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- The Rolling Tigers (Korea, 1950-1953) 🧵-

We already saw how the U.S. used Vietnamese superstitions and ghost stories to try to have the upper hand during the Vietnam war (1/6) #svagaiature #Korea #KoreanWar #History #Historian #UnitedStates #USA #War Image
But that wasn’t the first time the U.S. resorted to psychological warfare and scare tactics. During the Korean War the American discovered how 1950 was the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar (2/6)
For these reasons American tank crews were ordered tiger faces and claws on their tanks in an effort to spread panic between the enemy lines, hoping that those superstitious among the Chinese in the Korean lines would run rather than shoot a tiger (3/6) Image
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The Korean Annals of the Joseon Dynasty is a chronological record of historical facts of 25 kings from the first King Taejo to King Cheoljong for the period of 472 years (1392-1863). It's the official Korean history written by government scholars in academic Chinese,
the official language of the Korea court throughout its recorded history.

In the Annals, we read the following declaration:

"China is our parent, and both Korea and Japan are sons, but our country is a filial son, and Japan is a son of thieves [equivalent to SOB]"
Today all Chinese can read the official Korean history in its original Chinese version, but Koreans can't. They can only read the translation, ie, the phonetic transcription of the Chinese characters.
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Ready for a #WHA75 tweet thread recap?!

We're about to tweet it all Agenda Item 15 #WorkingforHealth #Healthworkforce

Recordings, Committee B,…

@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/1 #WHA75 #Working4Health #USA "We are interested in co-sponsoring the resolution! The Biden Initiative will focus on protecting #healthworkforce, advancing digital tech, e.g. telemedicine and there must be equity" @USAIDGH @POTUS @Atul_Gawande @IFMSA
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/2 #WHA75 #Working4Health #China "Welcomes the progress on the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030 and is interested in co-sponsoring the resolution"
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#DPRK missile fired early Wednesday, according to #ROK JCS.
Initial indications are that a ballistic missile was fired by the #DPRK toward its east coast. The apparent test launch comes hours after @POTUS left #Japan where he met with #Quad leaders.
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion “East of Eden: Unleashing the Content Subcontinent” with @ianuragthakur, Bela Bajaria, @MadhuriDixit, @shekharkapur, @saadmohseni and @authoramish

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us for the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
.@ianuragthakur: To exist and to stay relevant, we need hard power and to form relations beyond boundaries, we need #softpower.

#Raisina2022 #culture #content
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The European Union should change its name to "#Ukraine Union" because President Zelenskyy is the one who decides what #Europe should or should not do. He is informing us about the EU's future steps and what each EU leader is expected to do.

His propaganda trainers r really good.
@Twitter @TwitterSupport allows this kind of violent propaganda as long as it is anti-#Russia and is suspending account handlers who speak their mind about the ongoing war in #Ukraine.

#Ukraine President is now taking to #Korea Parliament. Zelenskyy's next speeches are scheduled, most probably, on Corvo, Sea Lion and Bishop Islands to keep him on the screen daily.…
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LIVE: Media briefing on expanding local pharmaceutical manufacturing with Dr Tedros…
"Vaccines are among the most powerful inventions in human history. Thanks to vaccines, smallpox is no more, polio is on the brink of eradication, and once-feared diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, measles and meningitis can now be easily prevented"-@DrTedros #VaccinesWork
@DrTedros "And of course, vaccines have helped to change the course of the #COVID19 pandemic. But this scientific triumph has been undermined by vast inequities in access to these life-saving tools"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity
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ICYMI: @INDOPACOM on latest #DPRK missile launch:

"We are aware of the ballistic missile launch & are consulting closely with our allies & partners" per statement "We have assessed that this event does not pose an immediate threat to US personnel or territory, or to our allies"
More: "The missile launch highlights the destabilizing impact of the #DPRK’s illicit weapons program" per @INDOPACOM "The US commitment to the defense of the Republic of #Korea & #Japan remains ironclad"
US @StateDept on #NorthKorea missile launch

