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1. In the German news they now claim that a "global government" response may be needed to fight the #COVID19-crisis.
Of course the #NWO-pushers are pushing for a World Government. They always have & the #UN, the #IMF. EU-Brussels and many more will do so too!
2. That a more centralized response brings little can be seen with:
- The UN & #WHO: They failed to alert the world to a new Killer-Virus! The WHO was alerted to #COVID19 back in December 2019!
The UN was still playing the virus down end January 2020!
#Covid_19 #GlobalGovernment
3. A more centralized response brings little:
- The #EU under #VonDerLeyen has failed completely in the #COVID19-crisis. They rather push more mass-#migration (which will help spread the virus) & Von der Leyen cries that she can't push her new #GreenDeal harder!
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@nadia96966280 @AlbyZamon @filippo_nesi @borghi_claudio BRAVISSIMA NADIA! @nadia96966280 Non sbagli un colpo.👏😎E aggiungo... Watch “IL PIU’ GRANDE SUCCESSO DELL’EURO” on Vimeo:…
@nadia96966280 @AlbyZamon @filippo_nesi @borghi_claudio 🔴“Inferno #Grecia: dove le #donne si vendono per tre euro.” (2015)
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@B52Malmet Prince & #StephenFeinberg are experts at dismantling democracy under the radar, cashing in @ every step. Feinberg's privately-owned company Cerberus was advisor to #Deutschebank until late 2018 (few months before appointed by Trump) & owns 3% of the bank…
@B52Malmet Prince & Feinberg wanted to replace troops in Afghanistan with their own private armies…
@B52Malmet Correction: Actually Cerberus was advisor to Deutschebank until at least Dec 2019, while Feinberg is Trump intelligence advisor…
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Good morning! Let's have an update on markets as it has now become very clear, that we are to see the #Deflation unfolding, which I have mentioned here for a long time. Why hasn't it really hurt yet - and what to expect? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
I have shown my #Oil chart for a long time with Ending Diagonal. Since talks of oil >100USD - and during spikes in oil due to attacks in ME. All noise!! Structures drive price - and we are en route towards <20USD - perhaps as low as ~10USD for Oil. #Deflation unfolding!
I have shown #Deflation in #CRB chart. Broken lower trendline and now heading towards much lower levels to be reached this year! It will be a SECULAR BOTTOM - hence this is from where #STAGLFLATION will develop, as economy continues to plummet and prices begin to rise #HZupdates
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“Broeksmit...seeking to get to get compensation...”

“Broeksmit held firm – but Schiff's committee subpoenaed the documents anyway”

I can’t wait for #thedaily@mikiebarb⁩ anymore,
time to straighten out ⁦@davidenrich⁩’s false narrative ...…
Here’s what happened: @RepAdamSchiff ‘s lead attorney, @danielsgoldman & I did not get off to a great start. He wanted everything I had & felt entitled to my fathers name; his emails, my docs Etc., so I began recording our conversations otherwise no one would believe me...
... recordings which, btw, can be heard here -… - Dan gave me the hard sell. He pitched the intelligence committee hard, like a used car salesman does for a lemon in the lot. He smelled treasure & I was immediately appalled...
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#Deflation phase has started. Stocks will plummet in 5 waves down to ~1800 in #SP500. Wave 2 and 4 will be corrections. We have break of 200SMA and trendline from early 2019. I think we see a backtest of these (yellow area?). But - in general trend is down - and fast!
#USD #DXY is about to set off on a major move higher. The current correction is a wave 2 (blue) and hence next wave will take us to min. 103 - but more likely 106-107 in an impulsive move. Do not stand in front of the USD train coming months!
#EURUSD kissing 50SMA and pot. also 200SMA "Goodbye" - before turning down hard. Next wave will take down to - and likely below bottom from early 2017 - only for a short consolidation before EUR crash continues. LT-target remains ~0.85
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THREAD—"When Hitler took power in 1933, #DeutscheBank was transformed into a financing source for the Nazi military machine. [...] Deutsche Bank and its executives were parties to genocide."…
"World War II and the Holocaust would happened without the bank, but its participation allowed the Nazis to improve the ruthless efficiency of their military campaign and their quest to 'cleanse' Europe of Jews. And it was not an accident.
"Deutsche was involved because of decisions made by the bank's leaders for reasons of expediency, if not ideology. Once Hitler ascended, the Jewish members of the bank's board were forced to resign.
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The context of this story is that Russian entities were laundering huge sums of money via cash management in DBTCA. This is the first proof that the Russian government was doing the same kind of activity (swapping rubles to dollars) via DBTCA. #DeutscheBank
What was Gazprombank doing? Well... It sounds similar to this.
In the middle of the Russian scheme, Trump moved to DBTCA and got loans totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. #DeutscheBank
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German prosecutors in Frankfort are making #DeutscheBank pay a $16.5 million fine for lax money laundering controls, but dropped a tax evasion criminal investigation against them.

