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#BREAKING #Sandworm continues attacks in Ukraine 🇺🇦. #ESETresearch found an evolution of a malware loader used during the #Industroyer2 attacks. This updated piece of the puzzle is malware
@_CERT_UA calls #ArguePatch. ArguePatch was used to launch #CaddyWiper. #WarInUkraine 1/6 Image
The #Industroyer2 attacks used a patched version of @HexRaysSA IDA Pro’s remote debug server (win32_remote.exe). It was modified to include code to decrypt and run #CaddyWiper from an external file. 2/6 ImageImage
This time, #Sandworm chose an official @ESET executable to hide #ArguePatch. It was stripped of its digital signature and code was overwritten in a function called during the MSVC runtime initialization. 3/6 ImageImage
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#ESETresearch In November 2020, a Windows executable called mozila.cpl was submitted to VirusTotal from Germany 🇩🇪. At that time, it had zero detection rate and it is still very low now. The file is a trojanized sqlite-3.31.1 library and we attribute
it to #Lazarus. @pkalnai 1/4 Image
The library contains an embedded payload. A command line argument S0RMM-50QQE-F65DN-DCPYN-5QEQA must be provided for its decryption and additional parameters are passed to the payload.  2/4
The payload is an instance of the HTTP(s) uploader mentioned in the report by HvS-Consulting from December 2020. Its main purpose is to exfiltrate RAR archives from a victim’s system.… 3/4 Image
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#ESETresearch A year ago, a signed Mach-O executable disguised as a job description was uploaded to VirusTotal from Singapore 🇸🇬. Malware is compiled for Intel and Apple Silicon and drops a PDF decoy. We think it was part of #Lazarus campaign for Mac. @pkalnai @marc_etienne_ 1/8
The document, named BitazuCapital_JobDescription.pdf, reminds a strong similarity with a lure from Lazarus attacks using 2 TOY GUYS code-signing certificates for Windows, targeting aerospace and defense industries.… 2/8
Both decoys are PDF v1.5 documents produced by Microsoft Word 2016. They are obviously not identical, as one uses Colonna MT font while the other uses Calibri, but the title and ornaments on the front page have the same colors (#569bd5 and #aacc5db). 3/8
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#ESETresearch identified an #Android banking trojan campaign active since October 2021, targeting 8 Malaysian banks. The malware is distributed via copycat websites of legitimate services – the majority being cleaning services available in Malaysia 🇲🇾.… 1/4
The copycat websites do not provide an option to shop directly through them. Instead, they include buttons that claim to download apps from #GooglePlay. However, these buttons do not actually lead to the Google Play store, but to malicious apps controlled by the attackers. 2/4
The malicious apps pretend to offer goods and services for purchase while matching the interface of the original stores. At the payment step, victims are presented with a fake FPX payment page, asked to select one of eight Malaysian banks, and enter their credentials. 3/4
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#ESETresearch is offering you a #behindthescenes look at the diligent work required to see through the
obfuscation techniques used in the recently described #Wslink, unique and undocumented
malicious loader that runs as a server. 1/5
Wslink’s multilayered #virtualmachine introduced a diverse arsenal of #obfuscation techniques, which
we were able to overcome to reveal a part of the deobfuscated malicious code. 2/5
We also described the code we developed to facilitate our research. It is provided to the community
@github 3/5…
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#BREAKING #ESETresearch warns about the discovery of a 3rd destructive wiper deployed in Ukraine 🇺🇦. We first observed this new malware we call #CaddyWiper today around 9h38 UTC. 1/7
This new malware erases user data and partition information from attached drives. #ESET telemetry shows that it was seen on a few dozen systems in a limited number of organizations. 2/7
CaddyWiper does not share any significant code similarity with #HermeticWiper, #IsaacWiper or any other malware known to us. The sample we analyzed was not digitally signed. 3/7
