual, not realizing the gravity of the situation. 2/11
Asking people to clap hands/bang utensils is not a solution to #Covid19India and other innumerable problems our country is going through. But, @narendramodi never misses an opportunity to carry out publicity stunt even in a situation as grave as the #COVID19 pandemic. 3/11
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Ok people, I need to share what I've really been going through the last week with #coronavirus. You need to share this with everyone because my feed is full of people still not taking this seriously. STAY HOME. #StayHome

Here we go:
I’ve nearly died from flu twice and survived cancer. This is worse. I’ve never been so sick in my life, ever. Now I get to wait to see if I develop the pneumonia that kills. This is not just a flu or cold. None of us have ever seen anything like this.
If anyone felt what I’ve had to go through the last several days they wouldn’t leave the house for a month. Please people, STAY HOME. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19outbreak
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A short story [featuring you!] on the importance #SocialDistancingNow, why you must #StayHomeSaveLives, & why official ‘cases’ are a delayed version of the true numbers. (1/10)

#FlattenTheCuve #PlankTheCurve #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #COVID19outbreak #COVID19Ontario
[Day 0] You go to the video game store today & the person ahead of you coughs (mildly symptomatic #COVID19) & touches the pinpad on the credit card machine. You touch it too, maybe rub your nose later on the way to your car. Congratulations, you are now infected. (2/10)
[Day 1-4] The incubation period of #COVID19 is up to 14 days, average 5 days. No symptoms - means you go to work, then have coffee with your neighbour & babysit your niece. Everyone is healthy, so it’s fine, right? (3/10)
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A thread to show the #COVIDIOTS in India.. #JantaCurfew went wrong!!
Go #Corona??
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I can confirmed to you that @kwaragovt under the leadership of Governor @RealAARahman has taken the following proactive steps with respect to #coronavirus:

1. Kwara state Isolation centre is in Sobi, Specialist Hospital, Ilorin.

#COVID19outbreak #CoronaVirusNigeria

2. Kwara State Ministry of Health has set up Emergency Response Team(ERT) to curtail and attend to any cases of Viral Haemorrhagic Fever(VHR) and not limited to #COVIDー19 only. See the hotlines above released by the team.
3. The @kwaragovt has also announced the closure of all public and private schools primary or secondary effective from Monday 23rd March, 2020.
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