It was an investigation stemming from a raid on the bank in Nov 2018 and was centered on a Deutsche bank in the British Virgin Islands.
More specifically, it focused on Deutsche subsidiary "Regula" which was in the #PanamaPapers. There probably was money laundering involved, but prosecutors claimed there wasn't enough evidence Deutsche Bank execs.
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Il fuoco di sbarramento in Italia contro il #Mes conferma i peggiori sospetti: che molti governanti non vogliono affatto fermare la corsa all’indebitamento: fino ad arrivare al default, a spese dei partner nell’#Euro. Risultato: lo #spread in rialzo, la zappa sui piedi.
Debiti mica per investire in istruzione, ricerca, infrastrutture, ma per carita’! Tutto in prepensionamento e Rdc che fa trovare 1000 posti di lavoro per 700mila beneficiati. Tanto secondo i Bagnai &Co la ricchezza si genera distribuendo helicopter money: Venezuela dixit.
Avanti verso il burrone.
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@lauferlaw @NatSecLisa And take comfort in the fact that while you weren't committing crimes via text, an astounding number of people apparently have been doing so by way of WhatsApp, Signal, unsecured cell phones, Transition emails, the open ledger of cryptocurrency transactions...
@lauferlaw @NatSecLisa Bank transfers via #DeutscheBank, Cypriot banks and so many other institutions which have to cooperate with the @USTreasury #FinCEN or no longer be countersigned by US banks... and thus. Cease. To. Be. A. Bank.

Clickfraud money laundering - now exposed.
@lauferlaw @NatSecLisa @USTreasury Gaming micro-transactions such as Counter-Strikes - now exposed.

Vast networks of offshore LLCs sheltering taxes or laundering money, as featured in the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers.
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Il #MES è un fondo salva Stati europeo in cui l’Italia è tenuta a versare fino a 125 miliardi di €. 125 MILIARDI di euro! Potrebbero obbligarci senza possibilità di diniego a versarli entro 7 giorni su richiesta di persone non elette da nessuno e con totale immunità giudiziaria
Per fare questo l’Italia non avendo più sovranità monetaria deve indebitarsi. E quando ti indebiti iMercati che ti prestano i soldi vogliono poi anche gli interessi.
Ma lo Stato non può indebitarsi perché c’è il pareggio di bilancio e se si indebita troppo poi finisce in crisi.
E se finisce in crisi poi ha bisogno del #MES, che salva gli Stati in crisi.
Ma gli Stati finiscono in crisi proprio per finanziare il MES che dovrebbe poi salvarli.
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OK - #OneCoin trial finally restarting after much milling around in the courtroom. Judge Ramos was already asking about the verdict form. But there's more to come. Yesterday's stories… & Below, thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @Svrakata @ezCoinAccess On the stand, Special Agent "Kroll," reading out for AUSA Folly a series of e-amails involving Gilbert Armenta.
Q: So who is this email to Armenta from?
A: Mark S. Scott.
Q: And this one?
A: From Mark Scott to Ruja.
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @widell_ari @JamieJBartlett @Svrakata @ezCoinAccess Q: What did Scott write?
A: That he sent the invoice for their new project.
Q: And what did Ruja reply?
A: About money from Singapore, and how to proceed. Then Mark said, "Need to meet with you personally... about bankability."
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1. In the past months I am often asked what I think of the #DeutscheBank's notional #derivative exposure, which as of Dec 31 2018, according to the bank's annual report, stood at a terrifying €43.5trillion (compare the German annual #GDP of €3 trillion).
Info @tbgstephen #Banks
2. To make it more real: The annual #GDP in the #EU is just €14.6 trillion per year, so the #DeutscheBank's derivative exposure is almost 3 times larger!
3. Reality is that the total in #DeutscheBank's report represents positions both long and short positons including hedging transactions.

#Banks #EU
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💰Raiffeisen Banking Group

Austrian bank’s ties to RosUkrEnergo suspicious

Firtash & Mogilevich

Allegedly under active Investigation today.
2010: “Confidential US diplomatic cables released on Dec. 1 by WikiLeaks disclosed concerns that one of Austria’s largest banks took bribes to disguise the business interests of a wanted ROC boss Mogilevich and a Ukrainian billionaire gas trader-Firtash.”…
🔑The previously confidential messages, written by America’s former deputy head of mission in Austria Scott F. Kilner, also described the Austrian authorities as feeling “uncomfortable” with Raiffeisen bank’s role in Ukraine’s gas deal with Russia.…
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Steven Soderbergh's The Laundromat, inspired by the #PanamaPapers, is on @netflix this weekend! 🍿

But do you know where all the documents came from? Or what happened to Mossack Fonseca (the firm at the center of the investigation) after we published?
@netflix If you're new to the #PanamaPapers – or just didn't keep up since it was released in 2016 – this quick overview will show you *some* of the change it created. #laundromat
Or go back to where it all began. Our 2016 announcement about the #PanamaPapers – the world's biggest journalism #collaboration. We worked with more than 370 journalists from nearly 80 countries. (That figure has since grown.)