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Breaking. #ESETResearch discovered a new data wiper malware used in Ukraine today. ESET telemetry shows that it was installed on hundreds of machines in the country. This follows the DDoS attacks against several Ukrainian websites earlier today 1/n
We observed the first sample today around 14h52 UTC / 16h52 local time. The PE compilation timestamp of one of the sample is 2021-12-28, suggesting that the attack might have been in preparation for almost two months. 2/n
The Wiper binary is signed using a code signing certificate issued to Hermetica Digital Ltd 3/n Image
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In T3 2021, #ESETtelemetry saw a decline in all detections of monitored #macOS threats by 5.9%, compared to T2. The biggest drop was seen towards the end of December 2021, probably attributed to various festivities around the world. 🎅🕎 #ESETresearch 1/4
The decline was visible in nearly all monitored categories – Potentially Unwanted Applications (-22.5%), Adware (-10.6%) and trojans (-6.2%). Only Potentially Unsafe Applications saw a negligible uptick in T3. 2/4
While overall lower detection numbers could be seen as something positive, more than 36% of all macOS threats ESET detected in T3 were trojans and overall macOS Trojan detections rose by 126% from 2020 to 2021. 3/4
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#ESETresearch investigated Donot Team’s (also known as APT-C-35 and SectorE02) #cyberespionage campaigns targeting military organizations, governments, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and embassies of countries in South Asia.… 1/5
A recent report by #Amnesty International links the group’s malware to an Indian cybersecurity company that be selling the spyware to entities in the region. 2/5
ESET’s investigation spans from September 2020 to October 2021 and details variants of the yty malware framework used to target entities in Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Sri-Lanka 🇱🇰, Pakistan 🇵🇰 and Nepal 🇳🇵. But also embassies in the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. 3/5
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The #WhisperGate malware discovered by Microsoft contains MSIL stub commonly used by commodity e-crime malware. We observed samples using the same stub that drop different malware families such as Remcos RAT, FormBook and others. #ESETresearch 1/5
We believe that attackers used FUD crypting service from darkweb to make #WhisperGate malware undetected. This service has been abusing cloud providers like GitHub, Bitbucket, Discord to store its payload in encrypted form. 2/5
Automatic detection MSIL/TrojanDownloader.Agent_AGen.FP was made 4 days prior to the attack in #Ukraine 🇺🇦 based on samples with similar MSIL stub used in an unrelated campaign. ESET solutions successfully detected stage2 malware but stage1 was not observed in ESET telemetry 3/5
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#ESETresearch identified malicious MS Excel documents automatically downloaded upon visiting the websites of cryptocurrencies #HotDoge, www.hotdogetoken[.]com, and #DonutCatBSC, www.donutcatbsc[.]com. Opening the document led to stealing the victim’s private information. 1/6
We contacted @HotDogeTokenBSC and provided them with the information to remediate the threat. They resolved the issue and the websites no longer serve the malicious documents. 2/6
We attribute this campaign to the 🇰🇵North Korea-linked APT group #Kimsuky. The Excel document contains a malicious Excel V4.0 macro that uses the #Squiblydoo technique to download and execute an XML file with a VBS scriptlet. 3/6
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#ESETresearch has published a comprehensive whitepaper comparing all known malware frameworks designed to breach air-gapped networks. Read more:… @adorais @0xfmz 1/7
@adorais @0xfmz In the first half of 2020 alone, 4 previously unknown malicious frameworks emerged, bringing the total, by our count, to 17. This sparked our interest into doing this research. 2/7
@adorais @0xfmz This work allowed us to formalize what defines an air-gapped network malware and to propose a terminology to accurately describe the various components at play. 3/7
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#ESETresearch discovered a trojanized IDA Pro installer, distributed by the #Lazarus APT group. Attackers bundled the original IDA Pro 7.5 software developed by @HexRaysSA with two malicious components. @cherepanov74 1/5