"The United States condemns the #DPRK’s ballistic missile launch. This launch is in violation of multiple @UN Security Council Resolutions & poses a threat to the DPRK’s neighbors and the international community"
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Article erased
Anti-Japan Tribalism on the Comfort Women Issue
Inconsistent court rulings are a reflection of Korean thinking.By Lee Wooyoun November 14, 2021
In December 2015, the governments of South Korea and Japan reached a “final and irreversible” resolution
to the comfort women issue. Then-Prime Minister Abe Shinzo expressed anew his “most sincere apologies and remorse” and agreed to donate 1 billion yen (10.8 billion won at the time) from the government budget to support the victims. The Reconciliation and Healing Foundation was
established, and the donation was paid to 34 of the 45 former comfort women who were alive at the time.
In 2017, the Moon Jae-in administration effectively abandoned this agreement made by the Park Geun-hye administration, citing the fact that the wishes of the former comfort
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Snowdrop is a drama that distorts Korea's democratization movement into a case of espionage. At that time, tens of thousands of innocent people were killed by the state power. Please don't watch this drama that distorts democracy in Korea.
#snowdrop #설강화 ImageImageImage
This drama, which distorted and glorified the situation at the time when human rights were violated, is nothing more than a Nazist film. Watching this drama is like watching a glorified Nazi movie.
#Snowdrop #설강화 Image
If you are curious about the real situation that happened in Korea in 1987, you should watch the movie '1987'. The 'Snowdrop' is a fake historical hoax drama. Moreover, they are maliciously distorting history.
#Snowdrop #설강화 Image
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Much thanks to @PuntlandPirates work, notes & reflections
- Iranian Gillnetters (indiscriminate way of capturing marine animals-illegal) licensed by officials-Evidence
- Forced labor
- NEFCO tried to sell #Somalia fish privately, facilitates IUU fishing…
Global Fishing Watch & #Somalia Gov both reported more than 100 Iranian vessels in Somali waters in 2019-2020

#Puntland issued, lacks legal powers, 52 licenses in less than 60 days to trawlers, illegal in Puntland & Somalia, per doc obtained by @GI-TOC $10k-15k each license
Assuming continuity of the licence fees per year, #Puntland would get $3M-$5M per year.

This money is collected by agents, there are few of them, 5.

One of them is Saddam Ismail, an agent for 8/52 vessels.

He is linked to arms smuggling: delivering arms & picking up fish
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#China TV overhaul announced today banning mass "vote him/her off the island" type voting. Only a live audience can make selections. Shows training young performers to be stars: banned. Actors with "incorrect" political views: banned. "Effeminate" style male actors: banned.
There was a popular idol talent show here in #China which required fans to buy sponsored products in order to vote for their favourite young star. This led to some fans buying and then throwing out massive amounts of yoghurt. This type of voting is now prohibited.
"Sissy" men, "vulgar influencers" and those with "lapsed morals" have been banned from television shows in #China. Programme makers have been urged to steer away from "abnormal aesthetics" and inflating the pay of stars.
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Tonight begins my new course @ElliottSchoolGW: “Understanding U.S. Special Operations”

In it, we’ll learn what special ops/#SOF are & how these differ from conventional ops/forces; how US SOF came to be; how they’ve been used over time; & what major issues they face today. 1/n
If you want to follow along at home, I’ll be posting key topics & readings in this THREAD.

Week 1 is course overview & class intros, so while you wait for substance, you can buy our main text (Oppose Any Foe by @MarkMoyar) & watch this cool #SOF vid😎 2/n
Week 2/We baselined knowledge on definitions of #SOF & special ops, core activities of US SOF & @USSOCOM, & the organizational structure of the US SOF enterprise. BL: US SOF are far more than the popular portrayals of them in movies & video games. 3/n
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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of tradition and K-pop? Well, I do. It is because of releases like this. #강민수 #AQUINAS
And of course this powerful video that dropped earlier this week: #StrayKids #소리꾼 #스트레이키즈
Because of government sponsored fight songs like this #PSY #Korea
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Three largest Asians may end up with early tightness:
▪️ #China: Never went too accommodative to start with + credit tightening
▪️ #India: Inflation surge may force RBI's hands
▪️ #Korea: BoK increasingly hawkish

KRW 2y IRS +17bp since May MPC
INR 5y NDOIS +11bp post CPI yday ImageImage
BoK's recent hawkishness => rates sell off (higher yld) v/s Received rates positioning:
🔹 'Normalization should not be put off too much'
🔹 'Rapid debt rise may hurt consumption'
🔹 'Should secure policy room for future issues'
🔹 'Inflation may accelerate faster than expected'
India: Inflation surge

Key to see how RBI interprets the CPI data - transitory or persistent?

