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Dear Patriots,

Some leeches in the @PoliceNG have struck again.

Sixty One Thousand Naira (N61,000) was extorted from Emmanuel in Akure, Ondo State on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 at about 9:41pm.

#MekunuTwitter #MekunuPresident let's help
#ReformPoliceNG #EndPoliceBrutality

While passing through Akure to another state on a mission, some officers of the @PoliceNG who were allegedly identified as IGP SQUAD decided to arrest innocent people on the road. They raided with an 18-seater grey colored bus with private number plate.

cc @Omojuwa @segalink
These IGP SQUAD of the @PoliceNG picked up Emmanuel while he was about to board a taxi on Thursday, Oct 9, 2019 in Akure.

The IGP SQUAD then took Emmanuel and others they had picked up to the SACS Office close to FUTA Northgate, but the SACS Office rejected them.

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Franco y el Real Madrid, cronología de una mentira.
#Hilo #Parte2 ⬇️
De 1931 a 1936 (Segunda república española) el Real Madrid gana dos títulos ligueros de cinco, siendo invicto en uno de ellos. El Barça no gana ninguno.
El Madrid gana también dos copas de la República, una ganando la final al Barça. Los azulgranas, que fueron el equipo que más Copa del Generalísimo gano durante la dictadura, no gano ninguna durante la segunda república.
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Let's talk about white supremacy in journalism – and maybe why we still haven't had much of a #JournalismSoWhite moment, especially in Europe #Thread
10 days ago I sat at a conference when someone made a grossly injurious statement against POC. I was told he made at least another gross statement on the same topic. After it was made public, a friend of his helpfully claimed he made the second statement, which wasn't videotaped.
(I had to delete one tweet after the first of these two men repeatedly threatened to sue me for libel. Sorry for that.)
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Happening Now: HMIC Alh. Lai Mohammed in a media engagement with Culture and Tourism correspondents in Lagos to share information by unveiling his plans for #CultureandTourism for the Next four years.

#Thread 👇
Good afternoon gentlemen. I am delighted to be here, and to meet with you again. I have called this meeting to enable us rub minds on how to move the Tourism and Culture Sector forward.
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Sedikit cerita ttg critical thinking.

Ada banyak pengalaman seru saat PhD, salah satunya di kelas civic engagement (CE).

Professor tanya ke kelas, apa CE harus ada dlm demokrasi?

Sebagian jawab Ya, sebagian No

Si Prof lalu bagi kelas ke dalam 2 grup u/ debat. Menariknya...
Menariknya, ia membagi kelas berdasar jawaban awal student.

Students yang awalnya bilang bahwa CE harus ada dalam demokrasi diharuskan berargumen bahwa CE sebenarnya tidak perlu.

Sebaliknya, students yg berpendapat CE tidak perlu harus berargumen bahwa CE perlu dalam demokrasi.
PhD students, PhD, dan semua yg merasa expert dalam satu hal bisa sangat opinionated (termasuk saya). Jadi semua di kelas waktu itu agak terkejut dgn sistem debat profesor ini.

Kok kita disuruh mempertahankan ide yg kita gak setuju & mengkritik posisi yg kita anggap benar?
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Happening Now: HMIC Alh. Lai Mohammed addresses a Press Conference in Abuja on the $9bn Judgment against Nigeria in favour of P&ID.
Text of the Press Conference by the Minister of @FMICNigeria, Alh. Lai Mohammed on the FG delegation’s recent trip to London and the London Commercial Court ruling on the P&ID issue...In Abuja on Wednesday 2 October 2019.
Good afternoon gentlemen. As you are aware, a high-powered Federal Government delegation was in London the whole of this past week. The team comprises the Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and @FedMinOfJustice Abubakar Malami;
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Small thread from my old journal about few rules I marked when moved from mechanical to discretional way of trading..I have made some improvement for sure and still finding ways to improve 1/8
Every trade comes with some context and logic.When that reasoning gets invalidated stay out of the trade and wait for next info.Don't skip the original reasoning and look for another favorable reason to hold the trade 2/8
It happens all the time.Many scenarios play out to favor yes as well as no for every decision..So first thing is to quit the trade when original logic is negated then think about alternative.Once you are out of the trade you can rationally analyse things in a better way 3/8
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நாம் பொதுவாக திரைப்படங்களில் விண்வெளியில் இருந்து எடுக்கப்பட்ட பூமியின் படத்தை காட்டுவதை பார்த்திருப்போம்.
அழகாக மிதக்கும் ஒரு பந்து போல காட்டப் பட்டிருக்கும்.
ஆனால் உண்மையில் நீங்கள் கற்பனை செய்ய வேண்டியது உங்கள் கண்ணெதிரே மிதக்கும் அந்த லட்டுவை சுற்றி ஒரு 50 ...100 ஈக்கள் கச்சா முச்சா என்று மொய்த்து கொண்டு இருப்பதை போல தான்.
அந்தளவு விண்வெளிக் குப்பை சேர்ந்துள்ளது நமது சுற்றுவட்டப் பாதையில்.
பொதுவாக ஆயுள் முடிந்த செயற்கைகோள்களுக்கு இரண்டு வகையில் முடிவு கட்டுகிறார்கள்.
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Those of you who say "Jack, what happened to @YeleSowore will happen to you..." This is for you.