Attackers replaced win_fw.dll, an internal component that is executed during IDA Pro installation, with a malicious DLL. The malicious win_fw.dll creates a Windows scheduled task that starts a second malicious component, idahelper.dll, from the IDA plugins folder. 2/5
Once started, the idahelper.dll attempts to download and execute a next-stage payload from https://www[.]devguardmap[.]org/board/board_read.asp?boardid=01 3/5
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#ESETresearch has discovered a unique and undescribed #loader for Windows binaries that, unlike other such loaders, runs as a server and executes received modules in memory. We have named this new malware #Wslink after one of its DLLs. 1/7 @HrckaVladislav…
The initial compromise vector is not known, and we have seen only a few hits in our telemetry in the past two years, with detections in Central Europe, North America, and the Middle East. 2/7
There are no similarities that suggest this is likely to be a tool from a known threat actor group. Wslink runs as a service and listens on all network interfaces on the port specified in the ServicePort registry value of the service’s Parameters key. 3/7 Image
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#ESETresearch analyzed #FontOnLake, a previously unknown #malware family that utilizes custom and well-designed modules, targeting #Linux systems.…
@HrckaVladislav 1/6
Modules are under development and provide #remoteaccess to the operators, collect credentials + serve as a proxy server. To do this, #FontOnLake uses modified legitimate binaries adjusted to load further components, its presence is always accompanied by a #rootkit. 2/6
The sneaky nature of #FontOnLake tools, along with advanced design and low prevalence suggest usage in targeted attacks. #ESETresearch believes its operators are extra cautious as almost all samples seen use unique C&C servers with varying non-standard ports. 3/6
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Join #ESETresearch at #vblocalhost! Starting today, you can watch @RighardZw in a live presentation looking at internal attack scenarios and highlighting issues that have remained “foolishly ignored” for years (Thu 20:00 - 20:30 UTC). 1/4
On Friday, @zuzana_hromcova will walk the audience through the current landscape of IIS threats – ranging from traffic redirectors to backdoors – and share the essentials of reverse-engineering native IIS malware (Fri 17:45 - 18:15 UTC). 2/4
On demand you can watch @cherepanov74 and @Robert_Lipovsky as they guide you through the US #Sandworm indictment; @LukasStefanko will discuss the hidden cost of #Android #stalkerware. Finally, there is @RighardZw again in the panel debate. 3/4
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#ESETresearch confirms in-the-wild use of the PRIVATELOG/STASHLOG malware reported by @Int2e_ and @MalwareMechanic from @FireEye earlier this week. Findings 👇 @0xfmz 1/11…
We saw this malware family used in a targeted attack against a high profile company in 🇯🇵 Japan in May 2021. We recovered 2 samples that match FireEye's description of PRIVATELOG and STASHLOG, along with a previously unknown sample we call SPARKLOG 2/11
With STASHLOG being the installer and PRIVATELOG a loader, SPARKLOG is the launcher component for PRIVATELOG. Its main purpose is to retrieve PRIVATELOG from the log file, decrypt it, and get it loaded into legitimate service which varies from one OS version to another. 3/11
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#ESETresearch has recently discovered a new undocumented modular backdoor, SideWalk, that was used by an APT group we named SparklingGoblin during one of its recent campaigns targeting a US-based computer retail company 🇺🇸.… @passil_t @mathieutartare 1/6
SideWalk is a modular backdoor that can dynamically load additional modules sent from the C&C server, makes use of Google Docs as a dead drop resolver, and @Cloudflare workers as a C&C server. It can also properly handle communication behind a proxy. 2/6
This backdoor shares multiple similarities with another backdoor used by the group: CROSSWALK, which FireEye was first to attribute to #APT41. This backdoor is referenced as ScrambleCross by Trend Micro 3/6
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#ESETresearch confirms that malicious digitally signed AnyDesk installers are distributed from anydesk.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws[.]com. Our telemetry shows that victims are redirected there from three attacker-controlled domains: zgnuo[.]com, clamspit[.]com and domohop[.]com. 1/4 Image
