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#DelhiHighCourt to hear plea by #DishaRavi for direction to restrain @DelhiPolice from “leaking” her private chats to media.

She also seeks action against news channels for publishing contents of the alleged conversations in the #Toolkit case. Image
Counsel Akhil Sibal appears for #DishaRavi - Previously the court had said that this matter would require some consideration.
HC says that as the bench has a heavy board, the matter will be heard on Dec 8.

Sibal: Last time the court had given us a relatively short date.
Justice Palli: Well, look at the board now.
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1⃣Remember #DishaRavi's arrest?
It happened during #Saturn & #Uranus square + mercury retrograde on #Feb 17th.
SAME astrological event will recur on #June 14th & Dec 24th.
Bt with a TWIST. Will explain in thread.

2⃣ #Mars (planet of W@R)-#Pluto opposition on JUNE 5th.
This is a v.imp transition of yr. It'll happen on
~June 14th
~Dec 24th
~Feb 17th (already took place)
Common factor btwn Feb 17th & June 14th transition is that it's happening during Mercury retro-- when it's easy to spread #FAKE NEWS. Remember T00LKIT?
Only diff is--Saturn, planet of #Karma, will be retrograde too on June 14th.
#Uranus is a planet of REBELLION, #Technology, and everything that's weird.
SATURN is associated with OLD values, system, people and also is a strict teacher.
So in FEBRUARY-- OLD clashed with NEW!
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Delhi Court to shortly begin hearing anticipatory bail plea moved by Shantanu Muluk in #Toolkit FIR.

Hearing before Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana, Patiala House Court.


#ShantanuMuluk #FarmersProstests
Advocate Vrinda Grover for #ShantanuMuluk.
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नेक्सस की योगायोग ?
एक #थ्रेड लिहावा वाटला.

#DishaRavi या 21 वर्षीय पर्यावरण विषयावर काम करणाऱ्या मुलीला #शेतकरी आंदोलनाला पाठिंबा देण्याच्या प्रकरणात देशद्रोही ठरवून अटक केले असे दाखवले.

त्यामागचे खरे नेक्सस काय? की हा निव्वळ योगायोग)
जाणून घेवू. (1/11)
मागच्या वर्षी जेव्हा भारताने जगातील सर्वात मोठा लॉक डाऊन घोषित केला तेव्हा केंद्रिय पर्यावरण मंत्रालयाने
Environmental Impact Assessment EIA कायद्यातील तरतुदींची अधिसूचना जारी केली.
या नुसार कायद्यात बऱ्याच पळवाटा टाकण्यात आला असे आरोप झाले. (2/11)…
यात एक पळवाट अशी आहे की जर सरकारने कुठला प्रकल्प Strategic ठरवला तर त्या प्रकल्पाला क्लिअरन्स प्रोसेस मध्ये बऱ्याच सवलती असतील. विचाराधीन कालावधी 30 वरून 20 दिवसांवर आणला. असे खूप बदल केले ज्याने सहज या कायद्यातून सुटता येईल. (3/11)…
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I am delighted beyond imaginable that #DishaRavi has been granted bail. But I find a few aspects of the Court's order both inexplicable and worrying.

Let me explain,
First, @NDTV reports that the Judge said, " cannot be presumed by resorting to surmises or conjectures that she also supported the secessionist tendencies or the violence caused on 26.01.2021.."

Q. What evidence did the Judge have to label the violence as "secessionist".
If the Judge was relying on the police charge that the violence was by #Khalistani agents then he should have been careful to qualify it as "allegedly secessionist violence".
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"Considering the scanty&sketchy evidence available on record, I do not find any palpable reasons to breach the general rule of Bail against a 22 years old young lady, with absolutely blemish-free criminal antecedents..", says ASJ Dharmender Rana while giving bail to #DishaRavi. Image
Judge Rana: In my considered opinion creation of a WhatsApp group or being editor of an innocuous Toolkit is not an offence.

#Sedition Image
ASJ Rana: Further, since the link with the said toolkit or PJF has not been found to be objectionable, mere deletion of the WhatsApp chat to destroy the evidence linking her with
the toolkit and PJF also becomes meaningless.

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A Delhi Sessions Court will shortly pronounce its order in Disha Ravi's bail plea in #ToolKit FIR.

Order was reserved by Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana on February 20.


#FarmersProtests #DishaRavi #ToolkitCase
Disha Ravi's one-day police custody with @DelhiPolice also ends today.

#DishaRavi #ToolKit
Opposing grant of bail, the Prosecution had raised apprehensions of evidence tampering.

Prosecution had alleged Ravi conspired with pro-Khalistani organisations to defame India and incite violence amid the #FarmersProtests.