2016 I "illegally" brought drones and accessories worth about N10 million into the country...They were confiscated by customs at the Airport.


A month before, the National Security Adviser Babagana Monguno issued an order to all corresponding agencies to seize UAV's brought into Nigeria by "unauthorised persons" at ports of entries and borders.
Reason given is that Boko Haram insurgents were using drones to facilitate their ambush on our Armed Forces.
This was not published anywhere, I argued this matter up to his office. There was nothing I didn't do. I even took it up to Aso Rock.
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Anybody interested in #India's #Economy should take 30 minutes time out and listen to this interview. There is both sound, credible analysis of the problem AND an entirely logical policy prescription. #AltSarkar @PIB_Altsarkar @fek_le @Vidyut…
A quick summary:
1. Our present problems can be traced back directly to the stupid, stupid move on Nov 8 2016 when 86% of the means of settlement of dues was taken out. Damn that #Demonetisation. We in #AltSarkar have to acknowledge it even if its defenders do not.
2. India's problem is a demand side problem. People have neither the free disposable cash now nor the confidence in their future to take a loan to go out and buy stuff.
3. You don't deal with a demand drop off by propping up supply side factors. #AltSarkar believes in logic
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1. It’s impossible to disentangle virtually any aspect of John Bolton's ill-fated White House tenure from Fox News’ influence on President Trump.…
2. Bolton got his job because the president had been watching him on Fox News for years.
3. Then he lost the president's ear to his former colleague Tucker Carlson, who eventually reportedly advised Trump to can him.
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This shitty piece was published by @ThePrintIndia written by @nandita_singh1 and shared by @ShashiTharoor
Let’s talk about it a bit. #Thread…
First, by claiming ‘vigilantism’ in Frankfurt the reporter is suggesting that rule of law has failed in Germany. @CGIFrankfurt might want to make an official stand on this claim.
It’s an insult not just to Indian consulate but also to Germany.
This ‘comedian’ had tried to spread some fake news and no doubt @NH_India also tried to push the fake news story and later deleted it.
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As a postgraduate student of a Marxian Scholar at the @HQ_NDA - Moses E. I. Tedheke Ph.D; Political Economy of African Security is a Course I offer in my Second Semester of Course work.

I’m exposed to the place of economic relations on Africa’s weak defense and security and above all Africa’s economic crises and continental security.

To think that some South Africans claim that other Africans are competing with them on dwindling cum scarce resources is sheer ignorance. I have not verified this claim but it’s necessary we enlighten ourselves and not entertain such thoughts perhaps they exist
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The fact that our dear country do not take responsibility for Nigerian citizens abroad is appalling.

In sane climes, such oversight will not happen; It is a show of dismal and embarrassing image for Nigeria.
Here is the link to a thread I wrote on a similar issue few days ago about whether or not Nigeria still has a NATIONAL INTEREST 🤷🏽‍♂️

Issues vital to national interest are captured under:

1. Primary Interest
2. Secondary Interest; and
3. General Interests.

However, I choose to be explicit on the secondary interest of a nation because it encompasses the crux of this matter.
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In one of my Postgraduate Classes, Prof. Ozoemenam Mbachu, Ph.D., mni in the Course, Foreign Policy Analysis asked a crucial question thus:

Does Nigeria still have a NATIONAL INTEREST?
I pondered and reminisced on the ingenuity of the question asked and I was lost in wonderment.
Mbachu (2011) defined national interest as the expression of core socio-economic and political ideals, values and aspirations which are well defended at home, and pursued or promoted or defended beyond national boundaries.
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The fact our state does not have a uniform system of background checks is just 1 aspect of the problem NC has with teachers being arrested for sexual contact with students.…
#nced #ncga
For years I've tracked teacher arrests at a national level, but then with a focusing on NC. Some arrests are for drugs, DWI or other reasons, but the vast majority are for sexual offenses with kids. I've called this activity the #QuietEpidemic…
#nced #ncga
I tracked NC arrests reported by media and through tips sent to me by law enforcement.
2016 34 arrests
2017 55 arrests
2018 41 arrests
2019 39 arrests (So far.)
#nced #ncga
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America’s preeminent television meteorologist, Tom @Skilling, celebrated 41 years at the great @WGN this week. This reminded me of a story. 1/
@Skilling @wgn When I was a staff writer @newcity in the late 90s, I would occasionally call @WGN and leave Tom voicemails asking what the weather was like on a given day in the past to help paint scenes for stories I was working on. 2/
@Skilling @wgn This is the kind of thing writers do. 3/
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Earlier today I was on the phone with peeps from Area. Madam Akamu & Tobore were kidnapped . Tobore is madam akara 2nd child . A thread ...
According to what I'm told, madam akamu last week Saturday was on her way to attend a wedding somewhere in Warri . She stepped out of her house into the streets . And was walking till she found a keke . He had her hand bag in 1hand and hairtie for igele purposes on the other...
She came close to an event center and saw a jeep 🚙 parked . So she decided to quickly use the windows and side mirror as guide for her head gear . She was battling with it when 4boys armed men pulled up and commanded her into their car and drove off ...
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Got back to Delhi after spending 5 days in Kashmir. I could not access any internet but for a few min last night. On return I am surprised to see the copious amount of commentary on fellow journalists who did manage access. #thread 1/n
No journalist, even those who may be doing shoddy work are roaming around in bullet proof cars. They are having to use every bit of ingenuity in what is an extremely sensitive, complex and tough story to report. 2/n
Access is not journalism and if the access is defining their journalism (and it is for some) call them out, but this mob approach and undermining everyone who is managing to send their stories out is frankly a case of sour grapes. 3/n
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1. Okay, so this is my second thread about our big story on fast warming in the U.S. Here, I want to address the rather dramatic findings about winter that we report…
2. In the Northeast, we found that winters tend to be warming up the fastest. In fact, we found that this is something present across much (although not all) of the country.
3. And for our fastest warming states in the lower 48 -- Rhode Island and New Jersey -- they would not be at or near 2 degrees Celsius (in NJ's case) if they were not well over that level of warming during the 3 months of winter (December, January, February).
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1. So, I’ve been rather quiet lately on here and also haven’t been writing many stories lately. Here’s why…
2. Today we’re launching the first story in a series about places that have already warmed by nearly or above 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 Fahrenheit – roughly double the global and U.S. (lower 48 state) average.
3. Basically, it’s a series about hotspots, or places that for a variety of reasons are experiencing the worst of climate change – and in many cases facing severe impacts already. Hotspots like these
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#Thread - 1/9: According to media reports, #Russia and #Japan have been in contact over the #Kuril Islands in recent months. New #ISI #intelligence #report shows that despite the negotiations Russia continues to build #military #infrastructure in the islands.

#IMINT #satellite
2/9: Coastal defense system in #Iturup Island, 18th Machine Gun #Artillery Division.
3/9: Coastal #Missile Systems Deployment, #Iturup Island: Two #Russian #Rubezh coastal missile systems.
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துக்கச் செய்தி! மரண அறிவிப்பு!
செத்தது சமூக நீதி!: @tamilravi
அஞ்சல் துறை கிளை அதிகாரிகள் வேலைவாய்ப்பில் மோசடி!
42 மதிப்பெண் பெற்றால் உயர் சாதியினருக்கு வேலை.
STக்கு 89.6, SCக்கு 94.8, OBCக்கு 95 cut-off!

Thread 👇
இந்திய அஞ்சல் துறை அரிய வகை ஏழைகளை அன்புடன் அழைக்கிறது!

அஞ்சல் துறையின் தமிழ்நாடு வட்டத்தில் கிளை அதிகாரி, துணை கிளை அதிகாரி ஆகிய 4442 பணிகளுக்குத் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டு வேலை பெற்றவர்களை அறிவித்து இருக்கிறார்கள்.

Cut-off விவரம் (Out of 100):

Thread 👇
EWS என்னும் உயர் சாதியினர்: 42
ST: 89.6
SC: 94.8
OBC: 95
UR என்னும் பொதுப் போட்டி: 95.2

உயர் சாதிக்கு 42 தான் cut-off என்னும் அடிப்படையில் 453 பேருக்கு வேலை கொடுத்துள்ளார்கள்.

யார் இந்த அரிய வகை ஏழைகள்?

Thread 👇
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