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“ ... my district and communities across the country ... “ is not what the news story says. It says “Sanctuary Cities” ... which is a euphemism for “communities across the country” that are committed to breaking the law ... to the detriment and even the physical ...
... endangerment of legitimate citizens of those communities! You go on to say: “ ... because this administration continues their hate agenda that demonizes black & brown people.” But that’s not the reason why; it’s not even true that there is such an agenda, as any ...
... reasonable person knows. This lie, which you put forward as a false premise towards vilifying the .@POTUS is the actual hate agenda, which is being perpetrated on American citizen voters!
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Still working on watching & listening to Rudy.
This WHOLE scenario is like War & Peace on steroids. Long, convoluted, names we can't say, people we haven't accessed for testimony, incurious investigators, smears, lies, stall tactics from Mueller, impeachment transfer = cover up.
3)…… -- Ambassador for both Ukraine & Russia. During this time frame - before Crimea, and after for Russia.
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It must be done right.
It must be done according to the rule of law.
It must carry weight.
It must be proven in the court of law.
There can be no mistakes.
Good things sometimes take time.

Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail.
[Democrat]s election interference 2016.
>Clinton/Hussein illegal FISA
[Democrat]s election interference 2018.
[Democrat]s election interference 2020.
These people are sick.
We, the People, are the cure.
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Dec 14

Q points to an Anon's post on #8kun (all drops on qmap(dt)pub & qanin(dt)pub would be fake) and calls it a fake.

Q quotes his pre-IG Report drop #2042 (see pic 🔽) re: surv. on Manafort, Papad., Page, Flynn.

(cont. >)
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop 3667:
Here you can see the post Q is calling fake:

(cont. >)

#QArmy #FISAgate #DarkToLight
#PainIsComing #PainComing
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Dec 14

Re: drop #3667:
"Fake" is referred to that Anon's post (see my prev tweets above).

Drop #3667 text:
Sometimes silence is necessary in order to protect select 'public' releases.
B2 (BB) 'public' statements past week?

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1. New #QAnon today is related to ousted Ukraine Ambassador #Yovanovitch having ordered our country's State Dept. to spy on our own American journalists and Trump allies.
2. You see, "America is no longer for sale."
Because, "It’s been a long time since we’ve had a non-corrupt President who works on behalf of the American people and not himself." #QAnon #Q
3. #QAnon "You are witnessing the largest ‘organized’ disinformation campaign to ever be perpetuated on the public.
Trust yourself.
Be free in your thoughts.
The #GreatAwakening.
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WELL, ISN'T THAT SPECIAL? No surprise here, John Kean and Lee Hamilton (chair/vice-chair of 9/11 Commission) said the same thing in their book, "Without Precident," which they wrote after they issued the 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT… 1/4 #DeepState #SaudiArabia…
…which they didn't believe either.

Yet this is why the corrupt elements of the Republican Party have CENSORED & BANNED me from appearing at committeeman meetings, parades, even Lincoln Day events, based entirely on CNN, George Soros, Media Matters/Share Blue propaganda… 2/4
…just as they do every day to Pres. Trump, who is also attacked by the corrupt elements within our Republican Party.

CLEARLY the Saudis were involved—yet were let off the hook by—?—the same elements that are involved in ongoing #DeepStateCoup attempts against Pres. Trump. 3/4
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Sec. 🔥Kerry is on travel to Tbilisi, Georgia, and 🔥Kyiv, Ukraine with A/S Victoria 🔥Nuland, Dep Chief of Staff Tom Sullivan, Dep Spokes. Mark Toner, V.Adm.Frank Pandolfe, and NSC Director for Eastern Europe 🔥Elizabeth Zentos🔥…
Zentos did not accompany Kerry to Moscow on July 15 on a subsequent trip. This was under a month before telling Strzok about who's running this (5-Aug)…
11-Oct-19 the NYT used DOS,FBI,DOJ on FOIA for records on Eric Ciaramella, Liz Zentos, Victoria Nuland, the Bidens, Parnas, DiGenova, Archer et al, Burisma, Zlochevsky, Lutsenko.…

@Techno_Fog @themarketswork @JohnWHuber
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Truth be known, @LindseyGrahamSC is worried about covering his own a$$!
UPDATE: Lindsey Graham Who Has FAILED TO CONFRONT OR CALL IN A SINGLE DEEP STATE WITNESS Announces He Will Give Up Senate Judiciary Chair in 2020… via @gatewaypundit
McCain And Graham Caught Inciting Ukraine To Attack Russia… via @yournewswire
Former senior McCain adviser: Lindsey Graham has been "corrupted by ambition"…
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1. #QAnon #PanicInDC: @SidneyPowell1 says #Durham investigation will reveal the #Russian-style #SpyGate political take out of individuals as a "remarkable revelation that'll shake all of us who love this country to the core", ineluctably outing the #DeepStateCoup, the #CoupCabal
2. #QAnon #PanicInDC: Christopher Steele was recently interviewed by John Durham. The #DeepState #CoupCabal has #PanicInDC over whether #Steele will "hold firm" as the #Clown cutout, or tell the truth.
3. #QAnon #PanicInDC: John Durham is curious to know why Peter #Strzok would've opened a case on Donald Trump July 31, 2016 on a Sunday. On a Sunday? With no solid evidence? Strzok approves himself? Lisa Page explains (more than she intended).
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#Ukraine call, AG Barr, US Atty Durham, #Spygate & #ItalianSpygate

1. This article is very important to me, because it gives us a glimpse on what's REALLY happening.

AG Wiliam Barr is actively supporting US Att. Durham probe:
(cont. >)…

2. Why did #POTUS45 ask #Ukraine President #Zelensky about #Biden's illicit activities?

For the same reason he asked #Australia's PM re: matter related to #Mueller probe:


US officials can't go directly...


