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Recently I was reviewing the financial records for everybody's favorite internet libertarian organization, @EFF. My goodness, I was surprised to see $3million (about 25% of their annual expenses) came from cy pres settlement awards in 2017. #Thread
"Cy pres" is a frequent device in class action lawsuits. When there are a lot of potential plaintiffs (including people who don't even know they're eligible for $$) who could all get a relatively small amount of money. So instead of locating the correct people to pay,
the court instead awards $ to organizations or institutions deemed worthy on the theory that paying these entities comes "as close as possible" to giving the money to the actual people who suffered whatever harm.
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Yakub Memon was hanged 22 years after his crime.
Afzal Guru was hanged 12 years after his crime.
Kasab was hanged 4 years after his crime.
Godse was hanged the year after his crime.
8000 people gathered at Yakub Memon’s funeral.
Akar Patel wrote this disgusting article justifying Yakub Memon’s massive fan following and comparing him to late President Abdul Kalam.
But god forbid you talk about Nathuram Godse!
Afzal Guru’s attack on parliament killed 12 and injured 22.
Arundhati Roy writes in the Guardian defending Afzal Guru and his acts.
But god forbid you fail to unconditionally and vehemently condemn Godse.
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கோட்சே மேட்டரால், கமல் பாஜகவின் Bடீம்ன்ற கப்சா சுக்குநூறா உடைவதை உபிஸ் விரும்பவில்லை

கோட்சே பத்தி கமல் பேசின clipsஐ மநீமவே மீடியாக்கு அனுப்பியிருக்கு. இதவச்சு, மநீம தான் இதை சர்ச்சையாக்கிருக்குன்ற அபார உளறலை உபிஸ் சொல்றாங்க

ஆனா உடைஞ்சது உடைஞ்சது தான். என்ன முக்கினாலும் no use
ஆனா இதுக்கு முன்பும்கூட, களநிலவரத்தில், கமல் BJPயின் B டீம்ன்றதுலாம் பெருசா செல்ஃப் எடுக்கவேயில்லை

உண்மையில், இந்துத்தீவிரவாதம் என்கிற சொல்லை atleast தமிழில் முதன்முதலா சொன்னதே கமல்தான் i think

’சுதந்திர இந்தியாவின் முதல் தீவிரவாதி கோட்சே ஒரு இந்து’ இதும் முன்ன யார்சொன்னா தெரில
கோட்சே, வீர் சர்வர்கரை எல்லாம் BJPயின் மூல நிறுவனமான RSS சங்க் பரிவார் இவைகள் கடவுளாகவே சிலைவைத்து போற்றுகின்றன, காந்தியை எதிரியாக. எனவே கமல் பேசியது இயல்பாகவே நாடுமுழுக்க சர்ச்சை ஆனதுதான். இதை கமல் அஜெண்ட வெச்சு பரப்பினார் என சொல்வது மகா கேனத்தனம்.
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There are so many misunderstandings about the issue of restitution in Poland that arise either from ignorance or ill will. I will try to shed some light on it [THREAD]…
1) #TerezinDeclaration is a non-binding political document and it cannot be perceived as creating rights and obligations under international law; it's a set of good practices regarding "Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues";
2) After #WW2 Poland did not close the legal path to compensation for eligible persons, anyone who has lost his property had and has the opportunity to assert his property rights by way of civil claims;
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@jasoncrawford Let's talk "Mechanisms". As an ex-Amazonian you are well aware of this concept, but our mutual customers (followers) may not be.

Everyone has good intentions...
@jasoncrawford 2/ Everyone WANTS to do the right thing (e.g. read the doc sent out by email the night before).

But good intentions are never enough.
@jasoncrawford 3/ Sh*t doesn't get done based solely on good intentions. Change can't happen based only on good intentions.

What you need is a way to mechanize people's good intentions.
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NEW: President Trump tweeted about the Mueller probe 100 times between the March 24 Barr letter and April 29.

