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The United Kingdom on Monday sanctioned 14 Russians who it said were complicit in the corruption uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who wasarrested and later died in prison after alleging Russian officials were involved a massive tax fraud.…
Background 2014: The Silent Looting of Russia…
Dmitry Klyuev is ID’d as owner of USB in Russia and who the British gov’t said helped plan the$230M fraud.
"Corruption has a corrosive effect as it slows development, drains the wealth of poorer nations & keeps their people trapped in poverty.

It poisons the well of democracy.”
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Nimmt man an, dass es sich bei der #AserbaidschanConnection tatsächlich um handfeste #CDUKorruption handelt, so stellt sich natürlich auch die Frage, wie eigentlich Geld eines kaukasischen Diktators zu deutschen Parlamentariern fließen soll.

Einiges weiß man dazu seit Jahren:
Man weiß zum Beispiel, dass #Aliyev insgesamt etwa 2,9 Milliarden US-Dollar über vier britische Briefkastenfirmen und deren Bankkonten bei der #DanskeBank in Estland in Europa verteilt hat. Damit wurden zahlreiche #Porsche gekauft - und Politiker wie #Strenz geschmiert.
Dieser "Aserbaidschanische Waschsalon" war zwischen 2010 und 2015 aktiv. Seit 2013 hatten jedoch alle großen internationalen Banken ihre Beziehungen zur #DanskeBank beendet, wegen Geldwäscheverdacht.

Alle, außer einer - die #DeutscheBank:…
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The suspect is alleged to have been part of the so-called “Troika Laundromat” - a money laundering network linked to the former Russian investment bank Troika Dialog, which maintained a network of offshore companies with accounts in Baltic banks.…
The Troika Laundromat enabled the flow of US$ 4.6 billion into the system and directed the flow of $4.8 billion out. Among the counterparties on these transactions were major Western banks such as Citigroup Inc., Raiffeisen, and Deutsche Bank.…
These Are the Banks Caught Up in the Russia Money-Laundering Scandal

Danske Bank
Nordea Bank
ING Groep NV
Credit Agricole
Deutsche Bank
 KBC Group Ukio Bankas
Raiffeisen Bank
ABN Amro Group
Cooperatieve Rabobank
Turkiye Garanti Bankasi…
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Deutsche Bank Settles Over Ignored Red Flags on Epstein

The settlement covered compliance failures unrelated to Epstein.

It found that Deutsche Bank had not properly monitored transactions w/ Danske Bank Estonia and FBME Bank, a Tanzanian institution.…
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💰Raiffeisen Banking Group

Austrian bank’s ties to RosUkrEnergo suspicious

Firtash & Mogilevich

Allegedly under active Investigation today.
2010: “Confidential US diplomatic cables released on Dec. 1 by WikiLeaks disclosed concerns that one of Austria’s largest banks took bribes to disguise the business interests of a wanted ROC boss Mogilevich and a Ukrainian billionaire gas trader-Firtash.”…
🔑The previously confidential messages, written by America’s former deputy head of mission in Austria Scott F. Kilner, also described the Austrian authorities as feeling “uncomfortable” with Raiffeisen bank’s role in Ukraine’s gas deal with Russia.…
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@blakesmustache I respectfully disagree. 2017: Mueller Subpoenas Deutsche Bank Records Related to Trump
The subpoena concerns documents and data related to people or entities affiliated with the President
Thus was likely farmed out to SDNY &/or EDVA (counterintel)…
@blakesmustache It’s related to the Troika laundromat/ Daske Bank/DB/ Bank of Cyprus/FBME/ SwedeBsnk (SohoMoscow) etc Ergo the larger TOC international money flows.
@blakesmustache Deutsche Bank's U.S. Unit Kept Danske's Shady Billions Flowing
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@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury And if anything, the results of FinCEN investigations are probably even *more* sensitive of late, given just how much is collectively unraveling, from bitcoin/cryptocurrency to offshore LLCs/Paradise Papers/Panama Papers, #DeutscheBank, Cypriot banks, #DanskeBank, real estate...
@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury Oligarch assets under targeted @USTreasury sanctions, #Darknet black markets like Hansa & the 420,000+ personal profiles seized by law enforcement, the 72,000+ & 200,000+ users of illegal pornography Darknet sites, the 10,000s of identities given to the IRS by Coinbase, et al...
@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury Plus all the evidence sources which easily integrate into everything above.