#DishaRavi @DelhiPolice
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#Breaking: Disha Ravi produced before Delhi Court in connection with #Toolkit FIR.

Her three-day judicial custody ends today.

Hearing before Dr Pankaj Sharma, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Patiala House Court.

@DelhiPolice #FarmersProtests #DishaRavi
This is for further five days of police custody: Court

Prosecutor informs that Delhi High Court recently passed an order wherein media houses have been asked to ensure that reports are run based on verified sources.

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Toolkit case: hearing in bail plea moved by climate activist Disha Rana to begin in 5 minutes before ASJ Dharmender Rana at Patiala House Court

@TheQuint #DishaRavi #Toolkit
Mr Siddharth Agarwal is appearing for Disha while Prosecutor Irfan Ahmad is appearing for state

@TheQuint #DishaRavi #Toolkit
Prosecutor: Since accused has been giving evasive replies and the same need to be used to confront Shantanu Muluk who'll be joining investigation by Feb 22. That's why we had asked for JC till Feb 22 only

@TheQuint #DishaRavi #Toolkit
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Delhi Court begins hearing Disha Ravi's bail application in connection with #Toolkit FIR.

Hearing before Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana.

Yesterday, Ravi was sent to judicial custody for three days.


#DishaRavi #FarmersProtest
Ld ASG SV Raju will argue the matter..he will come at 2 pm: Public Prosecutor Irfan Ahmed.

You should have told me. I came for this matter : Court

Court interacts with ASG Raju virtually.

We'll have it at 2 pm : Court

#DishaRavi #Toolkit
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[Virtual Canteen - At 5:00 PM]: The theme of today's discussion would be "Our right to dissent ". The discussion has been organized by the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum.

[Live Updates]
#dissent #delhiwomenlawyers
Justice Deepak Gupta (Retired) SC Judge, Sr. Adv. Rebecca John and Chitranshul Sinha, are the key note speakers, along with Adv
Ritu Bhalla and Manali Singhal. Adv. Arundati Katju and Adv. Swaty Singh, will be moderating the discussion.

#dissent #delhiwomenlawyers
The discussion will starting shortly.

#dissent #delhiwomenlawyers
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#Breaking: Disha Ravi produced before Delhi Court by Delhi Police after expiry of her police custody in #Toolkit FIR.

#DishaRavi #FarmersProtests

Disha Ravi produced before ACMM Aakash Jain, Patiala House Court.

#DishaRavi #Toolkit

Advocate Siddharth Agarwal in Court for #DishaRavi.

Prosecutor Irfan Ahmed for @DelhiPolice
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Delhi High Court to hear today the plea moved by #DishaRavi against media leaks in the Farmers' Protest #ToolkitCase.

The matter is before Justice Prathiba Singh.
Bench assembles.

Yesterday the Court had issued notices to NBSA, @TimesNow and @news18dotcom…
Hearing begins. Counsel inform Bench who they are appearing for.

Kunal Tandon for @TimesNow, ASG SV Raju, Advocate Nisha Bhambani for NBSA, Senior Adv Akhil Sibal for #DishaRavi among counsel appearing.
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#Breaking: Delhi High Court begins hearing Disha Ravi's petiton against media leaks in #ToolkitCase FIR.

Matter before Justice Prathiba M Singh.

#DishaRavi #Toolkit #FarmersProtest

@DelhiPolice Image
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta: I'm for the Respondent.

#DishaRavi #Toolkit
It is a fresh matter. We'll take it up at 2:15
I'll go through the matter : Justice Prathiba M Singh.

#DishaRavi #Toolkit
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"@DelhiPolice is probing Marine Patterson, a member of the UK chapter of Extinction Rebellion (XR) as she allegedly drafted the content along with #NikitaJacob and Shantanu for tweet storm on February 4 and 5. Her footprints were found in the entire conspiracy", sources say.
"It has been revealed that Marina Patterson had prepared a package and added to the document through hyperlink.
“The #Toolkit was accidently published when she was simultaneously editing it", investigators said. (2). #ToolkitTruthProbe
Pattinson wrote "Police are attacking protesters, many are injured, many have disappeared & many are already reported dead. This was part of the conspiracy to create unrest among the protesting people. #ToolKitExposed
#Toolkit (3)
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Delhi Police investigation has found that #NikitaJacob had shared the final #Toolkit with Canada based #MoDhaliwal 's PJF on January 23,2001. Banned terrorist group #SFJ was deeply involved into it. The toolkit was prepared & shared with ulterior motives to create unrest.
Banned Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) is a front of Pakistan ISI. There are strong evidences to prove that a deep rooted conspiracy was hatched to exploit the ongoing farm protests & stoke anti-India sentiments.
Please read January 23,2021. *******
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#BombayHighCourt will pronounce its verdict in the transit bail petition filed by lawyer and activist Nikita Jacob in the case registered by the Delhi Police pertaining to the “toolkit” related to the ongoing farmers protests.

