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Today we'd like to share some fun facts about #Mars and our discoveries so far with #ESA Mars Express & @ESA_TGO. But first let's take a look at the @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos spacecraft currently investigating the Red Planet:
📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know there is a telecommunications network at #Mars? Orbiters relay commands and send #science data from landers & rovers back to #Earth. Our #ExoMars @ESA_TGO is a key provider of data relay services!🔴〰️🛰〰️🌍 #ExploreFarther
📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/…
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know that you can find out what the #weather is on #Mars? Landers & rovers report the local weather while orbiters keep an eye on global atmosphere developments including cloud formations and dust storms☁️🌪

📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther #Space19plus
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Here's a great example of how #Mars Express captured an approaching dust storm last year 😯#WeatherOnMars #ExploreFarther

📷Hi-res esa.int/spaceinimages/…
📷3D: esa.int/spaceinimages/…
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos #Mars Express also monitored a curious #cloud formation over a #volcano last year ☁️⛰ (#SpoilerAlert: It wasn't volcanic activity!)
#WeatherOnMars #ExploreFarther
Full story: esa.int/Our_Activities…
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Meanwhile @ESA_TGO watched how the distribution of #water and #dust changed in the #Mars atmosphere during last year's global dust storm
📷Hi-res & full story: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #WeatherOnMars #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos The surface science platform of our upcoming #ExoMars mission will be equipped to measure temperature, pressure, radiation, winds & dust at the Oxia Planum landing site, joining the network of #weather platforms on #Mars.
#WeatherOnMars #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos And still on the topic of the atmosphere... did you know that #Mars once had a much thicker atmosphere and that it is still escaping into #space?

📷Hi-res & more info: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos You may already know about #Earth's ozone layer but did you know #Mars & #Venus also have ozone? In fact, @esa Mars Express has shown Mars has three ozone layers that vary with location & time
📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/…
🔴More info: sci.esa.int/mars-express/5…
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Did you know #Mars was once like #Earth, with oceans & flowing water? @esa Mars Express has shown us dried out river beds, minerals that can only form in water & even a pond of liquid #water buried below layers of ice
📷Hi-res + more info: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos 📷Here's an example of an ancient dried out river valley on #Mars imaged recently by @esa Mars Express: esa.int/Our_Activities… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos #Mars Express has identifed numerous sites of hydrated minerals throughout its mission, showing liquid water must have been present for long periods of time in Mars' history
More info: sci.esa.int/mars-express/5… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos More recently, analysis of #Mars Express radar data points to a pond of liquid water buried under layers of ice and dust in the south polar region of Mars.
🔴💦Full story: esa.int/Our_Activities… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Meanwhile @ESA_TGO has begun making the best map of shallow subsurface water (ice, hydrated minerals, permafrost etc) to date, crucial for understanding overall evolution of #Mars & for future exploration
📷Hi-res + more info: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Next up: the great #Mars #methane mystery! 🔎🔴 Some spacecraft have detected it on & off at different times & places but the super-sensitive @ESA_TGO – has not sniffed it out yet. What's going on?
📷Find out more: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos 🎥Quick recap of why we are so interested in understanding methane at #Mars
Watch: esa.int/spaceinvideos/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos Two fascinating methane stories this year from our two #Mars orbiters:
🔴@esa Mars Express matches a @MarsCuriosity methane detection: esa.int/Our_Activities…
🔴 @ESA_TGO reports a general lack of methane: esa.int/Our_Activities… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity To understand the different methane results at #Mars, we have to better investigate the ways in which methane might be created and destroyed close to the planet's surface:
esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity And it's important to note that not all life creates methane, so even if there is no methane-generating biology on #Mars, the search for life is still on! Our #ExoMars rover will be looking for evidence underground. esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity Our #ExoMars rover will ‘bake’ & ‘sniff’ #Mars samples in miniature ovens 👇to tease out the chemical composition of organic molecules:
📷esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity Earlier this month the mini science lab that will analyse the #Mars samples was integrated into the #ExoMars @ESA_MarsRover at @AirbusSpace in Stevenage🇬🇧
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity @ESA_MarsRover @AirbusSpace Did you know? Mars Express made the first detection of aurora at #Mars, but they are generated in a rather different way to #Earth's 'light displays'. Find out more 👇
📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/…
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity @ESA_MarsRover @AirbusSpace Did you know there's a webcam at #Mars? Head over to @esamarswebcam for the latest snaps of the Red Planet!

📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity @ESA_MarsRover @AirbusSpace @esamarswebcam And last but certainly not least, let's not forget about #Mars moons Phobos and Deimos! But where did they come from?

📷Hi-res: esa.int/spaceinimages/… #ExploreFarther
@ESA_TGO @esa @NASA @isro @roscosmos @MarsCuriosity @ESA_MarsRover @AirbusSpace @esamarswebcam Enjoy colour, #3D and close-up views of #Mars moons courtesy of @ESA_TGO and @esa Mars Express via our image gallery 📷esa.int/spaceinimages/…
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