Communications between known conspirators/criminals and other known or unknown perpetrators, LLCs directly connected to 9/11 short selling or directly descended from short-selling vehicles...
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💰FBME Bank 👉🏼Cyprus👉🏼Russia
👉🏼Aaron Banks 👉🏼Trump👉🏼Manafort

Ongoing Probe:

"Money laundering, terrorist financing, transnational organized crime, fraud schemes, sanctions evasion, weapons proliferation, corruption by politically exposed persons, & other financial crimes”.
Officers from the NCA, in collaboration with MI5 and US intelligence agencies, are examining previously undisclosed links between Aaron Banks and Russia, amid fears Moscow may have played a potentially sinister role in the #Brexit referendum. #AaronBanks…
May 2019 Cypriot police raided the premises of FBME Bank in Nicosia and in Limassol, looking for evidence of money laundering…
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💰💦Trump Tower Projects

Bailed Out By Russia 1987-2014

Trump’s efforts to establish a hotel in Moscow go back at least to 1987, when, according to his book The Art of the Deal, he discussed the possibility with the Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin.…
💰Trump Soho - Bayrock Group

Trump SoHo broke ground in 2007, typifies how the Trump Organization benefited from financing coming out of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Much of the project’s financing came from the Bayrock Group.…
📌Investigators are looking at whether Trump associates laundered financial payoffs from Russian officials by channeling them through offshore accounts.…
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Deutsche Bank Faces Criminal Investigation for Potential Money-Laundering Lapses… via @NYTimes
📌The investigation includes a review of Deutsche Bank’s handling of so-called SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORTS that its employees prepared about possibly problematic transactions, including some linked to JARAD KUSHNER.…
📌Ms. McFadden, a former anti-money-laundering compliance officer at the bank, said that she had flagged transactions involving Mr. Kushner’s family company in 2016, but that bank managers decided not to file the suspicious activity report she prepared.…
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The New German Anti-Semitism

For the nation’s estimated 200,000 Jews, new forms of old hatreds are stoking fear.

Rise of RW TOC v WLD 2

The steady rise of RW fascists/Autocrats/Nationalists/TOC world wide are challenging the peaceful World Order of Western Liberal Democracy post WII M

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Hmmm, well that's interesting. The EBA (European Banking Authority) closed it's own investigation into #DanskeBank money laundering, after they drafted an internal report on how EU laws about how Danske was supervised were breached.

I wonder if and/or how many people at the EBA may have been involved in Danske bank (or other bank) corruption.
The EBA is an "independent EU authority" that is supposed to make sure that the European banking sector is properly supervised and managed. LOLOL
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Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme

Exclusive: in confidential internal report seen by the Guardian, bank says scandal has hurt global brand

H/T ⁦…
💰Global Laundromat💰

Deutsche Bank was embroiled in a vast money-laundering operation, dubbed the Global Laundromat.…
📌Russian criminals with links to the Kremlin and the KGB used the scheme between 2010 and 2014 to move money into the western financial system.

📌The cash involved could total $80bn, detectives believe.…
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W Liberal Democracy vs Transnational Organized Crime

Why the Far R populists hate Soros:

Soros spent billions funding orgs & initiatives devoted to promoting liberal Dem’y, indep’t media, good gov’t, transparency, & pluralism across RU & E EU post Berlin Wall.

GOP & the RW media machine parrot Putin & his populist dictator (TOC) cronies’ anti - Soros propaganda, & are in lock step pushing anti Immigrant, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, rich v poor narratives to outrage, incite conflict & exacerbate divisions.

Remember Putin & his TOC Dictator pals & Drug Cartels caused the mass migrations via wars & violence.

RU/TOC funds terrorist orgs such as ISIS

Mass migration was intentional- meant to destabilize WLD while TOC pushed anti immigrant false narratives = conflict.
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📌On June 8th, Steve Engel head of the OLC at the DOJ, invited Barr to lunch after he rec’d Barr’s unsolicited memo criticizing the Mueller probe.

📌Did the WH decision to hire Barr influenced by private chats he had about his legal views on Mueller’s investigation?

📌Steve Engel served on the Trump campaign transition team and is a Kav pal.

📌McCain was the sole GOP senator to vote against confirming Engel to lead the DOJ’s OLC citing his role in the controversial torture memos under the GWB adm.

“I cannot ... vote for any nominee who in any way has supported the use of enhanced interrogation."

“Mr. Engel reviewed & commented on this memo, which attempted to justify interrogation techniques that violate the Geneva Conventions and stain our nat’l honor,”
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Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.

