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Kayrros data show #CO2 emissions levels from #Europe and #China started dropping last month, and have reached levels unseen since the worst of the Covid pandemic. (1/6) ImageImageImage
Although this is good news from a #climate perspective, it is a worrying sign that the global #economy is coming under serious strain from the effect of high #energy prices and supply chain issues. (2/6)
In #China, overall CO2 #emissions have been in a counter-seasonal decline and cement production has dropped to levels normally unseen at this time of year. (3/6)
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Here’s the first one. #Thread #Satellites #Debris

Exclusive: More than 10yrs after it was launched, #MeghaTropiques, @isro & @CNES joint weather modelling satellite that was studying water cycle & energy exchanges in the tropics has reached what’s called “end of mission”. 1/n
The satellite, which was launched in October 2011 and initially estimated to have a life of five years has worked for five-years-and-six-months more than initial estimations and sent in at least 5TB of raw data which has yielded around 30TB of data sitting on various servers. 2/n
A senior Isro scientist said: “As on date, the satellite still has 120kg of fuel and end of mission is also not because of failures in communication, solar panels or any other systems or because we lost communication. All of those are still working.” 3/n
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It's good to be back! Follow this thread for the video stream & live coverage of tonight's first SFI Community Lecture at @TheLensic in two years, featuring @Sara_Imari on the #physics of living #systems.
And stay tuned for an extraordinary lineup of additional talks this year...
Live stream starts in one minute!
SFI's @ChrisKempes introduces tonight's speaker @Sara_Imari (@sfiscience, @beyond_asu) by quoting #HaroldMorowitz about how, to find life beyond Earth, we must understand the *origins* of life...
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#SpaceX launches 48 new #Starlink satellites into orbit!
Are they insured?

Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX successfully deployed 48 new Starlink satellites into orbit this Wednesday. (1/5)
Starlink is a constellation of broadband satellites that SpaceX is assembling in low earth orbit to provide internet access to most of the world.

This mission to provide high-speed internet to remote locations has been widely commended, but it isn't free from controversy. (2/5)
As over 6000 #satellites orbit Earth, many astronomers have pointed out the increasing chances of collision with an aircraft or another satellite. If such a collision were to occur, the loss would be astronomical!

And this is where Satellite Insurance becomes useful. (3/5)
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Happy first day of #BlackHistoryMonth! To celebrate, we'll periodically take time to honor the brilliant Black minds that have contributed to our field over the years. A thread: Image
First up in our series: @6Gems, who founded @BlackGirlsCode after noticing the severe underrepresentation of minorities in the startup world. Bryant's nonprofit has enabled many young black girls to create meaningful work & go on to become leaders in their communities. #BHM2022 Image
@6Gems @BlackGirlsCode Katherine Johnson was a human computer whose calculations were essential to @NASA's Project Mercury, Apollo 11, and more. When the space program switched to digital computers, Johnson helped confirm the accuracy of their calculations. Image
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2021 has been exciting! We’ve signed our first customer for our maiden flight, reached crucial milestones in our launcher development & our #community grew rapidly. So we want to quickly introduce ourselves to our new followers and recap with the long-time #supporters ⬇️ 1/12
RFA was founded in 2018 to disrupt the #NewSpace industry and match the emerging demand for launch opportunities for small #satellites by providing launch services that are reliable, highly customizable, low-cost and deliver the payloads precisely to the desired orbit. 2/12
Our launch vehicle #RFAONE is a 30m high and 2m wide 3-staged rocket, launching satellites of up to 1350 kg into polar orbits/up to 450 kg into GTO. The main structural elements consist of tanks made of a special stainless steel, which becomes very tough at #cryogenic temp. 3/12
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We're nearing the end of 2021 & what a year it's been! I said 2021 would be the year of the public cloud in telco. Was I right, or not?

Check out my top 10 telco cloud stories of 2021! 👇
10. First up, it’s @SpaceX Starlink + @googlecloud to deliver data, services & apps to the #networkedge via its #satellites. Not surprised @elonmusk skipped @awscloud; he hates @JeffBezos. 🚀…
9. OF COURSE I'm going to mention #CLOUDCITY at #MWC21. We took over @Ericsson’s booth and #publiccloud took over the show! It marked a turning point in #telco, the public cloud is here! Watch my keynote all about it:…
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While there are lots of problems with FB, Insta & co, Meta's newest project, the metaverse, sound super exciting! Looks like Meta is putting lots of money towards Oculus' #quest to build long-distance-presence solutions.

#metaverse #meta #facebook

2 reasons why the Metaverse has potential:

1. Most importantly, remote work is here to stay. But for hybrid work settings (i.e. some in the office, some remote) there is no good solution yet. Metaverse intends to solve that.
2. Many of today's issues require coordination on a global scale. Think of the #ClimateCrisis, the #BiodiversityCrisis, overcoming #NeoColonialism and #inequality, et cetera. The Metaverse promises to make such coordination comfortable, natural and effective.
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🙅‍♂️"Pas de retombée" ... ça dépend de l'orbite.
La plus encombrée est l'orbite basse. À cette altitude, les objets vont effectivement très vite. Cependant, ils subissent une trainée due à des résidus d'atmosphère, ce qui le fait tomber.

#espace #débris #étoilefilante
☝️En orbite géostationnaire (~36 000 km | en rouge ci-dessous), il y a beaucoup plus de place, même si on ne survole que l'équateur pour des raisons de pointage fixe.

#espace #Satellites #GEO
🐳Les représentations montrant les débris sont pour la plupart fausses, puisque pour les voir, les débris sont énormément grossi (plusieurs km chacun).