Here's what we found:
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#BREAKING:#Kavanaugh registered his website domain on February 8, 2017. How did he know way back then that (1) Kennedy would retire and (2)he would be the nominee? Hmm--STRANGE

#TheResistance #SupremeCourt #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #WednesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So lets get this straight--On the one hand we had #Kavanaugh correctly "predicting" Kennedy would retire and he would be the nominee, and on the other hand Kennedy's son giving #Trump SHADY loans while at #deutschebank yet its CRICKETS from #MSM. Hmm…
Wonder what our good friend @SenatorCollins knew about this👆👆. Given her shameful "NO CORROBORATION" stunt👇👇, she was probably IN ON IT!!…
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@blakesmustache I respectfully disagree. 2017: Mueller Subpoenas Deutsche Bank Records Related to Trump
The subpoena concerns documents and data related to people or entities affiliated with the President
Thus was likely farmed out to SDNY &/or EDVA (counterintel)…
@blakesmustache It’s related to the Troika laundromat/ Daske Bank/DB/ Bank of Cyprus/FBME/ SwedeBsnk (SohoMoscow) etc Ergo the larger TOC international money flows.
@blakesmustache Deutsche Bank's U.S. Unit Kept Danske's Shady Billions Flowing
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@thespybrief I don't know how much will come out as counterintel dredges vast reams of new evidence - obviously, as I'm not in that world - but arguably *every* nexus of either data points or potentially critical intelligence/crime/terrorism is a key point to review as more data surfaces.
@thespybrief Short version: We have immense data processing resources and more evidence surfacing as various players have to confess everything they know.
@thespybrief @FBI @NSAGov @US_CYBERCOM But even if our IT resources increase exponentially - even with post-zetascale or quantum supercomputing - *starting* with narrower data sets or cases crimes gives us a focus small enough to actually work with.
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How off-mark were the analysts about Yes Bank stock.

Today, share price of Yes Bank crashed to Rs. 71.25 on concerns surrounding financial misreportings by Crompton Greaves Power (CGP). Yes Bank has 13% stake in CGP. The stock was trading at Rs. 400 abt an year back. Thread 1/11
For many-many years, people cast aspersions on lending practices of Yes Bank and doubted the low NPA numbers it reported quarter after quarter.

All those fears came true post cutting short of Yes Bank's MD, Mr. Rana Kapoor's term by RBI in Sept. 2018. 2/11
Bewildering though, in this entire saga, is the cluelessness of the equity analysts (the supposedly well-informed lot). The level of ignorance was such that even after RBI action, many analysts kept giving 'buy' calls. Below is a list of such misplaced, ignorant calls. 3/11
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@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury And if anything, the results of FinCEN investigations are probably even *more* sensitive of late, given just how much is collectively unraveling, from bitcoin/cryptocurrency to offshore LLCs/Paradise Papers/Panama Papers, #DeutscheBank, Cypriot banks, #DanskeBank, real estate...
@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury Oligarch assets under targeted @USTreasury sanctions, #Darknet black markets like Hansa & the 420,000+ personal profiles seized by law enforcement, the 72,000+ & 200,000+ users of illegal pornography Darknet sites, the 10,000s of identities given to the IRS by Coinbase, et al...
@ericgarland @bohemiarch @USTreasury Plus all the evidence sources which easily integrate into everything above.

Communications between known conspirators/criminals and other known or unknown perpetrators, LLCs directly connected to 9/11 short selling or directly descended from short-selling vehicles...
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"FOR THE BETTER PART OF TWO DECADES...Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump swam in the same social pool. They were neighbors in Florida. They jetted from LaGuardia to Palm Beach together. They partied at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and dined at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion."
"In the wake of Epstein’s arrest last month on sex trafficking charges, many who socialized with him — including Trump — are eager to have it known that they never much liked the man, or weren’t really friends, or barely even knew him."

"...friends and assocs said the two wealthy NY-to-PB commuters had socialized for yrs, drawn together by a mix of money, women and power.

“They knew each other a long time,” said Sam Nunberg..."
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1)@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3528...
Link 2 @nytpolitics Tweet ==> We've been hearing, #DNIDanCoats will be stepping down.
Moves & counter moves. As "The Plan"evolves, in2 a more public arena, statements made about specific ppl R worthy of note.
2) #QAnon 3529...
@RepRatcliffe told #MariaBartiromo, on Sun Morn Futures, that more than the investigators R being investigated.
#HusseinAdmin officials will be held accountable 4their crimes, when the facts R collated & solid cases are ready 2pursue.…
@RepRatcliffe 3) #QAnon dropped a coded msg in 3525 ==>

[ 93 dk]

This, fill in the blanks msg, has 5 spaces before"93" & 11 spaces before "dk".

It has come 2light, via a reply from @HoneeDesigner, that some "Notable" intel was filed on the #QResearch board related 2this msg.
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Money talks: for big bond hearing before #SDNY Judge Rakoff, there are lawyers in the jury box and in 2 press rows.
Judge Rakoff's courtroom deputy, classy, lets press haul chairs from jury room and set up by the window. #GameOn @SDNYLIVE
S&C for #GoldmanSachs begins by mocking claim of conspiracy. In the room, in the jury bix: #DeutscheBank, #JPMChase, Nomura
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