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Now food for thought.. there is a #yorkshirevariant variant "under observation" in the UK.. for a host of reasons.. #COVID19 #Covid19UK .. 1/n
Ignoring aside the parody abounding for this #yorkshirevariant .. The Science of it tells us that it has triple mutations; of concern because they involve 3 locations which had been reputed for nasty effects individually.. 2/n…
We take #mutation 1 of the #yorkshirevariant .. E484K , a spike protein mutation found in the South African & Brazilian variants, said to impact immune response.. 3/n…
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#Thread about #Korea #Vote #VoteThemOut #SEOUL :

South Korea's voters miss President Moon Jae In a memorandum
The victory of conservative candidates in the mayoral elections in the country's two largest cities is a blow to Moon's Democratic Party.
The local elections could have an impact on foreign policy.

Mayoral elections in South Korea's capital Seoul always have national significance.

by @NZZAusland…
The ruling Democratic Party of President Moon Jae In not only lost Seoul to a candidate from the conservative opposition, but also the second largest city, Busan.
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OMG...I'm not his fan but even I get angry that knetz are attacking him for choosing this project to the point that he had to say he's "stupid" in a written response.

What is this tyranny? Knetz're behaving worse than fascist leaders...and proud of their "accomplishments" too 🤦‍♀️
#Korea... forget about hallyu. Like... forget about going international. When my biases committed suicide after being cyberbullied, I went off the kpop fandoms. Now, I can't even be sure if my fave kdramas are gonna continue until the end or cancelled due to cyberbullying.
OMG... the OP even had to hide my sarcastic reply probably in fear of my digital life being attacked by knetz cancel fascist bots... 🤦‍♀️

(I added my original reply as a screenshot) ImageImage
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"This Wednesday is #WorldTBDay.

In the past year, the #COVID19 pandemic has caused severe disruption to services for many diseases, including tuberculosis"-@DrTedros #EndTB
"An estimated 1.4 million fewer people received care for #tuberculosis in 2020 compared with 2019, and we fear that more than half a million more people may have died"-@DrTedros #EndTB
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#China #NorthKorea #Bejing #Korea

China is willing to work with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and other related parties to uphold the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue and preserve peace and stability on the peninsula, according to Xi Jinping,
general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee. Xi made the remarks during a verbal exchange with Kim Jong Un, the DPRK's Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) general secretary.
During their meeting on Monday in Beijing, Song Tao, minister of the CPC Central Committee's International Department, and Ri Ryong Nam, DPRK ambassador to China, delivered the messages. Song sent Xi's verbal message to Kim,
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NEW: "We're pleased" says @PentagonPresSec on US-#SouthKorea reaching consensus on cost-sharing deal for US troops

Says the deal will "strengthen our alliance & our shared defense"
"The effort we have applied ... underscores the level of importance " of the US-#SouthKorea relationship, per @PentagonPresSec
"Military readiness on the peninsula is always a high priority" per @PentagonPresSec, noting upcoming training events
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#ラムザイヤー教授 は2019年には今回の論文寄稿を考えていたのだろう

#Harvard LAW SCHOOL The John M. Olin Center
995. J. Mark Ramseyer, #慰安婦 とその教授*, 03/2019.…


*教授とは「帝国の慰安婦」の著者、#朴裕河 Image

誰かがその話に疑問を抱いた場合、私たちはその人を「拒否者」と一色単にラベル付けしてきた Image

#正義連 #尹美香#ナヌムの家 #寄付金の着服 Image
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The Indo-Greeks were on decline & the grounds were fertile for yet another invasion of #India. This time it was the Yuezhi tribe of Gansu from #China. They established the #KushanEmpire.

This #thread is about Kushans & how they became Indianised, unlike later Islam!c invaders.
The Kushans started to establish themselves as a major power around 30 CE with Kujula Kadphises forming a confederacy of various tribes from China.

They adopted Greek as their court language, which was soon replaced by Bactrian, the popular local language.
They also adopted #Buddhism & #Hinduism as their religion. They issued coins with Hindu Gods like Shiva with a trishul & Buddha in Abhaya mudra.

This was unlike the later Islam!c invasions where the invaders would try to obliterate local languages and religions.
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