#débris #géants
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/30/2021…
Solar Storms Are Back, Threatening Power Grids and Satellites…

#SolarStorms #PowerGrids #satellites #consequences
As Covid dissipates in the U.S., cold and flu viruses may return with a vengeance…

#COVID19 #colds #flu #CaseCounts #estimates
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🚀🟥⏯️Watch the #REPLAY of the captivating interview of the archaeologist of #space Alice Gorman @drspacejunk by @TiphineLucas, that addresses #spacejunk, #colonialism and #aboriginal & #indigenouspeople issues⬇️1/🧵
#ecoleanthropocene2021 @EcoleUrbaine
2/🌏#Earth is surrounded by a constellation of tens of thousands of #satellites in orbit, but also of billions of #spacejunk of more or less large size, fragments coming from rockets or satellites, travelling at a very high speed: important risks of #collision.
3/💥#Kessler syndrome: we are rapidly moving towards a tipping point where the volume of space debris in low orbit is such that collisions are frequent, generate other debris and exponentially increase the probability of collisions.
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🚀🟥⏯️Retrouvez le #REPLAY de l'entretien fascinant entre @TiphineLucas et l'archéologue de l'#espace Alice Gorman @drspacejunk qui aborde la question des #DechetsSpatiaux et les enjeux coloniaux et autochtones⬇️1/
#ecoleanthropocene2021 @EcoleUrbaine
2/ 🌏La #Terre est entourée d'une constellation de 10n de milliers de #satellites mis en orbite, mais aussi de milliards de #DechetsSpatiaux de taille +ou- grande, des fragments issus de fusées ou de satellites, évoluant à une vitesse très élevée: importants risques de #collision
3/ 💥Syndrome de #Kessler: nous nous dirigeons rapidement vers un seuil critique où le volume des débris spatiaux en orbite basse est tel que les collisions sont fréquentes, génèrent d'autres débris et augmentent de façon exponentielle la probabilité de collisions.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/18/2020…
Satellite tracking supports whale survival…

#satellites #whales #survival
Playing Go with Darwin - Issue 94: Evolving - Nautilus…

#darwin #EvolutionaryPurpose #strategy #chess #go
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Item #3 for building back better

We are unlikely to return to the same state of the world as when we entered the #pandemic, nor is this desirable. #Remoteworking has the potential to become more prevalent after the crisis.
Investments might shift from face-to-face working (and lower the cost of #officerealestate and time for #commuting).
#Stimulus spending should focus investments on the enablers of this new approach to work, e.g., #5G rollouts, #broadband infrastructure, #satellites for global reach, server farms for adequate capacity, etc, all with effective #privacy protection.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/29/2020
Xi Just Radically Changed the Fight Against Climate Change…

#china #ClimateChange
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Did you know that Geosynchronous #satellites do THE WAVE each day?
I created this animation of movement over a full day to show you.
(dots: satellites. colours: kernel density of that part of the geosynchronous belt)
@drspacejunk @RainerKresken @planet4589
Now you also know why the @SpaceForceDoD wants Navy's an ocean out there.... ;-)
As people ask me what causes this daily wave in the geosynchronous belt: it is a tidal effect due to solilunar perturbations on the satellite orbit.
This also causes a long-term (55 year) oscillation of the orbital inclination in GEO between 0 and 15 degrees.
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#KRITIS Sektor #Transport und #Verkehr

Memorandum on Space Policy Directive-5—Cybersecurity Principles for #Space Systems

National Security & Defense for critical infrastructure from president Trump and USA. 1/x…
"Space systems enable key functions such as global communications; positioning, navigation, and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national security applications." #GPS 2/x
"Therefore, it is essential to protect space systems from cyber incidents in order to prevent disruptions to their ability to provide reliable and efficient contributions to the operations of the Nation’s critical infrastructure." #KRITIS 3/x
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.@NASA confirms that the dent in #Earth’s protective shield is splitting into two as it gets bigger - by @pabsgill…
The bigger the anomaly gets the wider its sphere of influence. A weak magnetic field means that the particle radiation from the #Sun gets closer to the #Earth’s surface than otherwise.
In addition to messing with compasses and throwing bird navigation off, this means it can also knock out onboard computers and interfere with satellites on their rounds to collect data.
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📢 NEW PAPER! #PaperThread #SciComm

Master’s student @samherniman recently published an article about avian habitat suitability in Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment. Sam has written this thread summarizing his findings...

In general, when a habitat has more #birds, it also has more of all living things. In scientific terms, we say that birds are good surrogates or indicators of #biodiversity.

This is excellent, because counting birds is really easy. Many of them sing or call. So, we can do a field survey of birds in a habitat and use that number to find a relative count of all biodiversity.

more birdsong ≈ more birds ≈ more biodiversity


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#5G from space: The role of satellites in 5G

"5G has arrived, and new equipment is currently being installed in densely populated cities across the globe."

#COVID19 #MagicTricks…
"In many cases, the demand for 5G capacity is exceeding #infrastructure improvements, especially in sparsely populated areas that are difficult to access."
"With the next generation of satellites – built from #5G architecture – they will integrate with networks to manage connectivity to cars, vessels, airplanes and other #IoT devices in remote and rural areas."
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QUESTION: @NatSecAnswers has heard that @SpaceForceDoD is getting a new weapon. What exactly is it? We asked @JoAnnePSears, a former Navy Civilian who worked in intelligence and a former Sr. Advisor to @usairforce Secretary Heather Wilson. Image
ANSWER: "The U.S. Space Force announced they received their first “offensive” weapon. Truth be told, this new system is an upgraded deployable communications jammer first deployed in 2004 and developed to prevent adversaries from using communication satellites during combat.
Why is this important? Instead of blowing up #satellites – creating a massive orbital debris problem in space – the U.S. #military is taking the lead on the responsible use of space and levering technology to turn off-and-on the bad guys’ communication satellites.
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