SCO had prepared their own summaries of their findings that Barr willfully suppressed & instead substituted his own far more flattering summation in the 4 page letter.

The normally silent OSC clearly felt Barr mischaracterized their findings to the extent they felt the need to send a warning shot across the bow.

Why did Barr mischaracterized OSC’s findings?

Manipulate the narrative?

Suppress the truth to the American public?

📌The SCO’s investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some believe Barr should have included more of their material in the 4-page letter

📌Kush identified as senior WH official whose security clearance was denied by career officials.
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Deutsche Bank's U.S. Unit Kept Danske's Shady Billions Flowing

Ex-workers say scrutiny of individual clients was discouraged

German lender’s U.S. subsidiary draws focus of Fed regulators

H/T ⁦…
📌Years before regulators learned about what may be one of the biggest money-laundering pipelines in history, low-level bank employees in Jacksonville, Florida, sounded repeated alarms.…
📌Compliance workers for Deutsche Bank AG flagged some of at least $150 billion in transactions that the bank’s U.S. subsidiary handled for a tiny Estonian unit of Danske Bank A/S, according to a former compliance officer.…
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Seems the implosion of Swedbank for their role in laundering money for Russian Oligarchs is accelerating!
The old tacit agreements to not look too hard at #MoneyLaundering are not protecting them from new efforts to #DrainTheSwamp #ButNothingsHappening…
Love it "The money laundering scandal that’s swamped banks..." Swamped is certainly the correct verb! Up to $23B a year from 2010-2016! They even knew it was connected to the #Magnitsky case in 2013, must have concealed that knowledge rather than reporting it! #DanskeBank
The allegations lead to raids, stockholder revolt, firing of the CEO & efforts are underway to fire the Board of Directors.
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Swedbank Laundering Case Explodes With Alleged Manafort Link

Swedish bank allegedly gave misleading information to U.S.

Bank’s headquarters in Stockholm were raided on Wednesday…
Paul Manafort was among those to have received suspicious payments made through the Stockholm-based lender, the SVT network reported on Wednesday, amid intensifying scrutiny of Russian cash that passed through the bank’s Estonian unit.…
📌The bank’s headquarters were raided by Sweden’s Economic Crime Authority, as part of a probe into whether it breached insider info rules by giving its biggest shareholders advance notice of an SVT report on money laundering that was broadcast on Feb. 20.…
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#DanskeBank is closing its banks in #Estonia as well as in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia because of all the money laundering scandals.…
In #Estonia, it's specifically due to suspicious transactions from 2007 to 2015
Here's a good @DawsonSField thread on #DanskeBank money laundering.

You'll find some VERY insteresting connections in there. 👇👇

Danske was considered the #1 money laundering bank in 2018.

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🔥In what @billbrowder calls the "largest #MoneyLaundering scandal in European history," Danske Bank CEO Thomas Borgen RESIGNS after a probe uncovered $234 BILLION of suspicious transactions at its tiny #Estonian branch👉🏼“BILLIONS of rubles monthly." 1/…
Way back in 2007, Danske Bank was criticized by the Estonian regulator and received info from Danish regulators pointing out: “criminal activity in its pure form, including #MoneyLaundering."🤨

#DanskeBank FAILED to do anything to stop it. Why not? Likely, b/c they PROFITED.🤬2/
In 2014 (7 years later!), a whistleblower at the Estonian branch said that #DanskeBank did NOT properly investigate the #MoneyLaundering allegations, which were not shared with its board.

Danske said that measures to get its business under control had been "insufficient."🙄 3/
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1/ Danske Bank: ehk kõige olulisem siin on see, et mitte TÕDE ei ole siin peamine eesmärk, vaid kõik tegelevad oma huvide juhtimisega - Danske, Finantsinspektsioonid siin ja seal, Eesti riik, Taani riik jne. #danskebank
2/ Heaks näiteks on Danske samm anda 200M eur heategevuseks. Väga vähetõenäoline, et kuigi palju sellest Eestisse jõuab, kuigi Danske võttis Eestist välja sel ajal kenasti kasumit. PR samm Taani avalikkuse ees pildi parandamiseks
3/ Ühtlasi on Danskel grupi tasemel oluline näidata, et see süülisus asus Eestis, millest juhtkond midagi ei teadnud. Ma arvan, et ka Eestis suures osas ei olnud see pahatahtlik tegevus, nähti lihtsalt ärivõimalust ja alahinnati riske.
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