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While the deadline for this year's opportunity to apply for #ESA student sponsorship for the #IAC passed a week ago, I'd like to share my overwhelmingly positive experience of the program from 2016, so that you can decide to apply next year if possible! ⬇️
I was finishing my MSc. in early 2016 and I was active in space outreach - organizing seminars, writing popular science articles for mags such as @Vesmir1871 (CZ) or @clarkesworld (EN) and trying out space workshops for kids, and I had ideas to put in an abstract for #IAC2016.
I learned about the ESA sponsorship opportunity covering the conference fee, accommodation & travel cost and was excited! I submitted my abstract to the outreach session of IAC and applied for the program, outlining my reasons for wishing to attend + shooting a short video.
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Positive from a negative:
If you’re living #NEISvoid, #cfsme, or #LongCOVID life - and you have boty anxiety and a smart dog, #ServiceDog, #ESA, or #SDiT, here’s something that you can actually use as a way to benefit from a flare🙂
When I was stuck in bed with hardcore #LongCOVID flares, my SD could scent that I was sick, and would stay nearby...usually on the bed.

I’d luckily already had an “in case of bad days” setup to care for her, but I was often so sick I was only getting out of bed for the bathroom.
Being largely #poodle/just smart in general, she got used to the idea that “mom gets up, it means that she’s going to the bathroom.” And she would get up and go, often ahead of me, if not with me.

I DEFINITELY realized that this was a learning opportunity🙂
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Dieses Bild beschreibt #wue1502 ziemlich genau: 200 #Covidioten mit Aluhüten saufen&feiern ohne MNS&1,5m #Fasching und mir wird nach antifa. Gegendemo die Vulva von einer Polizistin gestreichelt während mir ihre Kollegen tief in die Augen schauen. Alles nur wegen #Hanf. Thread👇
Nachdem ich unterwegs war um Dokumentationen zur Faschingsdemo von ESA zu machen solidarisierte ich mich mit dem antifaschistischem Gegenprotest und musste leider erneut Zeugin davon werden, was die #Polizei für Probleme in ihren Strukturen hat. #Gewalt
Während sich auf dem Unteren Markt in Würzburg die MNS-Verweigerer türmten+gegen sämtliche Auflagen verstießen, Faschingsmusik, Kostüme etc. und die Polizei nicht konsequent reagierte, blieb der Gegenprotest standhaft und in Kontakt mit der Polizei. Danke hier an @antifa_wue
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El espacio: la última frontera.
Éste es el hilo de los viajeros (y viajeras) que han traspasado esa frontera en una aventura dedicada a la exploración hasta alcanzar lugares donde nadie había podido llegar. #Cosmonauts #Astronauts
Va a ser un hilo muy largo...
Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). Primer hombre en el espacio y en órbita. El Vostok 1 fue lanzado el 12 de Abril de 1961 y completó una órbita (108 minutos). El abrió el camino con el nombre clave "Кедр" (Cedro).
Alan Shepard (1923-1998). Primer norteamericano en el espacio con el Mercury-Redstone 3 en un vuelo suborbital el 5 de Mayo de 1961. Su cápsula Freedom 7 alcanzó los 190 km de altura y su vuelo duró 15 minutos.
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.@NASAHubble telescope captured a stunning photo of the distant spiral galaxy named 'Eye of the Serpent'

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#NASA @NASA #ESA @esa ImageImageImage
A spiral galaxy nicknamed "Eye of the Serpent" is 35 million light-years from #Earth. The Hubble Space Telescope recently snapped a photo of the #galaxy, which is about half the width of the #MilkyWay and has a supermassive black hole at its center.

@NASA @NASAHubble @esa
Its distinct arms, where stars and gas are compressed, create the illusion of an eye — which is why astronomers call it the "Eye of the Serpent."