Justice PD Naik said yesterday that he would pass an order in Jacob's plea after perusing order of the Aurangabad Bench granting transit bail to activist Shantanu Muluk, another person implicated in the #ToolkitCase .

Bench has assembled. The matter will be taken up shortly.

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india is targeting young women to silence dissent & muzzle free speech. 21yo climate activist #DishaRavi was arrested for tweeting a benign google doc about the #farmersprotest. bjp ministers have called for her “eradication” & their online army "jokes" about her custodial rape
24yo #NodeepKaur a dalit labour activist supporting the #farmersprotest is being tortured & assaulted in police custody since jan 12. there are so many other women swallowed by india’s vindictive legal system whose names we don't know
“Sweden’s V-Dem Institute lists India among the top 10 countries most quickly becoming autocracies, adding that it is “on the verge of losing its status as a democracy due to the severely shrinking of space for the media, civil society and the opposition.”…
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The Delhi Police under Amit Shah arrested #DishaRavi in connection with the toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg. People within the ruling party are sharing similar toolkit since a long time. (1/n)
Kapil Mishra via his twitter handle announced about Hindu Ecosystem (HES) on 16th Nov, 2020.

We can see the malicious intentions from the beginning with topics like GauRaksha, love jihad etc mentioned as interest in the google form. (2/n)
10 days later, emails were sent with links to join the HES telegram groups.
Main group:
Graphics:… (3/n)
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Let me tell you of an incident when Greenpeace was still legal in India. In a parking lot outside a super market, a Greenpeace guy accosts me and asks for some time to explain what he is doing. I was not busy and said OK. His proposition is this.
Coal pollutes and India should shutdown all thermal power plants. With a flourish, he produces a map of India and says these are all the areas where India has got coal plants and that they are launching a movement to shut them down. One single question from my side.
The belt you are showing is called Dandakaranya and is a thick forest. Whatever pollution these plants make are absorbed by the trees around and it won't harm environment. Now explain me why should I support your stand. Caught like a deer in headlights,
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Delhi Police is looking for Nikita & Shantnu, involved with the #Toolkit posted by #GretaThunberg . A Delhi Court has issued NBWs against them as they haven't joined the probe despite receiving summons from @CellDelhi #ToolKitExposed
Nikita Jacob is one of the key players of the #Toolkit plan that was prepared to launch coordinated mayhem not only in Delhi but to other parts of the country. As the investigation progresses, Left Ecosystem will get exposed & many of its members behind bars. #ToolKitExposed
Investigations by Delhi Police have found, #disharavi holds key to the entire conspiracy that was hatched to burn Delhi. She alongwith #nikitajacob were part of the plan. Jacob was in touch with Canada based Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal. More arrests are likely in the days to come.
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#DishaRavi's arrest is so blatantly not about any crime, it's a message. If you oppose people in power & their actions, & publicize your dissent, you'll have to pay a price...
#ReleaseDishaRavi | #FreeDishaRavi…
Delhi Police say the "Toolkit" called for economic, social, cultural & regional war against India... Image
All it contained, based on screenshots & reports, was info about the Farm Bills & #FarmersProtest, and suggested actions one could take to express solidarity with the farmers...…
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Friday’s for Future & #DishaRavi were a target for the Modi govt since last year when they protested against the draft EIA notification.

Minister @PrakashJavdekar had written to the Delhi Police asking for them to be booked under the anti-terror law

The arrest of Disha under the “Greta toolkit conspiracy” is a way of settling scores with the activists that are inconvenient for the Modi govt.

This is textbook retribution against a 21-year-old environmental activist by a govt that’s not only fascist but also insecure.

PS: Here’s a copy of Delhi Police’s UAPA notice from last year in better resolution (sorry the file in the 1st tweet is a little blurred)

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Five years ago, I first read about how climate scientists and activists in the US were targeted, bullied and harassed for their work. For eg., read about @MichaelEMann whose work showed that modern climate change was not natural but caused due to human activities.
Naturally, this was unpalatable to many whose profits depended on activities that are causing climate change. Thus followed a systematic campaign to malign his science and harass him. He is hardly the only example. There are many who rattle powerful lobbies.
I often wondered why no such thing was happening in India. Why wasn't anyone being rattled, and hence, why wasn't anyone being targeted? There were a few reasons why this could be. Maybe climate change isn't a concern for India? Maybe such lobbies don't exist in India?
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