43 of those tweets referenced Fox in some way.…
In 17 of the tweets, Trump referenced a quote from a Fox show or otherwise indicated that he was responding to the network. In 20, he (or someone he employs) shared video clips from Fox programming about the investigation.
He has also promoted Fox shows at least eight times in recent weeks, and he tweeted thanks to particular Fox personalities five times. In addition to posting his own tweets, the president retweeted Fox-related content about Mueller 16 times.
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One of my software development trainees applied for a Masters Degree course from a University in Canada.

The University requested she writes IELTS to know her English language competency.

She replied that she would not write the IELTS exams.
In her response she wrote that English language has been her language of instruction since her elementary education till tertiary education and if she would not be considered for admission because of that she's okay by it.
The University gave her the admission&did same for other Nigerians who also applied to the University.

It took just one person to reject that nonsense.

How can Nigeria whose official language is English Language be requested to write IELTS.

Because they know we lack leadership
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பன்முகத் தன்மையும், பல மொழி வாழ்க்கை கலாச்சாரமும் கொண்டது இந்தியா !

இன்று மோடி மற்றும் அமித்ஷா கும்பல்...நாட்டிற்கு ஏதோ பாதுகாப்பு அச்சுறுத்தல் வந்து விட்டதாக ஓர் பிரம்மையை உருவாக்கி அதை சில அப்பாவிகளை நம்ப வைப்பதில் வெற்றியும் பெற்றுள்ளனர் என்பதே உண்மை!

Thread 👇
வேலை வாய்ப்பின்மை, இந்திய நாணய மதிப்பு வீழ்ச்சி, விவசாயிகள் தற்கொலைகள் இவை எதையும் முன் நிறுத்தி பேசாமல்..., பயங்கரவாதம், பாகிஸ்தான் உள்ளே வந்து விடும் போன்ற வாதங்கள் எடு படாது என்று நாம் நினைத்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் போதே....

ஊடகங்கள் அரசு நிறுவனங்கள் என அனைத்தையும் சிதைத்து அதன் மூலம் இந்த வெறுப்பு அரசியலை திணித்துள்ளனர் !

ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட மதத்தின் தேவையை, அவற்றின் தத்துவ திணிப்பை நாட்டின் தேவை என்று வரையறுப்பது நாட்டை அழிவின் விளிம்பிற்கே கொண்டு செல்லும்!

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#ConspiracyTheory #Thread
Hemant Karkare was Congress’ handled officer. He actually did actively, on the instructions of his handlers, framed false charges against Sadhvi Pragya and others.
According to the US intelligence, #Samjhauta and #Malegaon blasts were done on the LeT instructions. (See my previous tweet about this).

Karkare was, maybe indirectly, being played by LeT with Congress being in at some level.
By the time of of 26/11 attacks, the LeT / Pakistan intelligence/ Congress mechanism figured they must eliminate Karkare because he was a risk for blowing the plot.
He was strategically on duty and was killed with three bullets- to be sure to be sure.
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På förekommen anledning (så gårdagens och morgonens utbyten) tänker jag nu dra en lång tråd om det där med individuellt ansvar, kollektivt ansvar, samtyckte, respekt och sexuell integritet.
För att etablera rätt utgångspunkt för mitt teoretiserande kommer jag att prata lite om mig själv, och hur jag har handlat. Här kan det antagligen se ut som att jag framhäver mig själv som Hygglig Snubbe™, och som att jag förväntar mig ryggdunk för detta.
Så är inte fallet. De exempel jag kommer att lyfta är rimligen att se som minimi-nivån för anständighet, och därmed inget som förtjänar beröm. Om jag INTE hade agerat så som exemplen påvisar hade det varit värt klander.
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If anything some veterans did start saying using army activities for political advantage isn’t appreciated. That itself is questionable. Indian army is directed by and governed by democratically elected politicians. They are not autonomous. That must not be.
Indian army veterans and currently serving members need to know that they ARE subject to the polities and directives by democratic machinery and political will. They are in no way superior to the political representatives that guide them. Wipe that off your heads.
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Bhutto had asked to see Mrs. Gandhi and a meeting was fixed for 6 p.m. at ‘the Retreat ‘ .. where Indira Gandhi was staying 🤔
Mrs. Gandhi and Bhutto then met for an hour in the Room alone ... while Officials waited in the adjoining room 😌
Emerging from the room after almost one hour with Mrs. Gandhi Alone in the room -Bhutto looked very pleased and said, "We have settled the matter and decided to give you some work to do before dinner."-To the Officials present in next room😉