3. contact foreign authorities without an introduction by #POTUS.

Why did AG Barr do that?

Because he's supporting US Att. Durham's probe.

Hold on, it's wider than we think.

What is Durham investigating?

#Spygate #ItalianSpygate
#Ukraine #Italy #WWG1WGA
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Let's dive right in to the
"New Steele Dossier"
@AdamSchiff's #Whistleblower.
The new #Mueller investigation, created to block @POTUS , stall for time and replace @realDonaldTrump in 2020.

Here is what the #FakeNewsMedia won't report
@AdamSchiff completely lies at the 3:00 mark.
He says #Trump asks #Ukraine
to "dig up dirt on his political opponent"
This is false, made up, a lie, this was never said.
@POTUS holding funds or military aid for political dirt is nonsense.
Full #UkraineTranscripts
If you have not read them, you should.
Then watch shifty @AdamSchiff completely lie and add sentonces to the call that do not exist.
Excellent @politico report on Shiff's B'S…
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A Little Birdie told me that in 2016 Vicky Ward's parents re-purchased a house located only 7 minutes from Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach estate.
(they had owned it before)
Vicky Ward, journalist - supposed go-to person on Epstein who just took a job at CNN.
Big if true?
Donna and Rodney Ward sold their Palm Beach Estate in 2008.…
/3 (sorry I didn't number the first two)
The Ward's sold their Palm Beach house in May, 2008.
Epstein signed his plea deal approx June 30 2008 but the case had been ongoing for many months before that…
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D's are lying about Ukrainian businessman Kalimnik, a US State Department intelligence asset, as a "Russian agent", and having the senile Mueller affirm it.… to spin the #DeepState #SpyGate #RussiaHoax aimed at our electorate.
2. #FusionGPS's Glen Simpson, the #SpyGate perpetrator of #Steele's #FakeDossier used to deceive the #FISA COURT for the #RussiaHoax, was "outside of my purview", according to Mueller.…
3. The attempt to ensnare to the President of the United States into an obstruction of justice coup, using even his affectations rather than actions, was part of the #Comey's treason, and #Mueller wrote reams about the President's displeasure to that end.…
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Iraninan Advisors — How did they get here and what does it mean for America? 🇺🇸🇺🇸 We have to Wake Up and Fight — Let’s DIG 👉🏻💵👉🏻#PatriotsFight #AmericaFirst #GreatAwakening #TakeBackDay
Why did HRC give Uranium & Obama 💵 💵 cash to Iran? And now John Kerry is making deals for 🇺🇸🇺🇸 ? - - NOT ON OUR WATCH & Not On Trump’s either @POTUS @RepMarkMeadows @GOPLeader @DevinNunes @GenFlynn
#Traitors Selling out U.S.A. For Years #PatriotsAwakened
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1. #QAnon There has been a deep confusion in US. Jeff Nyquist observed a good strategy is seeing who your friends are & who your enemies are. We hadn't had it right. We paraded a defector around TV to undermine our President and dictate our foreign policy.
2. #QAnon Meanwhile, they try to deceive us by baying that our President is "traitorous", for even staging talks, an American who's lived in US his entire life, made and given his money inside America, and vocally declared his love for America, always. #Q
3. #QAnon
"It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

But, this outrage
fuels our courage!…
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2. For post-election observations of #DeepStateCoup (i.e., "insurance policy"), see also:
3. Also there are observations of the #Obamagate timeline 2009-2014:…
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We need to ask these important questions:
1.) who allowed Veselnitskaya entry to the U.S.?
2.) why did she meet Glenn Simpson from #FusionGPS both before and after the Trump Tower meeting?
3.) why did April Lorenzen falsify DNS logs to make it appear there were comms with Russia?
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1) Why the Nunes #FISAMemo is just the tip of the iceberg.

And a tactical masterstroke by @POTUS.

The #Memo isn't a #MOAB bombshell by itself. It's an opening move in a chess game which #Democrats are hopelessly unprepared for, and have already lost.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening
2) The path to #DrainTheSwamp is #FBI > #DOJ > #CIA > #Congress > #Judiciary

To take down the #DeepState you need investigative power. This is why @Comey was first. The #MuellerInvestigation is a charade, and insiders knew in advance that #Rosenstein was compromised.
3) In context, the #Memo strikes as the center of the operatives involved in the #DeepStateCoup which intended to subvert an #election. Any other interpretation is pure idiocy. What's brilliant about it is that it enables #Investigation to move in all direction from it. #QAnon
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