The three domains resolve to 176.111.174[.]127, 176.111.174[.]129 and 176.111.174[.]130, in the same IP range as the C&C server, 176.111.174[.]125. It seems victims, mainly located in North America, are redirected through malicious ads from different legitimate websites. 2/4
The fake installers are malicious downloaders that download a PowerShell script b.ps1 leading, in a few cases, to Cobalt Strike, as mentioned in the analysis of a past campaign:…. We also observed further recon activity using BloodHound and AdFind. 3/4
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We have received a lot questions about the Silver Sparrow malware for macOS after a publication by @redcanary. #ESETresearch has investigated and found that, far from speculations about nation-state malware, it is likely related to adware and pay-per-install schemes. 1/10
We have first seen Silver Sparrow in the wild early September. Our telemetry (although limited) showed under 50 instances of this threat, spread all around the globe. We have monitored the configuration file and never seen any actual payload delivered. 2/10
The fact that the configuration file is hosted in AWS S3 bucket means there is no way for the attackers to send different configuration to specific targets. S3 only supports serving static content and cannot generate a dynamic response based on IP or any request parameters. 3/10
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#ESETresearch discovered a supply-chain attack performed by #Lazarus APT group against South Korean 🇰🇷 internet users. @cherepanov74 @pkalnai… 1/7
WIZVERA VeraPort software is often used on internet banking and government websites in 🇰🇷 South Korea. The purpose of this software is to install additional security software required by some of these websites. 2/7
The attackers abused a combination of WIZVERA VeraPort software and compromised South Korean websites with VeraPort support, to deploy Lazarus malware. 3/7
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#ESETresearch unearths modus operandi of the elusive #InvisiMole group, digging up their arsenal used to stay invisible. Our investigation also shows previously unknown ties between InvisiMole and #Gamaredon groups… @cherepanov74 @zuzana_hromcova 1/9
#InvisiMole #APT group resurfaced in targeted attacks against high-profile organizations in Eastern Europe, targeting military sector and diplomatic missions. We previously documented their two feature-rich backdoors RC2CL and RC2FM; now we reveal the rest of their TTPs. 2/9
We discovered that the most interesting targets of #Gamaredon are upgraded to far stealthier #InvisiMole spyware, with Gamaredon’s .NET downloader delivering InvisiMole’s TCP downloader. This cooperation allows InvisiMole to devise creative ways to operate under the radar. 3/9
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#ESETresearch analyzed operation #Interception, a new espionage campaign targeting aerospace & defense companies in Europe and the Middle East. Initial contact was made via #LinkedIn, where attackers approached targets with fake job offers @jiboutin… 1/5
The attackers sent a password protected RAR archive containing a LNK file responsible for showing a decoy PDF and downloading additional malware. In some cases, this archive was sent directly through #LinkedIn instant messenger. #ESETresearch 2/5
While the victim was being deceived by the decoy PDF, a scheduled task was created, launching WMIC to execute a script embedded in a remote XSL file. This enabled the attackers to get their initial foothold inside the targeted company and gain persistence on the computer. 3/5
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#ESETresearch stumbled upon strange samples which use the packer we described in publications on the #Winnti Group. The payload in these samples is an implant attributed to Equation. It is known as PeddleCheap according to the project names seen in the Shadow Brokers leaks. 1/8
Those samples were first seen in 2017, one year before it was used in the compromised games in 2018 (…). They are 8b8d2eb8de66890f4c0950ccb3fff95b0f42b9e1 and b48beb5e49976294287b1d6910d7445db83e5cf2. #ESETresearch @marc_etienne_ 2/8
These particular executables do 3 things: launch the legitimate Adobe Flash installer, copy itself to %TEMP%\micrit.exe and start PeddleCheap. #ESETresearch @marc_etienne_ 3/8
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