Rest is History 😏
After that one hour meeting in room .. With Bhutto .... Indira G .. decided that the agreement would be worded in a manner that would not create difficulties of implementation for #Pakistan 🤔

So nice of Her 😎!! #End
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Sam Pitroda. Lives in the capitalist US, insults the Indian middle class and wants Indian middle class to foot the bill for socialist schemes.
Is a Telecom engineer, suddenly an expert in economics, taxation and politics. #Thread
Sam Pitroda brought the 1960s technology to India in 1980s.
Gandhis hog the credit for bringing Sam and STD/PCO technology to India.
Nobody asks them, what took them so long? Why two decades behind??
From Sam Pitroda, Dr H l Trivedi to Raghuram’s Congress’ rich tradition to invite overseas Indians to run things in India. It gives them fake elite labels and Congress ensures that domestic talent is shown as second grade always anyway.
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When they insult #RSS as ‘subservient’ to the Brits, the fact remains that it wasn’t RSS leaders that were whoring themselves to the British power brokers for gaining their favors. It was Nehru.
When they blame #RSS for murder of Gandhi, I see how it was a stupid strategic mistake that elevated Gandhi from soon to be irrelevant old fart who was past his use-by date for Nehru to a Demi-God; but it was a political assassination in retribution not unlike that of Gen Dyer.
Yes, I would go to the extent of equating Gandhi to Gen Dyer or worse. Dyer didn’t shoot each victim at #Jaliyanwala but it happened on his watch and under his order;
Gandhi enabled the million deaths through alignment with Brits for WWII, Partition and more.
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Based on some recent comments from President Trump and Lindsey Graham and from watching large quantities of Fox News, I think Republicans are planning on making Hillary Clinton's email server a key issue in the 2020 presidential campaign. (1/many)
Background: Republicans have spent decades demonizing Clinton. In 2015/6 they pretended to care about her email security, journalists pretended to believe them, the FBI investigated and found no crimes, and she lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election. (2/x)
As the 2020 election gears up, you might expect Republicans to be engaged in an all-out effort to define the Democratic presidential candidates. There's been some of that... but Clinton and the FBI investigation into her email server have been coming up again. (3/x)
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I am so glad and proud that you started this conversation! I have SO MANY points! Firstly GHANTA MUMBAI SPIRIT which is nothing but the fight for survival, to get food on the table, to make ends meet! Your fuckall spirit is what the BMC/Govt cashes on for their incompetencies
Whether its the yearly monsoon floods, or collapsing of bridges, lack of proper infrastructure, potholes on every fucking road, to people traveling worse than cattle public transportation especially trains. I have lived here 14 years & absolutely nothing has improved
We should've learnt our lesson in 2005 floods, the BMC should've worked on the drainage system so as to prevent such a calamity again. But now its a running joke all over India that Mumbai is flooded every monsoon. It's so normal that no one gives a fuck anymore, esp the govt
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1. Fox News is suffering the week from hell at the worst possible time.…
2. It's a crucial week for the network, which is using an unprecedented event at their studio tomorrow to pitch the ad industry on why its a good time to advertise on the network, particularly on Fox's "news" programs.
3. Fox needs to do this because leading advertisers have largely abandoned the network's top shows because the hosts keep saying bigoted things.
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#Thread #Blackout & #Venezuela
Le Venezuela entame sa 4ème journée sans approvisionnement stable en électricité. Des dizaines de personnes seraient déjà mortes dans les hôpitaux vénézuéliens.…
La panne généralisée d’électricité au Venezuela est traitée comme un fait divers par la presse généraliste française, alors que des dizaines de milliers de vie sont en jeu. Pourtant, il s’agit d’une menace majeure à laquelle toutes nos sociétés sont exposées.
Un blackout, ce sont des populations entières exposées à des pénuries et des risques mortels. Ce thread a pour objectif d’expliquer ce que c’est qu’un blackout, ses déclencheurs, et surtout ses conséquences sur la société.