@NASA @NASAHubble @esa
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.@NASA confirms that the dent in #Earth’s protective shield is splitting into two as it gets bigger - by @pabsgill…
The bigger the anomaly gets the wider its sphere of influence. A weak magnetic field means that the particle radiation from the #Sun gets closer to the #Earth’s surface than otherwise.
In addition to messing with compasses and throwing bird navigation off, this means it can also knock out onboard computers and interfere with satellites on their rounds to collect data.
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#SolarOrbiter Captures Closest Images of the Sun; Reveals Presence of Millions of 'Campfires'…


By @MrigakshiDixit Image
#NASA and #ESA have released the first images of the Solar Orbiter, including the closest pictures ever taken of the Sun. These images were captured when the spacecraft completed its first close pass of the Sun in mid-June this year
Launched on February 10, 2020, the Solar Orbiter mission has carried several cutting-edge instruments to monitor the environment of the Earth’s closest star.
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One of the questions that I was asked at my @esa interview was 'who is your favourite astronaut?' This was both an AWESOME but difficult question. Of course I am biased (as a Brit) but it's definitely between @astro_timpeake and @HelenSharmanUK!

@AstroRickman #ESA
The first British-born astronaut @HelenSharmanUK is also a @sheffielduni graduate (which is where I did my undergrad degree). I had the pleasure of meeting Helen at a cocktail party in Geneva a couple of years ago! Image
And I also had the pleasure of meeting @astro_timpeake (coincidentally also in sheffield).

Tim Peake was the first @esa British astronaut. He spent 6 months aboard the ISS on a mission called Principia.
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For @People_Of_Space followers who don't know me! My @pillownaut handle is a reference to spaceflight simulations at Johnson Space Center. In #NASA quarantine, one of the few comforts flight analogs can have during simulations is a comfy pillow, LOL...! #PillownautTale
I did a 70+ day Micro-Gravity Study (where I spent 54 days at a head-down tilt) and a 21-day Lunar Gravity study -- both intended to give #NASA data on how to keep astronauts more healthy by developing countermeasures to weightlessness. #PillownautTale
When humans leave the Earth gravity under which we evolved, we suffer heart enlargement, muscle atrophy, bone de-mineralization, plasma volume drops, vestibular disturbance (loss of balance), & other superfun things that could spell death on Mars. #PillownautTale (Credit NOVA au)
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[Thread] Suite à un tweet de @Benazdia sur, j'ai décidé de faire un petit thread sur les éléments intéressants à regarder dessus ! J'espère que cela vous plaira :)
1) Déjà ... ? Kesako ? Et bien, c'est une mine d'or ! C'est un site qui vous montre tous les objets catalogués par Space-Track.Org qui est un site géré par ... l'USAirForce !
2) Et oui, il faut savoir que ces chers américains contrôlent le ciel depuis des années et répertorient l'ensemble des satellites/débris/lanceurs dans le ciel !…
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Today we'd like to share some fun facts about #Mars and our discoveries so far with #ESA Mars Express & @ESA_TGO. But first let's take a look at the @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos spacecraft currently investigating the Red Planet:
📷Hi-res:… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know there is a telecommunications network at #Mars? Orbiters relay commands and send #science data from landers & rovers back to #Earth. Our #ExoMars @ESA_TGO is a key provider of data relay services!🔴〰️🛰〰️🌍 #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know that you can find out what the #weather is on #Mars? Landers & rovers report the local weather while orbiters keep an eye on global atmosphere developments including cloud formations and dust storms☁️🌪

📷Hi-res:… #ExploreFarther #Space19plus
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Hi everyone! :) I'm Ute (pronounced like “Oohter” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Equivalents are Audrey in English, Aude/Odette in French), and first of all I would like to thank @Taraustralis for the privilege of letting me host “People of Space” this week!
@Taraustralis Another special thank you goes to my direct predecessors, @marmatheghost and @martinesrymd, for their great contributions! Both have inspired some of the things I intend to talk about over the next 7 days.
@Taraustralis @MarmaTheGhost @martinesrymd Tara created @people_of_space so people from all walks of life could talk about their passion to a larger audience. Her intention will in fact also be this week’s motto: “Space is for Everyone”.
Welcome aboard; enjoy the ride! :)
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