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Okay. So this may be the right time to talk about the 2019 Abia governorship election. I'm sure many of you have heard what was declared as result. Well, that is, sadly, what the world will go on believing as the true result.
Right now, I may not have the platform to argue against it, because we entered the race, fully conscious of the capacity, and readiness of #AbiaPDP to never play by the rules. The day the party allows votes to count in Abia is the day their evil hold on the state ends.
We entered the race with the awareness that we were not to let a repeat of 2015 happen again. We planned to stop it from happening. We accept responsibility for letting it happen again; even if we could do so little in that regard, seeing the collusion between INEC, Army & Police
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"Fox's 'news' team is an essential cog in a corrupt propaganda machine" -- my thoughts on Jane Mayer's Fox expose and the debate over a DNC-Fox debate.…
For years, Fox executives and flaks have told reporters and advertisers alike that the network simply has separate “news” and “opinion” sides like any other news outlet. In response to the DNC's decision not to do a primary debate with Fox, the network returned to that defense.
This argument was never credible, but the network’s reinvention as state TV has rendered it utterly appalling.
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New paper on the arxiv today with T. Haines, @elenadonghia , @cfl2126 & Lars Hernquist: we showed how the disequilibrium of a vertically perturbed disk affects our determination of the disk surface density with Jeans modelling
Taking the 1st order moments of the collisionless Boltzmann eq leads to the Jeans eqs. Using the Jeans equation for vertical velocities of stars accross the Galactic disk in combination with the Poisson eq allows to determine the disk surface density as a function of height: nice
This method has been used countless times to determine the dynamical surface density of the Milky Way disk, and the associated density of dark matter in it. However, this is of course valid only at equilibrium
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Elections are on and quite naturally here the tribal warlords are out, not like they are ever 'in' but because of the quadrennial exercise they are 'out out',
For this lot the most potent tool to play politics is not contesting for ideas or reeling out policies, plans, and intentions for which power is sought, it is to actually amplify tribal narratives. This tribal warlords come from all tribes in the land,
From the majority and minority stock, from the 'victor' and 'vanquished' people's, from the 'literate', 'illiterate', 'greedy', and 'powerful' tribes. These warlords range from the belligerent, bellicose, combative ones to the presumably pacific, calm and non-violent ones
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Ok, this is so silly I have to live tweet it. [THREAD]…
I only clicked on this article because @fluttersnipe assured me that it contained the phrase "jackbooted tots." You wont be disappointed. It's in the third line.

Note that none of the versions of the #edited video show the children in military footwear. Sketchers, perhaps.
The author goes on to make the bold claim that sit ins don't constitute putting one's body on the line unless there is a direct and immediate threat of physical violence.

Downplaying historically important civil disobedience strategies for #feminisim. Cool cool cool.
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“These are not A Levels or GCSEs with results that count on an individual basis in the long term.” #MoreThanAScore @MoreThanScore we disagree these don’t count @DamianHinds — here’s why.
@MoreThanScore @DamianHinds The SAT results (as well as KS1 and Phones tests) are sent for each child on a named basis, to loads of third party companies. They then profile each child using the scores. #MoreThanAScore @MoreThanScore #PlayNotTestsAt4 This is one company example.
@MoreThanScore @DamianHinds The profiles include risk scores -- the company's prediction of future performance -- all of this data transfer, profiling, accuracy and meaning is hidden from families and without any meaningful way for schools to check accuracy. #MoreThanAScore @MoreThanScore #PlayNotTestsAt4
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